(2015-06-29) She Came Bearing Gifts
She Came Bearing Gifts
Summary: After a night of going slow through the rain, Tavers has finally found herself near Camp Hope in the early morning. Quinton happens along her before she hits the gate proper and leads her through.
Date: June 29th, 2015
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The sun has risen, peaking through the dreary day every once in a while. the rain isn't heavy, but it's been steady. breakfast has just finished and Quinton is making his way out the gate with a small hand wave to the guards who seem to know him. He's got on a poncho that will help keep him mostly dry. The more to lean on there is mostly though. A full day out in this weather will have anyone drenched. His backpack is underneath the poncho and the thin man starts walking down the road attentively.

Further up the road is a horse, and upon that horse a rider in leather. The leather fedora is tipped forward a bit, hiding her eyes, but allowing the rain to drip down off the flat brim without running down her face or into the collar of her duster. The horse plods along slowly in the drizzle, the reins held in the rider's left hand, the right wrapped around the stock of a winchester repeater that rests across her thighs on the saddle. She twirls a toothpick with her tongue along her teeth, the thing all but a little stub of wood, and after a moment she spits it out along the side of the road, "Woah girl." Alicia says as she pulls back on the reins lightly, the horse letting out a soft whiney before stopping. The rider inspects the man coming along the road and waits for him to approach or stop and confront her.

Quinton stops as soon as he hears any noises that aren't normal. And a horse approaching him is definitely not normal in his book. Not in this location, anyway. He frowns when he sees the woman and creature, and immediately his pale green eyes scan the area for anyone else with her. He doesn't dart away, but definitely doesn't approach her.

Alicia sits silently and motionless for a few seconds, then her left hand circles the reins around the horn of her saddle and she reaches into the pocket of her duster, pulling out a box of matches. She pushes it open and then brings it up to her mouth, using her lips to pull another toothpick out of the box. She twirls the twig of wood about her mouth as she tucks the cardboard box away and then rests her forearm on the horn of her saddle. More silence…. "Well, ain't you gonna say howdy to a lady or you gonna stand there lackluster all'a day?" She grins slightly at Quinton, the smile creeping up and crinkling the side of her nose.

Quinton's eyebrows draw together as he frowns slightly. The smile doesn't calm the man, in fact with everything that's happened, he actually tenses up. "Who…are you?" He doesn't sound scared, more like he's struggling to find the words. "Are you..alone?"

Alicia leans back in her saddle a bit and slides the winchester into its holster along the right side of the saddle, slowly. Still grinning she replies, "Can call'a me Tavers. And I ain't never alone when I's got Abagail here." She pats the horse on the side of the neck with her now freed right hand before glancing around herself and then sweeping her left hand out a bit, "But nah, ain't got no other people with me. You from Camp Hope?"

Quinton's frown increases at the mention of the horse. He glances as the horse is patted and sighs. Why do folks only find him on bad days? A hand sneaks out of the poncho and he runs his fingers through his hair, making it all stand up crazy in the rain. It makes him look younger than he is. "Why?" Why is she asking that or why is she alone?

Alicia clicks her tongue a few times as she shifts her weight slightly. Her horse takes a few steps forward while turning to the right before Alicia lets out a short clipped whistle that has the horse stopping again. Behind the horse being drug in the softened earth is a whitetail doe, tied up by its forelegs and head, "Cause I got somethin' trade for a bit of time outta dah rain and maybe a warm meal or two." She twirls the toothpick around her lips with the tip of her tongue as she folds her forearms across her saddle horn and leans forward, tilting her chin up a bit and finally revealing her bright and inquisitive green eyes to the man on the road.

Quinton notes the deer, but seems more focused on the rider. "That's….Sonny and Bea's call…" Seems like that's her answer. There's a pause and then he nods his head and turns to start walking back the way he came. After a few steps he turns his head, "You coming?"

Alicia grins a bit and straightens back up in the saddle, unwrapping the reins from around the horn and giving a click. The horse starts forward along the road at a slow pace, plodding along behind Quinton a good dozen or more feet. Her right hand rests casually on the butt of her rifle but doesn't actually grab ahold of the stock, "Well I ain't stayin' 'round in the rain longer than I needs to that's fer sher." She chuckles lightly with a slight shake to her head.

When Quinton looks back, there's clearly something brewing in his mind, but he just looks at the woman. The doe is looked at again and he turns to glance around the area, clearly making sure there's nothing else about. For as much trouble as he seems to be having communicating, he's fairly observant. "We have…guards…I'd not…be holding your gun when we come up…"

Alicia dips her head in a nod as she chomps down on her toothpick. Then she pushes it into the hollow of her cheek with the tip poking from between her lips, "Don't need tah be a holdin' it when I'm at your back, that's jus' rude. What I supposed call yah anyways there city slicker?" She reaches up with her right hand and takes the toothpick out of her mouth, twirling it between her fingers as she waits for an answer, inspecting Quinton slowly with her green eyes.

Quinton has a million different things he could say, but opts for the easiest, "Quinton." Simple. He looks back up at her, there's a trapped intelligence in his eyes and he forces a very small smile at the woman on the horse. The dirt road winds it way back up towards the gates.

Alicia returns the smile with one of her own, "Quinton it be then." She places the toothpick on her tongue and manipulates it between her cheek and lower teeth as she looks up from him and towards the gates that come into view, resting both her hands on the saddle horn as they draw closer to the guards.

