(2015-07-16) Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather
Summary: Gabriel, Quinton, Piper and the children seek refuge from the rain
Date: 07.16.2015
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Dining Hall

The dining hall is a dome shaped building fully capable of holding upwards of 200 people. Tables and chairs surround a large round fireplace that takes up the center of the main room. The walls are mostly windows that let tons of light through so additional lighting isn't need until after the sun is down. In the back a set of double doors, flanked by bookshelves, leads to the kitchen. On each side of the bookshelves is a door to bathrooms, men left, women right. The bookshelves themselves are full of books and boardgames. There is an upright piano partially blocking the view out one set of windows.

Outside the windows of the dining hall the skies are dark and full of heavy gray clouds. Rain, in fat heavy drops smack against the roof and windows. It's been like this since mid-morning and hours later it still hasn't let up. Lightning flashes, arcing through the sky and a thunderous boom follows it, rattling the windows in their casements.

A childlike squeal is heard outside between flash and thunder and the door is thrown open by a dripping Caro "Hurry, hurry." she says as she holds the door open and the rest of the children quickly rush in followed by Piper and her usual bundle of infant. They are all soaked to the skin from the rain and each carry a fuzzy little bundle in their arms, the kittens that Quinton found yesterday.

As he came to camp after the alarm, with food for everyone, Gabriel wasn't planning on returning for a bit. Though having forgotten one of his things here he has arrived. Even bringing eggs with him, to store it for the people in camp. Again about to leave, with his backpack. Though hearing the kids arriving has him offering a smile and wave in their direction.

The dripping children set down there furry bundles, and five calicos and a grey kitten begin mewling and bounding around the dining hall. With their hands free they shed the oversize raincoats they all wear and go to drape them on the hearth to dry "Hello Mister G." Caro greets the sometimes residence chef which is followed by a chorus of greetings from the rest.

Piper has a poncho instead of a coat and she sheds that and puts it with the rest and prods Caro as she passes the girl "Oh, Piper says hi too."

Gabriel does let out a soft chuckle as he's greeted by the children. And Piper. "Hello, are you all hungry?" He asks, gesturing for them to go eat. Due to the rain he will take a seat and wait it out some. Taking out his flute from the backpack.

The only affirmative answer is from Jack, who is always hungry, like most boys of any age. As the girls go to look at the boardgames, there is some rustling noises as Piper sets the diaperbag down and digs out a bottle. "Jack, you are always hungry." Caro says "I guess you are stuck here until the rain stops, eh Mr.G.?" Caro settle into a chair near him and watches avidly as Gabriel takes out his flute "What songs do you know?" she asks curiously "Piper knows a whole bunch, including a lot of children's songs." while Caro sets in to talk the man's ear off Piper heads into the kitchen.

Gabriel chuckles and nods to Caro. "I believe so. At least the cabin should be safe. Locked and tried to keep it secure." He offers and shrugs. "Just some old tunes." He offers about what songs he knows. Not seeming to mind the talking girl. "Perhaps Piper has to teach me sometime." He suggests with a small grin to the girl. His attention briefly going to Piper as he hear her heading into the kitchen.

"You're by that lake across down that side road outside of camp?" Caro and the children aren't allowed to leave the campgrounds so she can only go by what she hears "Hopefully the rain won't last too long and flood everything." The younger ones start up a game of Sorry, which Becca turns her nose up at and gets her colors and paper from Piper's bag and sets to do that. "Maybe, you'd have to ask her. She plays a alot in the evening, to help us get to sleep."

Gabriel nods, "Yes." He offers about where he lives. "I am sure it will be over soon, or at least calm down." He offers. "And if Piper ever wants she could bring you all by, to look at the chickens." He offers to her. Hearing the others playing their game. Nodding about Piper and her playing a lot in the evenings. "I'll ask her." Though since the other went into the kitchen he will wait for her to return.

There is another flash of lightening and boom of thunder. The sudden noise causes Becca jump and let out a surprised squeal. The storm, with its dark ominous clouds and fat heavy raindrops just doesn't want to quit. Piper comes from the kitchen carrying a tray with various plates on it. At the sight of her Becca jumps up and rushes to wrap herself around the woman's leg. With baby, tray and now a clinging 3 year old walking is going to be difficult. Especially when she has to try and not step on the kittens chasing each other around.

"Can you read music?" Caro asks him "There is some sheet music in the piano stool and Piper has a bit too. The commotion has her looking over, but she doesn't move to help just yet.

Hearing the thunder and the small kid running into someone, clinging, Gabe can at least guess what is going on. Hearing Caro though he nods. "I should be able to, if it isn't too old. Though it takes some time." He admits, since he reads with his fingers. "Ah, perhaps I will check them out later." Rising to his feet. Offering a low, "Sorry." To Caro, along with a weak smile. Moving to try and help. As he draws closer to Piper he will hold up his hands, if she wants to hand anything over. Having heard the sound of the things on the tray, as Becca ran into Piper. Though he isn't really too close, so she does have to move closer to hand anything to him.

