(2015-07-27) Searching Cedar Bluffs
Searching Cedar Bluffs
Summary: Scavenging around Cedar Bluffs, things are found, some good, some distressing
Date: 07.27.2015
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North 4th Street Cedar Bluffs

Street:North 4th


As soon as it gets into Cedar Bluff, 17 changes names to North 4th Street. The road is only 1/2 mile and ends at a cross road with another over grown field across from it. Five streets start with this one, the largest one being Main Street and all lead into residential districts.

South of Main Street is a wasteland of charred buildings. Life, in the form of plants, is returning to the burned out section. In a few years it will resemble more of a wooded meadow than a burned out residential.

While Cedar Bluffs is a shorter walk than it is to Fremont, it is much smaller and with the fire that ripped through it earlier in the year, the bigger town is a much better place for scavenging. But now Fremont has bandits, and while some parts of the town are relatively safe, why take the unnecessary risk.

Piper leads the horse with it's basket like panniers as the town is approached. She has been silent on the journey, not even humming this time. Having never been to this area, she studies the area, staying on alert, though the doesn't bring the rifle on her back around to a more cautious position.

Quinton's quiet as well, his eyes are scanning the area. almost manically. He really didn't want the pregnant girl to go with, but there's no arguing with her, really. He's keeping close though, to both Piper and the horse. The lion scare had him staying away from most people, just focusing on getting his tent up and his stuff back in.

It was a with or without situation. Better with, safety in groups, even if it is just the two. No signs of lions at least. The little village is quiet, but not in the eerie way. Birds, squirrels and other wildlife can be seen and heard, which is always a good sign. So there isn't anything or anyone dangerous around, except themselves. And quietness that descends is their fault. The young woman stops at the first street, and looks down it at the rows of ranch style houses, with a double wide and two story cape style home on each side of it. It's not a long street, the other end easily seen where it ends at a cross street. She glances at Quinton, giving his a quizzical look then points to the various street options.

So says Everyone else, but Quin's not convinced. He's not sure his luck(Or Piper's) would hold out with a band of bandits…or another lion attack.He's certain he can outrun her, but that's not really a comfort. He'll nod, indicating the short street is fine. He'd rather get the ambler one's done first before tackling anything larger. He reaches up and unconsciously rubs his shoulder, the bandages are not visible over the button up he has on. But if you know it's there, you can totally tell. "Let's beta few houses done…before lunch…" Which hopefully they'll find…Hopefully.

There is a nod to the man and Piper puts her forefingers together and then pulls them apart, pointing to each side of the street, she then puts them back together to point to one side. She seems to be asking if they are splitting up, each taking a side or searching together.

Gah, no. Quin shakes his head, "Stay together." Is she wanting to give him a heart attack? On top of everything else? He heads of the right, just the natural flow. "I'll go first." Before she can silent argue a finger is held up, "Don't… Just…don't." As they approach he'll scan the yard, looking for somewhere to tie the horse off, if it's not fenced in.

Another nod, Piper would have went with either, she isn't feeling to argumentative today…so far. Her brows furrow a bit when he speaks to her but she gestures for him to go ahead as she loosely ties the horse lead to a bush near the front porch.

Quinton nods, seemingly happy with no arguments. Although in the back of his head he knows it's just piling it up for a huge one, when the damn breaks. The wood is tested before he steps up onto the porch and he's try to glance in the buildings to see any signs of life…or death. If Piper's throwing up as breakfast smells…she'll probably not handle dead body smells much better.

The porch is fine, probably not even made of real wood. On the other side of the dirty window is a living room with no signs of life, not even of the previously living variety.

Giving the horse a pat on the neck, Piper will then follow behind Quinton, her barefeet making no noise as she moves up behind him onto the porch. She is too short to look over his shoulder so has to settle for peeking around him to look into the window.

Quinton frowns, although he's not sure what he expected. He turns and then give sa start, not expecting Piper to be that close, "Jezz!"He stumbles back a step, luckily not into anything. "It looks…clear…" The poet moves to go check the door. It sticks briefly, from not being used in several months, but then the seal breaks and it opens with a loud squeak. Quin Winces at the noise but proceeds forward.

Piper takes a step back as well, she was expecting him to turn around, and she teeters a bit at the top of the steps, hand going to the railing for balance. Thank goodness for being front heavy, she doesn't fall back at least. Patiently she waits for him to open to door and go in. She is in no rush really and lets him take all the time he wants.

