(2015-07-30) Alien Tech
Alien Tech
Summary: Lincoln takes a moment to see what makes the truck run when everything else doesn't.
Date: 7.30.2015
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Last night Matson felt it was finally safe to bring the truck back to camp…in the dead of night…without running any lights. But now it is the next morning and it is parked for the moment in the parking lot with the few other dead cars that are there. It's still missing a side mirror, and the bullet hole in the door is even more obvious.

Having awoken early in the morning, Lincoln was already fiddling around with the Truck having nominated himself as the closest thing to a mechanic about. His good ol' NASA hat is still on, but turned around backwards as he has the hood of the vehicle propped open and already has the tell tale signs of grease starting to decorate his arms in places. With the sun rising further in the sky it will definitely help him see better but it certainly has stopped him from the initial work of discovering just what made this vehicle move.

On initial inspection the engine of the truck looks like any other you would find in that type of vehicle. Battery, radiator, air filter, etc. It's by no means clean, but what do you expect of a military truck engine. All the parts, and all hooked up correctly. The only weird bit is some extranous wires, that will take a bit to find, as one is hooked up under the distributer cap and it leads down into the engine where perhaps the starter would be.

The searching by Lincoln takes some time but he starts unravelling a bit of the unusual nature of the truck, a grin coming to his lips. "There you are, you sexy beast." He clearly is far more comfortable with machines than he is with good ol' fashioned humans (or at least those wearing human skin). Screwdriver in hand, he sets to work carefully following the wires to the source with the intent of discovering just where it is tying into the Starter and just what might be going on in there.

The wires themselves are unusual. Not the standard that you would see in a truck at all. They are clearish like fiberoptic but they are clearly not that either. One could corretly guess that they are probably alien in origin. They are hooked into the starter, though it looks like more come out of the starter and lead under the engine. Hard to see from the view from the top.

After the initial touch of the wires and realizing the composition doesn't quite work well, Lincoln jumps back slightly and shudders, wiping his hand on his pants. A quick glance is given around - hopefully no one saw that. Then he laughs nervously and starts to climb under the truck while muttering to himself out loud. "I mean, clearly there's alien tech involved here… don't know why I was weirded out. Just… weirded out." It's only a concern when he starts talking back to himself.

And there it is, easy to spot when looking upwards into the engine. A rectangular cube, looking to be made of the material the drones are made of. It's about the size of new bar of soap and wired directly into the starter.

Lincoln lays there, looking up at it whilst chewing on his lip. "Interesting." He comments to himself. "Alright, a smart man leaves it in place so we have the working truck." The out loud talking makes him sound rather certain of it. "But, I'm also not always a smart man." He reaches up to start fiddling with the device. Afterall, he is a Risk Taker and rather Eccentric at that.

The device itself is easy enough to dismount from the engine block but after a bit of jiggery pokery it is clear that the starter will have to be taken apart to get all the wires undone.

The key is to make sure while disassembling that he is remembering how to reassemble the process. Before he gets any of the wires done however, Lincoln pauses and scoots his way out from under the truck. "Need to find some paper, write this shit down so others can understand considering I'm probably going to die next week." With that, he brushes his hands off to go find some paper and a pen.

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