(2015-07-07) Morning Glory
Morning Glory
Summary: The next morning after Alicia and Lincoln they meet a third survivor and while headed towards Camp Hope even run across Quinton momentarily.
Date: July 7th, 2015
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Sunrise, what a glorious thing, until it hits your face. Alicia grunts slightly as the rays slide over her face and her left hand reaches up, groping for her hat and failing to find it. Her hand plasters over her face and she groans as she sits up, blinking away the sleep as she looks over the impromptu campsite they'd set up the night before.
In a field about twenty yards off the road a small grove of trees, where on a flat piece of ground Alicia's saddle rests, a sleeping bag and saddle blanket used as bedding. Her horse is currently grazing near one of the trees it is tied to. She scoots up a bit more, securing the rifle that was settled across her lap and looks around in the morning light for any present dangers, green eyes sweeping the field and road beyond.

Having 'slept' not far away from Alicia, Lincoln had risen earlier and was standing rather passively looking over the horizon while his rump rests upon a log. The look on his face could best be described as 'far away' as his attention is far from the current place. It takes him a bit to realize Alicia is awake and he looks over at her, offering a slight nod with a grin on his face under his cap. "Hey, good morning. Sleep ok?"

Alicia glares at Lincoln in reply, clearly not a morning person. She rubs at her face again before she wriggles and pushes herself out of her sleeping bag and stands up. "Keep an eye out." She says with a gravelly voice, sliding her winchester into the saddle holster before she busies herself with stuffing her sleeping bag back into the tiny nylon carry bag. She tucks that away into her saddlebags and then picks up the saddle blanket, taking it to a tree branch and hanging it up, beating at it with her hands to dislodge grasses and dirt.

Lincoln looks at Alicia, tilting his head then shaking it. "Jesus. I didn't think you'd be that disgruntled. Sorry. I mean, it wasn't that bad was it?" He asks in her direction, lifting an eyebrow towards her.

Lincoln's statements are greeted with another searing green-eyed glare as Alicia finishes with the blanket and takes it over to her horse, throwing it over its back and squaring it away. She gives him a huff of air as she turns back and grabs up her saddle next, throwing it on and cinching it to the horse quickly, someone seasoned at breaking camp and mounting up in a hurry. Next comes the saddlebags, over the hindquarters of the horse, and once secure she digs into them and pulls out a stick of jerky. As she chews on the dried meat she checks the ropes securing the half dozen dead rabbits to her saddlebags and reties the rigging dragging the wolf along behind her horse.

Traveling down the abandoned road, a figure can be seen moving along the center of the road. As Tyler moves along the road at a steady, his eyes scans over the area on a constant basis. He carries his rifle over one shoulder and a dead rabbit in his other hand. As he draws near the makeshift camp, his pace slows to a stop as the horse is spotted, then the two figures along with it. He doesn't move from his place as he keeps an eye on the figures, trying to judge if they be friend or foe.

Lincoln looks over at Alicia and shakes his head, "Ok, so it was that bad?" He can't help it, but seeing the gruff woman cranky and shooting glares is definitely feeding his amusement, that is until he catches glance of something on the distance. "Ranger. Movement." The words are short and precise towards Alicia as his hand drops to his hip.

Alicia finishes securing the rigging to the back of the saddle and gives Lincoln another glare, but then her eyes follow his and she takes a few short steps to the front of her saddle and pulls the winchester out of the saddle holster. She props the rifle on the saddle, taking a moment to get her hat off the saddle horn and settle it on her head, before she aims down the sights and looks over the figure on the road. "Well go say hi, I'll be back here."

Tyler keeps his position on the road, not making any obvious movements. He keeps his attention on the two figures, not noticing Alicia's positioning with her weapon nor any of the strategic posturing going on. He watches the pair, a questioning look forming on his face before a squirrel runs across the road in front of him, drawing his attention for a few moments as he watches the critter disappear into a patch of high grass.

Lincoln glances back at Alicia and shakes his head, "One night and you already bossing me around." There's a pause and he adds in a more serious tone. "Don't shoot me in the back, promise?" Turning he starts down the way towards Tyler, inclining his head and knocking his baseball cap up some. "Hey there. Mind doing me a solid and keeping your hands about where I can see them?"

