(2015-07-24) Lions and Ti...No Just Lions
Lions and Ti…No Just Lions
Summary: Quinton and Nora are getting some fresh air when a lion attacks
Date: 07.24.2015
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Road 19

This road runs in a straight mile north and south. It cuts large abandoned farmland. The occasional farmhouse, barn and grain silo can be seen. this section of the road is only about two miles until it dead ends and only one other road crosses it. At the dead end is an orchard, berry farm, where people could pick the fruit themselves.

It's been three days since Quinton's been shot and finally Nora showed up to visit. But unlike his other visitors she wasn't content to just let him lay around. His legs were perfectly fine so she suggested getting out for some fresh air, it would do him good. "We are going for a walk." she announced and kind of insisted. Assuming he was probably a bit stir crazy she lead the way out of camp and headed west in the direction of the orchards.

It doesn't take much to convince the man to get out, although he does eye the grounds when he steps out, just to make sure that Piper or Jade don' rush him. He doesn't think it should be an issue, him going for a walk, but he'd rather ask for forgiveness later, than permission now. He's not able to really put a t-shirt on, so he's got a loose fitting button up shirt that came from somewhere. At least it's not a flannel, with as hot as it is. No back pack today for obvious reasons, but he does slip his gun into his jeans, just in case. He's not super talkative but does smile at the girl when he sees her, glad she seems at least physically ok. The direction she chooses does finally get him to ask, "Hungry?"

In keeping with the state of the injured man Nora keeps at an easy pace and not her mile eating stride that is usual for her. As the walk down the road her eyes study the skies around them, "Not like I used to be." she replies somewhat absently, "I was a professional athlete before. I was always hungry." she isn't as active as she was before either, training has taken a back seat to survival "It's going to rain tonight." she comments with confidence.

Quinton's pace is definitely slower than before, but he's trying. He knows it's good for him. "Yeah? Surfing?" It's an easy guess, she had a board the first time they met. "Good apples and stuff at the orchard." Seems like being shot has given him clearer head. Well, at least today. He should have brought a bag to bring food back for the kids. He looks up at the sky, but doesn't see what ever it is she does, 'Yeah?"

Nora nods at the guess, "That and triathlons..run, bike, swim, ya know." she looks young to be a professional anything, but it isn't totally unheard of in certain sports. "Being a surfer is kinda like being a sailor. You learn to read the sky, so you know when is a good surf day and when isn't. So yes rain. Can't tell you how much though." she looks at him "The orchard sounds good. I'm not going to fast for you?

Quinton shakes his head, although he is looking a little paler than before. "That…makes sense." Kinda like reading a crowd, he guesses. "An apple kinda sounds…good, yeah." It will be the first voluntary thing he's ate, besides a few crackers.

The day is peaceful and quiet. It's hot sure, but not to humid. A good day for a walk certainly. It seems though that people aren't the only thing walking around in this area today. Not to far to the south, in one of the overgrown fields, movement is spotted, like something stalking through the tall golden grass coming in their direction.

"And I've been surfing since…well as long as I can remember." Nora says as they continue down the road between the overgrown fields "Do you think that the apple a day saying counts toward vets?" since Jade is a vet an all "Or does that only apply to people doctors?

Quinton smirks, "Let's find out." About the apples, anyway. His smile drops as he comes to a stop, instinctively pulling the gun out. His left hand goes to get Nora's attention, trying to wave her behind him. He actually doesn't think it's a person, that would be too weird, but even he knows a deer can fuck a person up. And hopefully it's just that, and not a silencer, which he's decided can't be human. It's got to be some tech or something to make them look it. He hopes.

"I guess if you throw them hard enough they would keep anyone away." Nora jokes, spotting the movement just as Quinton is waving her behind him "Yeah, like that worked out so well for you last time." she comments drolly and stays where she is, though turns toward the movement "What do you think it is?" she whispers, more curious than actually worried.

What it is, is answered quite quickly as a throaty feline type growl comes from the field. And not the cute little domestic cat kind of growl either, this sounds like it is coming from something quite a bit bigger.

Quinton spares a small glare at the girl, he has a gun she doesn't. How is that math hard? The glare drops when the growl emanates from the field. Seriously?!?! What the hell? The gun is lifted, but he's unsure, taking a few steps backwards. Not running. He's pretty sure if you run predators have to give chase, right? "Get the fuck behind me." His voice is low, but it's definitely a command. He's not gonna have taken a bullet to save her just to lose her to a tiger.

