(2015-07-09) Drones
Summary: Quinton, Lincoln and Nora hide from alien drones
Date: 07.09.2015
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Fremont - South

North of Inglewood, Fremont proper starts. There is nothing besides a sign that indicates where one ends and the other begins. On the east side of the street is a couple of farms, with over grown fields, a few barns and farm houses. On the northwest corner is a kitchsy looking building, the entrance way a squat windmill, but it is large, with a large parking lot next to it with a number of abandoned cars in it. The sign in front indicates it was the 'Wooden Windmill', a restaurant, lounge and liquor store, all in one. The door is off the hinges an most of the windows broke. On the same side of the street is a Shell station, a few abandoned cars in front of it as well.

These is evidence that there has been flooding on the street recently, garbage and icky things clogging a drainage grate here and there. There is a perpetual stink of sewage in the air and there are occasional puddles of it in yards and streets.

Morning has dawned into a wet rainy day, but at least it is warm and not all that humid, though it is promising to be later. The sun is up past the horizon and the gigantic space ship that started the downfall on the human race hangs on the distant eastern horizon. All is creepily quiet in the ghost town, birds chirp in the distance but other than that no noise is heard in the town that was probably starting to wake up before it all went to hell.

Quinton's in the door way of the restaurant, crouched slightly, but not kneeling in the water puddle there. he just clean out the greeter station of all it's paper kiddie menus and 3 crayon packs. things like that are not usually priority in an apocalypse, so he was pretty sure they would still be some at least. He also found a few handfuls of sugar packets, so Mama Bea should be happy too. Pale eyes squint as he scans the area as he looks for any movement. Sunglasses or a hat with a brim quickly move towards the top of his mental need list.

Time passes slowly, not much is going on in Fremont nowadays. A lone coyote slinks across the parking lot, a limp squirrel hanging from it's mouth. It notices Quinton's presence, but apparently doesn't care, just continues on its way to take it's breakfast home to its lair. Wait…did that truck just move? It seems that one of the trucks in the parking lot has an occupant of some sort, because it's certainly moving and then the door pops open and a figure slowly emerges, scanning the area first, and not noticing the man lurking in the doorway, before getting fully out to stretch. This is Nora, she hasn't been seen in a few weeks, and she was never expected to be seen again. Surprise!

Having only been in the area for a short time, Lincoln was still getting himself acclimated to the surroundings and frankly wasn't certain yet of anything. This was why he had made his way into the town and was walking around, kicking the occassional rock out of his way and peeking here and there. Whenever he came across an old vehicle he would peek under the hood, so it explained why he was making his way in the direction of the truck when a door opens and sends him skittering backwards to his ass.

Quinton's eyes widen as the two kids both appear. Recocgnizing both he has that urge (That one day is going to get him killed) to make sure they don't die, or kill each other. Not that he thinks either is packing. His own gun is quietly slide out and he watches as Lincoln fall. Instead of staying still though, he moves forward. It's a hard balance to try to stay hidden and yet get two people's attentions. His voice is low, "Hey…Water nymph." Even if he got her name, he'd get it wrong, "Larry…stop making so much noise…" His gun is out, but it's pointed at the ground as he scans the area.

Yeah, Nora didn't notice Lincoln there either and his, to her, sudden appearance has her skittering backwards back into the truck and slamming the door shut. The noise of the metal door slamming echoes throughout the area. Fortunately..or unfortunately, it isn't very helpful as the window is rolled all the way down. She stares through the window at the man who doesn't seem all that much older than her. She's clearly scared, not sure what to make of the stranger. Quinton's words take a moment to filter through and her eyes dart from Lincoln to Quinton, now there is surprise, "You again towel man?" she isn't quite ready to move away from the flimsy protection of the truck yet.

Who the hell is Larry? That's the expression on Lincoln's face as he looks at Quinton in surprise having not noticed him, then back to the truck realizing it's a person causing all the racket. Sitting on his haunches as the echo of the slamming door finishes reverberating he looks back and forth after the tension of the situation and then just leans his head back to the ground to rest it, sighing in relief that he's not dead.

Quinton gives Nora a quick nod, yes, it is him . Towel Man. The worst super hero in the universe. Again, his voice is low, "Stop slamming things…" His head tilts up to scan the sky, unsure if the drones can pick up noises or not. Probably, with his luck. "Lucus," Yeah, he's totally talking to Lincoln, "Get up….you don't want to be laying there…" The skinny man takes a few steps backwards and then stops, not able to just leave them. So going to be the death of him. "The restaurant is clear…" He was just there. He's mostly just trying to get them under cover.

