(2015-07-10) Oreos
Summary: Piper shares her cookies with Quinton, Lincoln falls in
Date: 07.10.2015
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Camp Road - North

This dirt road heads north toward the river, though the water can't be seen. It's still to far and with to many trees between here and there. In this area it passes a large dome building full of windows. Looking in one could tell that it is the dining hall. It has several picnic tables around it.

After the scare from the drone yesterday , everyone is staying relatively close…relatively. Quinton's just coming back from a walk, possibly looking for lunch. The man seems distracted though, his backpack over one shoulder and his pale green eyes upwards. Maybe he's looking for more drones, or contemplating the universe. Or wishing he'd found lunch. Who knows?

The drone buzzing past has also stepped up patrols around camp. And while Piper usually takes shifts when the kids are sleeping, she has also been assigned to a morning one as well. Which she seems to have just returned from as she is without any young ones, not even the infant and still has her rifle strapped across her chest. She sits on the table part of one of the picnic tables outside the dining hall, digging through her pack. Hearing someone approaching she glances up from her search to see wandering Quinton who she gives a nod on greeting.

Quinton finally glances in the direction of the tables and then sighs, moving closer, "Afternoon Billy." Noticing the absent of kids, he doesn't really expect much response, but he will ask, "The kids with Mamma Bea?" He still has the crayons and menus to give them.

rows furrow as her nostrils flare, Piper is usually fine that he doesn't get her name right, but doesn’t complain when it's at least a girl's name, but a boy's name seems to be less acceptable. It doesn't get her vocal though and she nods at his question about the children. She finally finds what she is looking for and pulls a small ziploc bag out containing…Oreos! Four of them. Opening it she holds it out toward him offering him first dibs on the cookies.

Quinton frowns back, not certain what she's glaring at him about. He's about to turn and leave, he can give the kids the goods lair if Piper's in a mood. But then the offered cookie gets his full attention, "Oh god…I haven't had an oreo in…." Well, half a year, probably. It's enough to entice the man back and he take one of the blessed cookies. He then sinks to the table, almost like he's afraid he'll drop it. He sobers up as he stares at the cookie, a million different thoughts, all lines to poems he thinks he'll never write. "…Thank you." He finds a lot of things, and gives a lot away, but people tend to overlook giving him things. Just the nature of his head injury, he guesses.

Taking one of the cookies for herself Piper nods at him in agreement, watching as he decides to sit instead of wander off with the chocolate treat. A breif smile crosses her face at his thanks, she's quiet to an extreme but not anti-social. Twisting apart the cookie she looks at the creme filling a moment before popping the half that doesn't have the filling on it in her mouth.

Quinton studies the pattern on the cookie, getting lost again in his mind. His head's been clear enough, he's considering taking pen to paper….maybe. The thought kinda scares him. Finally he too twists the cookie, but the top one breaks, leaving half the sugary cream covered. He sighs softly, but then smiles, "I've never been good at that…"

Piper savors the taste of the cookie. It's been just as long, if not longer since she has had any cookie, so is going to enjoy it. Any sweets she comes across are usually saved for the children, but apparently these four weren't. She reaches into the bag and takes another of the cookies and hands it over, giving him a second try at doing it right.

Oh…the internal debate. The broken half of the chocolate cookie is popped into his mouth, although he just lets it kinda sit on his tongue. He'll finally take the other offered cookie with a nod of thanks before turning and digging into his backpack. If she looks, the menus and 3 pack crayons can be seen. at the bottom he pulls out a handful of free mints that one would get at a restaurant and sets them down in front of Piper. He finishes chewing and then says, "I don't know if the kids would like these, but you can have them." Mint is weird, kids either love it or hate it.

The other half, with its creme filling is nibbled at. Piper is no rush to finish the first one, there isn't a package waiting elsewhere from where she can get more..not that anyone else is aware at least. She watches as he digs through his pack, if the menus and crayons are noticed, they aren't mentioned. At his words she shrugs, she doesn't know either but will take six, one for each child that is able to have candy and leaves the rest. They are dropped into the ziploc bag with the last cookie then she nods her thanks to him.

Quinton waves his hand, "Take them all…I have more in my tent." He has a little of everything there, it sounds like. He will clarify, "I found a half a box of them two weeks ago." The broken cookie is bitten into and he sighs, who would ahem ever guessed something like an oreos would be so important? He does glance around though, with all the new people here, it makes him a little nervous. He hopes no one would go into his tent, but if they know he has things…

Piper looks confused a moment at his phrasing, and will assume he means the mints and not the cookies since he seemed happy to share them. She points to him, the direction of town and then swoops a hand around as she makes a noise that sounds way to much like that of a drone in flight.

