(2015-07-20) Salvaging Operation
Salvaging Operation
Summary: Quinton, Piper and Caro work on salvaging waterlogged tents. Jade joins them while a break is taken.
Date: 07.20.2015
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Berek Campsite

Woods surround this cleared out area. It has three platform tent areas to hold large eight people tents, and a few ground level areas for smaller tents. All of them surround a fire pit that seems to have gotten some recent use. Two picnic tables are also near at hand.

Sure it stopped raining…after three days of constant downpour, and the sun is out once more. The standing water though has yet to drain off or evaporate, especially in those areas that are surrounded by trees where the sunlight doesn't easily get too. Berek Campsite got it just as bad as the rest, and the muddy water is still ankle deep in the site. Most of yesterday was spent draining the fields now it is the campsites turn. About a half-dozen people are in the area, a few have shovels and are digging drainage trenches to give the water someplace to go, the rest getting to work on salvaging the tents, pulling them up so they can be taken elsewhere and dried properly. Nothing worse than a moldy tent.

Amoung the group is Piper, infant strapped to her back this time and Caro shadowing her as usual, the rest of the children are elsewhere. Crouching near a tent she follows one of the tent cords into the water while a person stands at each end of the tent holding it up so it doesn't fall into the water as the stakes are pulled up.

Quinton had a clear struggle when it became clear that the tents were goin to be lost(Even temporarily). he ended up being able to save some books and other useful things from his tent(There certainly was more in there than anyone thought!) Much to everyone's surprise he lugged in what appeared to be a pieced together home brewing kit. Because he took the time to save that, poor Quinton only has the one sweater he had on. the rest ended up submerged. And now he's squishing around, pulling on a tent stake as well. His jeans are soaked, but the man doesn't seem to care. he's grumpy.

Bubbles emerge on the surface of the water and pop as Piper pulls the tent stake free. Standing upright the baby on her back gurgles, waving his hands at the motion. She made sure to put him facing outward, less chance of him grapping one of her thick braids she has her hair in. Pausing a moment she once more rolls the end of her pajama bottoms up, cuffing them below the knees. Why pajama bottoms? With there elastic waistband they are the only bottoms she has that fit anymore. "Just one more corner and this one should be all set." Caro says to those that are working on the same tent Piper is. The grumpiness of Quinton has been noted, so the young girl is doing her best not to agitate him any further.

Quinton kneels. jeans already wet it doesn't matter. The last stake is searched for with his hands. He does notice the pants situation of Piper and puts maternity clothes on his mental list. Although he has no idea where to even look for those. Maybe a muumuu dress….if Piper wouldn't kill him for bringing it to her…. His forehead is wiped with a swipe of his forearm. "…flap?"

That's about the only way she is going to get them, she rarely asks for anything for herself, and any scavenging she does is to find things for the children and not herself. When the last stake is pulled the tent starts to droop but those at the ends lift it up, the one word question from Quinton though has them pausing and since Piper is the closest she slips through the water to take care of the flap problem. If the mud squishing between her bare toes bothers her she makes no show of it. Caro has already moved to the next small tent, checking the inside for any items before it is taken down. When she unzips the flap to check a book slowly comes floating out.

Quinton's brow comes together, the book floating seems to be the cause. They really need something more permanent that tents for winter… He'a not going to lose the rest of his stuff. A soft sigh and he'll start to stand, helping to pull the tent up and out of the water. Books and sweaters won't fair to well begin submerged for that long, he has little hope for his things that he didn't save.

Wading over Piper leans over to pick up the book, elicting another bout of giggles from the infant. Troy is as happy today as Quinton is grumpy it seems. Water drips from the paperback as she checks it out. Appears to be a Tom Clancy novel. She shakes her head, it can't be salvaged and she tosses it aside to be thrown out later. That dealt with she begins to work on the stakes for the next tent while the previous one is taken to the cart.

Quinton's nose wrinkles as the book is tossed away. That motion hurts his soul, the throwing away of books. Oh, the drama. Pale green eyes tear away from the discarded book and he stands up, water dripping down his jeans as he starts to make his way over towards the next tent to help Piper. He's not a complete grump though and breaks the silence again, "..shame…" he nods towards the book.

Piper's dark eyes meet Quin's breifly as she nods in agreement. She doesn't have the deep emotional attachment he has to books, but she knows if it was a book of music that was floating past and damaged beyond saving she would be feeling as he does. When he comes to help her she gestures that she will take one side and he can get the other. As the two start to work Caro pipes up with an innocent question "Was it an important book?" still to young to understand that at this point /all/ books are important.

Wiggle wiggle, the stake is slow to come loose, the vacuum from the water it's in makes it difficult to just pull out. Quin pauses in his kneeling position, looking at Caro slightly mortified before it clicks she's a kid. "all are…" He'll even force a small smile at the girl before working more on the stake in front of him.

