(2015-07-21) Biting the Bullet
Biting the Bullet
Summary: Nora manages to get Quinton back to Camp, medical attention is given
Date: 07.21.2015
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Administration Area

Following the road around the curve in it leads to a large area cleared of trees. To one side of the clearing is a parking lot, where several dust covered cars sit, one with it's hood standing open, exposing the engine to the weather.

Several building are in this area: Admin building, First-Aid Building, Restroom Facilities, a hand water pump is near the rest room, a few pails stacked nearby, and a large pole barn, which is always guarded by well armed individuals. Beyond those is the first of many campsites that dot the camp as well as a trail that leads to the river.

Across the clearing the road continues and there are several foot paths that lead in various directions.

Everything was all quite and peaceful in the camp this afternoon, until somone reported the sound of gunfire being heard in town. There were a few people out scavenging in town so this has naturally got others worried. He is standing outside the admin building, map in hand, several of the other men crowding around him to look at the map as well "We aren't sure where our people will be in town, so we will have to spread out in groups of three to search them out and make sure no one is hurt or been pinned down somewhere."

Lincoln had been keeping to himself, ever since returning from the mis adventure scavenging where they had come across the slaughtered camp. Between the floods, and the fact that he's still adjusting to these people it'd been a decent enough reason to not be present. However the rumors of gunfire and the fact that others seem to be of concern had gotten him to make his way to the others. Hearing the situation, his arms fold over his chest, cap pulled low over his brow.

Looking into the faces of those around him "Well divide the city into quadrants, once you are done searching your area we will meet at," Sonny points to a place on the map, that's when he is interrupted..

"Help! He's been shot!" Nora is coming up the road, Quinton slumped between her and one of the gate guards, the pair working together to carry the injured man. Both Quinton and Nora are covered in blood though none of it is hers. She is just this side of a freak out.

Hearing the call for help, Lincoln looks up and starts to move, his steps initially slow but they pick up in pace quickly upon recognizing Nora and the form of Quinton, both covered in blood. "Where at?" He asks as he moves towards them, slipping ahead of anyone else who might be following. After all, they've been through a bit together these past couple weeks. "Where was he shot?" Even while he's asking it he's moving more quickly.

Sonny curses when he sees the young woman and the state of the man "You," he points to one of the men nearby, "go find Jade, that red haired lady that came in with the animals." another man is pointed too "Find Bea. I want both of them here asap." ordered like a man with military experience. He then quickly catches up with Lincoln as the two rush too go find the women "We'll take him from here." he gestures for Lincoln to takeover for Nora while he moves to the other side.

Nora isn't really thinking straight. She's never had to deal with this kind of thing before. So it takes a few moments to get an answer out "The shoulder…in the back." she assumes the question meant where on Quinton he was shot and not where Quinton was when he was shot. She is more than happy to let the pair of men takeover. She is worn out from dragging him from town to the gate by herself. He is heavier than he looks.

Lincoln slides to the side when Sonny indicates, nodding his head towards the other man as he does so. "Shoulder shot, shouldn't be too much severe damage just blood loss." He offers it towards the other. "Some clothes could stem the bleeding till they bring the others." He's not an EMT or a doctor, but everyone had to take CPR and first aid, right?

Sonny puts his arm around Quinton and hefts him up so the man isn't dragged as low to the ground as Nora was, taking part of the weight on himself, "Let's get him into the first aid building. Jade isn't a human doctor but she should be able to manage this." he glances at Nora as he makes his way to the first aid, taking it slow as the man lets out a pained noise. "Did the bullet go clean through?"

Nora is chewing her lip nervously as she follows the trio. "No, there isn't an exit wound." she then rushes forward to open the door for them, leaving a bloody handprint on the doorknob "I used a washcloth to pack the wound as best as I could." at least it is something.

You invite Quinton to meet you for RP.

"You did good to get him back here." Lincoln says to Nora while supporting the other half of Quinton with himself, offering a supportive smile to the girl while carrying the injured man. "Catch your breath, get some water. We'll get him taken care of and settled and I'll come find you."

There is a nod from Sonny as he goes sideways through the door, trying not to move the currently unconscious Quinton as Lincoln and him get him into the building and to a cot. "Bullet is probably lodged in the shoulder blade. As soon as either Bea or Jade get here we will extract the bullet." with help he will get Quin laid out face down on a cot "Until then we will clean it up and try to get the bleeding under control. Do as Lincoln suggests, just don't go to far. You'll have to let us know what happened."

