(2015-07-06) Meeting Near the Crossroads
Meeting Near the Crossroads
Summary: Heading back to Camp Hope along the Two Mile Road, Alicia runs across Lincoln at the Highway 15 crossroads.
Date: July 7th, 2015
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It is approaching sundown as a horse and its rider heads down the road known as Two Mile Road, headed west towards Camp Hope. The rider is clothed in a leather duster and fedora-style hat, a black bandanna drawn up over their face and a winchester rifle resting across their thighs. Their left hand is on the butt, right hand resting on the saddle horn holding the reins, chin dipped slightly but brilliant green eyes sweeping the road and fields for danger. Several rabbits hang off the left side of the horse, tied to the saddle bags, and what looks like a large dog or wolf being drug behind it.

Walking, such a primitive and annoying way to travel especially in old boots that have seen much better days. A man is making his way down the road, a pack slung over a shoulder and a cap upon his head, moving from the town itself along the road towards the destination of where the Camp is. The sound of a horse moving does catch his attention and he looks up abruptly, clutching the straps of his pack all the more tightly.

The rider looks up and pulls lightly on the reins, the horse coming to a stop with a clop of its hooves on the pavement. The rifle is raised to her shoulder but not pulled up to aim as the feminine voice calls out, "Howdy there partner, yah ain't armed ah yah?" The horse The horse canters forward a few more steps before the rider lets out a click and the horse stops again, turning its head to look at the rider and lets out a derisive snort.

The man looks down at himself and moves the coat he has on to the side, showing a holstered handgun, "Course I am, ain't stupid to be walking around at night with bandits, rapists, and stalkers out there. Ain't looking to start trouble though with anyone unless it starts with me."

The rider lifts the barrel of the rifle as the man on the road about half a dozen yards ahead pulls aside his jacket, "Well then darlin' why don't you unhook that there holster and throw it this a'way, then I'll step down and we have a proper chat yah?" The barrel stays steady, hovering near but not quite on the stranger, finger resting calmly on the side of the stock above the trigger guard.

"I tell you what. You lower to pointing at the ground, I'll unfasten, then you finish lowering." The man counters back, sounding at least a little calm in his tone, "Gives you the advantage, but doesn't leave me completely out on a limb if you get any antsy ideas?"

The tone of the rider's voice sounds amused as she speaks, "If'n yah any good with that gun I'd be at the disadvantage, we'll just keep it how it is, I ain't the antsy type, got my quota of shootin' in for the day, ain't lookin' spend anymore rounds then I have ta." She shifts slightly in the saddle and her horse lets out a nervous whinney.

"How about a name then, before I disarm myself out here in the country and risk getting shot by the Lone Ranger?" The man asks, a bead of sweat dripping down from under the baseball cap across his cheek. "I'm only lookin' for someone out these parts."

Alicia laughs a bit and then dips her chin in a nod, "Like that, might start callin' mahself that, find me one o' them toy sheriff badges. Can call me Tavers, or the Lone Ranger, your choice." If the bandanna was down the girl would probably be grinning, but she does lower the barrel of the winchester a touch.

"I was told to head this way by a girl I met in the town. She told me there was a woman named Alicia who'd help me out." The man offers calmly. "You heard of this lass, point me in the direction I'd be appreciative."

"Well you still ain't unstrapped that piece, so maybe yah do that and tell me the name of this girly you met an' we'll talk 'bout this Alicia lady." The amusement is out of the rider's voice now as she keeps the barrel pointed about knee level on the man.

She did hold up her end of the deal, the man motions rather clearly and moves slowly to unholster the handgun and carefully set it on the ground by his feet before straightening, again, all in slow motions. "The girl didn't offer her name, young one though, probably no more than 13, maybe 14? Found me out on the road, said if I needed someplace stable to head this way and look for the woman she mentioned. So that's what I'm doing."

Alicia shifts her weight and swings her leg around, keeping the rifle steady as she does so, now side-saddle. A moment later she slips her other foot out of the stirrup and hops down off the saddle. Keeping the rifle trained roughly in the man's direction she wraps the reins about the saddle horn and pats her horse on the neck before stepping a bit closer, "I step forward, you step back." And she keeps coming forward one slow step at a time with the rifle pointed at the ground around the man's feet.

As she does, he does, slowly stepping back and keeping himself as comfortable in a position as possible. A glance is given up to the sky and he tilts his head. "You know, if you're going to just up and rob me at least wait until morning so I got a fighting chance."

Once the rider has the holster about halfway between herself and the man on the road she stops and cradles the rifle in her arms. She reaches up and tugs the bandanna down, revealing her face in the orange and pink dying sunlight. She smiles lightly, shrugging her left shoulder a bit, "Alicia Tavers at yah service, I ain't no robber, I like the idea of Lone Ranger though."

