(2015-07-25) Vet's Assistant
Vet's Assistant
Summary: Jade, Piper and the flock at the Equestrian Center.
Date: 07.25.2015
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Equestrian Center

Of all the places in the camp this is one of the few that is mostly used for it's original purpose. A large fenced off corral circles around a couple of large barns. At any given time there are a few dairy cows, six horses and a flock of chickens. Both barns are used to store the items necessary to tend to the animals and the garden in the south field as well as house the animals at night. To the west is a large fenced off meadow where the cows are allowed to graze.

Now that she only has to do doctor-y things once a day to change Quinton's bandages rather than needing to remain there for hours at a time, Jade has gone back to her self-designated role of animal keeper. The cows have been taken down to graze, likewise some of the horses, and she is busy giving the three remaining equines a thorough health check and grooming; teeth, hooves, eyes, muscles, checking tack for rubbing or irritation, and then going over each horse with brush and curry-comb. She's humming to herself somewhat tunelessly, seeming to be in her element.

The past week Piper to has been a bit neglectful in her duties, especially in spending time and taking care of what has become her children. She spent most of her time helping with the injured Quinton. The children were well cared for sure, Bea is wonderful for that, but her and the children are a family, within the family type atmosphere of Camp Hope.

She is back to being the mother figure, the children chasing each other in rambunctious fashion, all except for Becca who insists on a piggy back ride. So with the infant boy on her front in his snuggie, Becca riding on her back, and the rest running around she arrives at the farm area. Maybe giving the kids something to do like feeding the chickens and collecting eggs will help with their energy levels.

One of the horses being cared for here is Haze. Currently not on a leading rope or tethered in any way, the grey mare is free to move around, and when kids come into the enclosed area she begins to walk towards the largest of them, nose outstretched in a curious and/or begging for pets manner. She's careful enough around them that she's not going to step on anyone, and slow enough that they can avoid her if they so choose. Clearly, she's been raised around small people.

Meanwhile, Jade pauses in her working on one of the other horses, lifting a hand to wave wordlessly at Piper and her horde of sproglings.

Caro is the oldest and tallest of the kids so when the horse approaches she holds out her hand like she was taught and lets the creature get her scent before she moves to pet it. The next three head into the barn to get cups of the grain used to feed the birds. They all give a cheerful greeting to Jade as the rush past. Moving toward Jade, Piper returns the wave to the woman, holding her hand out as well so the horse that the woman is caring for can smell her. Becca peers at Jade and the horse "Horse is pretty." the little girl comments.

Haze huffs pleasantly against Caro's hand, taking in the girl's scent and then shamelessly nudging for pettings. In the meantime, the dun mare Jade is looking after bumps Piper's fingers, then extends her nose in Becca's direction on Piper's back, snuffling at the girl's hair a few times. "She is," Jade agrees. "Her name is Jilly. If you want to pet her, you should hold your hand out like Piper is doing."

Giggles come from Caro, she is more than happy to show the horse some affection. Becca leans away from the horse as it come closer, eyeing it suspiciously and she shakes her head, her kinky dark hair bouncing around her head. Once the horse is done sniffing her Piper caresses the horses nose and then moves to scratch her withers. At the refusal of the girl on her back the young woman gives Jade an apologetic look.

"It's okay. Horses can scare some kids," Jade asides to Piper, even as she goes back to grooming the chestnut. "They're pretty big, and don't wag their tail like dogs do." She glances over Jilly's back towards Caro and Haze, who seem to be getting on famously. "Do you know if Caro can ride?" she asks the silent woman. "She looks like the kind of girl who might enjoy it."

Piper glances at Caro and then back to Jade, holding up her free hand she holds her thumb and forefinger a few inches apart, probably indicating a little. She then indicates herself, puts a hand toward the back of the horse, points to Caro and puts a hand to the front of the horse. Perhaps that they ride double most of the time. After that gesture she hold a hand open to Becca, who reaches between herself and Piper's back to pull out the white board and puts it in the hand.

The redheaded vet nods a few times. "I learned to ride from about the age of six, solo from about eight. If you think she'd enjoy some tuition to get her riding confidently on her own, I'm happy to teach. Then she can help out with some of the animal herding." Jade seems to be of the opinion that the kids can do real jobs, probably based on her own childhood.