Quinton's bladder didn't seem to care that it was raining cats and dogs outside. So now he's soaked, having stood long enough in the bathroom to decide it's better to get soaked than have to spend an hour waiting…in the bathroom.. Stepping inside the dining hall, a squishy noise escapes from his tennis shoes and the poet frowns. It's a gross feeling, and the weather hasn't cleared his mind today. Seeing the group a hand is raised by he doesn't move to help, instead he slips his shoes off and his jacket. Maybe they'll dry a little.

At the answer from Gab, Caro smacks herself in the head for asking such a stupid question and then watches briefly as he goes to help. Though Quin's arrival has her turning to look at him, giggling at the noise from his shoes.

Looking down the the girl suddenly attached to her leg, Piper silently hands the tray to Gab as he comes over. With her hands free one is placed on top of the girl's head. After a few moments the girl lets go and instead grasps the hem of the woman's shirt and sticks a thumb in her mouth. Now Piper can move without having to foot drag. Taking the tray back a plate of fruit and a boiled egg is set in front to Jack, the other two plates set under a table, containing a water/milk and ground meat mixture for the kittens. The arrival of Quinton has her looking at him in sympathy and she goes to dig into her diaper bag for a clean, dry clothe which she offers to him after setting tray and baby bottle down of course. It seems that her oversize shirt and infant bound to her front can no longer hide the growing babybump.

Gabriel ruffles Caro's hair, trying to reassure her that it's was a fine enough question. Then his attention is on the others. Slowly moving to put the tray down, after he gets it. Letting his feet search in front of him so he does not run into anyone. "Hello." He offers to Quinton. Though as Piper takes the tray back, he smiles and nods to her. Trying to move back to his seat.

Quinton takes the towel with a small nod, "…thanks." He can at least wipe his face. before stepping in more with his wet socks. He makes another face, cause gross and will bend down to remove them as well. Pale green eyes go towards the fire place, to maybe dry them out some if it's lit. He may be here a while. Unfortunately, the man's toes are now exposed for the kittens, when they're done eating the meal Piper made for them.

Settling into a chair, Piper removes the infant Troy from his snuggie and she holds him in an arm as she feeds him the bottle. Now that she is sitting, Becca leans against her, thumb still in her mouth, every clap of thunder making the three year old flinch. Caro jumps up to go and lean on the other side of the woman, in case she has something that needs to be said. The rest of the kids continue their game of Sorry, giggling and talking about whatever little kids talk about, but mostly still arguing about what to name the kittens.

Gabriel does sit and start on the old movie song, 'Ecstasy of Gold', on his flute. Listening to the others as well, and not playing too loudly. The sound of rain still heard outside.

Not much to listen to besides Gab's playing. Quinton isn't saying anything, laying out his socks, shoes and jacket near everyone else's as well. Pauses to stretch his back before looking to the kids and adults. The food is glanced at then, he missed lunch.

Silence from Piper, silence from Quinton and soft playing from Gabriel, Cara isn't sure she can handle so much not talking. She's a chatterbox so she snags on the song as a source of conversation, "What's that song?" she mostly asks Piper, since she knows a lot of songs as well. The kitten name argument doesn’t end, but it does go down a few notches, Jack is advocating for naming them after superheroes, where the girls, except Kira are advocating for princessy or cutesy names, like Belle, Fluffster and such. Well at least the one kitten got a name, Ramses, who knows if the rest ever will. Piper answers Caro with a whisper in her ear "The Good the Bad and the Ugly?" she echoes in disbelief "I don't…" she shakes her head "What's that movie about?"

Gabriel does seem amused, while playing, as he hear Caro asking Piper about the song. Continuing listening to the ones talking about the kittens, along with trying to find out what movie it is. Quinton getting a bit of a nod, once he is finished laying out his clothing.

Quinton comes back, forgoing the idea of food till he stops dripping at least. A seat is taken near, but not next to Piper and the others. "Cowboys…western…" A deep breath is taken, but he just lets it out slowly then, wiggling his toes against the floor. "lunch over?"

"What about cowboys?" Jack perks up, looking over at Quinton when the word comes out. He didn't get the rest of what was said, just that one word. Typical for a young boy. Piper nods, looking from the feeding infant, whose eyes are getting droopy and he still hasn't finished the bottle yet. "Oh." Caro says "Is there a lot of gun fights in it?" she asks. The woman just shrugs, she probably has never seen it.

Gabriel does seem amused at the children, as they talk about the movie, from which his song derives from. Finishing it before putting his flute aside. "Yeah, it's old, though some gunfights." He offers, shrugging. Glancing to Quinton as well. "You could still find some food."

Quinton shrugs, "I've …never seen it." Jack gets a sorry smile and nods to what Gab says, "Probably." His head swivels to look in the direction of the kitchen and he nods, "Thanks." although he doesn't move just yet.

Becca tugs on Piper's sleeve and whispers to her. To which Piper nods as she gets up to go get her poncho and Becca's oversize raincoat. The little girl practically drowns in it, but it keeps her mostly dry. When they are as protected from the downpour as they can get, the woman leads the girl out into the horrendous weather, leaving the rest of the children under the watchful eyes of Quinton.

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