(2015-07-29) She Doesn't Like It
She Doesn't Like It
Summary: Dixie gives both Piper and Quinton nicknames. Piper actually vocalizes her dislike of them.
Date: 07-29.2015
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Camp Road - North

This dirt road heads north toward the river, though the water can't be seen. It's still to far and with to many trees between here and there. In this area it passes a large dome building full of windows. Looking in one could tell that it is the dining hall. It has several picnic tables around it.

It's the morning after the 'firefight', raid or grand theft auto. Whatever people want to call it, which also means that Dixie is now field stripping her rifle to clean it. She's already done a post-fire clean on her rifle and pistol, and the pre-fire clean has already seen her pistol cleaned and back into its holster. The rifle is a different matter, as she carefully cleans the barrel to remove any carbon build up. She's been left alone so far, thankfully, so she's had her full attention to give to her equipment.

The quiet of the morning around the dining hall is broken by the sleepy grumblings of four children, none looking older than 7. They are plodding along, looking like they just rolled out of bed, and they are followed by Piper, who is carrying two more, an infant in a snuggie on her front, and the second youngest of the group being carried piggy back. With the addition of her pack she has an armful. With it being near breakfast time there is no doubt that they have come here for.

Dixie glances up that the group that proceeds Piper. She offers a friend smile towards the markswoman, and her brood. "They'll with you, Whisper?" she offers in an upbeat tone to Piper. She might be bad with names, so she has just labeled the mute with the one of Whisper. "Nice work, damn sure impressed here. Gladly would have you at my range any time." She doesn't offer up any information beyond that, because children listening. She pulls her weapon components closer to herself, and it's possible that she may not have eaten.

The children seem to know the routine and they all sit at a picnic table, the stranger getting curious looks from them all. The oldest of them doesn't sit with them though, instead she sits at the table across from Dixie. The nickname has Piper frowning as she crouches so the little girl can get off her back and onto the bench of the table. The rest of the comment is just met with an intense look. She probably doesn't agree that anything about that was nice.

The girl that sat with Dixie laughs "That's a new one. She's called Pied-Piper..or Piper. I'm Caro." she lists of the rest of the names, pointing them all out, ending with the infant, Troy."

Sure, it might of been nice, but a hostile squad had been neutralised. Dixie matches the intense glare with a friendly smile of her own. Though her attention does shift towards the girl that sat with her. She looks puzzled for a few moments, until she speaks. "It's the truth, Miss Caro. Whisper, well, Miss Piper, she don't seem that much of a talker. Can understand, ain't the most friendly world these days," she admits as she rests the barrel down on the table, so she can partake in polite conversation. She does take the time to listen to the names presented to her, and she offers a smile. "However pleasure to meet y'all. You lot been finding what you need?"

"Yeah, she talks to us and Mama Bea, but that's about it." Caro says, talking about Piper as if she isn't even there, which the young woman doesn't seem to mind for the moment as she is dealing with getting the kids to scrub hands and face with wetwipes, "There are a few around that aren't much for talking, her, Mr. Quinton, Bear. She tries occassionaly but nothing ever seems to come out." there is a nod at the question "Mostly, food wise at least. Might get tough though, there is a group of bad guys that are keeping us away from our food stores in town.

Dixie listens intently, giving a little nod of her head here and there to show that she's listening. "Then I will pray for not only our safety, but so that those who ain't confident find their voices again," she offers, as she dips her head politely. "Don't you be worrying about food Miss Caro. I'll catch a few squirrels, maybe a possum. Good eating they are." She looks thoughtful at the mention of food stores. "Y'all don't have any near an old bakery? Like one with a flat above it?"

The young girl shakes her head "I'm not worried. Piper would never let us starve." us being her and the kids, it's doubtful she means the whole population of the camp. As Piper finally sits next to Caro, the baby on her front staring at Dixie and then blowing a raspberry, she leans and whispers something to the young girl. "Can do." Caro then hops up and rushes to the dining hall. Apparently Piper must have heard the question because she shakes her head then pulls a map of Fremont from her pack and partially unfolds it and points to a circled area, labeled Hormel Packing."

