(2015-07-08) Wandering in the Woods
Wandering in the Woods
Summary: Quinton, Piper w/Caro in tow, run into Gabriel wandering through the woods
Date: 07.08.2015
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South Woods

The forest here is thick with pine trees and large cottonwood trees. Some reaching as high as 80 feet. The paths thins, with vines over growing and traces of small critters on what's left of the walkways.

Another day, another long look into the eyes of death….or in this case boredom. Whoever said hunting was fun, was lying through their redneck teeth. It's a whole lot of sitting in silence and waiting for the deer to come to you. That's what Piper is supposed to be doing..she isn't of course. One, you don't hunt with a baby strapped to your chest, a barmy guy and a pouty seven year old in tow. What exactly the trio are doing is anyone’s guess. Foraging? Scouting? Checking traps? "Are you sure we should be out in this area?" a worried sounding Caro whispers to the pair, "Mr. Kyle said there was someone wandering through here last night. What if it was one of /them/?" maybe that is why they are here. To see if they can find any sign of the mystery wanderer.

While he isn't hunting another odd one is out here as Gabriel comes wandering, stick in hand and the occasional clicking sound from his mouth. Though for a blind man being relatively quiet. A small backpack is carried as well, trying to put the occasional plant or mushroom into it, having containers in the backpack. Though the sound of people has Gabriel stopping and listening.

Quinton's doing a lot of eyeing the area and not as much foraging(Or whatever they are doing). "If it is, we'll deal with them." He seems fairly clear headed today. he's still not getting people's names right, but his sentences are complete for the most part and he's even cracked a few small jokes. He's about to crack another but he turns his head sharply to look in the direction that the blind man is coming from.

There is silence from Piper at Caro's pouty statement. The young girl obviously would rather be anywhere but traipsing through the woods, "Well if there is any shooting I am hiding behind you Mr. Quinton." Caro states pointedly. The noise of someone coming pulls Piper's attention from the other two and her rifle is brought around to be aimed in the direction the shuffling is coming from. It is only lowered when it is clear that it's the blind Gabriel and not someone looking to kill or rob them.

Gabriel does draw a bit closer. Soon enough able to hear who they are, or perhaps it's the name that explains it. "Don't shoot." Is all he'll offer as he slowly comes closer to them. Once close enough to talk regularly, he does offer, "What brings you out?"

Quinton's not really all the great a hiding spot but he nods. His fingers twitch slightly, slowing moving onwards his own gun, but then they too stop when he sees Gabriel. He keeps his voice low, but hopefully loud enough to carry to the man's ears, "Morning, Gabriel. Just out trying to find lunch." So foraging, it sounds like. "You?"

An eyebrow arches over Piper's dark eyes, not that Gabriel can see it or her, but she hasn't exactly been sneaky so despite her not saying anything her presence is clear, and it is quite common knowledge that where ever Caro is, Piper is as well. "Our feet." Caro says in a completely non-sarcastic tone, which means that she has mastered the fine art of sarcasm, but what seven year old hasn't. It comes naturally to them. "You really shouldn't be out here alone Mr. Gabriel. Some one was seen sneaking around this area last night." more from the kid

Gabriel just nods as Quinton explains. "Same." He offers simply enough. Moving slowly towards them. Offering a smile and trying to listen to hear how many they might be. Though hearing Caro he can at least guess who else is there. Grinning at her words as well. "Smart." Not seeming to mind the sarcasm. "I've been lucky then." He says with a small shrug. "But yes, so I've heard. Been trying to secure my cabin more. I just needed some ingredients from here. About to head back." He explains. Standing more or less next to them now.

Quinton watches as Gab approaches and then turns to scan the area. He can't help a small smirk at the kid's comment, but he doesn't say anything. "We can walk you back, Garret, if you'd like." Quin must be having a good day, the name he called Gab even starts with the same letter!

Piper leans over to whisper something to the young girl. Caro looks up at her briefly making a confused expression, "Cans..really?" there is a slight shrug and the young girl relays after a confirming nod from the mute one, "She says to talk to Papa Sonny. He can help you set up old school alarms that will let you know when someone is approaching."