Quinton watches the hand motions and then nods softly, "Yes…." He doesn't sounds too happy about it either. "Had to yank two of the newbies into a building…" He's glad he was there to do so, but man…what a headache. These teens are gonna be the death of him. Thank God he was having a good head day. Before she can make any other motions, "I don't think it saw us, and there was only the one we heard."

Again there is a confused look, probably wondering who he is talking about, she doesn't keep track of the comings and goings of people at the camp…not unless they have been around awhile and are staying. She holds a hand out bringing it down and then down, seeming to indicating shortness, the children and trails a finger down her cheek. She had to deal with freaking out kids, also a headache.

Different kind o headache, but yeah. Quinton nods, finally finishing off the first cookie. He looks around again, his finger tracing the edge of the last cookie. "It's going to be a day or two…but let me know if you need anything else from town…I'll make another run."

Early afternoon finds this part of the camp quiet…a lot like the rest of the place really. That's what happens when a small population is in a large place. Piper for once is without her gang of children, having just recently finished her patrol, she even still has her rifle across her chest, which is quite out of place with her appearance. She nibbles on half of a cookie that looks remarkably like an Oreo as she sits on top of one of the picnic tables outside the dining hall. She nods at something Quinton as said as she finishes the cookie in her hand and picks up the ziploc bag that contains another and a handful of peppermints. She reaches into her nearby pack and pulls out a small slip of paper and hands it over. She made a list, how nice. It's a short one though.

Quinton also has a cookie that resembles an oreo in his hand and he takes the paper handed to him and quietly reads it over before nodding, "I'll see what i can find."

Lincoln is meandering his way about the camp some, looking to be lost by and large in his own thoughts as he works rather dilligently on drawing. Not upon paper but with his finger in the air, pausing at times to look this way and that in the sky. There's no mistaking the distracted looking of an absent minded person deep in their own world, so much so that his collision course with a nearby log seems to be unnoticed by him.

Another flash of smile in gratitude from Piper to Quinton. What she lacks in speech, she makes up for in looks and expressiveness. It's hard not to notice someone walking past and drawing in air, the bag is forgotten in her hand a moment as her attention is drawn toward Lincoln, and even his eminient collision isn't enough to get her to speak though she does clear her throat, using a knee to nudge Quinton's leg, which in itself is unusual. She isn't a touchy feely person in general.

Well, that definitly gets Quin's attention and his head jerks upwards and over to Lincoln, "Careful there, Billy. Watch where you're stepping." The list is folded in half and slipped into Quin's ever present backpack.

A shame Lincoln's name isn't Billy, he might notice then. But since it isn't, he doesn't and he goes toppling over the log and rolls a bit onto his back. Laying there in silence for a bit eventually he groans. "Ow." Not a severe pain, but the more of embarrassed 'ow' hopefully no one saw that tone. He continues to lie on his back though looking at the sky for a few moments before picking himself up and brushing off teh grass.

There is a wince, followed by a groan and a facepalm from Piper as the young man trips over the log. No laughter though or query whether he is hurt. She does watch as he gets up and then decides to clap a few times and holds up nine fingers. Maybe she' s giving him a score on his performance.

Quinton also winces. He shakes his head in empathy for the boy, but lets Piper give her score without adding any commentary to that. He does ask, "You ok?"

Boy?! Lincoln rubs his head a bit as he gets up and looks around before nodding. "Yeah, I'll. I'll be fine. Was just thinking. No one uhm, in the town, did anyone ever see an old junkyard? Or was there a car dealership or anything around?"

Piper shakes her head at Lincoln in answer to his question and makes a strange gesture with her free hand to indicate the camp, though if it is interpreted as such if a different story. Her next gesture is more clear, pointing to her head and then to Lincoln's then miming pulling something from her own hair.

Quinton's brow furrows, 'Yeah. There's both. What did you need?" He's willing to add to his list. Can't hurt, anyway. he glances over at Piper, but missed part of what she was motioning, but then smirks at the hair thing, looking back to see what Linc has stuck in his hair.

Reaching up, Lincoln starts patting around his head to see just what it is that Piper seems to be miming to him while talking. "I need a carburetor from a vehicle that is pre 1970's." He explains while starting to turn as if that'll help him touch his head. "Well, an entire vehicle pre 1970's would be great cause it could be used for pieces in general but that's a lot to move around."

Piper tilts her head as Lincoln turns a circle then shakes her head. Slipping off the table she shoulders her pack after returning her ziploc to it. She makes a gesture as if rocking a baby and points in the direction of Sonny and Bea's camp. With that she heads off, never saying a word, like usual.

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