Alicia rolls her eyes a little at Lincoln's comment but turns her gaze to the man on the road, putting the stock of her rifle against her cheek as she sets in to be backup. "Easy now Abby… real easy…"

Tyler's attention returns back to Lincoln as he approaches and speaks, the squirrel gone. He takes stock of Lincoln, eyeing the man up for a moment before a small smirk forms over his lips at the request. "Sure." He says simply as he slowly removes his gun from his shoulder and extends his arms out to the sides. "Would you mind doing the same?" He asks, seeming to not be paying much attention to the man's companion at the horse.

Lincoln shows his hands, palm sides up and places them folded across his chest, away from the gun holstered at his side. "See? Level ground. What brings you around these parts?" He asks it as casually as one could at this time of the morning in the middle of a field, in Nebraska.

Alicia shakes her head, flexing and relaxing her fingers along the stock, trigger finger resting above the trigger guard as she waits to drop someone, either one works. Her voice, still a bit gravelly from waking up, calls out across the field, "Quit playin' around and get that rifle on the ground!"

Tyler nods his head slightly at Lincoln's words. "Level ground indeed." He says before he considers the next question for a moment before he shrugs his shoulders. "Just out getting breakfast." He says, lifting the rabbit up a bit. His attention moves back towards Alicia for a moment as she calls out towards him, but returns his attention back to Lincoln.

"You'll have to excuse her, she's cranky in the mornings apparently." Lincoln shrugs his shoulders, "We all make mistakes, am I right? Anyway, she's… cranky, pissed off, probably should listen. Granted, she's probably as likely to shoot me if you don't and I'd prefer that not to happen myself."

Alicia grumbles as her shout appears to do little, maybe it didn't carry far enough. She clears her throat and tries to put a bit more force into her rough morning voice, "Linc! We've got headway to make, he comin' or goin' or gettin' dead?"

Tyler considers Lincoln's words for a moment before he looks back towards Alicia again then back to Lincoln again. "I appreciate the advice, but I make it a habit to not let go of my weapon. It's safer for me if I don't." He does set the butt of the rifle down on the ground next to him as he adjusts his grip to the stock. Her next words do reach him, causing another glance before he looks back to the man before him. "You guys from that camp place everyone is talking about? I heard rumors that there's a survivor camp that's suppose to be safe."

"She is, I'm not." Lincoln replies with a tilt of his head back towards Alicia. "She was escorting me on my way there. I thought about checking it out, seeing if it was worth the hassle or better to keep moving on alone. Was that where you were heading?" Looking back over his shoulder Lincoln calls back, "Stop telling me to hurry up. I finish when I finish."

Alicia grumbles again, lifting her finger and hovering it over the trigger before she pulls her rifle up and slides it into the saddle holster. She unties the reins from the branch and then hauls herself into the saddle, giving a click of her tongue and shifting her weight, getting the horse moving towards the road. As she draws closer to the two men she gives a sharp whistle, "Move it or lose it boys, we make it in the next hour and we'll get a hot meal for breakfast, sit around here talkin' and ya'll gotta fend for what yah can." And then she passes Lincoln and Tyler, the horse going at a slow canter.

Tyler raises an eyebrow slightly at Lincoln's words. "So you must have heard the rumors too." He says, lowering his arms slightly again. His eyes turn to Alicia again as she rides up to them. He watches her head off before he looks towards Lincoln again and then back towards Alicia. "Mind if we stop by my camp? I need to get my gear before I head to the camp."

Quinton's coming up the road, alone, having just finished that hot breakfast that Alicia's talking about. The thin man slows as he sees the group, frowning slightly. He's a trusting man, but not stupid. His empty backpack hefted onto his back some and he's continue on, coming closer to the group, "Alicia…everything ok?"

Lincoln shrugs, "I truthfully don't got much input into such things." The man tilts his head back towards Alicia behind him, "The Lone Ranger calls the shots. I'm just along for the ride… and to make sure I don't get shot in the back." He actually glances behind him to see if that's a risk before hearing a new voice approaching and glances at Quinton.

