(2015-07-24) Bribery
Summary: Quinton won't eat, bribery is resorted too.
Date: 07.24.2015
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It's been almost 24 hours after the removal of the bullet. Quin wasn't sure what he was hoping for, but his shoulder seems to eb hurting worse after Jade dug around in it. The only think he remembers from the surgery, and really any amount of time before it, is some lines of poetry and a weird, scrapping noise that seemed to vibrate his whole skeleton. Creepy. He's laying on his stomach, a book in the arm that's hanging off the cot, reading downward. there's also a glass of water with a straw (Someone got smart) which he's drank about half of. It's better than he had done yesterday , at least. He's still shirtless, and the sweater is dragged on his lower back, more for comfort than warmth.

While Piper once more slept in the first aid building once more, she was probably in after Quin was out and certainly up before he was awake. She slips through the open door, really making no effort to be quiet, but with barefeet and her graceful gait she just is. She has a tray, on it whatever was on hand for lunch that afternoon, nothing really warm, it never is. Without a word she moves across the room to set the tray beside his cot and then unshoulders her pack and begins to dig through it.

Quinton's absorbed in the book. It helps manage the pain, which he's trying to be good and not ask for more pain killers. he knows they're in high demand. So the poet doesn't hear the mute come in, and doesn't move till she's setting the tray down. He doesn’t quite yelp, but he does start, and then groan as his shoulder is jarred from the movement. His face is buried in the pillow briefly till he can get his face smoothed out again. It's a few verily slow deep breaths before he turns to look at the pregnant woman, "Skylar." He's not really ate anything, his eyes stay away from the tray. Maybe in hopes she won't try to make him eat.

At his reaction she looks from her pack to him briefly and pulls a small whiteboard and marker from it. Using her teeth the cap is pulled off and she writes across the board then turns it toward him. "Piper & Sorry. Hungry?" others might not correct him on their names, but she finds they are doing him a disservice. Her handwriting is neat and is surrounded by a border of doodles, mostly musical notes and along the bottom an actual staff with musical notes filling it.

Quinton blinks, confused by the name. Isn't that what he called her? His eyebrows furrow and he keep his gaze on the board, "Oh…sorry….Piper." He gets it right when he reads it at least. There's a small shake of his head as he tries to settle back into that semi comfortable position he had found earlier. "No…thank you….not hungry." It's gone though, the spot and he sighs, finally glancing all the way up to her face, "You eat it…"

The board is flipped and wiped with her sleeve and she writes more. Piper has a method of communication now, he's in trouble. "Please eat." she moves to sit, leaning her side against his cot, so he can see the board as she writes on it. "Unless you /want/ to stay in that bed forever."

Quinton's nose wrinkles and he sighs, laying his head on the pillow. The book he was reading, some old worn collection of poems is on the floor. "I'm not…" He sighs, "I feel nauseous…I'd rather not." All and all, he seems rather with it today….despite the not eating. "Water's good." His hand motions towards the glass. "I will..later.." Is he lying? hard to say!

"Because you haven't eaten." is written across the board. Piper sighs and sets the board aside, taking her pack she moves to sit on the cot she has slept on. An apologetic look is given to him, as if to say 'I am sorry I have to do this' and one of his previously thought ruined sweaters is pulled from the pack and she holds it up, looking from food to him a few times. She plays dirty, but then she is used to having to bribe people to eat things…but usually it's Jack with his veggies.

Well, yeah. But that's not really making his stomach want food. Silly organ doesn't listen to logic. He just watches her confused, the apologetic look doesn't make any sense. The sweater has a small grin forming, "You….saved another? That's….fantastic!" He doesn't try to sit up, but will shift to look over at the girl and the sweater with an honest smile. The idea she'll hold it hostage hasn't even crossed his mind. Who would do that?!?! "Was it …just these two, or were they all savable?"

Setting the sweater in her lap she holds up three fingers. Piper can wash clothes fine, but mending the tear where a stick went through was beyond her skills. She then points to the food with one hand and makes a gesture for eating. She isn't letting it slide this time. She then holds her thumb and forefinger about an inch apart, a little perhaps?

