(2015-06-23) Awkward Breakfast Conversation
Awkward Breakfast Conversation
Summary: What happens when three non-talkers try to converse
Date: 06.23.2015
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Dining Hall

The dining hall is a dome shaped building fully capable of holding upwards of 200 people. Tables and chairs surround a large round fireplace that takes up the center of the main room. The walls are mostly windows that let tons of light through so additional lighting isn't need until after the sun is down. In the back a set of double doors, flanked by bookshelves, leads to the kitchen. On each side of the bookshelves is a door to bathrooms, men left, women right. The bookshelves themselves are full of books and boardgames. There is an upright piano partially blocking the view out one set of windows.

The early morning comes with a warm weather. Allowing the early birds to already be out and about. Still not a lot of people around as most are either resting, or already out to gather things. Though one that comes along with the morning is Gabriel. Having arrived around first light. Now preparing food for the camp with the smells filling the dining hall. It's always good to have a lot of spices after all, and having gotten some fish left of his own. Rationing it so that everyone gets food.

Quinton's an early riser, having already gotten ready for the day and walked around the camp. the smells are different coming from the mess hall, so he steps in. He smiles as he walks over, 'Morning."<RE>
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He's not the only early riser, Piper is too..or maybe it's one of the kids that actually is and wakes the rest of them. It's hard to tell. Either way Piper isn't all that far behind Quinton in entering the dining hall. Caro is seen first though as she holds open the door so the rush of three children followed by Piper pushing the stroller holding the youngest two children, a toddler and infant. She gets a few feet it when the smell hits her, there is an immediate reaction, she turns a bit sallow and looks immediatly ill. She says nothing, just turns on her heel to run outside.

Gabriel does hear the sound of people arriving. "Morning." He replies calmly while continuing with his work. Not really interacting more than that right now. Focusing on moving the food in his hands. Cutting some of the fresh spices to be able to work with it all. Tilting his head a bit as he hear the retreat of Piper. For now letting it be though.

Quinton frons watching the young woman run out, and then looks to the children to see their reaction. He assumes the woman is getting sick, and who wants kids around for that, so he waves them over to a table, "Have you colored anything yet?" He gives Gabriel space to do whatever it is he's doing.

From Caro's expression when Piper runs out, this is not a new development. She just sighs and takes control of the stroller to push it and herd the other three in the direction that Quinton is waving them up. It's been a few days since a hot breakfast has been had, and the smell of food cooking is exciting to them. There is a mad dash from the two six year olds and Becca is starting to climb out to follow them, waving a page from one of the coloring books in her hand, which she hands to Quinton, "Here." she pushes the crayon scribbled picture of bunnies at the man as she climbs into a seat. "Morning Mr. Quinton." they might not have been here long enough to meet Gabriel, so the other man gets a tentative look.

Gabriel does try to make something that will last. It would seem among it is soup. Having boiled and done his best to make sure everything is edible. Giving a smile to the kids if they come closer to smell the food. His eyes only pointed in the general direction of them though. Not minding people keeping some distance. He's not really a regular here. "I noticed that a lot of people have been arriving, so I figured you all could use the extra food." He explains to all of them. Perhaps the new people he has heard being piper and her flock.

"Good morning ,Clark." Quinton looks at the rabbits, 'Those are very nice, did you do them rachel?" He's somewhere in-between begin uncomfortable and at ease with the kids. Perhaps he had some in his life before the aliens. When Gabriel speaks, Quin turns to look in his general direction. "That smells grand….yeah…we've had a few new arrivals recently. There's been some roamers too. Have you run into them?" Quin must be having a good day, sometimes he has trouble with sentences longer than anything simple.

"Colored myself." Becca answers, not batting an eyelid about him using the wrong name. Piper must have coached them all. Speaking of which, she comes back in about now, still looking quesy, but at least she is back to her normal hue. Looking to see that the children have all arranged themselves she moves to sit at the corner, gesturing them all to move down one so Caro can sit beside her. "You alright now?" Caro asks with some concern to the woman.

Gabriel offers a small grin to Quinton. "Of course it does." He offers lightly. As for roamers, he shakes his head. "Not directly. But I think I've heard and noticed them around. Not had any trouble yet." He answers. Taking in the different names that he hears, trying to put a voice to each name. Even if it's the wrong names. "Everything okay?" He asks, though now attention is back on cooking.

Becca gets a smile and a nod, "Very good." It's not a lot, but he's glad to have helped some with the books. Gabriel gets an eye quirk, but Quint gives a soft nod, "You should let Bea or Sonny know." He turns back when piper reenters, but doesn't ask. She's already gotten the question from two people.

Piper gives a nod to the question and leans over to whisper to Caro, "Piper says it will pass in a few minutes. She could use some water though." Caro relays to the others, looking between the two men "Are you the guy that lives south of the gate?" whether that is a question from her or the woman though is debatable.