Well at the comment by the young girl, Dixie does regard Piper and her followers for a few moments, and she tilts her head a little to the side. She might be looking for a family resemblance maybe, or something. It seems that she doesn't find one after a few seconds. "I imagine Miss Piper is very resourceful," she offers cheerfully to the departing girl. The baby blowing a raspberry does actually get a laugh from her, and a small shake of her head after piper sits down. She considers the map for a few moments, and takes the time to find the flat she moved into a month before the world was turned upside down. It's not near Hormel Packing, which causes her to frown and her shoulders to droop.

It's breakfast time, and Dixie is part way through a pre-fire clean, and has pulled the components of her firearm towards her to make room for Piper and Caro. The rest of Piper's wards are currently close by at another table, not that far away.

The youngest girl is the closest resemblance, because of coloring and hair, but that is tenuous at best. The rest of the kids are caucasion and the infant clearly asian, so they are definitely not hers in a biological fashion. Caro has disappeared into the dining hall on some errand. Piper watches the woman across from her, the expression noted. She then points to the hospital and pulls her marker from the pack. A square is drawn around the Packing plant and then the hospital, each square taking about a 1/2 mile area on the map, and she writes the word bandits in each.

Quinton's awake, he really is! Although the man doesn't look it. His eyes are half closed and he's shambling slightly, favoring the entire left side of his body it seems. It doesn't help that his blonde hair is sticking every which way. The button down shirt he has on is only buttoned a few places near the bottom. Not so much a fashion statement or hey everyone look at my chest, more….his left shoulder is really hurting and he doesn't want to move it to try to button the shirt yet. Caro can be heard saying good morning , "mr. Quinton." as she passes and he waves, in the middle of a yawn. Whatever bland breakfast is being served he has in a bowl. Seems he wanted to be outside for breakfast this morning.

Dixie leans forward to consider the map, her brow furrowing slightly. "Not more bandits," she grumbles, as she tilts her head a little to the side. She wrinkles her nose a little bit, though she does glance towards Quinton for a few moments when she hears footsteps, and then back towards the map. "Incapacitate their marksmen or any pretending to be one over a few days, make them think Silencers are about. Could keep their heads down, and extra hands spent on treating the wounded, which would count out the hospital though. I think the ratio of healthy looking after wounded is three to one." She raises both hands up to rub at her eyes. "Wish Sarge was here."

The grumbling has Piper head tilting at the woman a questioning expression in her face, which changes to the usual concern when she notices Quinton incoming and the state he is in. She hopes his mental state today is better than his physical one, but she won't be sure until he says something. She scootches over, making room at the table, assuming he would rather sit with adults then chatty children talking about kid stuff. As Dixie continues to speak the woman's brow furrows slightly, either she is contemplating the merits or it or there was something about it she didn't care for.

Yes, Quin wold rather sit with adults. His pale green eyes are slightly bloodshot, like maybe he didn't sleep well, but he offers a small smile to the two ladies before sitting down. His right hand arches up and rubs his left shoulder, which looks a little bulky, there's something underneath the shirt. His brow furrows though when he sees the board map.

"I don't mean killing, just incapcitation," Dixie offers to Piper, as she lowers her hands down for a moment. "We lost enough people already." She takes a deep breath and sighs softly to herself. She watches as Quin approaches. "Hey Porkchop, how you holding up?" she offers in an upbeat tone. Her attention shifts back towards the map, almost as if she's considering something.

Quinton is studied briefly as he sits and Piper takes the smile as a positive sign and returns it with a small one of her own. Turning her attention back to Dixie she nods when she specifies what she means, though there is no relief about it, so maybe that wasn't what was bothering her. The nickname Dixie calls the man has her covering her mouth to stifle the amused noise it illicts.

Quinton frowns harder, why does everyone keep calling him weird nicknames? And what the hell are they talking about, incapacitation? His jaw work briefly, like he's getting ready to say something, but he just then sighs and looks down at the bowl. he's not hungry, but needs to get something in his stomach.

Dixie glances towards Piper and only offers a smile and a shrug when Quinton frowns. She's not going to explain where it comes from, as her attention shifts towards the barrel with the pull through stuck half-way. "Y'all alright," she says happily, as she glances up. "It's actually nice to have people around again." Another sigh, but this one a happy one.

Piper gives Quinton's arm a gentle pat when he tries to speak but fails at it. Reassuring? Comforting? She has no say in how it's interpreted, but that is how it is meant. One of these days one of them will be able to get more than a syllable or two out and that will probably signal the true end of the world.