Whether the drones can detect noises are not is unknown. What is known is that they are most often seen in the mornings dropping from the mothership to start searching for what is assumed survivors. And now that the sudden noise has died down the tell-tale buzz of drones in the distance, and quickly approaching, can be heard.

The young woman in the truck looks from one man to the other and while she doesn't trust Lincoln, since she doesn't know him, she tentatively trusts Quinton…at least he didn't kill her last time they ran into each other, and he had plenty of opportunity. She once more opens the truck door and eases herself out of the cab, "You two know each other?" she asks, before glancing up and around "Do you hear that?"

Lincoln barely catches the noise on his ears before looking at Quinton, "Drones?" He asks without waiting for an answer. Pushing himself up off his back end he shoves his hand out towards Nora for her to take. "Let's go doll. We need to be someplace that's not here." There's an urgency in his voice as he waits for her.

Quinton's jaw tightens as he also hears the noise. He almost hisses at the two. "Go." Scanning the sky he tries to give them cover. He'll take up the rear, gun out and ready. He's not the best shot, but it's better than having no gun.

Nora looks panicked as the stranger confirms the source of the noise. Drones are never good, they are usually followed by Silencers, which usually are followed by death…that's the word on the street anyway. She doesn't need much in the way of urging, dying is not on her list of things to do today. She sprints to grab the offered hand and then pretty much runs as if the hounds of hell were on her heels towards the restaurant.

As Lincoln waits for Nora's hand, he suddenly finds himself jerked abruptly as she grabs it then sprints past him. He moves to keep up, wishing he'd worked a little bit harder during physical therapy. Following the girl, and the Quinton, towards the shelter he glances only momentarily behind him at teh sound of the Drones. "Is there a freezer, anything metal inside the cafe?" The question is directed towards Quinton

Quinton's backpack is smacking against his back as he runs, finally getting them inside the building, "Yes…in the kitchen…It's not…" His mind races, not sure if all three will fit, without making too much racket. "Go to the back…in the kitchen…" He'll get them in, at least. It's kinda gross, smells like maybe a water pipe broke. Water that's been stagnant splashes around their feet as they enter.

Nora is either unapologetic or doesn't notice that Lincoln is having a bit of an issue keeping up. She is muttering under her breath, but it isn't in English, sounds like one of those asian languages, mandarin maybe. Questions aren't asked, now is the time for running and hiding not interrogations. Water splashes up, ignored by her, as she runs, following Quinton back to the kitchen where hopefully there is a small walk-in that can fit them all, She is clueless as to why, but again no questions, just encouragement, "Come on. We can outrun some stupid drone." she tugs on Lincoln urging him to move faster both verbally and non-verbally.

The Lincoln does continue to move along, as he slips a bit upon entering the water of the restaurant but regains his footing quickly. Looking around he tries to find the area Quinton mentioned, explaining quietly while he does so. "If they use any sort of sensors, imaging or something, the metal of a freezer or refrigerator might disrupt it or at least distort it." He's definitely trying to find something that'll work for his hair brained scheme, but is tugged by Nora the entire way. Way late, he realizes she's been muttering something and he manages to squawk out, "I don't speak spanish."

It's hard to tell how close the drone is , but it's buzz is loud enough to be heard inside the building. Down to their bones, it feels like. Or maybe that's just Quin's nerves. Once inside there's a small walk in freezer, it's door is closed. So who knows how big or filled with decay it is? "Get in." It's not exactly an order, but pretty close. "If there's not enough room I'll find somewhere else." He's not even looking at the freezer, but instead the kitchen door, like he's expecting someone else to come running through.

"Neither do I." she exclaims as the noise of the drones begins to drone out everything else. Order or not it is the smartest thing she has heard all day…though her day has only been a few minutes long so far, so there really isn't much to compare it to. The door is flung open and the stench of rotten food and stale air wafts over them all. Nora lets out a gagging noise, pausing briefly in the freezer's doorway, as the smell accosts them. "Oh my…" more cursing in mandarin as she covers her lower face with a free hand, before reluctantly moving into the walk-in.