Gabriel doesn't notice Quinton's replied nod or eye quirk. Though about letting Bea and Sonny know, he shrugs. "Perhaps." Not minding the people roaming, as long as they keep away from his cabin. Hearing the question for water. Moving around and gripping the edge of tables and so forth as he tries to remember where the cups are. It takes a moment but finally he does manage to find one. A stick to guide him, with water in a cup. Putting it at random on the table to let someone bring it to Piper. Then heading back to the food. Putting his stick to the side. "Yes, some so at least." Continuing to look for bowls, luckily someone had already put them near to where he was cooking. So he can start getting food into the bowls. For anyone that is hungry.

Quinton frowns, it can be heard in his voice, "If you've noticed people, you should tell them." Not some 'perhaps'. It's dangerous. It's not just people roaming, there's people hunting each other out there. The man turns to regard Piper, not quite having all the pieces, but the puzzle's starting to come together. Not good. He reaches over and takes the glass and slides it down to Caro to give to piper.

Piper watches as Gabriel gets her a glass of water, she's a bit surprised that he is blind, even though she has probably been told of him by either Sonny or Bea. A nod of thanks is sent Quinton's way as the water is passed to her and she drinks half the glass quickly. Coloring books are then retrieved for the younger three so they have something to do while food is being prepped. Whisper to Caro and the girl relates "Sightings of anyone should be reported ASAP. Guilty until proven innocent." the last bit has her looking a bit perplexed at Piper and then the men.

Gabriel nods to what Quinton offers, "I will." He offers and soon gestures for people to come get food. Taking a bowl for himself as he moves, with his stick, to try and find a seat. And also not run into all the people. "I suppose that's true." Shrugging as he's been able to keep to himself. Only here at camp since people seeme hungry. Though they do have a point.

Quinton frwosn at the words Caro mouths. "Let's just be safe about it. Guilt and innocent has nothing to do with it." He can't help thinking living in a world where everyone assumes guilt is what the aliens want. He stands, looking at the kids, "I'll get the soup." With piper feeling ill, he can make a few trips.

"I'm not sure I get it." Caro says, to which Piper just puts a hand over the girls and gives her a later kind of expression, and then leans over to whisper again. "I meant figuratively. The only true guilty parties here are the aliens." though from the way to is not making eye contact she might not totally beleive that…or finds herself equally guilty. Caro relays and then gets up as well, she can manage her own food at least. Piper though settles for saltines, which she pulls from the bag under the stroller. She probably broke into a few MRE packs to get them. As she eats a cracker she watches the food being retrieved and once more Quinton gets a nod of thanks for his help.

Gabriel nods as he seems to agree with Quinton. "Everyone might be guilty of something, though it might not be necessarily with bad intention. Though safety comes first, I suppose." He offers and just enjoys his meal. Listening to them running about, along with the sound of eating.

Quinton makes two trips, getting bowls for all the kids first and then finally one for himself. He gives Caro a nod, speaking to the girl, not Piper, "We need to always try to be safe. Good people will make themselves know…it's human nature to help each other." He gets a small half smirk and he sets his bowl down before sitting to eat. He sighs, frowning at Gabriel, "And everyone might be innocent. Judging people before we know that does us no good. Eitehr way."

There is a chorus of thank yous as bowls are set in front of the kids and they dig in as if they haven't eaten in days. Which they have. Piper is busy helping Becca with holding her spoon properly so while she listens she isn't responding. There is a bit of a noise of disbeleif when Quin suggests everyone could be innocent. Tell that to the bandits or the kill or be killed people.

Gabriel grins and nods to Quinton. "Everyone is guilty of something, and innocent of other things." He clarifies. Nodding agreeingly about helping one another though. It's the reason why he's in the camp after all. Just listening to the different noises. Though he has said his peace for now.

Quinton's lips purse, but he stays silent. There's no need to argue in front of the children. Soemtimes, on clearer days for the poet, he doesn't think he should have survived the fever. He's not built to be distrusting. The soup is ate in silence, the spoon stirred around it more than needed so he has something to do. His pale green eyes will lift to see how the kids are doing before he softly says, "Thnak you, Gabriel."

With silence descending, the infant in the stroller picks that time to start getting fussy about something. Piper stands to pick him up and does the usual checks..it's the diaper, so off she goes to change it well away from where people are eating. Leaving the kids and everyone else to thier meal.

Gabriel just nods as Quinton thanks him. Not noticing the lip pursing of the other man. Following Piper with his attention as he hear her leave. Though then finishing his bowl and leaning back as he listens to those still present.

The baby is watched, but Piper has it so Quinton looks back to the remaining kids. "Eat." The two middl ones are starting to get a little restless. Q's tone os soft though, not really an order. He smiles at them, just inane the soft town wasn't enough before he turns back to his own bowl. "I'm going to go scavenging later…is there anything you need, Gabriel?" Q has a list…doesn't hurt to add to it.

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