Piper is being careful as the pulls at the stakes. The last thing she wants is to fall in any direction and risk hurting the infant on her back. At the question she looks between the pair probably ready to step in if the question is taken grumpily. Thankfully that isn't needed and a sigh of releif might be heard from her. Caro thinks about the answer "Is that because without technology, books are our only source of information and knowledge and we must protect them?" no one has ever accused Caro of being on idiot.

Quinton nods, that's close enough. He's not gonna get into any philosophy with a 7 year old. The stake finally gives, throwing Quin off as he was looking at the kid. It causes him to stumble slightly in the water, soaking now only his calfs but his thighs too in the jeans. Gross. He closes his eyes in a annoyance, this is not his day. Sighing, "Always save them….always."

There is a wince from both Piper and Caro as Quin stumbles into the water "You okay?" Caro asks and there is a similiar questioning look from the young woman as she pulls the last stake up on her side and the tent starts to droop.

The stumble causes more of the mud to stir from the ground, so when he straightens, he's not just wet, but muddy. The poet can already feel it seeping in and just grimaces. So not his day. "I'm…fine, Jennifer…"He might just go into the city and not come back till everything is dry. Maybe.

Piper grabs one end of the tent and Caro the other to keep it from getting even more waterlogged than it already is. While the pair take the tent to the cart the older woman leans over to whisper to the younger one. As they return "We only have the large tents left, and those are going to take more than the three of us." with as waterlogged as they are, they are twice as heavy "How about we take a break?" she glances up at Piper to make sure she relayed it correctly. Apparently it was good enough as the older woman nods.

Quinton tries, in vain, to walk to a place with cleaner water and clean off his jeans. All that does is get the bottom part of his t-shirt wet. Giving up he stands up straight, sighing and turns to look at Piper and mouth piece. " ….yeah…." His forehead is wiped again with his forearm. The squishy walk over he's silent, but then asks, 'Cat names?"

Piper is getting out of the water herself, heading down the path until she is on dry land…well relatively dry. There is still a lot of mud on the paths. Caro waits a moment to answer the question "Belle, Bug, Glitch, Sparkle and Sassy. We found a box to keep them in at night so they aren't wandering around the tent while we are sleeping."

Quinton gives a small smile and nod. He's given up on claiming one for himself, the kids all seem attached to the whole. "…it's…good." He'll lag behainf , keeping the girl between himself and Piper till they get on relatively dry land. He takes the moment to look up at the sky, maybe making sure there's no more rain clouds, and the around the area, making sure Camp Hoper's are the only one's visible.

"Of course it would be great if we could actually sleep in our tent." Piper and the flock have been sleeping in the dining hall along with a number of other campers. Piper doesn't like the situation at all, but she's not going to make the children sleep in a waterlogged tent. Apparently Becca is prone to night terrors so that doesn't help either. There is a glance up at the sky from Piper, wondering what Quinton is looking at. All clear up there."

Quinton's been sleeping there too, so he nods, understanding that. Pale eyes flutter back to the two females and he shakes a leg, hoping to get some of the water off…or at least get his jeans to stop sticking. "…Soon…hopefully." Until more bad weather, unless they figure out something else. He looks back up to the trees again, eyes scanning.

With the rain having stopped…finally, the time for cleanup has begun. The first step was getting the fields drained of standing water. Which was done yesterday. The second step is to get the camping areas drained. This one certainly needs it. With it's huge puddle of ankle deep water the ground tents are partially submerged and the ones up on platforms are waterlogged from all the rain that fell.

About half-dozen people are here. A few are at work digging drainage trenches to give the water someplace to go, the rest wading in the water and taking down tents so they can be moved to a sunny location elsewhere to dry properly.

Taking a short break from their work of taking down tents are Quin, Piper and the woman's shadow, the 7-year old Caro. For her part Piper is barefoot, and has her pajama bottoms rolled up to the knee. They are the only pants she has that fit across her babybelly. Her mass of hair is braided today, to keep it out of the grabby infant that is strapped to her back with a snuggie. "Well I wish soon would hurry up and get here." Caro complains in the typical adolescent fashion.

Quinton's jeans are wet and plastered to the man, likely from kneeling and possibly tumbling in the water. if the wet on the bottom of his t-shirt says anything about the situation. He's muddy too, which also speaks for a tumble. His head is tilted up and he's looking to the trees currently while carl speaks to him. His voice is quiet, and the words feel like he's having trouble getting them out, "Tents need to dry…don't want…mold." He finally glances down at the girl, a thought occurring to him, "Lose …the coloring books?"

