(2015-07-21) Who Are the Lucky Ones
Who Are the Lucky Ones
Summary: Is it the ones that lived or the ones that died?
Date: 07.21.2015
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Well Nora has held to her promise so far. She hasn't gone anywhere…except to change out of her shirt and wash her hands. Someone was nice enough to bring her a glass of water so she sips it as she along with others wait to hear about the status of Quinton. She has quit the pacing though and sits leaning against the admin building.

It is sometime later when Lincoln has made his ay out of the building, washing himself and moving to find Nora, eventually spotting her there next to the administration building. As he moves over, he doesn't speak initially, rather he places his back against the wall and slides down until he is sitting besides her in silence.

Nora is kinda zoning out, so doesn't even realize Lincoln is there until he is sitting next to her. "I heard him screaming." she stares down at the cup in her hand "Is her going to be okay? Were they able to get the bullet out?

"He should be ok I think. From what I could tell they were able to get it out. It'll take him some time to recover but I've seen worse." Lincoln responds in as calm a voice as he can muster, drinking from his own cup of water he managed to confiscate before coming over. "Ain't the first person you've seen shot."

The girl nods at the news "It sounded like he was being tortured in there." its enough to make Nora shudder "Maybe not no, but it's the first person that has been shot trying to protect me." sounds like she is feeling guilty to boot.

"Having a bullet removed without any sort of numbing agent is very painful." Lincoln explains softly, "So yes, the pain was torturous." Folding his arms over the tops of his knees he keeps looking straight ahead. "He got shot trying to protect you. If you are about to break into a mindset of saying 'I'm not worth trying to save' then may I quickly point out every one of us that is still alive and not them, is worth saving?"

"Worst I've ever done is broken an arm when I wiped out surfing the north shore in Hawaii." and Nora is pretty sure that what Quintan felt was twicce that. She shakes her head at him "No, I'm not saying I'm not worth it." she tries to put it into words "I'm saying that…I don't know.

"I've nearly blown myself up a few times… got a few burn marks from those things, never been shot either." Lincoln offers before closing his eyes some and contemplating. "I don't know how you feel, can't tell you. You need to think it through, talk it through? I'll sit here and listen. Also though… Folks will want to know what happened."

When he mentions the nearly blowing himself up Nora finally turns to look at him "Seriously? Blown up?" she isn't sure wether to beleive that or not at this point. "Survivors guilt?" she questions "Not just of Quinton being shot, but of this whole mess. Loads of people have died, disease, plane crashes, earthquakes, tsunamis. I would ask what I did in a past life that was so great or so horrible that I have survived this long." because being alive might not be all that lucky.

Lincoln laughs softly and nods his head, "Yes. Blown up. You'd be amazed the trouble you get into with chemistry sets." He explains before the chuckle fades and he contemplates what she said. "While travelling, I've come across a few thoughts on that. Some would say, you're alive because of God, that there is some kind of divine plan. Some would say, you're alive because of genetics. That you have immunity to the disease, a genetic memory of sorts to disasters that got you away from the trouble areas." Then he shrugs, "Some would say it's just dumb luck and the law of probabilities. Like playing a game of chance that turns up the right dice for you."

"I wasn't much into chemistry. Surfing, bikes and volleyball, much to the disappoint to my parents." Nora shrugs slightly, that's all the past, nothing she can do about it now even if she wanted too, "I never really beleived in God, up until now. Now I pray he is real and is watching over us all." the whole there is no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole. "I'm pretty sure it's just dumb luck in my case. And this time my dumb luck got Quinton shot. I was being chased by bandits and I guess I ran past him," she skips the part where she fell "because all of a sudden he's waving his gun around and telling them to step off.

The man shrugs his shoulders a bit while finally glancing to his side at Nora. "So you were running from some people, he came out, got shot trying to chase them off? That doesn't sound like your fault at all darling." Lincoln offers. "If anything, had you not been there, they might have ambushed Quinton and robbed him, maybe killed him. Made their way here without us knowing. I don't think it was dumb luck, I think it was good luck." He stops looking at Nora, going back to looking at the horizon, "I had an econ professor in college. He said that everything in life, good or bad, has some kind of cost with it. This was the cost for us this time and in the end it might have saved a lot of people."

Nora nods at his summary. If there is more and there is, she doesn't add to it just yet. She'll save the rest for when she has to tell Sonny "I'm just glad that none of them were smart enough to follow me here." or any condition to…at least the pair she ran into "I guess this means I have to stick around for more than a day doesn't it?"

Lincoln shrugs his shoulders at Nora, "I don't know about that. I'm not any sort of person that makes decisions. I'm sure some folks will want to talk to you at least. I wouldn't mind if you stuck around for more than a day."

"I mean for safety sake. Not because I have explainin' to do." Nora gestures in the general direction of town. "I've always known there were bandits out there, but until today I was all they aren't going to bother me. But they did. I should at least stick around until they are taking care of." she looks at him again "Why is that, need someone to hide from drones with?

"Well yeah. Who else knows about the secret of hiding in disgusting refrigerators?" Lincoln asks with a smirk on his lips. "Honestly though, there's bad people out there. Bandits and…" He trails off, remembering the words of the man dying in the camp. "It just helps knowing someone is all."

"I'm pretty sure that refrigerator was looking at disgusting in the rearview mirror." it's not a strong enough adjective for her, there might not even be one "There have always been bad people out there, it's just now the bad ones out number the good ones." and she isn't just talking about the bandits either. "And knowing that someone has your back."

"I dunno if the bad ones outnumber the good ones. It's just the bad ones play by rules that the good ones don't." Lincoln slowly pushes up off the ground then. "I have some stuff I got to do. If you get the need to talk, my tent area is set up over yonder." He motions in a general direction. "I'm not always right Nora, but in this I am. You did good today."

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