"Da Bien!" Nora exclaims as she hears the growl, slipping into that chinese sounding language like she did when they were running from the drones. Seems where Nora goes trouble isn't far behind, Drones, Bandits and Lions, oh my! She says something else but realizes he can't understand "I think now is the time to back away slowly." switching back to english. She does get behind him this time and grapping his arm begins to walk slowly backward, eyes staying locked on the place where the growl comes from. "That can't be what it sounds like…can it?

Quinton nods, agreeing for the most part, "Slowly." His mind races with what it could be, but it's kinda skipping everything useful and landing on tiger. Which is not helpful, he knows. He doesn't answer her question, mostly because when she grabs his arm (There was no good answer here) he grimaces. His shoulder is still fairly tender. Hopefully it isn't jostled enough to start bleeding again. Do tiger's track by scent? or is that sharks? He keeps moving backwards slowly.

Nora doesn't care what it is, she just knows that she doesn't want to end up something’s lunch. There is a bit more movement in the grass, it seems to be moving with them though with the tall thick grass it is hard to tell what it is. Was that a golden tip of fuzzy tail peeking up over the grass?! "Maybe we should hide in one of these farmhouses until it is safe?" she suggests continuing to walk slowly backwards.

Quinton nods, again agreeing. His pale eyes are glued to the whatever it is. Tiger for now. "You…lead." He's going to keep himself turned to face the creature, she'll need to be the eyes up front.

If one mysterious creature wasn't enough there is another noise in the distance, this one a roar, at least it is far enough away not to be a threat. Not like the one growling just a yard or so away.

"Sure thing chief." Nora says still hanging onto his arm and leading him slowly toward the nearest farm house. "When do you think it will be safe…" the roar cuts her off and she gives a squeal in terror "There is more than one of them..can we run yet?"

Quinton 's eyes wider, "Shit." Yes, there's more than one. His chest puffs, not that it makes him look that much bigger, but something in the back of his head reminds him that if he looks bigger…threatening, it may by them a second or two before it pounces. "If it ..pounces, run. Other wise…just….keep moving towards the nearest house." Is he just cornering them? Will Sonny send anyone ? Does anyone know where they were even going?

From Quinton's mouth to the creatures ears. As the pair starts to back up the driveway toward the house the grass moves quickly, it's running, which really can mean only one thing, it's coming after them.

Nora echoes his sentiment of "Shit." and as soon as that thing starts running she does to. "Move it Chief!" she exclaims tugging on his arm to get him to turn and run the rest of the way to the house.

Well, he wasn't trying to give the creature any ideas! He might have gotten better shot at it if Nora hadn't tugged on his arm, which only shoots a flash of pain into his shoulder. The gunfight shot rings in his ears, he knows he hit it, just not where or if he dropped it. He gives a strangled yell, half fear, half pain and starts running along side the girl. They should make it…as long as neither trips.

The lioness rushes from the grass, muscles bunch and spring the wild cat forward. The gun is fired, there is an awful yowl of pain as the impact of bullet against flesh stops the pounce short, then a thud as the creature hits the ground.

Nora runs like she has a man eating creature chasing her…and she does for a few moments. The gun fire doesn't stop her and she hits the door of the farmhouse running, sending it flying inwards, thankfully it was already partly open and she doesn't take it off the hinges "Hurry! Hurry!" she calls holding the door and ready to slam it shut as soon as the man is clear.

Quinton stops at the door, whipping around while holding onto the frame with his left hand, right hand raises again to shot if needed. He needs to know if it's dead to laying there, or gotten up. His breathing is ragged, a mix of adrenaline, pain and something else.

Well it isn't chasing them anymore, but the lioness isn't dead. Wounded yes, making it more dangerous, and it could eventually die of its wound but that won't be for awhile. It staggers to its feet, yowling once more in pain and begins to limp away. It doesn't get far, the wound making it hard for it to walk. It drops into the middle of the road and begins to lick its injury.

"Oh my god you shot it!" the disbelief is clear in the words. Sure it may have been wanting to eat them, but Nora is an animal lover and didn't want to see the creature hurt. Looking over at Quin's shoulder she watches the lioness get up and start to limp away, though when it lays down in the middle of the road she sighs, "Whose bright idea was this walk?" it was all hers.