The question from Dixie has her lifting her hand to move it in a so-so gesture and then she fakes a yawn to imply she is tired. About that time Caro is returning, pushing the stroller, which has a large tray laden down with bowls, cups a pitcher of water and three steaming mugs. Waving her return she sets out to passing everything out, ending with setting the steaming mugs of coffee onto the table where the adults sit. "Hold on." she says as she digs in her pocket for a few packets of sugar and creamer which are dropped onto the table. The stroller is pushed to Piper's side and then Caro goes to eat with the rest of the children.

Dixie lets Quinton be silent, not pushing him at all to speak or interact. It seems that she's just happy to have people around who can hear her voice when she speaks, and she's not simply talking to herself now. Wait, Caro brought coffee back? Well, she's won Dixie's favour now. However she doesn't reach out to take the coffee, just some of the sugar, while eyeing off the cup. The sugar, that's safely deposited into her her upper pocket for further use. "You two are tired, you can have my cup between you. Unless someone drinks two, then I'm going to feel right silly."

Piper grins at Caro for her thoughtfullness and pulls one of the coffees to herself. Seeing what Dixie does with the sugar, and remebering the toffee, she taps the sugar pack and then points to the dining hall. She's trying to tell the other woman something. She then takes a creamer, ripping it open and dumping it in her coffee.

Dixie purses her lips when Piper taps the sugar pack and points to the dining hall, and she tilts her head to the side. She might have picked up on the meaning. "I reckon I could mix up a few batches," she offers. "Ain't had a proper kitchen in a while to practice my hobby. Enough sugar, maybe some butter, or even vinegar again, and I could put something together. Try working with some of that maple syrup, could have some different flavours I ain't thought about exploring."

Quinton glances over at Piper, but just sighs, reaching for one of the mugs of coffee. The conversation isn't really anything he's dupe interested in, but he will offer one word, "..Gabriel…"The coffee is then sipped and he glances over at Caro to nod thinks to the little girl….if she's looking.

A frustrated breath of air comes from Piper, stirring the lock of kinky hair that seems to want to hang in her face despite her efforts to keep it pinned back. That's probably not the message she was trying to convey to the other woman. Caro has been watching as she eats, "She means there is sugar in the kitchen." she says around her mouthful out oatmeal. "They brought some back the other day."

"Gabriel. Ain't mean anything to me, unless you're quoting Book of Enoch," Dixie comments, and she looks rather lost, as she slowly shakes her head. The frustrated breath of air from Piper is giving a raised brow, before Caro translate for her. "Oh, sugar in the back. Thank you Miss Caro. I'll have to get into it, before it's all used up," she offers politely, as she glances towards the girl. She goes back to quickly cleaning the barrel of her rifle. "I should really head out soon.

Quinton's lips press together, "No…he cooks…" This table is a table of sighs, apparently. He stirs at his oatmeal, almost like he's hoping it will disappear if he keeps messing with it. Pale eyes shoot up and he frowns at Dixie, "…Where…" He'll try a different route, "Not alone…" Gah, he hates days like this when his head doesn't work right.

Piper unfolds the map a bit more, folding in the part that includes Fremont and points to the camp where they are and then to a small lake across Road Z from it. She makes a circle in a small area and then an arrow pointing to it "Gabriel." she writes. She glances at Quinton and then back to Dixie waiting for an answer, she assumes, this time, that since she understood what the man was asking, and saying the other woman would too.

Dixie takes a deep breath when Quinton explains. "Oh, you have a cook about," she comments, as she starts to smile again. She regards the map when Piper unfolds a bit more of it, and takes a few moments to note the semi-familiar roads. She glances towards Quinton again, and then Piper before shaking her head. "I ain't going far. Plan to be close by the camp. Just going to put out a couple of traps for squirrels. Don't think I've done anything to justify meals, so I catch my own until I find something tasty enough to share."

Quinton visibly relaxes, nodding but then sits up straighter, wincing as he points in the general area on the map where the apple orchard is. He knows, god…he knows how stupid this is going to sound even before he says it, but… "Careful….lions." Gah, what has his life become, seriously?!?