The woman is torn between doing what she is told and sticking around, after some hesitation her eyes lock on Lincoln, "You better." she then backs out to stay out of the building, but it is doubtful she will go to far.

Once Nora is out of earshot, Lincoln looks at Sonny and shakes his head some, "Looks like a lot of blood loss. Do we know if anyone knows his bloodtype? Any universals around just in case?" There's a glance towards the exit where Nora went out and then he looks back, voice getting a bit quieter. "She could have been followed back."

Coming out of unconsciousness when it's not sleep is always jarring, but after the last time he was like that and woke up with a jumbled brain, Quinton wakes up swinging. Well…he tries to swing, but it's more a body convulsion and then a low groan of pain. His pale green eyes are wide and not actually registering where he is. He's panicking though, that much is clear.

"Don't think that is part of the application form when people show up." Sonny drawls with a hint of sarcasm. There is no form, though there are lots of questions, who are you? where are you from? and what have you seen? cheif amoung them "Don't think we have the equipment for a transfusion anyways." there is a nod at the rest and he moves to the door of the first aid building to give a shout at the men still lingering there "Get your weapons and backtrack her path. Make sure she wasn't followed." there is much springing into action.

Lincoln nods towards Sonny, "I could probaby rig something if need be… I think." He's about to say something further when he takes notice of Quinton struggling some and his hand reaches down to place a firm pressure on the uninjured shoulder. "Quinton. You're back at camp, you're with Sonny and Lincoln. We need you to calm down." His voice keeps itself calm despite the rather upsetting situation things are in, no reason to panic anyone else at the moment. "We have help coming."

News spreads fast in camp. It's like the runners that were sent to go find Jade and Bea were shouting "Quinton's been shot!" as the ran through the camp. They weren't but it sure seems like it with all the people that are arriving in the admin area. Nora herself, covered in blood, none of it her own, is pacing in front of the medical building, and kinda starts in surprise when Sonny bellows out the door.

Quinton gasps, almost surprised when suddenly there's a hand on his shoulder. His eyes snap up and the arm of the good shoulder grabs at the edge of whatever they have him laying on, instinctively. Although there's not a lot of strength to the man currently, there's that panicked rush that could come, "No…." His head moves with a wince to look up at Lincoln from the awkward position of laying on his stomach. "….G-Girl?" His voice is laced with pain, worry and confusion. What's left of his t-shirt is soaked with blood and the wound is packed with white bandages that are quickly becoming not white.

Amongst the flurry of activity a horse and its rider comes barreling through, the woman atop it half-shouting and people to get out of her way as she trots through from the gate towards the first-aid area, winchester in hand. The horse comes to a sliding stop on the still muddy ground, the horse rearing up before settling back down and Alicia slides from the saddle, the horse neighing in protest amongst all the hurried activity and shifting uncomfortably, but it stays near its rider.

Alicia walks over to Nora, looking her over, winchester cradled in her arms and pointed towards the ground. Green eyes go wide as she notices the blood across the girl, biting down hard on the toothpick in her mouth as she steps aside to allow some of the men to go past without butting shoulders then approaches the entrance, "So… it's true… Well shit.." Alicia tears her eyes off the scene inside and looks to Nora, frowning lightly, "What the hell happened?"

Safety of the camp dealt with Sonny hurries back to the injured man "Hold him down. We have to get his shirt off." he pulls his knife from its sheath and prepares to cut the shirt up the back so they have easier access to the shoulder wound, "She's fine. Shaken up as all hell, but she managed to get you back here in one peice. The knife is kept keenly sharp and cuts through the shirt…or sweater if that's what it is, quite easily "Banadages are in the cabinet to the left of the bathroom. Grab them and as many paper towels as you can." he says to Lincoln, "I won't lie to you, this is going to hurt." he speaks to Quinton then as he peels the fabric away from the wound and begins to unpack it.

Lincoln goes to fetch the bandages and the paper towels mentioned by Sonny, along the way he stops, pauses then continues on his way back as a stray thought caught him off guard. "Now Quinton, we're going to remove your shirt to get at the wound. Once this is all done we'll set you up with a nice evening with Emma Stone, alright?" He shrugs a bit towards Sonny at the rather poor attempt at humor. "Where are they?"

