(2015-06-18) Water Nymph
Water Nymph
Summary: Quniton runs into a strange waterlogged girl.
Date: 06.18.2015
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Lake Shore

Gentle waves lap the beach like shore of this large body of water. The blue waters stretch for many acres, though it isn't so large that the other side can't be seen, but making out details would be impossible. Several streams branch off the lake, either feeding it or are being feed by the lake. There are a few spots where the woods come right up to the shore, but this isn't one of them. At various points docks jut out and lake front houses can be seen. This close to the camp they have probably been stripped of anything useful. A boat or two though still is tied to a dock and fishing is probably quite good.

What was once was a busy lake for swimming, fishing, picnicking by, is no longer busy at all. With no one to come and take care of maintenance the beachy shore nearest the road is getting a bit weedy. With its cool, clear water and being fed from several fast moving sources it’s a good spot for either filling up a canteen or doing some fishing. If one wants to risk being in the open. There is evidence in the sandy loam on the shore that gives evidence that people have stopped to do that, but most of the footprints look old, even to someone who isn't trained in tracking. It's just a couple of hours past dawn and birds and other animals are still busy greeting the morning with bird song and other noises. A flock of ducks and a few geese float around on the lake as well.

While Quinton probably shouldn't be out alone(Who should?) he does so often. Instead of heading out directly to do his run, either for stuff or foods, Quinton is stopping to fill up his canteen. Water is good, even on his bad days he can remember that. The man is dressed in a t-shirt and faded jeans, a flannel tied around his waist and a backpack on. He kneels down. letting the cold water run over his fingers as air bubbles rise from the filling up of the canteen.

With the population being what it is being alone is easy, finding other people so you aren't, that's the harder part. It's common knowledge among those at Camp Hope that there are a few wanderers around, most stay clear of the camp, mostly because they don't know where to find it or know about it. The first indication that he isn't as alone as he thought is a small splash, followed by a much larger one, coming from one of the docks that jut out onto the lake. It isn't the closest one, it would have been easy to see someone lingering there, but one of the more distant ones.

Quinton's head slowly comes up and he stills. He's an observant man, even more so since getting sick. Scanning to find the splashes while his canteen finishes filling. The last bubble and he screws the top on and stands up, eyeing the direction of noise.

On a second examination of the area it is noticed that would could have been explained as something completely, like a log or a small canoe squishing down the long grass on that side, hard to tell with all the grass in the way could have been something else or someone else. Of course now that someone is ducking up under the dock after taking to the water to hideaway from the possible threat of the stranger. If she survives the encounter she will worry about her bike and other belongings then.

Quinton stands there, looking rather not intimidating. But he could be with people. And they could be intimidating. He just stands there, watching the hiding figure. It's like he's calculating something. Whatever the equation is, he starts moving towards the dock after glancing around, making sure there's not some other danger.

Yeah, coming closer is a sure fire way to make whoever is hiding under the dock extra comfortable…not really. But at least it's probably safe to say that whoever it is, isn't on the alien side, else he would be dead already. The boat jostles as the person underneath it moves around and there is a thud and a muffled oww. "Okay. You can stop right there." a feminine voice calls out, "You don't have to come any closer." she is trying to sound tough, but it comes out more worried

Quinton's having a bad day(Stupid coin toss), or he'd probably be handling this better. Instead he stops, tilting his head almost comically, "You're wet." Duh.

That is enough to give the female hiding pause, "Wait..what?" now it is all confusion "Who are you? Where did you come from?" she says after a few beats "We haven't seen another soul in days…or has it been weeks?" the dock moves slightly, indicating she isn't being still under there.

There's a long pause as Quinton struggles to find the right words. Finally he just says, "Loaded questions….and you're wet." He moves to shrug off his backpack, and softly, more to himself as he digs in his bag,

"Water Nymph come swim with me,
in the deepest valleys of the sea.
Swim through the eddies,
flirt with the sea ladies.
Many treasures here for you and me.
sirens of the sea waving happily.
Water nymph, water nymph,
did you see, they waved at me.
Come water nymph come swim with me.
Enjoy the vastness of the deep blue sea."

While a bit loopy sounding, there's an air of sincerity. He at least isn't putting off a vibe of a mass murdered.

"If only this was a sea, and not some backwater lake in the middle of nowhere." is said after a bit of silence after the poetry jam. Movement again, though this time it is followed by the top of a head breaking the surface though it doesn't lift any farther than the eyes at first. The girl blinks at the strange man as water streams into her eyes. The water is murky where she has stirred up the muddy bottom so her body can't be seen "Better than a loaded gun." she raises her head enough to talk and take a breath, but she isn't leaving the water just yet.

