(2015-07-30) Music and Stargazing
Music and Stargazing
Summary: Not every moment at the end of the world is doom & gloom
Date: 7.30.2015
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Camp Road - North
This dirt road heads north toward the river, though the water can't be seen. It's still to far and with to many trees between here and there.
There is a large area mostly cleared of trees with a concrete, rock (more like small boulder) flanked path reading to it. In the area is a large dome building full of windows. Looking in one could tell that it is the dining hall. It has several picnic tables around it. Hanging from a low branches of a couple of trees left standing are swings, two to be exact.

Supper is past, the sun is down but with it being summer there is still plenty of light to see by. Yes it is still hot but maybe the gray clouds that are slowing breezing in will take care of that over the course of the night. As for what is going on around here..it seems like the children, who are not present at the moment, are not the only ones who enjoy swinging. Piper seems to like it to and she is going forward and back almost as high as the swing, hanging from its branch, will let her.

The night is young, and so Quin is wandering some, guitar in one hand, his backpack careful slide onto his back. he's sill wearing that button down shirt, but seems to be moving a little better now. He slows, a soft smile appearing at the sight of Piper flying in the air. Any joy that can be found, right? The man isn't trying to be sneaky and will wave a hand as he walks. He's kind of meandering, currently. Maybe he'll just go start up a camp fire and read.

Forward and back the woman swings, leaning as far forward and as far back as she goes, she is putting everything she can into it to go higher, but the chain is only so long. As she flies back she spots the poet and his guitar. Oh music! As she swings down she drags her barefoot, stopping herself suddenly. She waves once she stopped and gets up to grab her own pack where is rest against the tree and wanders in is direction.

Quinton watches the woman, head tilted slightly. He knows she likes music, he's head her sing, but isn't sure why she'd stop swinging. Unless it's not the guitar? Maybe she has something nee to add to the list. He's thinking about going out again soon. He can't just sit around. What's he supposed to be doing, healing? Pale eyes blink at Piper and he'll just quietly ask, "ok?"

As Piper walks she tries to get her windblown hair under control. Swinging doesn't agree with it. It takes resetting the clips to get it into any semblance of order. The question has her hand wobbling, which is pretty much status quo for everyone these days. Her gaze goes between him and the guitar a few times and then she signals that she will follow to where ever it is he is going, though the look she gives him is questioning as if asking if that's okay with him.

Quinton nods, he understands, he does. Just sometimes he hopes someone besides the kids will say they're doing well. One day, hopefully. He follows her gaze, eyeing the guitar and will admit, "Not …very good…" It's almost a warning. He doesn't want to disappoint her. Although his playing seems to be about as sporadic as his ability to communicate some days. Soemtimes it's awful, other times it's been recording worthy. He nods though, not minding company, "Fire…or…" He'll motion towards the path to the river bank.

His confession gets a shrug with a smile, either she already knows that or that doesn't bother her. It could be both. She will point to the path to the river and begin to head in that direction, collecting twigs and sticks as she goes. No reason a fire can't be made at the river.

Quinton follows, and once he realizes what she's doing, he start grabbing stuff as well. His coloring is better now that they've had a day or two of non drama. No lions or gun toting teens, anyway. As they walk, "Gonna ….town soon. Need?" Wow, hopefully his fingers will do better than his mouth tonight….(On the guitar!)

A few times Piper has to go off the path, but never to far or out of sight to gather the materials needed for a small fire. The question is meet with a thoughtful look then a nod. She is always in need of something, usually for one of the children, but never herself, except when she is craving some food or other. She makes a writing motion, probably suggesting she will make a list.

Quinton doesn't go as far off the path, not wanting to knock the instrument against anything too much. His dad gave it to him….stupid, but important. He nods about the list, grimacing as he spins the guitar on his back to be able to better grab some branches. He's got notebook in has bag…he'll have her write it there.


The bank of the river gently slopes downward toward the flowing waters of the Platte River. Near the shore the current is sluggish enough for wading, but get out to deep and the current picks up and could carry a person much faster and farther then expected. Jutting out into the river is a dock where the boats available at the boat house can be secured. A path follows the river.

Once they get to the river Piper drops her armful of branches and fire wood on the ground and moves to help Quinton with his. As she does her eyes study his face and the scruff that decorates it a moment and then she adds the rest of the stuff to the pile. Taking a moment she glances around and picks a spot for the fire and proceeds to arrange the leaves, kindling in a pile with the sticks in a teepee formation around them.

Quinton gives Piper a slightly confused look. Most likely he's forgotten the scruff briefly. They've all been taught the basics for fire building, and he'll set his guitar and back pack down with a small wince as he twists his left shoulder. After that be moves back to get another arm load of wood. Better to do it now, then when they have no light.

Well she isn't reminding him about it just yet, probably on purpose, that's not something that you do accidently. She digs through her pack setting her own instrument to the side as she gets her firestarter. She glances up to see that he is getting more wood and goes ahead and lights up what she has built so far. By the time he gets back it should be ready for bigger pieces.

