(2015-07-13) What Kind Of Gone
What Kind of Gone
Summary: Quinton catches Nora in the act of leaving. Can he convince her to stay?
Date: 07.13.2015
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Winding Trail

This winding trail is one of the most well kept in all the camp. There is no risk of tripping over a fallen tree or ending up in a patch of poison ivy. Most likely because it leads to the river. It isn't long before the wide river can be seen and about this point the trail widens into a clearing where there is a boat house. Against the boat house is a large rack where canoes are stored.

It's late in the afternoon; the weather is pleasant and sunny. The goods that were brought back from the various scavenging missions were either stored or divided up accordingly. There may even be something besides venison for tonight's supper as well.

Meanwhile, at the river Nora is planning her escape. This area is a bit to landlocked for her taste, and she has never been the type of play it safe. She is by the boathouse, struggling to remove one of the canoes from its storage rack.

Quinton quickly departed, today's not a good day to be around a lot of people. thankfully Bea and Sonny seem to understand and let him slip off after helping unload the cases. He still has the new to him backpack on, not having had time to go through it yet. The boat house seems as good a place as any to hide, Quin doesn't think the flock would go poking around there. The sound of struggle has him hurrying up, his gun isn't pulled, but his hand hovers. He's a little too scattered to go through a mental check list of who he's seen recently. Into the boat house, he's not trying to be sneaky, but he also doesn't call out to alert who ever is wrestling with whatever that he's here.

"Gah. Why do you have to be so cumbersome!" Nora can be heard complaining to the canoe as she tries to drag it from the rack. It's caught though, one of the plank seats thuds against the support as she pulls at the canoe. Her on exertions doesn't make her oblivious and she hears someone coming down the path. Not overly worried, she is in camp which is supposedly secure with no overly stick 'em in the gut people, she glances in that direction "A little help here." she calls out to whoever it is.

Well that grumble makes Quin relax. At least it's not someone murdering someone else. His hand drops away from where his gun is tucked and he moves further in to see Nora and the resistant boat. Instead of saying anything he steps over and guides the boat to a position that it can be better pulled out. He keeps his eyes on the boat and not Nora, He's not frowning, but clearly something is bothering him.

The arrival of the needed assistance in the form of Quinton is a welcome one, "Ni hao Arthur." she greets. If he can call people by other names she can call him by some other name as well. With him lifting the other end of the canoe it is much easier to get to the ground where she can drag it towards the water. "Thanks for the assist. I'm going to do some fishing off one of those islands." she gestures to the river, where a few small islands sit between here and the opposite side "I would swim but hard to do that carrying a fishing pole and bait." she arches a brow at him, finally noticing his pensive appearance "You alright man. You like like you have a heavy load on the brain.

A funny look is given to the girl, he doesn't do the name thing on purpose or even really realize he does it. He doesn't let go of the boat instead incline his head for her to heft her side, so it's not dragged o the floor. The question get sa shake of his head, but he doesn't say what. Heavy load on the brain and all. "..Alone?" as in, is she going alone. Seems he's using the same speech pattern he did when they first met.

"Arthur Dent." Nora says to his strange look, "Hitchhiker's Guide where one of the cardinal rules is always carry a towel…along with don't panic." Nora glances around, "Yeah alone. There isn't anything more dangerous on those islands than a duck." she will go ahead at lift her end, carrying it toward the river.

Quinton nods slowly, "The towel." He guess's he can see that. There's an internal struggle, but he's not a fisher, nor does he even have apple to learn. So he just nods, carrying the boat with her towards the river.

For someone that is supposedly going fishing she is certainly light on the fishing supplies and a bit heavy on the rest of her personal possessions. "Yeah, I did have one. I think I lost it somewhere between Des Moines and here." she gives a shrug "That Bea lady gave me another one though. So I'm all set. I gave you yours back didn't I?

Quinton stops walking, holding onto his end of the boat, "…Did….someone do…something?" He's still not completely sold on all the new folks that have come in. If one of them frightened her into leaving…That needs to be dealt with. If she looks back at him, it's easy to tell he knows she's not fishing. Info coming in is fine, it's info exiting him that he has the problem with. He just ignores the question about the towel. it's just a towel, he'll get another one.