Alicia either doesn't hear or doesn't give enough of a damn to reply to Tyler's question, instead she gives a soft tug on the reins and draws her horse up to a stop next to Quinton, "Tavers." She grumbles out rather curtly, "Everythin's fine, just.. wrangled up some new blood that I didn' have to shoot yet, they looking for Camp Hope, I'm leadin' the way." A half dozen dead rabbits hang from the saddlebags and a wolf is tied to the back of saddle, drug on the ground behind the horse. "Got some more food for the camp, you can learn somethin' useful tahday."

Tyler frowns a bit at Lincoln's comment before his gaze moves towards Alicia again then to the new voice as it's heard. He shifts in his position so he can keep all three of them in sight as he lowers his arms, resting his rifle on his shoulder again, the rabbit hanging in his hand at his side. He watches Alicia and Quinton as they speak to one another, not saying anything, just observing their dynamic.

Quinton's pale green eyes travel over the two men, it's hard to tell what he's thinking, but then he nods softly. The woman's grumble doesn't affect him, but he does glance up at her, "New huh?" His head tilts and then he looks back at the men, "Have either of you seen any drones lately?" Alicia might note he seems rather with it today.

"Drones?" Lincoln asks looking at Quinton, "You don't mean flying drones, everything with power was knocked out." He points out rather simply before casting a glance back towards Alicia and tilting his head, "Friend of yours?"

Alicia shakes her head, glancing over her shoulder at Lincoln and Tyler, shrugging a bit as she looks back to Quinton, "Yeah, and nah, ain't seen nothin' movin' but those two. I've been three days on jerky and biscuits, I want somethin' warm." She grins slightly at Quinton as she squeezes with her knees and gives a click of her tongue, sending the horse back into motion down the road, "Move it or lose it boys!"

Tyler considers the question asked by Quinton for a moment before he just shakes his head in response. As Lincoln speaks, his gaze shifts then returns to the other two. As Alicia heads out, he glances in the direction of his own camp before he shrugs and moves to follow Alicia. Surely there's enough time to go back and collect his stuff once he knows where the camp's at.

Quinton's eyes narrow, but then he guesses not everyone knows. "They send out drones…trying to locate people." Alicia gets a soft nod and the horse gets an absent pat as they move past, although he does turn to watch them, he doesn't walk. Instead he adjusts the strap of his backpack again. "Jensen and Trent are on guard duty, Make sure they can see you as you approach, and keep your guns holstered or at least pointed down." See? he's helpful!

Lincoln starts to walk, looking at Quinton now. "Wait, they send out Drones?" He asks, clearly this is news to him. "I haven't seen any and I've been on the road for three weeks… when did it start? Has anyone gotten a good look at them? Do you know what this means?"

Alicia continues on down Two Mile Road towards the gates, glancing over her shoulder to see who all is coming before she gives a short whistle and her hose breaks into a slow trot. Someone really wants a hot breakfast.

Tyler moves down the road with the others, a few paces back behind Alicia and Quinton. He remains quiet, keeping an eye on their surroundings, trying to keep the directions in his memory as they travel. As they arrive at the gate, his attention turns towards the structure, taking it all in.

Quinton watches Lincoln and then nods, "Yes….You've been lucky then?" It's really the only explanation. Quin gives a small shrug, "6…7 weeks maybe?" He doesn't know that for sure. "It means they have tech that we don't." The certainly move way faster than anything humans have made. He'll motion towards the way Alicia is going, 'You should go….Bea can get you something to eat and figure out if you're staying or not." The man doesn't seem to be going with the group. He does give a small smile and a nod of good luck though as they all pass.

Lincoln opens his mouth to say something but then realizes Quinton is walking away then he just sighs and shakes his head, turning to catch up with the others. "It means more than that." He grumbles but keeps the rest of his ponderings to himself, now stuffing his hands in his coat after pulling his hat down a bit lower.

As the gates come into view a pair of armed guards aim down the road and one approaches Alicia as she draws her horse up, "Found a couple stragglers, both are armed, but… well they seem alrigh' 'nough." They give Lincoln and Tyler a look over and then lower their weapons, "They do anythin' its on your head Tavers." She slides down off her horse and gives them a warm smile as she leads her horse between the gates, "If they do anythin' they'll be eatin' mah lead for breakfast." She motions over her shoulder for Tyler and Lincoln to come along as she leads her horse towards the stables.

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