After a few moments, the man smirks a bit and shakes his head, lifting his cap momentarily to wipe across his brow before resettling it down. "You know, the Lone Ranger ended up dying at the end of the series. Maybe Zorro? He lived all the way through a couple of movies. SO you're the woman I'm supposed to find? Huh… way that girl described you I was expecting someone more… iunno… intimidating?"

Alicia shakes her head, "Nah, rubbish with a sword." A slim eyebrow perks up and she tilts her head, hefting the rifle in her arms a bit, "Well who's got the gun an' who's backed up from theirs?" She takes a moment to sweep her eyes over the fields and the junction a dozen yards ahead, "Well what's yer name then mistah?" she asks as the green eyes come back to his face.

"Name's Lincoln." The man offers looking down at the gun before nodding towards his backpack, "And like I said, just thought you'd be more intimidating, y'know? Scary lady patrolling the fields. Was picturing some grizzled old hag with 7 kids type motif."

Alicia grimaces slightly, shaking her head, "Hope not, kids ain't mah thing." She steps forward now, watching Lincoln carefully before she kneels down, tucking the rifle underneath her left arm. She picks up the holster and checks the handgun within, pulling back the slide to reveal the round then nodding to herself. She stands up as she reholsters the handgun and turns about, walking back to her horse, "Come on ova, I'll give yah your gun and we'll head off to Camp Hope." She walks around to the left side of the horse, sliding her rifle into the saddle holster and putting the handgun holster strap over the saddle horn before she hops up into it.

There's a few moments of hesitation before Lincoln speaks again, "I wasn't certain about this Camp Hope thing, was looking just to check it out a bit. I've come across a couple of offers similar to it in my travels that turned out to be… about as horrific as one could imagine." Still, he walks over towards the horse. "So I don't want ya thinking I'm jumping in or nothin, just want to know what is going on a bit and if it ain't for me, be making my way.

Alicia reaches into her duster pocket with her left hand and takes out a worn-looking box of matches. She slides it open with her thumb and pulls a toothpick out with her right hand, putting it between her teeth as she tucks the box back into her pocket. She twirls it around her mouth with the tip of her tongue as she watches Lincoln coming closer then picks his holster up and tosses the gun towards him, "Ain't much the type settle down either, but ain't much in way of outposts 'round these parts so kinda where I'm holed up."

Lincoln grunts a bit but nods his head, sliding the weapon back into place at his side. "See, that's kinda funny. You don't look much old enough to have been spending a life of wandering around before all this shit."

Alicia grunts herself before making a sucking sound between her teeth and taking up the reins as her horse starts cantering forward, "Life before don't much matter now. Jus' keep trottin' forward from there." She reaches up and tilts her hat down a bit more to shield her eyes from the last minutes of bitter sunlight from the west, "Think you're talkin' of Andy, she's a cutie. Too bad you ain't convinced her come back this way. Gonna have to go wrangle her up."

"Not everyone is fit for society." Lincoln comments, starting to walk along now. "Every society is different. Not everyone fits everywhere. Ain't nothing wrong with it, juts the way it is. I've been with a few groups. Some I fit in with ok, others, not so much. I think Andy might be a bit hesitant to fit in because this society isn't who she is."

"I fit in with jus' 'bout anyone who wants hides and meat in return for trail food and powder. Ain't interested in makin' her fit in with the camp, wanna take her under mah wing." Alicia falls silent as they approach and start crossing the junction, left hand moving to the butt of her rifle and resting on it as she keeps her eyes open. "Young enough learn a thing or two." She comments during the crossing.

"Eh, some people ain't interested in much more than surviving. I figure, if that's all there is left, then it ain't worth having. Cause some people will eat anything or anyone, to survive." Lincoln glances over at Alicia as he says that. "Heard rumors about such around these parts."

Once the junction is a few dozen yards behind them Alicia takes her hand off her rifle and crosses her arms on the saddle horn, flicking the toothpick around in her mouth as she ponders Lincoln's profile from up on her horse. "Ain't heard that myself, anyone try to eat me, they'll eat a lead bullet instead." She ponders silently for a moment before she comments, "At this rate we ain't gonna hit the Camp til 'round midnight and I already been in the saddle all day. Wanna make camp over in that field and hit the trail first light?"

Lincoln nods his head looking over at the field, "That works for me." He says with a step heading in that direction. "Besides, I figure your folks would prefer you arriving with someone new during the light of day rather than at midnight."

Alicia shifts her weight in the saddle and the horse turns off the road, going down into the ditch and then picking up a tad of speed before vaulting over the fence. On the other side she turns the horse slightly towards the road and watches Lincoln, "That and my ass and thighs are startin' tah hurt." She grins a bit, a flash of white teeth in the near darkness.