Quinton's mind races, shooting Nora another frown. He knows he shot it! The man's fingers twitch on the gun as he debates what to do. Leave it where it will become more dangerous or go try to put it out of it's misery? He's not a hunter. that shot was lucky. Although now he knows what it's like to be hit by a bullet. Tends to make a person more sympathetic. The debate is clear on his face, or at least that there is some kind of debate happening. His breathing is still uneven, "I….I could go try to put it down…"

"No!" is the immediate response. Even if it is the humane thing to do the teen girl can't fathom killing the thing "It may be able to survive the wound." Nora glances around the interior of the farm house. "Let's see if it leaves on its own first. We can take a look around in here. If it hasn't moved an then.." there is a sigh of displeasure "Then you can mercy kill it.

Quinton doesn't want to kill it. He really doesn't. God, when did his life become this? The man lets out a small breath and nods, stepping inside the building finally and glancing around.The door is closed . His left hand moves and then pauses when he grimaces. It drops and his right lifts to wipe his forehead, his bangs pushed back upwards. When he turns back to look out the window, a small patch of red can be seen soaking through his shirt where his wound would be. "I think we should…keep watch on her….if she gets out of sight….I want to know she's left, not…" he sighs again, looking tired, "Not around the corner of the house or anything…"

Well Nora notices it and gestures "Your bandage is coming undone. Want me to look at it?" there is a window near the door and she looks out of it. "We can take turns. I'll look around here a bit while you watch her." a nod is given out the window "When I am done I'll watch and you can have a look around."

Quinton glances over his shoulder and groans. "Yeah…I guess….make sure I'm not bleeding out or anything." Not that there's much they can do, unless Nora's a secret nurse or something. His not set the gun down, although it's pointed down. "I …I can take first watch, if you can look?" At his shoulder first, then she can look wherever.

She nods then lifts the bag of his shirt, lifting the bandage where it came loose to take a peek letting out a whistle "How they really put a hole in you didn't they." it's a rhetorical question of course. She secures the bandage carefully, it won't be coming loose again "I'm sorry you got shot, thanks for the rescue the other day." it's sincere with a hint of guilt in the tone. She doesn't wait for much of a response but instead heads deeper into the house to look around for stuff.

Quinton keeps his eyes on the cat, but he does respond with a touch of humor, "Yeah…upped my man card." Being a poet, his card was probably not that full to begin with, honestly. He will spare a glance over to her departing back when she apologizes, "Hey…don't. It's ok. I'd do it again." A quick smile and then he turns back to keep an eye on the beast.

There are rummaging noises, and the sounds of cabinets and drawers opening, coming from various parts of the house as Nora wanders through and looks around. She isn't really looking for anything in particular, some of what she finds isn't even grabbed, who needs a wreath or a wall cross, "Score." she shouts and she hurries back to Quinton waving a bottle of liquor and carrying a small laundry hamper "Look what I found." she is speaking of the alcohol of course. She hands it over "Open that up. I think after nearly getting eaten by a lion we deserve a drink." she then flips open the hamper and begins to pull little clothes out of it. "Huh?" she says and looks into it "It's all baby clothes. What the heck am I gonna do with baby clothes?"

Quinton does not have to be told twice, the bottle is opened, but he lets Nora have the first drink. It's held up, "Piper needs them." Seems Nora needs to start thinking bigger than just singularly. He motions at the basket, trying give her a silver lining, "That's good for carrying stuff." Like the booze, if there's any left. Quin didn't bring a backpack. If she hands the bottle back, he'll take a hearty swig. May not be the best for healing his shoulder, but it's what is needed when almost ate by a lion.

Nora looks from the green little feetie pajama style outfit in her hand to Quinton "The big haired woman?" she doesn't know everyone's name yet, and with his inability to get people's names right she isn't sure who he is talking about without the descriptor…the fact that he did get her name right doesn’t occur to her. The clothing is dropped back into the hamper and she takes the bottle "To not getting our faces eaten." she toasts then takes a large gulp of the liquor, gasping after she shallows it "It burns." she chokes out. She's a teen, of course she isn't used to it. "You go look around. I'll watch the cat."