Gabriel doesn't bother with correcting Quinton, just shrugging. "If you want. I can make it back easily enough." He assures him. Nodding about talking with Sonny. "I will remember that for next time I come into camp." Which seems to remind him about something. "There was a girl coming by some time ago, a week or so. Tavers. I hope she made it to camp?" He asks, just in case.

It takes Quinton a moment to pick up on what Piper is referring to with the cans, but then he nods, "Might help with trespassers." Probably not so much with Silencers, but regular bandits, yeah. "Yes…she's at camp now." Well…maybe not now now, but yeah. Pale eyes leave the group again to look around, standing still outside, even in the forest can put a person on edge.

Piper tends to avoid the newcomers at first. Not wanting to subject the children to them until they have been cleared by Sonny and proved that they don't mean any harm. This includes Alicia, whom she has had little to no contact with. "Is she the one who talks like a cowboy?" Caro asks, as she looks between the two men, to which Piper nods, giving the girl a shoulder squeeze.

Gabriel nods about cans as well, as Quinton mentions it helping with trespassers. As for the girl, another nod. Turning his attention to Caro. "Yes." He offers short and neat about Alicia. A pleasant smile offered to the group as a whole.

Quinton knows how Piper is, she barely lets him around the kids, much less new people. He nods along with Gabriel's yes. "She also has a guitar." That's of interest to Quin anyway, who's not very good at his.

The mention of the guitar has Piper going from disinterest in the woman to interest, music is her weakness. Caro tugs on the woman's sleeve "Hear that, she plays the guitar. That's two piano players, two guitarists and you with the flute." she doesn't know that Gabriel plays that as well, though the woman might. It's enough to have Caro excited. The children enjoy music.

Gabriel ahs and nods. "That's nice." He offers about guitar. Not minding music either, it seems. "Perhaps I will have to come to camp just to listen." Comes a pondering thought, since he need to speak with Sonny anyhow. Nodding a bit about the people playing music, "That is quite nice. I've played the flute for some time." He offers, not sure if Caro spoke of him or Piper.

Well, Quin wouldn't go so far as to say there's two guitar players but he nods, "We'll be able to travel the road soon enough." Like a traveling show. He's joking, obviously. The man then shifts his weigh from one foot to the other, getting antsy. "We should keep moving….We can walk you back to your cabin, Gen, if you'd like…" He looks to Caro, "Keep your eyes on the ground…look for the things Bea and Sonny showed you." And him too, he'd not have known anything either if it weren't for them.

With the decision made to escort Gabriel back to camp instead of searching for mystery wanderer, Piper noiselessly turns and begins to lead the way back to camp. She is back to her usual ghost like movements, certainly made easier by her lack of footwear, theoretically at least. "Oh! You play the flute too Mr. Gabriel?" Caro pipes up as she trails next to the woman "If it weren't for her playing I never would have found her." a hand snakes up to take Piper's "She's played for a long time too..even went to Jul.." her words are cut off though as her hand is squeezed and she quickly falls silent and stares at the ground as the trio (if you count the sleeping infant) moves forward.

Gabriel does have a small grin on his lips. "Sounds like a lot of work." He offers about being a traveling band. Shrugging again about leading him home. "If you want." Kneeling down some as his hand sweeps over it, touching and is able to tell at least some of the things. Not seeming to find anything of interest right where he is though. Nodding to Caro's question. "Indeed." Smiling as the girl starts talking. Though as the silence falls he does listen. Moving a little bit, not saying anything though. Keeping relatively near the others still. Unless they end up running.

Quinton's eyes shift over to look at the trio briefly, he has a hard time communicating, but seems pretty observant. A sod noise of agreement about the traveling band's level of work. "Probably." He goes quiet too, trying to scan the area…he gets more nervous when there's people with him. Getting jumped by himself isn't his biggest fear…

Piper is watching both the ground and the surrounding area, but she has never claimed to be a tracker, so any footprints or evidence of someone in the area is missed by her. Caro isn't having any luck in that department either, not that she is actually trying real hard. She is to busy watching Gabriel try to find things by feel alone "Aren't you worried that you may get into a patch of poison ivy Mr. Gabriel?" she asks curiously. "It's all over the place ya know." that was one of the first lessons that Sonny and Bea hammered into her, how to recognize the rash causing plant so she could avoid it.