"That's why I trust my feet, or a good motorcycle, over a horse. Ain't no point in riding if you end up hurting all day the next day." Lincoln makes it sound far more poetic than it is as he trudges along. "Course, I suppose it is easier to ride than walk everywhere."

Alicia urges the horse forward for a bit longer as Lincoln follows along, aiming the horse towards a cluster of trees about twenty yards from the road. Once they get there she slides down off the saddle and leads the horse into the grove, tying it to a tree trunk, "Well, don't hurt so much the next day when yah been ridin' practically your whole life, still get sore bein' in the saddle all damned day though." She starts removing the horse's saddle, "Go ahead and get in them left side bags, there some jerky and nuts in there."

Hearing the offer of food, Lincoln makes his way over and finds the objects indicated, fetching some before going over to a nearby log and setting himself down upon it. "So that's what you did before then, huh? Rode horses? Stopped crime while wearing your bandana?" Another Lone Ranger reference.

Alicia tosses the saddle onto a patch of level ground, then puts down the saddle blanket along the grasses like a mattress, a smirk and bit of a giggle coming out of her, "Yes to the first, nah to the second." She returns to the horse and pulls off the saddle bags next, tossing them near the saddle's front. She fetches a small nylon bag from within the saddle bag and opens it up, pulling out a sleeping bag and throwing it over the saddle blanket. Once that is done she joins Lincoln on the log and attempts to snatch a stick of jerky from his hand, "And you?"

Not much effort to snatch is needed as he offers some over when she comes to sit by him. "Student actually. Engineering student in the Air Force." There's a wry chuckle to Lincoln's tone when he says that, "The most important job imaginable 6 months ago, now one of the most useless jobs possible. My how the world changes."

Alicia bites off a chunk of meat and chews on it as Lincoln speaks, watching him slowly. She takes off her hat and tosses it onto the saddle horn, "Well someone's gonna hafta build the world back up." She shrugs off her duster next and lays it across the log beside her, "Dunno what you got for sleepin' but I ain't sharing my bag with yah, you can use mah duster for a blanket if yah need." She takes another bite and watches Lincoln, studying him intently with her inquisitive green eyes as she chews.

"I'll be fine. I only sleep a couple hours if that anymore, I'll prop my head up here on this log." He pats it next to him, managing to keep that wane smile on his lips. "Ain't going to be nothing to rebuild you know, right? We're just… sorta putting off the inevitable?" He looks over at Alicia as he says it. "Not to be depressing and all, but the world is pretty screwed."

Alicia shrugs as she leans back onto her right hand and looks up at the night sky, "Nah. We get enough people together.. couple smart folks like you.. get to some of them missile sites with them nukes out west, maybe a few here in Nebraska… get them workin' again and blow that fucker outta the sky." She nods with conviction as she finishes off the stick of jerky.

Lincoln looks over at Alicia then as she speaks, shaking his head a bit, "It's not them I'm worried most about. When I go to sleep, I'm more worried about other humans than those things up there. They put us in the situation, but we… we run with it." He sighs softly, "See, this is what I mean about not fitting in society. Some of us are jsut too discouraging."

Alicia shrugs again as she glances over at Lincoln, "Humans ain't so bad, know how to deal with them… but those things.. they keepin' us scared. No one wants tah rebuild nothin', afraid if we do they'll come knock it down. Humans, easy. What they want? Sex, food, sometimes drugs, warmth. Those things.. them aliens.. what they want? Kill us all? Rule us? Who knows."

"That's true. We know the incentives for human action at least." Lincoln responds, sliding down some to put his head against the log rather than sitting on it so he can look up at the sky. "Iunno. Right now I'd love to find some old parts in a garage and get a vehicle of some kind put together, do you realize what that would be like? To have an actual vehicle?"

Alicia points over at her horse who is grazing along the grasses at the base of the trees, "I've got the oldest vehicle known to man right there." She grins a bit as she stands up and heads over to her sleeping bag, unzipping it and crawling inside, resting her head on the side of the saddle and watching Lincoln within the polyester confines, "Problem is the battery, ain't nothing got any juice left. But you probably got some fancy thing in yah head fix that ain'tcha?"

"Actually, yeah, I do." Lincoln responds and grins a bit up at the night sky. "Not so much fancy, but definitely an idea. Sleep well there Alicia. I'll keep my eyes open most of the night, make sure no one comes and steals your Ranger mask."

"Call me Tavers." She says, shifting in her sleeping bag and reaching up over the saddle, pulling her rifle out of the holster. She lays it across her lap as she settles back down, "You watch the fields, and I'm watchin' you Link." Looks like neither of them are getting much sleep tonight.

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