Instinctively he'll reach a hand to steady her before opening the door. Quinton keeps his ear peeled along with his eyes, it's how he found the kittens anyway. He slowly steps into the room, Taking a deeper breath and making sure there's nothing too gross. "We should …look for stuff for winter too…" if that includes sweaters, so be it Jedi.

One would expect Piper to flinch at the unexpected physical contact, Piper usually doesn't go for that unless she is the one initiating, but she doesn't in this case. Whether it's because of him or because the alternative is possibly falling, well that is up in the air. She signals she's okay and will follow him into the house, making a hmmming noise of agreement about what needs to be found.

Quinton has noticed her reaction, or not, to him, but isn't sure what to think of it, so he just kinda rolls with it. He's busy looking for dangers or dead bodies or anything else that's not here that he doesn't seem to find anything useful. Well, there's a plate of what used to be cookies…he thinks, sitting on the coffee table, but he's not gonna touch those mummified things.

While Quinton searches his areas, Piper takes the other parts of the house, moving around noiselessly through the rooms as she searches. She returns to where Quinton searches in the living room in short order, just as quietly. A large all season wreath hanging around her neck and tennis racket in hand.

ok, Quin can't help it, he grins at the sight. Straightening from his crouched position, the few drink coasters are gentle set down on the table. "Thinking about decorating?" He's not judging, pretty things are nice.

The grin followed by the question has her giving a rare laugh. There is so little to laugh at this days and the sound of it surprises her, making her laugh even more. She does answer the question with a shrug though and glance down at the colorful wreath around her neck with it's silk flowers. A hand is put to it and she rubs some of the collected dust from its silken leaves.

The laugh has him grinning more. Seems happy can be contagious. "You look good in color." He'll need to remember that. Maybe he should look for fake flowers too. Brightening the camp isn't a bad idea. "Not much else here, is there?" At least, nothing useful.

She isn't sure how to take the compliment, but certainly doesn't want to make the rest of the day awkward, she is sure there will be more chances for that to happen later, why rush it. Piper decides just nodding is the best course of action. Using the tennis racket she gestures out the door and begins to head out so they can move along.

Quinton didn't mean it weird, just Piper was smiling and the colors looked nice. After a brief moment he'll snatch a few of the coasters before leaving the house, closing the floor behind them. No reason to ruin the actual building. Maybe one day someone will be able to sue it. He scans the area , letting his eyes readjust to the sunlight. "Nice day at least…." He'll move past, untying the horse so they can go to the next house.

As humorous as it is, a large wreath around your neck isn't comfortable so Piper removes it and hangs it from the horse's rig and puts the tennis racket in one of the panniers. Falling in beside him as they walk to the next house, she nods her agreement. She points to a house that seems to have had young children, if the swingset and playhouse in the backyard is any indication at least.

Quinton nods, agreeing that needs to be their next stop. "..may have a lot of things…" He hopes anyway. He kinda wishes they could grab the swing set…maybe he can get a swing down and Sonny would put it on a tree…. He leaves Piper to tie off the house and he goes and checks the window and then door. The handle rattles and is locked.

Piper looks hopeful as they go up to the house, but it's more of a shrug she gives. Most things they find are ruined by time, weather or animals. It doesn't take long for bugs, and mice to chew something up. With the horse tied, she comes up the porch to find Quinton having issues with the door. There is no hesitation, she brings her rifle around and breaks out the front window with the butt of it. She doesn't go in it though. She's barefoot, and while her feet may be tough, she isn't going to risk it.

Quinton flinches, his voice soft but steady, "Jesus, Claire! We could have checked the back door!" He sighs, this is part of why he likes doing this stuff on his own, he has a system! A small frown is given to the woman before he glances down the street to make sue it didn't draw any attention of anything bad before he starts making his way into the house.

No apologetic look at anything, a frown at the name but then just a brief unblinking stare and a shrug of shoulders. About the only thing that noticed the glass shattering was the horse, and he just huffs and goes back to eating grass. Piper rocks back on her heels, once more waiting, this time for him to open the door.

Quinton hurumphs to himself, making him sound a little older than he is as he climbs into the room. To be fair, his shoulder is still pretty tender and healing. He takes his time, not wanting to trip over a dead body or anything as he moves over to unlock the door. The door swings open and he'll motion her in, pointing for her to step towards the direction of not// broken glass. "Be careful."