Piper furrows her brow a moment when the lions are brought up. She has all sorts of markups on her map. Of where the bandits is, where she has found certain items, places she has to either go to or go back to for further searching, but she totally forgot to add lions to the map. The map is studied for a moment and she draws a large square surrounding a 10 mile area around the orchard. "Here be Lions." she writes out on the map, probably a bit of a joke on her part.

"Lions," Dixie comments, as she arches a brow and regards Quinton. Well, she might believe that, as animals do escape without handlers. She starts to purposefully put her weapon back together again. "I guess I'll just hang around camp, and see if there's any weapons to fix or parts to salvage, or see if there's any brass or range lead people have found." She regards the map. "However been good knowing your name Miss Piper. Miss Caro, thank you for the coffee. Porkchop, just keep on being, uh, you." She offers a soft smile as she makes her way towards the door.

Quinton ducks his head, embarrassed at the comment from Dixie. His spoon is placed in the bowl, he'll likely not eat now. Instead his right hand raises and he run's his fingers though his hair, taming the locks into going in all the same direction at least.

Dixie is watched as she gathers her stuff and departs. That's one of Piper's things, watching people. Once the woman is out of earshot she begins to fold the map up to put it away, "I don't like it." she says…outloud even, in a silvery matter-of-fact tone. There are a few gasps from the kids at the nearby table, as well as a clatter as a spoon is dropped into an nearly empty bowl in surprise.

Well, that has Quinton pausing. He'll slowly turn to look at Piper, blinking. Finally, "…What?"

Piper seems in less shock than the rest of the. Her gaze takes in all the shocked expressions being sent her way, Caro's mouth agape. She hears Piper talk all the time, as do the rest of the children, but never knowingly, in front of others, and that many syllables. Her gaze finally rests on Quinton and she tries to answer, but once more she is speechless. Guess that was the limit of her speech capabilities for adults today. She is stuck just heaving her own sigh because there is no possible way for her to sign her answer to what one.

If it wasn't for the kids gaping open south at the situation, Quin would think he imagined it. Instead he just sits there, confused, before he nods once. He has no idea what she doesn't like, there's so many things to chose from. The kids are given a glance before he starts to stand, picking up the not eaten bowl of oatmeal and cup of coffee. Mayeb Piper needs some space?

Piper wasn't really expecting him to just start to get up and leave at her speaking up, but erratic behaviour isn't really new for him, so she tries not to feel hurt by it. She quickly reaches out and makes a wait gesture then pulls the borrowed poetry book and a vaguely familiar composition notebook (the one that was found at the massacre site) and hands them both offer. Flipping through the notebook one would find short journal entries about what has happened to the writer since the third wave, sketchings and a number of poems as well. No doubt she figures if anyone knew what to do with the latter it would be him.

Quinton has to set down the bowl and mug to take the offered items. It takes him a second, but he manages a soft, "…sorry…bad today.." he vaguely motions to his head. At least his left side seems to be loosening up some. He's not moving like Frankenstein anymore. He doesn't sit down, instead the poetry book is set down carefully and he opens the note book, unsure what to expect. He takes his time, paging though and nodding softly. "…important." If humanity survives, things like this will need to be preserved.

Considering how yesterday ended Piper probably expected that would be the case. Were in not for her own programming (or what she is) she would be worse off herself after what she had to do to save the life of her companions. Not that anyone is privvy to that of course. She nods at him, no judgment only understanding and points to the journal and them to him, indicating he should hold onto it.

Quinton gives another nod, although his misunderstands what she means, "I …tried…All jumbled when I write…" It's closed up and set down on the table onto of his poetry book. He stands there, caught between sitting down again and leaving. So instead of choosing he sighs and picks up the coffee to sip. At least it's something in his system, right?

There is a nod and she opens her mouth and again nothing comes out. She frowns momentairly, looking at her pack and pulling out her marker, she didn't think to bring her white board so instead writes something on the palm of her hand. When she finishes the looks at it breifly before holding it up for him to read. "Words come easy for those with nothing to say." maybe she read it somewhere or maybe that just came to her, it certainly fits either way.

Quinton snorts, half amused, half frustrated, but he nods, "…Yeah." He looks tired still, maybe he didn't sleep well. The coffee is drank, a little quicker than a sip. Like he's trying to get it into his system. aybe to wake him up better. "Used to…be easy…" Rubbing his face, th stubble on his chin is starting to become more than that, he'll need to shave soon, or commit to a beard.