Quinton's eyes widen as does his smile, "Three?!? Really?" That's like…the best news he's gotten since being told he wasn't gonna die! He sighs, but it's a more content happy sound now and lays his head down on the pillow. He's still facing her, so he sees the motion. A low grumble, but more light hearted than before. "I can try…I don't want to get sick.." Throwing up with any kind of wound sucks hard. His eyes do narrow, he's well aware she's now trying to mom him.

There is a nod at him and she seems pleased that the news cheers him up. Folding the sweater she sets it on the cot beside her and the gets up to return to his side and offers her hand to assist him in getting up should he need it. Another nod is given, she doesn't want him to get sick either. The eye narrowing is ignored, she is pretty sure if she was the one injured he would be doing whatever he could to get her to eat, even if it meant bribery, but she could be wrong.

It takes him some effort. Both hands go underneath him and his left side is definitely more shaky than the right. He pales some when he's upright, but he's able to stay that way with only a little swaying. "Give me….a minute…" They'll just have to wait and see what he'd do (Which will most likely be sneaking out to find maternity clothing for her.) "Everyone is …ok?"

Piper helps in anyway she can, even if it is just grabbing pillows for him to lean back against. She waits, she seems to have unlimited patience with some things and doesn't hurry him. Once he is settled she will put the tray across his legs and then take up her position on the floor, leaning against his cot, white board in hand, "Everyone is fine." she writes across the board.

Quinton's breathing is a little shallow, he's trying to not act like a baby, but he's never been shot before. It kinda sucks. "G-good…I'm…glad for …that." Pale eyes slide closed as he tries to steel himself for food. "At…least I didn't…have to forage for it…huh?"

She nods in agreement and wipes the board. Her sleeve is soon going to be stained with black marker if she keeps that up "Sonny is trying to talk to the bandits, but isn't having much luck." she writes out, funny how she doesn't dot her i's or j's when she writes, if such a thing would be noticed. "He thinks we may have to fight them."

A very different emotion flashes across Quinton's eyes, one that isn't normally ever connected to the poet. True anger. "Of course not." Does Sonny really think they're going to be able to talk to those bastards? He winces as he tests out his arm(Like it might be better suddenly?) before reaching to pick up a cracker or whatever is on the tray. "Need to start…" He frowns, searching for he right word. "..training."

It's enough to make the young woman put a hand on his arm in an effort to calm the sudden response, no voodoo this time though. She is in control of her faculties today…so far. Piper writes "In?

Quinton's gaze stays on Piper's hand, he stills, but there's still an underlying anger. When they finally come up to meet her's, it's not a flash of anger, but a smoldering one. The type that's long lasting. He doesn't answer her question, she probably already knows. "I can at least comprehend the idea that aliens are doing this to us…they're alien…but to turn on each other…it's….It's not right." Oh tender hearted poet, having too much faith in humanity.

The surprise on her face is apparent, that's not only the most she has heard him say at one time, but it is also the most put together string of words she has heard from him. The surprise still on her face she nods her agreement to at least part of that statement. She certainly isn't going to correct him on it.

What can he say, pain's a good focuser…and so is anger. And having a good day helps too. The cracker isn't eaten, instead it's transferred to his left hand so he can run his right through his messy hair. Seems Jade hasn't "petted" him today yet. The blonde locks spike out.

Piper looks down at her board, his words bringing thoughts to mind, and she carefully writes something down, "Homo homini lupus est." it's an old latin proverb translated as 'A man is a wolf to another man' it certainly fits the situation, the bandits, like wolves preying on those weaker than themselves.

Following the successful surgery, Jade has been making regular visits to Quinton; every three or four hours, to make sure he's coping okay with the pain management, and once each day to change the coverings. Thus it is probably no surprise to see her wandering in, canteen of water in hand, lightly fanning herself with the other. "Hey. Hey." A greeting for each.

Quinton's propped up, looking pale but awake. He frowns as he reads what Piper's written(and seems to have no problem reading the latin) and shakes his head, "No…Humanity is…more than that." It has to be. He seems sharper than usual, more verbal, not tripping over his thoughts. The patient's hair is spiked in all directions, like he's run his fingers though it and it stayed. Jade gets a nod and a small smile, "Hey."