Gabriel shrugs at the question from Caro. "You can usually tell where it will grow. Also, with a brief touch of a finger it will only feel a little there." He suggests. There might be more to it though, that he can't quite explain, how he avoids it. Moving and not quite looking for footprints right now though.

Quinton's attention is split, he's half looking of tracks, half making sure they're not being watched. He mostly came along to keep an eye on Piper and Caro…not that he'd admit that to her. One sweep though and he furrows his brow, kneeling down next to a patch of something. He ways a hand over, "Cleo…come here…." He'll point out the wild onions, even pulls some up for the girl. If you help me…you can have some." By some he means most. He knows she brings back for the other kids and Piper too. His head rises though to glance around again.

"You mean anywhere?" Caro answers back thinking she knows everything, like most kids. There is another hand squeeze and Piper looks down at the girl, some unspoken communication going on briefly between them before Quinton calls to her, she too has learned not to bother correcting him as she heads over to him "Mama Bea likes to cook with those!" she grins. Piper watches the pair briefly, the baby she is carrying waking up from his nap, looking up and around with wide, sleepy eyes, making baby noises.

Gabriel grins as Caro and Quinton chat some. Though the baby noises do catch his attention. Offering a smile in that direction. Though then he does check the ground and also where the sun hits him, touching the base of a tree. "I wish I could help you search more." Though hard to do when he doesn't quite know what to look for. "Also, I should start getting back to the cabin." Starting off in that general direction. Which still keeps him near them.

Quinton nods to Caro, "You can eat them raw too…helps keep the boys away…" The dirt is brushed off the one in his hand and he demonstrates by taking a bite. "See? No boys." Clearly it's why he's not being swarmed. "Lets get them for Mama Bea…"The baby noises catch his attention too and he smiles over at Piper before standing as Gabriel starts to leave. "Did you need anything from town? I've not found any spices like you said, but…is there anything else I should be looking out for?"

"Shhhhh." Piper says…or makes the shhhhing noise at least, to the baby boy hanging from chest as she smoothes a hand over his fuzzy head. That's about the most people over the age of 7 get from her, noises, but no actual words and gestures like the waving off of Gabriel's wish to help…not that he can see it. Caro giggles at Quinton "What boys? The only boy around is Jack and it will take more than onions to keep him away." Caro begins to gather more of the wild onions "I like the little pancakes she makes out of them." she says quietly to Quinton as they pick the wild vegetable.

Gabriel does head away soon enough disappearing.

apparently Gab doesn't need anything else so Quinton turns back to Caro, "See? It's working for you too then." He'll swing his backpack off, pulling out a small container for the pinions. "Here…put them in here…" The baby and Piper get another glance, he looks like he's going to say something, but stops himself. Instead he looks back to the 7 year old, "How are the crayons and books holding up?"

Piper looks from Gabriel continuing onto camp and then to Quinton and Caro, and eyebrow lifts at him and she motions with her head in that direction as if asking if he is ready to continue on yet. The young girl giggles again, "He's not a boy." Caro puts the onions in the container as she answers his question "The crayons are okay, broken, but they still color. The books are all colored in though. We aren't supposed to bug you about finding us more." the last sentence is said softer, in almost a conspirator style of whisper.

The giggle makes Quin smile down at the girl, 'He's not? …huh." Piper gets a nod and Q will offer a hand down to help Caro up, "I'll carry them back, and then you can give them to Mama Bea." The whisper gets nod back and he drops his voice as well, "Will blank paper work till I can find more?" He doesn't mind looking, it's whatever he stumbles across, really.

There is a shake of head from the young girl as she gets to her feet, brushing the dirt of her hands and knees "Mama Bea will really appreciate it." then a nod "Any paper will work." the children have stopped being picky about things like that. Once the two are ready Piper will once more take Caro's hand and continue to lead the way back in the direction of camp, giving a nod to Quinton, probably in thanks or something.

Quinton makes a mental note, get the kiddos more things to do…maybe he can find a puzzle or something. "My stomach will appreciate it too." Quin will nod back, he's still not quite certain what Piper means most of the time, but at least that seemed like a positive communication of some type, so he'll take it.

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