It's Nora's turn to give Quinton a strange, albiet confused look, "Do something?" it takes her a moment to catch on, "You mean harrass or threaten me?" she gives a shake of her head the fact that he isn't holding the boat anymore doesn't register, not in the normal sense. She just starts to drag it.

Quinton frowns, holding onto his end so she can't just run away, "Then…why?" His eyes flicker to her belongings packed and then back to her. Before she answers he sighs, shaking his head, "Can you…wait?" His free hand motions towards her backpack, "Extra supplies…if you want…"

She's realized she has been figured out, "Why leave? Why stay?" Nora throws the question back at him, "And what would I be waiting for?" she cants her head slightly "For aliens too…" she halts that line of talk quickly. No us in agitating him more "I'll admit this place is probably a hell of a lot safer than most, but I'd feel safer if I was moving." his offer of supplies has her frowning "You all need the supplies. Besides any more would just slow me down.

Quinton has a million reasons to stay, but can't seem to find the right words to get the sentences started. So he just watches her with those pale green eyes of his. After her refusal he just sakes his head, readjusting his hold on the boat and pushes it slightly for her to keep walking. He has personal supplies, but none on him, or he'd give her some. He has no idea what's int eh backpack besides the books, which he's thinking she'll not need.

"I may come back. I know where this place is now." Nora stops to slide her end of the canoe into the water "I'm not surprised that you didn't tell me before. I wouldn't have either." she makes a hand waving gesture toward camp "Sonny seemed glad that I could give him some information about how things are west of here. Perhaps I will find out how things are north and come back with that information."

"You were wet." Like that's some reason to not tell her. Or maybe it's him trying to say the situation was weird. or maybe he's being weird. Who knows? He'll nods, shoving a thumb into his jeans pocket before stepping back away from the boat.

Well the situation was weird and he was being weird than and now, not that it seems to bother Nora any, though she does throw him another strange look, "I've been wet before, lots of times. I've spent more time wet than actually dry, now that I think about it." she moves past him to grab her pack and sleeping bag she seems not to have a tent. "I'm heading north this time, then west. I still want to get to California. I can't help but wonder about my family."

Quinton doesn't move to stop her, he supposes if he thought there was any chance his family was still alive, he'd be out there too looking. So the quiet poet just nods, taking a small step backwards to get out of her way.

Yep, Nora is young, hopeful and naive. How she has survived this long is questionable. Just lucky and she can run pretty fast and seems adept at hiding "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about this place. When and if I come back and want this place to still be standing and you all alive." her belongs are tossed in the canoe and then she realizes she didn't grab oars from the boat house.

Quinton nods again, it's a pretty easy communication that his brain can handle without any true hiccups. "What….your family…" Gah, words! "Their names, if….if they pass through…" He frowns at himself and sighs, not happy with her going, but he's not going to stop her. The oars situation doesn't dawn on him either. he's not a big boat person.

She is heading back to the boat house when he manages to get that out, "Jason and Ling Lawson. I doubt they will be passing through. The only reason I made it here is because I was laying over at Denver International on my way back home from Australia when the power went down. If the power went out an hour later I would have been dropping from a few thousand feet in the air." or a day earlier she would have been stuck in Australia.

Quinton shuffles, even more uncomfortable. That actually happened to him, well…not from Australia, but still. He swallows, glancing around while she gets the oars. "..I'll…listen for…names." Just in case. A soft smile os offered to her as she gets ready to leave. "Be safe."

With oars in one hand Nora steps into the end of the boat "Thanks." she then leans to give him a hug..oh gawd she's a /Hugger/! and unless he backs away it's gonna happen, "You too towel man." be safe that is. She'll then push herself off and paddle to the center and let the current take her away.

Quinton freezes, not expecting to be hugged. He's not really been touched much since the fever. He knows he makes people uncomfortable. But then he kinda melts into it. Human contact, especially in the face of extinction, seems a good thing. He'll help her in and then watch the direction she leaves, well after she's out of sight.

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