Piper kneels on the floor, leaning against the man's cot so that he can easily read what she writes on the small whiteboard she has. She does not erase the latin words, but writes underneath it, "Humanity is lost, it must find its way back." the entrance of the doctor has her loooking up though her greeting is just a hand gesture, which then changes into a gentle nudging of the hand that is holding the cracker. A gentle reminder that he should be eating that and not just holding it. There is a sweater at stake her, which sits neatly folded on the next cot.

"Humans and humanity are not the same thing." It's unlikely Jade has read the latin, but the second phrase in English is enough to go on. "It's like the old adage. A person is smart, but people are stupid." She goes about the process of washing her hands and tying back her hair, then reclaims her water bottle.

This talk is not what Quin needs to feel better about anything. The nudge is ignored, maybe if he keeps ignoring it, he'll not have to eat it. Piper can hold the sweater random all she wants. He's got spies on the inside that will help him get it back…if they ever want fresh crayons again. He does sigh though, everything is rather…heavy. "No….no they're not." The same thing, that is. Stupid probably.

Piper gives a sigh, though whether it is to the comment or the lack of eating on Quin's part is unknown. She watches Jade and realizes that she is probably her to changes the bandages. "Do you want me to leave?" is written on a blank spot on the board before she sets it aside and moves the tray of food from Quinton's lap to the table so it doesn't get in the way.

"Mm? No, I'm good. Changing the bandage can wait if you're visiting. Or you can watch and learn how to do it yourself," Jade suggests, grabbing a chair and rotating it so she can sit astride the seat, arms folded along the backrest. "How're you feeling today, Q-ball? Other than existentially challenged."

Quinton assumes the question is for the doc, so he dales say anything about Piper's question. He does seem relieved that the tray is taken, though he still has a cracker in his hand. A slight head turn to look at the bandage, "Like I've been shot." Which is what he keeps telling her. There's humor in his voice, maybe trying to deflect from the other challenge.

The question was for Quinton but since he isn't suddenly protesting her being there like he was yesterday she will assume that he is okay with her staying. Piper doesn't bother mentioning that she knows how to change a bandage, she saves her communication on the board for things that matter, instead she perches herself on the edge of the cot and waits to offer whatever assistant is needed.

"Well, yes. Now give me the real answer," Jade tells Quinton mildly, fixing the man with a green-eyed stare. "Are you managing the pain? You're lucid again which is good. Are you drinking enough water and eating enough food?" A sidelong glance to Piper, and then the vet looks back to Quinton.

Well, yes. he's not being operated on today, so he doesn't mind of Piper stays. He manages to flash an innocent smile at Jade, ignoring most of the questions, "I'm…ok. It hurts, but…" What can he do, he's no going to ask for more. They may need them for later. He reiterates, "I'm ok…thank you."

Does Piper throw Quinton under the proverbial bus by ratting him out about not eating? No. She doesn't even look at the tray with its plate of untouched food. She looks at Jade patiently, until the vet is called away to deal with another matter. She makes a hmmming noise as the woman goes to do other things. Dodge a bullet there.

Well, it's the only bullet he managed to dodge! Quin glances to his partially dressed wound and sighs. A little air should be ok…right? The cracker is unconsciously turned in his hand. The humming gets his attention and he looks over to Piper.

The hmming noise is followed by another one, that isn't so easily interpreted. Piper glances at the partial bandaging job and back toward the door that Jade left out of. There is a moment of waiting and then she gets up to complete the job instead. She is not as skilled at the job as Jade is, but she is as equally gentle, maybe even more so since she is more used to bandaging humans than animals, especially little humans.

Quinton looks baffled at the noise. And actually glances around, like maybe there's something obvious, but there's not. He watches as Piper moves to finish, slightly confused but he doesn't complain. There are no stitches, it's pretty gruesome, but already healing. At least it's stopped bleed continuously. "….thanks."

She's seen worse, they all have and will see worse again. A hand is gently run down the back of his head, it's not like the petting of the vet, more of a caress, and acknowledgement of his words, something else? Piper moves once move to sit on the side of his cot her gaze going to the cracker still in his hand and she shakes her head, her face amused.