Quinton nods, the big haired woman. Funny. Maybe being scared made him get her name right, who knows? "No face eating." He smirks, trying and failing to not laugh at her attempt at drinking. At least drinking he's a little more manly, no sputtering or gasping. In fact he takes a second long swig before handing it back to her and starting his own search of the house. He spends more time in the kitchen, bringing out 4 jars of jam and 6 military MREs. After dumping all that into the basket, he goes off and pillages in a bedroom for a bit. There's probably more, but he comes out with a fisher price hill house. There's a few figures and furniture pieces too inside that he doesn't pull out. that's set lightly in the basket as well. "She still there?"

Taking the bottle back Nora leans a hip against the window sill as she watches out the window. A more tentative sip is taken from the bottle as watches the creature outside. When she hears Quinton returning she turns to check out what he managed to score. Her brows lift that the dollhouse she saw it but she is still has the loner mentality. At the question she looks back out the window "Looks like she is leaving." the lion is up at least, it limps a few paces and then begins to make its slow way back into the overgrown field.

Quinton's not going to explain. Nora will either get it when she sees Beca's face, or won't. Stepping over to watch the departing lion, he frowns. He's still not sure that was the most humane thing to do, but …well, it's done. "We should go back…" they didn't even make it to the orchard. "Gunshots put everyone on alert." As they should. and they should probably tell someone about the newest threat. He'll sigh and reach for the bottle, a last few swigs may be needed before the adventure out again.

There is no argument from Nora on that part "Well at least we aren't returning empty handed." she doesn't take the bottle back. She's had her fill of the burny fire water. She grabs one of the handles on the hamper and lets him take the other (she does take into account his injury when she picks her side) "Matson isn't at camp," she guesses that's who he means to tell, "he took a large group down to town to try an talk with the bandits again." which could be why the camp was so quiet this morning "He thought maybe a show of force can make them see reason." it's not a totally bad idea, but it is doubtful it will work.

Quinton frowns, shaking his head again. He wonders briefly if Nora was sent to keep him distracted from that. Good job? The bottle it set in the basket, closer to himself and he lifts. It's not super heavy, but it's a little awkward, as he switches his gun to his left hand. He won't shot that way, but he can the easily drop the basket and switch hands. "Then we should really get back, before anyone else comes looking…" He can see Piper or Bea coming out her. If they even know which direction Nora took him.

"Bea is around though. We can tell her, if we can find her. Last I saw her she was taking all those kids to the dining hall." Nora lets the injured man set the pace, even though she wants to hurry, she knows he isn't a hundred percent yet and this altercation couldn't have helped any "They are going to send hunters out after the lions aren't they?" she doesn't sound happy about that.

Quinton seems to be focusing on walking and eyeballing the surrounding area. It takes him a minute to answer, "Probably, yes…an animal injured like that…It'll attack again." He's actually concerned that it attacked in the first place…and why the hell was there one out here, much less two?!?!

Nora nods at him, but she still doesn't like the idea "And capturing it letting it loose elsewhere would be impossible. She glances in the distance, where the gigantic spaceship can be seen hovering above the horizon "Like releasing them on the aliens." she gives an upward nod of her head.

Quinton's eyes linger on a particular patch for a moment. After all they've been though, a lion isn't going to eat them. Period. "No…we don't have anything to be able to do that…"The added sentence gets a smile, "I wouldn't…do that to the lions…like them too much…" He's slowing down some. Maybe the alcohol and exertion is taking it's eftect. He didn't have enough to become drunk, but yeah…he's a little slower now.

The joke brings a laugh "Valid point." Nora slows down as he does, but she looks at hid oddly "You okay there cheif?" she asks trying to get him speed up by giving a few tugs on the hamper between them.

Added in the blood lose from a few days ago, drinking may not have been his best idea. He nods, "Yeah…just…tired." He'll be bale to make it home, just slower than either would probably like.

"I guess you crashed." she doesn't put the alcohol into the equation, she is chalking it up to adrenaline rush and then the shock of escaping death again so soon after the first time. "Here, I'll carry the hamper, you just focus on staying upright." she takes the hamper from him and carries it against her hip. As they get close to the road to turn off into camp the meet up with a group of guards from camp. After Nora explains what happened the guards have grim expressions and give an escort back to camp.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Baby shower Invites-Unopened
1 Wall crucifix
1 Assorted Baby Clothes
1 Blanket
1 Wall Wreath
1 Bottle of Liqueur
1 Jars of Jam / Preserves
1 Small Doll House
6 Military M.R.Es
3 Jars of Jam / Preserves

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