(2015-07-01) Late Night Guitar
Late Night Guitar
Summary: Quinton is lured to Alicia's campsite by the haunting guitar melody in the night.
Date: July 1st, 2015
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The sun has passed the horizon and a campfire crackles at the center of the clearing. Nearby a saddle is plopped upon the ground and Alicia has her back against it, one leg stretched out, the other supporting a guitar on her thigh. The air around the campsite is filled with a slow haunting guitar melody that she plucks out with her fingers almost effortlessly. A toothpick between her lips, hat tipped down low over her face as she hums along with whatever song from before the Arrival she is strumming.

The music, or maybe it's the night sky has Quinton out. The weather is warm, but it's at least cooled off enough since the sun went down that the man has slipped on a thin sweater over his t-shirt. His hair is messy, like maybe he just washed it and it dried without being combed. He doesn't sneak in, but doesn't say anything either as he steps closer looking to see who's playing.

Alicia slides her fingers along the fret as she warbles the strings, causing a low tone to echo out into the night like a mourning yowl. Her fingers slide back up the fret as she returns to strumming the slow sad song, occasionaly using her tongue to move the toothpick around in her mouth, the angle of her hat casting her face in shadows despite the fire light.

Quinton's pale green eyes watch her fingers, studying how she moves them. Almost like he's trying to memorize the motion. He won't interrupt, instead crouches down to get a better angle.

Alicia enters a more difficult part of the song as her fingers speed up and a series of sour notes rumbles out of the acoustic guitar. She tightens her grip on the fret for a moment and then relaxes, leaning further back against the saddle and looking up at the night sky as she lets the guitar rest against her chest, "Evenin' Quint."

Quinton doesn't flinch at the off notes, his head just tilts as he watches her fingers. "Evening." His eyes finally raise, almost like he didn't realize who was playing, just that someone was. "You're very good."

Alicia reaches up with her left hand, taking ahold of the brim of her hat and tugging on it gently as she says, "Thank yah sir." She grins slightly as she rests her hand on the fret of the guitar again, turning it slightly to look over the scratched front, "Been playin' since I was knee high to a grasshopper." She shifts her weight a bit and lays the guitar out alongside her before she settles back against the saddle again and crosses her arms over her chest, contemplating in silence as she twirls the toothpick in her mouth. She reaches up with her left hand and pulls the splinter of wood from her mouth, flicking it into the campfire, glancing over at Quinton and studying him a moment, "I'm gonna be headin' outta camp for a few days, maybe a week, huntin' out north. Mind lookin' over my tent?"

Quinton nods, not really having much expression on his face beyond the interest in the guitar. "I just started." Playing, that is. His hands lay on his crunched legs, one hand casually fingering the cuff of the sweater. His head turns to watch the tiny splinter of wood burn before he turns back, head tilted now at her, "By yourself? Shouldn't you…find someone to go with you?" Alone is a dangerous way to go in the world now. He does give a small nod though, indicating he'll keep an eye on her things.

Alicia chuckles lightly, left hand coming up to cover her mouth for a moment until the giggle fit dies down. She rolls her eyes a little at Quinton and shakes her head, "I'll have Abby with me, and mah winchester. Ain't like I ain't covered nearly a thousand miles by mahself already, a dozen or so should be fine."

Quinton blinks at the giggling, like he's not sure how to take it. Finally his eyebrows come together in a small frown, but he's not going to argue with her. Instead he just shakes his head, "You should let Sonny and Bea know, so they can send people out to look for you if you don't come back." He then passes, "That is if you're wanting to come back." Maybe this is some weird , not wanting to tell people she doesn't like it here move?

Alicia shrugs a little, glancing at the fire, "I don't usually tell people mah business, but I'll be tellin' 'em I'll be back around this way. I'm a wandered Quint. I'll probably try find another outpost if there is one 'round abouts. See about openin' up a trade route or at least havin' a place other than here can offload my pelts and meat." She reaches up and lifts her hat off, settling it on the horn of the saddle as she turns her green eyes on Quinton and studies him hard, "'Course I'll be back ol' boy. Ain't no use in tellin' yah to watch over mah campsite if'n I'm not comin' back to it."

Quinton's been told weirder. He gives a small shrug, indicating it's fine, whatever she does. His eyes go back to the fire, watching it crackle and pop in the night. "Pelts and meats…that will be important come winter." He's never slept of fur before…but he assumes it would keep a person warm. His thin fingers keep rubbing the edge of his sleeve.

Alicia nods a bit in response, staying silent for a moment. Then she points northwestwards, "When I come back I wanna talk tah Sonny 'bout building a proper corral with high walls, then we'll try and rustle us up some wildlife, couple deer maybe or somethin', get them penned up and fed for winter time, have some easy meat near by."

Quinton looks in the direction she points, almost like he's imagining what she's saying. "Maybe…we need to be careful….they're sending drones….we can't build anything too obvious." He gives a soft sigh, meat during the winter would be a good though.

Alicia arches an eyebrow a little and then glances around the area, "Like uh… a camp that can hold about a hundred people?" She grins ruefully, a little bit of smug smirk creeping into it as she stares Quinton down with the dazzling green eyes like 'Deny me that logic mister'.

Quinton doesn't look like he's one to be dazzled very easily. Maybe he's always been that way, or maybe it's since whatever happened to him. "This camp grounds has been here for a long time… a freshly built structure might draw attention faster." He shakes his head, standing from his crouched position, "And I said we'd need to be careful, not that it wasn't do-able."

Alicia shrugs a shoulder a bit, shifting her gaze back to the fire as she thinks on it, "Well if'n we wanted to get real grand about it, we could dig maybe a six foot pit, lined with planks with a gate that leads into a slope, build some sorta camouflage over the top that still lets some light through for dah animals. Or somethin’, that'd take lot more work though than jus' a normal corral, but if we started now… and everyone helped… could get it done before winter."

Quinton wipes his hands on the side of his worn jeans, "Maybe. Couldn't hurt to throw the idea at Sonny and Bea." His head tilts up and he looks to the sky, maybe picking out a star to two before nodding, "I'm headed in. Never enough sleep anymore."

Alicia nods a bit, glancing up at the moon, "Yup, probably do the same here in a bit, lil too late pick up the guitar again without disturbin' folks. Have a good night ol' man." She grins at Quinton teasingly as she sits up and wraps her arms around her left knee, hugging it to her chest as her green eyes turn to the fire.

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