The young woman is probably of the same opinion, the three other children going about feeding the chickens. For them though it is a game, seeing who can get more of the birds to eat out of their hands. It's still a job that needs to be done and they enjoy doing it. Another nod from Piper and she crouches down to let Becca stand on her own. There is an immediate protest and she scoots up some but after a few moments slides down to stand on her own, clinging to the woman's leg as far from the much larger horse as possible. With both hands free she can now write on the board, "Yes as long as she is willing." she writes holding the board so it can be seen.

"Hey, Caro, c'mere," Jade calls over to the girl once she's seen Piper's note, finishing grooming Jilly and letting the horse roam free once more - the older mare is inclined towards standing with Foxtrot, the as-yet ungroomed gelding, rather than pursuing children for pettings. Should Caro do as asked, Haze is happy to follow, snuffling at Caro's hair and nudging her shoulder if she stops with the scratching.

Caro glances over when her name is called and walks over as requested "Yes ma'am?" she looks at the woman curiously a moment, her eyes drifting to Piper probably making sure she isn't in trouble or something. She's pretty average sized for her age so the horse nudging her shifts her a bit, she she is more amused by it than anything.

Piper watches Caro as she walks over, her look reassuring the girl that nothing is wrong and hand is put on the girl's shoulder.

Jade offers Caro a small smile. "Piper here said you can ride a bit, mostly with her. D'you want to learn to ride a bit more, so you're confident on your own?" she suggests. Of course, 'Piper said' is more 'Piper signaled' or 'Piper wrote', but it's all the same intent. "If you like horses, I mean."

"Yeah." Caro answers "We've ridden around camp quite a bit. We aren't allowed to leave the grounds though, even with guardians." for good reason, one that she has come to terms with, even if it chaffes a bit. A glance is once more given to Piper and the girl nods "I'd like to learn more of course. Piper says that you should never turn down an opportunity to learn something new, especially now." Piper writes on her board "You may want to start teaching her..or others your vet skills as well." she suggests to Jade via the writing.

There's a faint face pulled by Jade at the suggestion Piper makes towards the end. "It took me five years of intense study and practice to become a vet. It's not something easily taught - the basics, sure, but I wouldn't say I'm up to the task of teaching somebody to do surgery on an animal," she murmurs to the mute woman, then nodding to Caro. "Okay. How about you come to the barn tomorrow morning, and we'll make a start?" she suggests.

Piper nods at the woman, despite the facial expression she is given "Basics are fine." is written, even the basics could save a much needed animals life "Dad was a vet. I know the difficulty of it." she adds to the board. It's not often that she young woman mentions things before the Arrival, like some she prefers not to dwell on the times before, that only leads to depression, at least for her.

"Alright. If she's comfortable with it," Jade agrees quietly with Piper, at least for the basics. "Fancy being a vet's apprentice, Caro?" she then directs to the girl, letting her make up her own mind about what she wants to learn.

Piper nods, she knows the children better than anyone and doesn't think Caro would mind. "Thank you." is written down. Caro makes a face "What's an apprentice?" she asks up to Piper "Oh like a helper that learns." she states after a moment than looks to Jade "Yeah cool." her non-chalant words don't hide the excitement at the idea and after she agrees she dashes off to share the news with the others children. Piper watches her briefly and writes "Thanks." then "Need help now?" under it.

There's a wan little smile from Jade. "I don't think so. I've checked out Jilly and Topper and Samson, and Haze and Tate are both fine. It's just Foxtrot left. I'll check over the cows tomorrow," she declines quietly. "Is Quinton doing okay, if you've seen him? I'm not heading over to the first-aid centre until this afternoon."

A worried frown comes to the young woman's face, and the baby held to her chest by the snuggie makes a grunting noise of displeasure around his pacifier. The board is wiped quickly, "Think he is still shaken from yesterday. Don't think he has really eaten much." yesterday being the lion attack on him and the Nora girl.

There's a faint sound of impatience from Jade. "He shouldn't have been out there in the first place. Damn the man." Shaking her head, she heads over to fetch Foxtrot, beginning to examine him as she has the other five. "If you see Bea, can you ask her to make sure he's eating? I've a feeling he's more likely to listen to her than anyone else."

The noise and the cursing has her giving a slight smile of amusement. There has been a few times she has wanted to curse him too. If her actions over the past week are taken into account it is clear she worries and cares for the strange man. She nods in agreement at the question as she follows Jade, her eyes going to the children briefly to check on them, though Becca still clings to her leg, content to be quiet and suck her thumb as long as she doesn't have to leave the woman.

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