The guards frown as Quinton and the rider come into view, immediately the guns come up and one calls out the man asking if he's ok. Instead of answering Quin just raises a hand and waves them off. Whatever that is, the nonverbal message is gotten and while the guns are not completely put away, they are lowered. As the two come closer one of the guards will chuckle asking, "Where are you finding all these folks, Quinton?" The man just gives a small shrug, but does throw the guard a small smile back as they pass through the gates.

Alicia reaches up with her right hand, grasping the brim of her hat and tugging it down slightly as she dips her chin, "Howdy gents." She says with a warm smile as they pass the guards. A swirl of the toothpick in her mouth as her hand returns to the saddle horn once they are in the gates proper and Alicia gets a good look around the entrance of Camp Hope. She lets out a little whistle and nods in satisfaction, "Well ain't this place got all but tah wallpaper on it. Better organized than the outposts t'was tradin' wit back in Dakota."

Quinton looks around and nods, “Yes…wallpaper." He keeps moving though before coming to a stop at a side dirt road. "Wait here." As she's looking around, she'd notice one of the guards has followed part way. Quin hurries down the pathway, like he's forgotten something, or is going to retrieve something.

Alicia nods her head and crosses her arms against the saddle horn, leaning her weight forward onto them a bit. She gives the guard a warm smile with a little wink as she twirls the toothpick between her lips, trying to appear as charming and woman-like as she can to keep things at ease. Her eyes then sweep around taking in the Camp once more and trying to memorize the layout of what she can see so far for later.

Soon enough an older couple comes up the path with Quinton. There's an air of authority to both, although the woman is a little more motherly. Introductions are made, the deer is looked at , and then Sonny says they'll take it to the kitchen to prepare. There's a stable for her horse, Quinton is asked to show her where that is. It's stressed that if she does anything to endanger the group, or Camp Hope, she'll be ejected. There's definitely a protectiveness about them. They give two meals a day, lunch is something you have to fend for yourself. She'll be given a tent to sleep in, but if she leaves Camp hope, she's expected to give it back. Everyone is expected to help out and pull their own weight. Quin will help Sonny with the deer, and in that moment Bea will lean over, "Be kind. He got his brain all turned about with that fever…Just some days he can't get the words out…" The older woman shakes her head, almost a bit sadly as she watched Quin and Sonny. Eventually Quin comes back, taking Bea's place and starts to lead Alicia towards the stables.

Alicia tips her hat and then removes it as Sonny and Bea explain the rules of the settlement, nodding in agreement with a cordial smile on her face, "Ain't mah first time at the rodeo, just 'round these parts." When they set about retrieving the deer Alicia replaces the fedora on her head and swings herself out of the saddle, undoing the knots and coiling up her rope. She loops it over the saddle horn as Bea speaks to her and the younger woman gives a bit of a nod, "Nasty thing that was, took mah brother and father way from me while back now."
As they head for the stables Alicia leads her horse from the ground, and when they approach she loosens the saddle bags. Once the horse is squared away she pulls out her rifle and cycles the chamber, emptying out the round and tucking them into the pocket of her jeans before she puts it back into the holster and then detaches it from the saddle. Next the saddle bags which she throws over a shoulder and then carries the winchester in its holster back outside next to Quinton, "Well, what's the next move Quinton ol' boy?" She grins over at him while chewing on the toothpick.

Quinton frowns, shaking his head slightly he's got a good decade on the younger person. "Tent." he starts back towards where the supplies are kept. getting out a tent and a small hygiene kit they give everyone. It's nothing fancy, but better than nothing. Quin pauses and then softly says, "I have …extra towels, if you…" There's a wave of his hand, not finding the last word, but hopefully she'll know what he means. He then stops and motions down several paths, "Pick."

Alicia tucks the kit into her saddlebag and then smiles at Quinton, "You mind a'carryin' that tent there fore me there Quinton? It'd be mighty nice a'yah do so." As he motions along the paths she shrugs a bit and then spits the toothpick out of her mouth, most of the wood gone now at this point from her chewing, "Which ever way s'got the most room, you be a'knowin' dah place better then I."

Quinton takes the tent and just starts walking. He leads her down the first pathway it seems, and while there's some tents, it's not very crowded. "If you want more…privacy, set up.." He motions a little further away from the fire pit, "But is you get cold at night…" He then points to be closer. It's a duh thing, but not everyone thinks of it.

Alicia wanders around the campfire a bit, looking over the other tents set up and then picks a flat spot near the path's opening into the campsite a little closer to the fireplace. She slings her saddlebag to the ground and places the winchester's holster across it before nodding to the tent in Quinton's hands, "Go ahead and lay 'er on out, and I can set 'er up from here ol' boy. Get that sitch'e'ated and then I'll'a go wrestle up my saddle and bring 'er over here as well. Then I'll set 'bout bleedin' and skinnin' dat deer I's brought in. Thanks for the help Quinton. Anything I's can help yah with directly in thanks?"

Quinton shakes his head, while doing what's instructed, "no…Thank you though…." He'll watch her briefly and then nod , more to himself, "I'm…" He points vaguely in the direction of the next camp site. "If you need anything."And then, unless she stops him he flashes a small smile and turns to leave.

Alicia throws her hat down on her saddle bag and sets to work pitching the tent, "Will do cowpoke, see yah 'round." She gives him a smile just before her turns and leaves and then focuses on the task at hand. Not too much longer afterwards she'll have brought her saddle into the tent and used it as a makeshift pillow while her saddle blanket turns into her own personal blanket in conjunction with the thin one she's got folded up in her saddlebag.

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