Her expression pretty much says it all, everything used to be easy, compared to how it is now. The look has an included nod of agreement and then she looks from him to the writing on her hand with a bit of a frown. She hopes that comes off easily. She grabs a wetwipe from the bag under the stroller and begins to wipe at the writing.

Something about Piper's expression, or maybe the idea she's even worried about the writing makes Quinton snicker. His hand goes up to run through his hair again. At least he doesn't look like a weird anime character anymore. The coffee is finished up and he'll glance to the bowl of oatmeal with a very much not excited look to his face. A look to see if any of the kids sen hungry…maybe he can pawn it off on them.

While the adults were talking the children have cleared their dishes and are doing what they do best. Jack is looking under rocks for bugs, the two middle girls are enjoying the swings that were put up, which was probably met with excitement and thank you hugs from the girls, which leaves Caro and Becca coloring at the table. Piper hasn't eaten, but she is still going through that breakfast…I think I'm going to be sick, stage. She's not sure if that is normal or not at this point but who does she have to ask about it.

The snicker as Piper looking at him with a perplexed expression as she continues to wipe at her palm. Nope it isn't coming off as easily as it went on.

Quinton just grins more at Piper and says, "Soap." As in, she'll probably need it. Well, none of the kids are going to eat this oatmeal so he sighs, finally choosing to sit back down and picking up the spoon. Although again, he just kind of plays with it, not eating it.

There is a nod at his words and she gives up, the ink is still there, but only part of the words can be read clearly. Piper of course has taken notice of his not eating, but its now cold, congealed oatmeal so she can hardly blame him. A chocolate chip granola bar is pulled from her pack and she taps his arm with it then hands it to him. Maybe it will be more appealing than the gloopy stuff in his bowl.

Quinton looks up, his eyes first landing on the bar, then goes up to her face. There's an internal debate and he then offer s half smile and shake of his head, "You." He'll even force a spoonful of the cold oatmeal into his mouth and tries to not make a complete yuck face. it's gross, but not get sick gross. If she's still feeling queasy, he'd rather her have the energy bar.

Piper gives him a wrinkled nose expression as he actually takes a bite of the oatmeal, she even manages an short eww. She opens the package, there are two bars in it she takes one and balances it across the side of his bowl and she takes the other. She leaves it up to him to eat it, she breaks a small piece of hers and eats it, washing it down with a sip of her own coffee.

It's not his first choice, but he was hoping to get her to eat something! He watches her take the bite of her bar and nods, setting his spoon down. Having already finished his coffee he'll reach for the bar she gave him. Maybe that will sit better, or at least…better than the clumpy oatmeal does. "..Thanks…" If Piper looks up he'll flash her a quick smile before looking out over the kids on the swings. It's such a little thing, but helping makes him feel better. Like maybe him surviving wasn't a mistake.

Anything has got to be better than clumpy oatmeal, especially a granola bar, even if it is just a different version of the same thing. She is always watching, not in a creepy weird way though. This time to see if he will actually eat the thing. She would hate to have to take the next step in the 'get Quinton to eat' plan, which was suggested by Jade. She takes another bite herself, her gaze going to each of the kids in turn to check to see that they are still were they were last seen. Abbie is still swinging, though Jack and Kira and pretending to sword fight with sticks which brings a mix of amusement and concern to the woman's face. The coloring ones are still coloring.

Quinton's definitely eating that bite, at least. The poet sighs, chewing. The sword fight just brings a smile, no concern to his face. He's a dude, play sword fighting is healthy, in his mind. He will ask, "You….teaching them…" And then the words just stop and he tenses up, trying to wrestle them out of his mind. It is a bad day, he rubs his face in frustration.

A hand lifts to give a wobble, which probably means a little and as best she can. With five of them at different levels of development though it can't be easy. The three words were enough for to answer part of his question at least. Then Becca is popping up between them and pointing to the empty swing, "Swing me." she states tugging at the snuggie strap. Leaning slightly toward Becca at the request she gives a nod and gets to her feet taking the little girl's hand. A small, but genuine smile if offered to Quinton then she leads the girl to the swings. This isn't quite the normal she is used to or expected, but for today it will do.

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