(2015-07-21) Narrow Escape
Narrow Escape
Summary: Nora runs into some bandits, Quinton attempts a rescue. It's a narrow escape for them both
Date: 07.21.2015
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9th Street Residential Area

Street: East 9th Street

Direction: East/West

This section of 9th street is quite short. Only running a few blocks between the North Main and the University. On the other side of the university it picks up again, but to get there you have to either cut through University or go around it via Clarkson then 8th Street. Besides the University this is mostly a residential area.

Ugh, how gross, it seems three days of rain has taxed the cities drainage system. Even though it has been a few days there are still some streets that are flooded and those that aren't have standing puddles of stagnating water. There is something weird about this part of town, it's to quiet, there are usually birds and squirrels at least chirping and chattering but seems that isn't the case at the moment.

Quinton's not super thrilled with the vibe he's getting off this part of town, but his searching has been rather useless today. Well, the book is a small blessing, but it's not helpful. Pale green eyes keep scanning the area and he steps carefully. The lack of natural noise has him nervous.

Yeah, it's not a good vibe, especially the closer one gets to the business end of 9th Street. A few blocks away from where the residential area ends and the business district around the hospital begins is where the first shouts in the distance are heard. Words can't necessarily be made out, but the shouters are excited about something.

Quinton hesitates just a moment and then takes off towards the shouts. There's a hundred possible things it could be, but he's fairly certain it's not a silencer. His gun is drawn though, there's always the possibility of danger.

He maybe gets five feet before the source of the shouts..a couple of tall, burly guys, one wearing the remnants of a prison uniform, turn the corner at a run, and running ahead of them is a young woman, one that hasn't been seen in at least a week, running ahead of them, that is until she trips over a piece of debris that the recent storms have washed into the street.

Shit. Quinton launches himself to get between Nora and the men, gun up. Even with the jumbled brain, a forceful "STOP" is given. The gun stays up, weaving between the men.

The jumping in of Quinton waving a gun as the two men stepping away in surprise. It's short lived though as they take in the appearance of the armed man. The larger of the two chuckles gruffly "Or what?" he gestures between himself and his buddy "You can only shoot one of us."

Behind him Nora is getting to her feet, ignoring the grossness of the puddle she fell into a pulling out the only weapon she has one her at the moment, a small vial of pepper spray.

Oh! They're saved! The man frowns, he knows he's not intimidating, and this situation, with them outnumbered basically means he's dead, but maybe he can get her out. Quin ordered, "Run." Hopefully she gets where, but he doesn't say it. Instead he slowly starts backing up, pointing the gun from one to the other, at which den man gets closest.

Yeah, Nora gets the order, she really does, but she has never been good at following them. Instead of running immediately she points the business end of the pepper spray vial and hits the discharge button, hitting one guy directly in the face, but thankfully the dispersal is wide enough that the other guy gets enough to make him reel backward. Grabbing Quin's hand she "Not without you." in her book no one gets left behind and she takes off running, dragging the man with her if she has to. One of the burly men is incapacitated, screaming and clawing at his face. The other though manages to get a shot off before the pepper spray gets to be to much and he begins to claw at his face as well.

Damn it! He can't cover her if he's running! And there's no real way to run backwards in this situation so he makes a decision and runs, trying to keep her in front of him. Which in hind sight, may not be the best idea he's ever had. the bullet rips through his shoulder before the sound reaches either runners' ears. Maybe it doesn't register, or maybe Quin's more of a bad ass than he lets on, either way they make it far enough away that it's safe to stop briefly before Quin sways . Glancing down at his now soaked t-shirt and then up at Nora he manages a, "I'm wet…" And that's all the poet will remember.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Sugar packet
1 Book - Non-Fiction - The Religion of the Samurai: A Study of Zen Philosophy and Discipline in China and Japan

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