As the door swings open Piper steps through and quickly past, heeding his warning about the glass she doesn't go in that direction. That would make it harder to get back to camp. After a quick look around and taking in the layout of the house she heads in one direction letting Quinton take the other section.

Quinton heads towards the kitchen, letting Piper look for the kids. He pulls some plates out, but none look in good enough condition to bring back, but then he sees an iron skillet….and remembers Bea saying something about how they were the best. So that's grabbed along with the half package of napkins. He steps on a raw hide bone, luckily not tripping. they is also napped. If they ever find any dogs that aren't feral, that could come in handy. Making his way back, he'll call softly, " You good?" His eyes are looking at the family portraits on the wall, like they're judging him for looting their house.

The question is met with silence, but that should be expected, it isn't long though when Piper is returning. This time wearing a fur coat that is designed to be worn by someone at least five inches taller than her and broader in the shoulders. It not only nearly drags the ground but she is drowning in it. Over her arm are a few tops, and in one hand an unopened bottle of Kahlua and the other a harlequin doll which she is looking at a bit oddly.

Quinton blinks, this sight even weirder than the last. He steps over to take the bottle from her, "Need help?" The doll is glanced at, he has no weirdness about dolls, so he's just assuming it's for the kids. "You look…warm…"

He gets a bit of resistance in the taking of the bottle, but Piper isn't going to fight about it and lets him have it. She shakes her head about the help, looking up from the porcelain doll she is holding. In response to the comment she fans her face with her now empty hand then begins to shed the heavy winter coat.

Quinton frowns, and then offers the bottle back, "Just holding it." It's not like she can drink it, right? If she'd rather, he'll take the coat instead, she can carry the doll and booze. The room they're in gets a look over, "I want to go check the swing set out back…"

Piper makes a gesture suggesting she take it all, then point out front where the horse is tied up. Maybe suggesting she will pack up the stuff while he checks the backyard. It's an armful, but not an overly heavy one. Once she has all the stuffs she will head out front to divide the stuff between the panniers evenly while she waits.

Quinton heads to the back, the back door was locked too, but Piper doesn't need to know that. Luckily for him, swings now a days are easy to take on and off, the plastic around the chain is made to withstand weather. two seats come down and he glances around the overgrown backyard to try to see if there's anything else he could easily take. A sandbox, which is opened is there…and no…something has been using it to live in…and play house is too little for him to really crawl around in quickly to check so he decides the swings are good enough and heads back to Piper and the horse.

Piper is waiting patiently, petting the horse, head resting against the creatures neck. When she hears the approach she turns taking in the swings and gives his a grateful look. Now they will just have to find a low enough branch on a tree near the dining hall. She'll wait for him to load the swings before heading to the next house.

The chains are a little harder to load up, those plastic things don't really bend. But eventually Quin get sit and will nod, "Next house, or are you hungry?" He has an energy bar he can give he rand he can forage some for himself (No mummified cookies though).

A yes and a no movement of head comes from Piper. Yes house, no to the hunger. Though the next few houses are boarded up and they aren't quite that desperate for stuff just yet so she leads the horse past them and to one that is less likely to have unpleasant sights and smells in it. She'll left Quinton take point once they get there.

Good. Maybe they can work together some after all. He' move up rattling the door, which is locked and then points to Piper and shakes his head. It's a stay here motion and he'll head to the back to check that door. After a bit longer than it should have taken, the front door rattles from the inside and Quin opens it. "Come on in…"

She stays, she doesn't go for the windowing breaking this time, especially since she was spoken to about it before. When the door is finally opened Piper's hand is up as if she was about ready to knock on it. A smirk comes to her face at his invitation and she walks past him into the house.

The pretend almost knock has him smile and he makes a silly, hand motion like he's welcoming her into the house. "It's dusty in here…" Looks like who ever lived here was in the middle o putting away their christmas decorations…and laundry. "We could take the tree.." meaning the christmas one. "Presents will be hard, but we can decorate for the kids…" He give sa half shrug, not going to push the idea, but he will pick up a few of the smaller ornaments. Even if they don't take the tree, he'll have something to give the kids at least.

The tree is looked at, almost sadly an Piper looks closely at some of the ornaments, gingerly touching a few that were obviously made by small hands. One ornament in particular draws her attention, but it isn't one of handmade ones. It's a small manger scene and she flips it over in her hands, turning the small key on the underside, the metallic notes of Silent Night fill the quiet air. She looks from it to Quinton and hands it over, she opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out except a sigh. She does insist he hang onto it though. She then goes about the house looking for anything else of use.