A short laughter and Q states, "Oh, I have that." Not that it's visible. Or in any way a calming statement. Finally a worn towel is pulled out of the bag, probably from the bottom. "Backwater is safe." He's crouched down next to his bag and watches the top of the head that is visible before holding out the towel. He's no where near close enough for her to reach it. He's touched in the head, not dumb. He's not going to let her pull him in. And then he answer's one her question, "Quinton. I'm Quinton."

She stares at him, easing back a bit at his admission of having a gun. Of course he could just be saying that to scare her, which totally works. She looks about ready to dive under when he digs for the towel and relief is clear when it isn't a gun, "Douglas Adams fan?" have towel, will travel and all that. The towel is left hanging for a moment before she tentatively reaches out to take it, snatching it quickly and then getting out of range. Well she is standing at least now, but she's kinda short, so the water just about her waist.

Quinton stays crouching, maybe trying to ease her some by looking smaller himself. or maybe it's just comfortable. "He's ok. Towels are better." He doesn't smile at her, but there's no aggression in his face either. More curiosity than anything. "Why did you hide in the water?" He could think of just about anywhere that would be better.

Pushing her hair from her face the girl proceeds to wipe her face, "Now if it was only warm and fresh from a dryer or because it had been laying out in the summer sun." it’s clear it’s a comforting thought for her. "The water was closer than the trees. And had I not fallen in you would probably not have known I was even here.

Quinton nods, although it's hard to say at which statement he's actually agreeing with. "Do you want me to leave so you can get out?" Maybe he connects that she didn't purposefully jump in by her statement and is trying to give her some space/dignity? Maybe.

The girl actually ponders that for a moment and then shrugs. "If you were going to kill me right away you would have done it already." she comments, pulling herself up onto the dock. She went in clothes, shoes and all "It's going to take at least a day for my shoes to dry." she stares a bit at the blue converse on her feet, "Okay Quinton, if that is who you really are. Why are you out here alone? You passing through on your way to somewhere? Aren't you worried one of the aliens is going to find you and kill you?

Quinton stays where he is, although he does plop down to sit instead of crouch. He does watch her with those pale eyes of his, which may be slightly unnerving, depending on her view of him. An eyebrow raises, "Would my name being different really change anything?" It's not like she can look him up on the net anymore. He doesn't answer about where he was going instead he tilts his head, "They can't do anything worse than they've already done to me." It's a simple statement, probably loaded more than any gun he could possible have(or not).

"Point." she says as she moves to take her soaking shoes off then shakes the excess water from them "In that case I'm Nora." she studies their surroundings a moment "Are you alone out here?" she doesn't see anyone, but that doesn't mean much. She's with a group but he can't see them.

"No..I'm with you." Is he being coy? His innocent face implies not, but then again, maybe Quinton's a master trickster? "Are you?" Alone, that is.

Nora's brow furrows at his literal answer, "That's not…" begins to say with a shake of her head but doesn't continue, "At the moment. I'm with a group, we are heading west, to California. One them got hurt so a few are trying to scavenge some bandages and stuff in the nearby town.

Quinton nods slowly, finally crossing his legs as he sits. "I have some bandages…if they can't find any." He just tilts his head, studying her. He then offers, "I was going to town too." Like somehow that makes everything better. Shoppers unite?

Looking east in the direction of town Nora once more gives a shrug "I'm sure they will find something. If if it's clothes that can be made into bandages." she glances back at him "Thanks though." she gives a shudder though when he talks of going to town "We passed through the outskirts. I think I will pass on going. It's still a bit ripe for my nose.

Quinton's not going to force bandages on anyone she he just shrugs, watching the girl drip dry in front of him. A shadow passes over his eyes and he looks away from her as she speaks of the smell in town. "No…it's not….pleasant." He shifts, starting to unfold his legs, like he's moving to get up.

Of course he wasn't inviting her, but she said it anyways. He may move, but Nora stays put on the dock, not trusting people has kept her alive so far, so that isn't going to change "Have there been any drones seen in this area the past few days?" the drones come from the mother ship when can be seen during a certain period of the day as it orbits through the upper atmosphere, it's speculated that the drones are searching for survivors.

Quinton's head shakes, "No…not that I'm aware of." He stands, stretching out briefly before bending to pick up his backpack and slinging it over his shoulder. A hand raises and runs infers though his hair before dropping back down. He eyes her, "Be safe, water nymph." And unless she says anything to stop him, he turns and starts walking away.

"Maybe we will get lucky and they will stay away a few more days." her eyes follow as she gets up "Right back at ya." Nora replies. Nope, she isn't about to stop the strange man from getting up and leaving,

Quinton pauses, pale eyes going up to the skies briefly and he nods. "The pharmacy's already raided….If they haven't found anything…homes might be the best…for bandages…" He then nods again and moves away.

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