(2015-06-28) On a Horse With No Name
On a horse with no name
Summary: Gabriel offers directions to Alicia, to head for Camp Hope
Date: 2015-06-28
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With evening coming in the chickens seem to have calm down, relaxing at the cabin. The place being quiet other than the sound of water and the weather. Gabriel still down by the water, hand in the water for a moment before trying to fish some more, noticing that there's still some activity. A box with some fish next to him. The light slowly dimming.

The patter and clatter of hooves on hardened earth. Alicia slumped in the saddle slightly, flat-brimmed hat tipped forward to allow the rain to trickle off without running down her face or soaking her collar. Cradled sideways in her arms her winchester, and drug behind the horse a fat doe tied by its forelegs and head. The road draws near the lake, and low and behold a cabin. A twist in the reigns brings the horse to the lake and after sliding her rifle into the holster on the side of her saddle she dismounts, leading her steed to water. As she looks around she spots the man playing in the water, tilting her head a moment before using her forefinger to tip her hat up a bit.
"Well howdy there!" She drawls out loudly to draw his attention, waving her left arm up over her head while the right holds onto the reigns.

By the time he notices the woman calling out, Gabriel leaned back to start fishing. Instead turning his head in the direction and giving a small wave. "Hello." The rain coming down on his face. As he runs his hand through his hair, causing it to slick against his head. "Are you lost?" He asks, being cautious about new people.

Alicia pats the side of her horse's neck letting it drink for a bit more as she calls out a reply, "Nah, ain't been lost in quite a while, ain't been found neither." She grins a bit and then tugs on the reigns, leading her horse closer to Gabriel as to avoid having to shout. Once she's got a good respectful distance where polite conversation can be held she lets the mare resume drinking from the lake. "I is however lookin' fore a place, call'a Camp Hope? How far yah think I be from there?" Her green eyes study the man with intent curiosity, the grin still stuck on her lips.
Gabriel does not study Alicia. Which is of course cause he's blind, not that she'd know that. Shifting to bring his fishing rod back to his side and taking his box. "It would perhaps take some time. It will get dark before you reach it but you can probably make it before too long. Just head in that direction." Gesturing towards the way Camp Hope is. "What are you wanting there?" He asks. Getting his things to slowly walk towards the cabin, letting her follow. "come along. I can perhaps show you some of how to go."

Alicia tips her hat back down to keep the rain from soaking down her collar. She hesitates for a moment and then tugs on the reigns and starts leading her horse along slowly a dozen feet or so behind Gabriel, "Tradin', bit o' food. Maybe few nights rest underneath somethin' other'a open sky. First settlement run across since I'a left Dakota territories." Her right hand reaches into the pocket of her duster and pulls out a little matchbox that she shakes open, the shuffle of wood on cardboard before she uses her lips to pull a toothpick out of the box. As she swirls it around with her tongue her fingers slide the box closed and return it to its pocket, "Migh' as well jus' ride through then in the rain, ain't no sense tryin' sleep in dah mud."

Gabriel does listen and carefully moves. Clearly knowing the area though as he isn't too slow. Occasionally sweeping with his feet to avoid tripping on anything. "Sounds smart. Personally I only go there once in awhile." He tells her, hearing the sounds behind him and being a bit curious as to what she's up to.

Alicia tucks the toothpick in place between her bottom teeth and her left cheek, occasionally shifting this to grind her teeth against the wood before tucking it back against her cheek when she speaks, "Probably be same for mahself. Won't spend too much a'time in'a camp proper. Been on mah own since the Plague, it jus' works out a bettah that way seems like." She falls silent now as she chomps away on the toothpick and follows along, occasionally glancing around to take note of the surroundings and relative positions for later reference.

Gabriel nods again and soon enough they will reach the cabin. Setting his things down to turn towards her. "Hope you find a good spot." He offers, head just turning to her, but more or less just towards her voice. "I'm Gabriel." He greets her.

Alicia draws the horse up as Gabriel sets down his tackle, bobbing her chin downwards slightly in response to his good will, "Can'a call me Tavers and thank yah kindly Gabriel." The smile that comes across her chapped lips wrinkles up the side of her nose as she gives his cabin a once over, "Which 'rection need head out from here, jus'a keep followin the road?"

Gabriel nods, "Fine, pleasure to meet you Tavers. And indeed, follow the road in that direction and you should be fine." He assures her, with another hand gesture. "I'd lead you, but I would probably just slow you down." He says with a dry chuckle. "Though, as long as you're not going to steal anything, if you're without food you can come by." Always wanting to help out, even if he likes the solitude.

Alicia puts a foot in the stirrup and hauls herself into her saddle. Settling her weight she reaches up with her left hand and grabs ahold of the front of her hat, pulling it down slightly, "Mighty obliged. Got this deer here wanna trade in so I's just be on mah way for now. Maybe I's'a come back out this way and see if’n can't get some o'that fish off'a yah." She grins again as she clicks the toothpick against her teeth with a sucking sound, "Have a good evenin' then Mistah Gabriel, be seein' yah." She clicks her tongue and the horse begins to saunter off slowly as Alicia draws her Winchester back out and lays it across her thighs, glancing over her shoulder to watch Gabriel, just in case.

Gabriel chuckles and nods. "Do so. I usually go into camp once in awhile. Just catch me then, if you can't find me here." He suggests. "See you around." He says and does stand and wait for her to be out of hearing range for him. Though funny enough it might just look like he's oogling her. Though obviously not noticing her looking back over at him.

Alicia continues watching him until she's out of accurate shot for a pistol, then confident he's not gonna run in and grab a rifle, she turns her attention on the road and the surrounding area, soaking it in as the rain works on slowly soaking her clothing and supplies.

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