Quinton stills, as any man would, confused. He's not uneducated in that type of thing, but since this all went down, his mind isn't…there, usually. And so it makes him unsure if he's reading into anything, or what. His own gaze follows her. Gah, the damn cracker. Instead of dealing with anything else, he'll raise it to his lips and takes a bite. Better to be sick to his stomach than say something stupid and ruin the moment, right?

Something or nothing…either way she makes no other untoward gestures or movements, doesn't even acknowledge that he is actually eating the cracker. If she points it out he might realize what he is doing and stop, and she wants him to eat. Instead she leans over to pick his book of poetry off the floor, but before she looks through it she points to it and gives him a questioning look as if asking permission first.

Woman. They'll be the death of Quin, one way or the other. His stomach makes a growly noise, either in anticipation or protest of the cracker. He nods, it's just a collection, and he doubts she'll be able to find his so it's safe.

The book is opened to a random page and she reads the lines there, a few more pages flipped and she reads and again. The noises from his stomach are ignored as she flips again, her eyes scanning the page, this one she lingers on, reading it a few times before setting the book down, page opened to the poem and takes up her white board and marker. She quickly wipes it free of doodles and all and quickly draws a musical staff and begins to compose, humming the notes as she goes. Seems she thinks one of the poems needs a musical score.

It takes him that much time to chew the cracker. Maybe enough chewing will calm his stomach. He swallows, making a yuck face, and then starts to bend over to grab the glass with water…that might help. He eyes the board, although beyond the basic concepts, he has no idea how to read music.

Without her flute Piper is stuck with having to hum the notes but it does the job in a pinch. She glances up when Quinton moves then looks at the poem and draws out another staff under the other. When that is complete she uses the not writy end of the marker to tap the book pages. Though what she is asking is unknown.

A small grunt comes from quoin, having to bend over slightly for th water, but then he's sitting back up, watching Piper write in a mysterious language. An eyebrow raises, unsure, "Do you…want me to read it?" That's his only guess.

Close enough. She nods, needing to hear the rhythm of the word coming from someone else instead of in her own head. People are going to read it different depending on the interpretation of it. "Please." is quickly written in the board

Quinton nods, taking the book and scanning the poem briefly. It takes him longer than if he was just reading, which is odd, and when he finally starts, there's a weird…rhythm. He's not reading it straight, he almost sounds like a beat poet. And he reads it like a good beat poet, no hesitation, to pauses or stutters. The word professional might come to mind. It's probably not helpful at all to what she was trying to do though, but what does he know…he's not a musician.

Piper closes her eyes as he starts to recite, focusing on the words and the way he is making them flow. Totally different than the way she hears it in her head, but not at all unpleasing. After he stops she sits there keeping her eyes closed for a long moment, probably part of her process.

Quinton slows to an end, blinking a few times before suddenly realizing what he just did. It's not a secret, but he doesn't advertise what he used to be. No use having people feel sorry for him now. His cheeks actually tint pink, which may be a good sign as he's been awful pale since he shooting. "That was…she…she's a good poet." the book is closed very quickly, almost nervously an he reaches for the water again. Maybe he can just fill up on that.

When her eyes open she gives him an appreciative look, grinning slightly at the blush on his cheeks. Piper nods at him, agreeing about the poem. She starts to reach for the book again, but pulls her hand back and writes "May I borrow it?"

Quinton's fingers twitch on his glass, he guesses Piper doesn't actually know his last name, and Quinton, while unusual, isn't that unique of a name…right? There's a hesitant nod and he hands the book over. "I have a few…if you like ..poems." He'll need to find some non-Quinton poem books then.

The book is taken and get gets up briefly to put it in the pack, while up she grabs the sweater and comes back over to hand it to him. No he didn't eat, but maybe she understands what letting her borrow the book means. Or she's just nice. "Thank you." is written on the board and the Bea is coming in "Piper, Becca feel down and skinned her knee. She's insisting you fix it." of all the children the little girl is the most attached to the young woman. A nod is given to Bea and she shares a look with Quinton, one that could say he isn't the only injured one today. She puts a hand on his arm briefly and then gets up to go deal with a less serious injury.

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