Quinton nods, looking for a basket or something he can gather a few things in. hopefully not many breakable ornaments. As the song goes on, Quin will hum with it, Picking up a pair of jeans and trying to remember who needed them and what size…Underneath that is a handful of onsies and he grins, grabbing those as well. He'll then move to the kitchen, digging in the pantry for anything that's not already been gotten into by bugs or completely out of date. Apparently this was a baking house. two bags of sugar! And a few cookie cutters…The poet doesn't know if that will ever be useful, but he grabs the christmas ones…they can be used as decorations too, he guesses.

Piper returns with cleaning supplies, some clothes and a bottle of hair gel. No she doesn't make a silent reference to the hair gel and the man's hair…she has little room to talk when it comes to hair. She's like the poster child of the song 'Hair'. When she sees the baby clothes she grins, her fingers running across the fabric and the little designs embroidiered on them.

Between what he found and then what Nora found. The new baby will at least have soem clothes. He smirks at her find, wondering is she'll actually use it, or if she's going to pass it on to someone else. "Got sugar…that'll last us…or maybe we can trade Gabriel.." Or just give it to him. The man has helped them quite a bit.

The sugar is nodded at and she starts to put all that was found in the basket that was found to put it all in. She has noticed that the man is amazingly coherant today, despite Piper having burdened herself with him. Good thing she is unable to point that out. After getting all the stuff together she takes her water bottle from her pack, taking a drink before offering him a drink from it.

Quinton has good days. since the shooting, his communication abilities seem to be more extreme. While she takes a drink, he turns to look at the tree again. It's probably to big to carry home…this time. He steps up to take a closer look, his head tilting at a music note ornament. Fingers twitch, like he's having to stop himself from taking it all. The urge to protect it all, what remains of humanity, is hard to resist. When he notices the water he nods, "..Thanks." it's taken with a hearty sip. He may not be eating as much as he should, but at least his liquid intake is almost back to normal.

An ornament the young woman obviously missed our she would have snatched it up like starving man would food. A nod is given and Piper heads out to load the stuff up and peruse the rest of the houses. They have had decent luck so far, which house will in continue in.

Quinton makes a mental note where this house is…maybe he'll come back for the tree himself. He follows the pregnant woman with a sigh before unteathering the horse and gong to the next place that's not boarded up. He should maybe bring a crowbar with too…for next time.

The sigh draws a look but what's she going to do, question him about it? Of course not. Piper just keeps on moving letting luck or whatever guide them to the next house. Maybe the little Cape Cod with the overgrown flowerbed decorated with too many garden gnomes for good taste.

The garden gnomes get a smile. Nothing he would have ever had, but it's something his mom would have liked. And with that thought his smile drops some and he pushes forward into the house. There a few dead house plants, but nothing else too horrible when they first enter. Photos of a pregnant couple are on the wall, but no baby, so she must have been expecting when everything went down. In fact, there's packs of diapers, like they maybe just got home from a baby shower and hadn't gotten a chance to put them away. and the blessed maternity pants. Quin quickly stuffs them at the bottom of whatever they've carrying things in. Maybe he'll give them to Bea to give to Piper. He'd rather not get yelled at. Or silently written at. While he waits for her to finish up, he pulls out the energy bar, breaking it in half. When she come snack he offer's her half.

This was probably a bad house to come too. Piper takes one look into the living room with all the happy pregnant pictures and balks about going any further in that direction. Instead she heads down the hallway toward another part of the house. It takes her longer than usual to return, but when she does she makes it a point /not/ to look in the direction of that room. Taking the half of the energy bar and forces a smile, and its clearly forced, but from how ill she is suddenly looking it is doubtful she will be able to stomach it. With food in hand it takes a lot for her to calmly walk out and pack up what she has found out the horse.

Quinton's not equipped to deal with a pregnant woman in denial. How would one even bring that up? He sighs again, grabbing a few more small things and the tupperware contain to put them and some of the ornaments from the preview house into before stepping out as well. he keeps his voice low, "We can…go." It's an offer, not a command this time.

Well she isn't crying at least, though Piper doesn't look at him, her eyes remaining on the ground. She does nod in agreement then gathers the horse's reins for the most silent hour walk back to the camp ever.

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