Quinton's not a manly man, never was, but he's also not a complete wimp. He always felt he was…average. Well, maybe not now. Most people are extremes now. But either way, he has a decent arm load, should last them a little bit, depending on how long they're going to stay out here. Once the pile is set down he'll move his bag and guitar closer. Enough that the heat and light can reach him, "You should….lead…" The music. Or maybe the conversation? He messes with his guitar, it's still in tune, but he's checking anyway. At least he seems to have a decent ear.

A few larger pieces are piled on and Piper moves so that she is downwind of any smoke it produces. His comment has her looking at him in puzzlement. Usually she has little problem understanding him even in is less coherent moments, in a basic sense at least, but this time not so much.

Quinton blinks, having thought he was actually being clear. He motions towards her flute, "You…lead." She's better than him, it shouldn't be a complete train wreck if she does…hopefully. He sighs, glancing to his back before reaching down and pulling out a note book. It's not opened though, instead he just sets it down is she'd want to write in it. Then a mason jar comes out. It also isn't opened.

The woman ohhs, even vocalizes the noise and the leans over to grab the case. As she opens it to remove the silver flute pieces from the case she averts her gaze from the pictures that are pinned into the lining of the lid. They have probably been there for years, put in there when she was still a teenager. She quickly closes the case, setting it aside and putting the instrument together. Flutes, some assembly required.

If he notices the photos he doesn't comment. Instead he fiddles with his own instrument before stretching back to lean on his right arm, looking up at the sky. If it weren't the end of the world, this would be really nice.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Flute: Success.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Guitar: Failure.

With the instrument together to her satisfaction Piper brings it up and blows into the mouthpiece to let out a smooth note. After that she goes right into the song. Of course she has no clue what songs he knows and what he doesn't so she takes a gamble and picks a classic Simon & Garfunkel song The Sound of Silence, because it is so fitting.

Well…Quin knows the song, he just doesn't…know know it. He tries, and quickly stumbles over it till he just stops and listens to her play. He watches her fingers and then looks over to the river, liking how the sound of the water mixes into Piper's notes. If it wouldn't kill his shoulder, he'd lay back, but he's afraid he's make a fool of himself(More) trying to get back up. Morning's are rough for the poet. Unconsciously he hums along. He doesn't seem to trip up in the melody or rhythm of the song, just when speaking.

Piper continues to play, focused, her fingers keying the buttons, she seems to go some place else when she plays. Probably somewhere a lot nicer then where they are now. She is pretty much oblivious to anything around her at the moment. She keeps it simple, just letting the song flow as it does, why mess with perfection. Of course the song ends and she brings it to a close just as smoothly as she started.

By the time the song ends, Quin's got his head bowed and his eyes closed. It's clear the man isn't asleep, but is also somewhere else. Possible a place very similar to what Piper imagined. Although he actually things, situation aside, the river bank is a nice place. Campfires have a certain allure to them. He can't help it, a poet's heart calls out to certain things. After a few beats he opens his eyes and smiles over at her, snapping a few times in appreciation and a little in hipster irony, although that's directed internally.

The song ending breaks her from her reverie and Piper looks over at him and his snapping. She can't help but chuckle at that and how different that is from the applause she got just at the beginning of the year for a similar performance. Though she can't say that time was better, just vastly different. She does give him a slightly apologetic look for hogging the music time.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Guitar: Good Success.

Quinton shakes his head, he told her he wasn't very good. He unscrews the mason jar and takes a sip. Not enough to dull his senses(He doesn't need help with that), just enough to have a swig before he tightens it back up. None is offered to the pregnant girl, and he starts trying to play again. He seems to do more fee style than any known song. It's warm, like the bonfire and peaceful.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Flute: Success.

Pulling her legs to her chest, well as far as her baby stomach will let her, Piper folds her arms over her knees and listens to him play, not joining in immediatly, but getting a feel for how it moves and flows. After letting him play alone for a a bit she moves to sit cross legged and one more brings the flute to her lips and begins to play a complimentary counterpoint to his wandering melody.

And wandering it is. He's clearly not had any training, it's more emotional and artistic than solid or musically stable. But Quin is smiling while he plays, it seems music not only soothes the savage beast, but the tormented mind as well. Eventually his fingers tire and he just kinda trails off, turning to look at Piper with a half smile and chuckles, "…Done worse…"

Piper follows his music down which ever path he leads it. No wonder she is called what she is, besides of course the fact that no one knows what else to call her, and she is getting better at answering to it. As he ends she goes a few more notes ending with a short little trill. She smiles fully, clearly she enjoyed the musical trip. She gives a nod at his words and glances upward, a gestures to the stars that are starting to show on the dark eastern part of the sky. After a moment she lays back, holding a hand out toward him, just to hold, and she stares up into the sky and at least pretends she can still see the stars.

Quinton blinks, surprised at the request for physical touch. He thought she was pretty apposed besides the kids. He'll nod though, setting the guitar down to the side and taking her hand. They'll be a sight, trying to get up, but for the bit of stargazing/not star gazing they'll do, it's nice.

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