Quinton didn't have on a sweater today. Small blessings. The pain is clouding Quin's already fogging mind, but he'll nod. His biggest fear alleviated, his head sinks back down, turned away from the wounded shoulder. "…K…." If only his moonshine was ready…no…that would be bad, right? Blood thinner? His eyes try to focus on Lincoln but he doesn't really resound to the joke.

Nora doesn't know Alicia. She really doesn't know anyone in the camp save Quinton and Lincoln, maybe if she stuck around for longer than a day that would be different, but she hasn't yet. Alicia's entrance has her starring, her panic forgotten for a few moments until the woman in question is addressing her "Quinton got shot while we were running from some bandits." she gets out, the worry returning to her voice.

And Bea finally arrives, none to soon and pushes through the mingling group that crowds around the door of the building "One of you get a bucket of water in there. Now." the matronly woman orders as she makes her way in past both Alicia and Nora, she sees that Lincoln has the bandages so she gets some antiseptic "At least it wasn't in the chest." she sums up as she takes some of the bandages from Lincoln and douses them with the antiseptic, at which point Sonny takes them and presses them into the wound. Yeah, that's going to hurt.

As Bea makes her way in and starts taking charge, a small look of relief touches Lincoln's face as she slides back to make room for the woman to do her thing. "Nora said she didn't see an exit wound, looks like she was right with that." He explains quietly. "If we're removing it we might want some restraints so he doesn't hurt himself." As if to emphasize his point he reaches down once more and press against the man to keep him from moving too much.

Alicia frowns deeper and swirls the toothpick around in her mouth a moment, then Bea rushes by and Alicia nods, turning and sliding her winchester into the saddle holster before she bolts towards the mess hall, "Bucket coming right up!" A few minutes go by before Alicia returns with sterile water in a five gallon bucket, moving a bit slower to avoid splashing it all over the place. She drops it off inside the building beside the table then quickly gets out again, shaking her head. "I'm going to go join the guard, backtrack your trail." She says offhandedly to Nora as she swings back into the saddle and turns her horse around, "Make sure he don't die." She calls out as she sets off on horseback.

Quinton takes deep breath, well, as deep as he can before does what little he can to steel himself. Maybe if he had been having a clearer day when he awoke this morning, but that is not the case. All that air that went into his lungs now exits as he screams. He at least has the presence of mind to turn his head to yell into the pillow. restraints may have been a good idea, but it's too late now. Linc and Sonny better just hold on. Instinct takes over and Quin tries to jerk away from the pressed bandages, as they hurt.

There is a collective grimace from Sonny and Bea as Quinton screams through the pain. There is no chastisement though. This probably isn't the first time the pair have had to deal with gunshot wounds and there will probably be a lot more in the future. Bea quickly takes the wound cleaning duty so the stronger Sonny can lean on Quinton to keep him from flailing. "Won't be longer now and she will stop prodding that thing with the fire brand and bandage it up." he tells Quinton.

It isn't Lincoln's first rodeo with a gunshot wound either, rather unfortunate that. He keeps his pressure on Quinton, speaking in a calm voice to the man. "Remember Quinton, this is going to save your life. Besides, everyone needs at least one badass scar in their collection. Except me. Because I mean, I'm already perfect why mess with that, right?" Talking and distraction, that might be the ticket. He glances up at Sonny while they're leaning on Quinton, finally speaking something else. "I'll skin them." The them most likely referring to the bandits.

Quinton's been lucky(ha!), he's seen a lot, but this is his first gunshot he's seen, other than dead bodies from one. The screaming continues, but it's choked, not only from the pillow, but the fact he can't get much air into his lungs due to the two men pushing him down.

Bea works quickly, cleaning the wound and then packing and taping a bandage over it. "It's too deep for me to get out cleanly. Let's wait for Jade and see if we can find something that will help with his pain in the meantime." as she moves over to clean her hands in the bucket of water Sonny eases up on Quinton and finally stands up to go clean his hands as well "I'm going to go join the others in searching the trail. When I get back I'm going to want to talk to Nora and Quinton if he is able." he doubts the latter "Make sure the girl doesn't steal a canoe and run off like she did last time." this last part is said to Lincoln before he heads out.

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