There's the sound of movement coming from the footpath. Jade, astride one of the horses she brought with her - the chestnut gelding, Tate. Clearly she's taking the opportunity to both exercise the horse and explore some. Not to mention, putting cows out to pasture is easier if you're horse-fast. "Mornin'," she greets, dismounting in as dry a spot as she can find, though there's mud all the way up Tate's legs and hers too. No getting away from it really. "Need a hand or somethin'?"

Between dealing with Piper's non-verbalness with others, the younger kids and Quinton's disjointed speech pattern Caro is getting quite adept at understanding the mannerisms of various speech patterns. She understands what Quinton is asking at least "A few. None of Becca's favorites though." she pauses breifly as Piper leans over to tell her something "Most of the crayons got washed away though." she relays though the face she makes at Piper suggests she was going to say that anyway.

The sound of someone approaching has Piper turning, causing the infant on her back to make raspberry noises at Quinton when he is brought in view of the man. A wave is given in greeting and Caro pipes up as well "Hi!" as for the answer to her question Caro is looking between Piper and Quinton, since she isn't sure of the answer to that one.

Another nod of understanding, but he gives a small smile, "After lunch." Like Caro is supposed to know what that means? Quin's just happy he never emptied out the backpack with the restaurant 3 pack crayons in them. Better then nothing. He's seen Jade around, but hasn't talked to her, and since today is a bad day for him, it'll probably not going to be the best impression. Bea would ahem warned jade about Quinton though, poor man had the illness, very high fever. His mind is jumbled on some days. Instead of answering Jade(Or struggling to) he takes the moment to make a face back at the baby, immediately. But then Caro's looking for direction, and he struggles before just shaking his head, "no…just…resting."

Taking a moment to fuss Tate and press her cheek against his neck briefly, Jade trusses his reins to a tree and turns to face those here. "Resting is good. I've got water if you want a drink." Reaching to the saddle bags, she pulls out a small canteen, offering it first to Caro, then Piper, then Quinton in order to see if anyone wants it. "Rainwater. Not perfect, but cleaner'n ditchwater."

Caro will take the canteen after receiving a nod from Piper that it's okay "Why rainwater, when there is…" she is starting to point to where the waterpump is near the restroom, but her question is interrupted by Piper's hand on her shoulder. "Thank you miss." she finishes before taking a drink and passing the canteen on. "We were taking the tents down. We got all the small ones. We are going to need more hands for the large ones. If you want to help with that." Caro relays as Piper whispers to her as she takes the canteen. The faces he gets in return makes the baby chirrup with giggles.

Quinton nods, but will let the other two have their fill. A small smile is flashed at the woman, "Thanks." The man was in a rough mood, but it's hard to be grumpy when a baby starts to giggle. The smile tugs from just being a polite one to a real one.

"Because the pump might run out one day, but rainwater is pretty much endless, assuming the sh-.. er, doodyheads up on high don't fuck with /that/, too." Apparently, Jade is aware of children enough to self-censor, at least for now. "Plus I slept over in the animal barn last night, and put out a couple pots last night to catch it. Closer'n the pump."

The casual dropping of the f-bomb has Piper quickly clapping her hands over the young girls ears and the woman frowns at Jade, while Caro smirks and stifles a giggle. Yes Piper is protective, some could say overly so, but after what the camp find out recently no one can blame her for it. Baby hands start waving and legs start kicking, apparently he isn't happy with the woman standing in one spot for to long. "That's what some of the campers were blaming all the rain on…the doodyheads." she giggles as she repeats the descriptor that Jade provided.

Quinton can't help it, he laughs. With all the horrors of the world now, the censorship of one word, but not the other on top of Piper's response is just too funny. And it doesn't help that Caro is giggling. And then troy isn't helping either, fussing at just the right time. Tryin to not lose too much control, with a smile now, "Sara…it's…just rain…happens." That's all they need, for people to believe that the aliens have control over the weather too. There needs to eb a little hope. An eyebrow raises though when it registers where Jade said she slept….night be dryer than the tents, and less crowded than the Dinnign Hall.

"I don't recommend it." The raised eyebrow apparently gives Jade the right idea, the redhead offering a lopsided smile towards Quinton. "It stinks to high heaven in there. But it's what I'm used to." Her gaze then tracks to the disapproving Piper, that look earning a carefree shrug. "Sorry." She doesn't sound sorry. "Yeah, he's right. It's just rain. Storms in the midwest are pretty common."

The jostling of the baby on her back has Piper grimacing..or maybe it's the sudden stench coming from said baby…could be both. Either way, she gives a wave to both Quin and Jade and after taking Caro by the hand begins to head off to fix the stinky situation. As they depart down the path the young girl waves "We'll be back to help in a bit." she glances up at Piper briefly an adds "And we'll bring food." and then they disappear around the curve in the path.

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