(2015-06-02) The Silent Ones
The Silent Ones
Summary: Quinton helps Piper with a burden
Date: 06.02.2015
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Foot Path - South

This is a single track footpath that winds through the woods and borders a small reservoir. Several trails lead off it, which labeled with a knee high post engraved B, C, D or E, respectively. At the end of the path is restroom facilities outside of which is a hand water pump and a few pails stacked neatly.

It's been a quiet day in Camp Hope today. That isn't always the case. More frequently than not, the sound of distant and sometimes not so distant gun fire is commonly heard, but not so much today. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing though remains to be seen. The sun has dipped below the western horizon, not that it can be seen through the trees anyway, so there is a perpetual gloom that lingers under the trees. Despite the quietness everywhere else, there seems to be some activity outside to the rest rooms in this area. The strangely quiet Piper is helping the little ones that follow her around like little ducklings work the hand water pump, to fill the pails that are provided with water. It must be bath time for the little ones.

Quinton's quiet as well, moving slowly as he studies the group. His pale green gaze is probably a little unnerving for those not used to it. He has good days and bad days, today seems to be a fairly lucid one though. Counting the chidden as he steps up, his own jeans and t-shirt dusty from who knows what. "Hello QueenBee…how is your swarm today?" He knows her name, well…he's been told everyone's names, but rarely seems to use them. Or maybe it's hard to remember? In his hands is a bucket as well, but he'll wait patiently while she fills her own. Even tugs on one of the older kids sleeves to motion to grab one of the younger one who is starting to wander a little too far. He's harmless, just odd.

There are six of them in all, ranging from 7 to the young infant she has strapped to her front. Four girls, two boys. Piper is well aware of his presence, but continues to help one of the younger girls, 5 maybe, move the pump handle up and down. It isn't until he says something that she acknowledges his being there, and that is just with a stoic look in his direction. The oldest one, known as Caro, is quite verbal though, "Hi Mr. Quinton!" she greets, though with her two front teeth missing it's lisped when the wandering toddler is pointed out she gasps "Becca! Get back here." she rushes to gather the wandering little girl.

Quinton watches as Caro runs after the little one, but does tell her, "Hello Lily…keep up with her." A quiet smile if thrown at Piper and he'll wait patiently with his bucket in hand. He has no towel or soap with him, at least nothing visible, so who knows what the ayer is for.

The pail is quickly full of the chilly water and Piper lifts it out of the way before move herself and the little one she is helping away from the pump. She makes a gesture to it, indicating that he is free to use it. Caro herds the girl called Becca back to the the rest of the group of kids, who seem content with playing with the water in the pails that were already filled, especially the boy, who splashes his hands around it "It's Caro." she tells Quinton and then spells it out for him, she's to young to realize that he is just being friendly in a silly manner. She leans against Piper's legs as the woman's hand is put on her head, a glance is sent up to the woman "Will you be heading back to the campsites after you are done filling your bucket?" this comes from Caro, who frequently acts as mouthpeice for the silent woman.

Is he just being friendly? Quin smiles, nodding, "Oh…of course, Sorry Caro…that's very pretty. German meaning Free Man…it's a good name." The bucket is set down next to the pump, but he pauses and then nods, "Yes…I'll go."

Piper nods to him, pointing to the six pails she has lined up and back to the camp, "It's not a man's name, it's my name." Caro says looking a bit confused at the man. When the woman starts to gesture she interprets, not that it wasn't pretty clear "Piper is asking if you would carry a pail back to to our tent." she lowers her voice "We usually have to make two trips to get them all there." as if it were some big secret.

Quinton explains further, seemingly rather coherent today, "As in mankind…humans. It a name filled with hope." A small, crooked smile and a nod is all the answer he gives. His own bucket is forgotten and he steps up to grab two buckets. Soemthig in the back of his brain always whispers to help a caregiver. He thinks it's his mother's voice, but he can't pin it down. "Lead on, Shephard."

"Oh, l like the name of this place." Caro beams a smile, for someone who's world seems to be ending she is quite a cheery girl. But that's the good thing about children, they are resilient. "What does your name mean then?" she asks. Piper watches the exchange, her expression never changing but she does give a nod when he agrees to help. She takes a knee, which seems to be some kind of signal, the one called Becca, climbs onto her back wrapping arms and legs around her as best she can without messing with the baby. Once the young girl is settled Piper stands and grabs two buckets as does Caro. The rest of the kids start to follow as Piper leads the way back to the trails to the campsites.

Quinton nods about the name. It's either a beacon, or super ironic. "It's latin for fifth…although I was not the fifth child born…" There are other meanings, but he doesn't give those. He lets Piper lead, pale eyes studying her briefly and the child on her back before he glances around the path.

Becca rests her head on the back of Piper's neck, giving Quinton an intense look that only a three year old is capable of. Despite that it is clear that none of the children are related to each other or to Piper, if any of the would be it would be the girl on her back, only because they seem to be of similar race. The intense expression though is broken by a sudden giggle, though the reason isn't clear. "Like five?" she points to one of the girls "Kira is five. Though I don't think that would be a good name for her."

Quinton nods, " No….not a good name for her." He Seems happy to haul the water, Talking quietly with the little ones, if they speak to him. It's half nonsense, and hard to say if he believes what he's saying or not. After dropping off the pails, "If Piper says it's ok…I can read to you all later.' The woman is given a look, indicating it's really her call, but he feels the need to offer. He likes books, and reading. and He does have a few children's books, if he can find them…

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