There might be less reluctance when Lincoln gives a nudge, "It's rotten food, better than rotten bodies which we'll be soon." He comments towards Nora while his own free hand moves to cover his face. Looking back at Quinton he inclines his head, "Let's go, we'll squeeze. Don't shut the door all the way or we'll run out of air, leave it slightly open." Then he makes his way into the smell, fighting down the gag reflex that beckons the back of his throat.

Gah….ugh. Is there anywhere anymore that doesn't smell gross? (Camp Hope doesn't) Quinton steps in, backward, so he can keep his hand on the door handle and keep them mostly closed in. He's also feeling for the vibrations on the metal as well. After a few moments of silence, his hand with the gun goes up and partially covers his mouth against the smell. His voice is soft, a whisper, but he knows that he needs to keep everyone from freaking out. He saw that happen one, someone ran right into a silencer after too much waiting. "I do….speak spanish." His backpack is probably pressed against Lincoln, there's not much in it, so it gives.

There is an eeping sound as Nora gets shoved up against the back shelves of the freezer, coming face to eww gross, because she can't nor wants to know what that stinky pile of green fuzz is that she is now looking at, "Speak for yourself man." she whispers as she wiggles around to try to get a better view than yucky stuffs. Lincoln's chest is certainly a better view and she'll go ahead and stare at whatever logo is across his shirt as she takes shallow breaths. While the drone might not have followed them into the restaurant, the rounded cylindrical thing to big to fit through the door an all, the noise certainly has. While not deafening it is easily heard through the walls of the freezer.

"Its better than a cadaver." Lincoln points out quietly to the others as he keeps breathing through his mouth and then points at it while looking at Nora, not wanting to talk further but indicating it's better to breathe through it. He does slide to the side some, so he's more in the back, letting the female have the spot that is less 'icky'. There's still room for gentlemen in this world — even if it's just in being closer to the rotten meat, vegetables and God knows what else.

Quinton doesn't say anything else, just waits quietly, listening and feeling for any vibrations to indicate what the drone is doing.After what seems like forever, but is probably only a few minutes the buzzing lessens, "I…I think it's moving away. we should stay a little bit longer, but then we should get out of here…" He glances over his shoulder to the other two, looking for a nod or confirmation before he cracks the door a little bit to get some fresher air.

Nora makes a noise that should a lot cha, that clearly means 'well duh'. Hand still over her nose her look of disgust is partially covered "Oh great, now I can taste it." she says after she breathes a few times as suggested. She isn't sure which is worse. Sliding past Lincoln as she takes him up on his offer to switch places. "You sure?" she whispers to Quinton, trying not to jostle either man into the shelves as she moves around "Do you get drones around here often?

Lincoln is doing his best to breathe normally and in control but at this point the smell is starting to wear on him as well. "We should stay, but may get out of this immediate area, stay nearby in case we need to get back in though?" He offers it as a halfway suggestion.

Quinton makes eye contact with Nora and nods, trying to give off a confidence he doesn't feel to try to keep the girl calm. A deep breath is taken and then held so he doesn't gag it out as he thinks. And then nods, "Let me go first…" The door is pushed open a little more the hand with the gun levels to a more defensive position and he'll move out, giving the two more room and a bit more fresh air at least. A few steps are taken, and then a few more as he scans the area until he's out of sight from the view the partially opened door gives.

"Out of here at least." Nora gestures around the freezer. His idea of hiding here was a good but gross one though she isn't exactly sure if it helped avoid detection. She certainly isn't comforted by Quinton's lack of answer…she is beginning to wonder if coming back here was a good idea. "Knock yourself out." with Quinton moving out she moves into the space he has emptied, giving the other man more room now that she is squeezed up against him. The fresh air coming in is a welcome relief and it shows.

Lincoln breathes a bit easier and waits until Quinton is out of sight before nodding towards teh door, "I don't hear anything, let's go." He offers, looking at the freezer, "I'm going to need a bath, for like 2 days to get this smell off me I think."

Quinton's standing in the doorway of the kitchen, not that far away, scoping out the main dining room of the restaurant. The noise that the two makes, even if they're begin quite has him turn back to look at them. "It seems clear." He gives a small wave with his free hand. "We should wait to make sure it's not going to sweep back before making a break for it." He doesn't say anything else till they come out.

Nodding, Nora eases out of the freezer, reaching a hand out behind her. Lincoln is a stranger but she'll take the comfort his presence offers, "You and me both. To bad it will have to be a cold one." she keeps her voice low, just in case, though it probably isn't really needed. With the supposed all clear from Quinton she begins to move toward where the older man is, taking a deep breath once she is clear of the bad air aura. "Make a break for where?"

Reaching out to reassure Nora, Lincoln nods his head and chuckles, "It won't have to be cold ones forever, or much longer if I can find some things." His voice is quiet as he speaks before looking at Quinton as well before speaking again. "My guess is trying to make it back towards the Ranch. Although how the Drones haven't found it yet is.. beyond me. Has anyone actually seen one with their own eyes?"

Quinton frowns again, not that he wasn't going to tell Nora, but all those new people just spout out everything! "Camp…" He'll turn all the way to regard Nora and then Lincoln and Nora's hand holding. "Are you alone? Do you have a group you need to go find?" He's not going to insist she come with them, but he'd feel better if she had someone if she decides not to. His free hand runs through his hair making it go in all directions as he turns back to scan the room and then try to look out the broken front door. "They're long…Like a cylinder… metallic green…" He then adjusts the backpack, he had so much more he was going to try to find today….this haul kinda sucks.

The dual mention of a safe place, if anywhere could be called such, has her looking at the two a bit stunned and maybe a bit disgruntled, not at easy way to look, "Wait." a hand is held up "Like a permanent camp? Not like a temporary one?" though the questions to her has her shaking her head, Noro's expression going a bit forlorn "Alone. My group got ambushed outside of Las Vegas, only a few of us survived." she leaves how she got back and all that stuff inbetween for later "Like some sci-fi coffin floating through the air." she gives a shudder.

"I'm not so certain myself, I only got here a day or so ago and am still wandering around a bit myself looking into what's what." Lincoln explains with a shrug. "Las Vegas? You were heading West? There's a lot of bandits, and worse, out west…" He trails off then, already realizing Nora must know that considering what happened. He looks back at Quinton and nods his head, "Anything that indicates how it propels? Propellers or the like?"

Quinton sighs, his face softening, "I'm sorry…" But then he nods, "It's at a camp ground…so…permeant, but not." If that makes any sense. "We're all in tents." Well…most of everyone. Quin's not a mechanic, so he just shakes his head, "They move too fast for it to be ours…Maneuvers way faster than any military I ever saw." He take a breath glances out again before looking to the girl, "Do you want to come with us?"

"I was heading there, to see how much of Cali was left after the earthquakes and tidal waves. It's kinda hard to walk across Death Valley though." and while she doesn't mention it she doubts that there is much of her home state that isn't underwater or in pieces. She leaves the fact that Lincoln is telling her things she already knows alone "A tent would be nice, but a meal would be better." she only knows the drones are fast and potentially dangerous so doesn’t have anything to add to that part of the discussion. "Though if you guys just plan on killing me and taking off with my stuff you'll be sorely disappointed. I have very little that doesn't fit in a backpack. My bike got a flat and I had to dump it and I lost my surfboard somewhere around Tucson." not that either of those things are particularly useful in Fremont.

Lincoln tilts his head and laughs softly, "I'm not really into the whole killing thing myself, defending sure but killing? Meh. It takes a lot of effort and most times probably can be avoided." He glances at Quinton, "There's no plans for killing, right?" He seems a little skeptical, but not too much at the proposition. Holding up both his hands he looks at them, "They build, not destroy, y'know?"

Quinton raises an eyebrow, "No…no killing…" And that too is not true(In a sense), but no need to freak the kids out. Aliens are bad enough. Bad humans? Even worse. "We can get you food…warm even." Another glance outside and he makes an executive decision, "Alright…I think we can go…follow me, and try to be quiet.."

A look is tossed between the two men, she is still on the trust fence, but Nora will take them at their word for the time being, "I'm not big on killing either." she flashes a peace sign "I'm a big hippie. How I have survived this long is really a big mystery." one she isn't going to question, "At this point I'm willing to go to this camp of yours at least for some food." she gestures outside "Let me get my stuff from the truck." which she will do quickly so they can get to someplace a bit safer.

Lincoln nods towards Nora then looks at Quinton, shrugging his shoulders. "We should try to keep track of where the Drones are popping up, on a map or something, see if we can figure out a pattern. At least… should." Again he shrugs and gets ready to trudge back towards the camp.

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