(2015-07-31) Elijah Arrives
Elijah Arrives
Summary: Dixie finds Elijah on the outskirts of the camp.
Date: 07.31.2015
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This winding trail is one of the most well kept in all the camp. There is no risk of tripping over a fallen tree or ending up in a patch of poison ivy. Most likely because it leads to the river. It isn't long before the wide river can be seen and about this point the trail widens into a clearing where there is a boat house. Against the boat house is a large rack where canoes are stored.

It's getting close to midnight, and Dixie is out on her evening patrol. Sure she's getting a little tired, but she's still able to keep on with her duty. She's dressed in her military uniform, and currently has her rifle slung in front of herself. She appears cautious about her surroundings, listening for any noises that might be out of the ordinary.

What luck! Elijah had not only managed to find a decent clearing to rest for the evening, but it was also by a water source. After getting settled, he had decided against building a fire. It was more than warm enough and, with enough light from the moon and stars to see what he needed, he would rather not risk the unwanted attention should any unsavory sorts be in the area. Currently, the young man is in a sitting squat, elbows resting on his knees as he leans forward on his toes slightly, searching for something within the depths of the backpack in front of him. If one were to get closer, a soft hum would eventually be heard.

Elijah might be lucky in not getting an unsavory sort stumbling across him, but unwanted attention is another matter. The young Corporal tilts her head a little to the side as the soft hum reaches her ears, before she starts to slowly and carefully pick her way towards where the man is. She doesn't try to hide that she's there as she draws closer, and she kneels at the edge of the clearing. "Ain't here to cause problems are you?" she asks softly. Her accent is from rural Alabama. "Show me your hands."

Whether it's the tiredness from travel or the task of whatever he's searching for, Eli is not aware of the young woman approaching until she calls out. In a true act of bravado he responds with a startled yelp, losing his balance and toppling forward a bit before correcting his footing. "Don't shoot!" His hands fly up in obedience with Dixie's command and he comes to a full stand, back still towards her. Had she said she had a gun? Who knows, but better safe than sorry! "I don't mean any harm. I was just trying to find a place to make camp!"

Dixie slowly stands again, and she makes her way towards the man, and her rifle continues to hang in front of her, untouched. "Ain't no intentions of shooting, you ain't done anything to warrant it," she comments, as she draws closer. "What's your name City Boy?" she asks, as she moves up behind him. She slowly moves around in front of him. "What brings you out this way?"

Elijah doesn't move as Dixie makes her way around to face him. Keeping his hands in the air, a nod is given in apparent greeting. "I'm Elijah. Elijah Reid. I've been traveling…for awhile now. Looking for people. Groups. Seeing who needs help. I'm a doctor, you see and…um. First…may I please put my arms down?"

Dixie arches a brow at the mention of the man being a doctor. "Well Doctor Reid, seems that I have been guided to help you," she offers, as she offers a friendly smile. "I'm Corporal Dixie Montgomery, Nebraska National Guard." She offers a nod. "Sure put your arms down." She takes a step back. "Ain't many people around these days. You come across many?"

With a relieved breath, Elijah lowers his arms, but still keeps his hands by his side and within view. "National Guard. It's an honor to meet you, ma'am!" At her question, the young man furrows his brow in a slight frown, shaking his head. "Not many, no. Or if I do it's not in terribly large…nor friendly groupings." Then realizing her first remark he lofts his brow in curiosity. "Guided to help me? How so?"

"Ain't a Ma'am, I work for my living," Dixie offers, as she cracks a smile. "I'm with a group, good folks. Ain't the type to shoot first, take all your things." She rests her hand on her scoped rifle, and tilts her head a little to the side. "Trust me, I've ran into the not too friendly groups, too." She then offers a smile. "The Lord works in mysterious ways, Doc. If you weren't humming, I might have missed you. Grab your things, and follow me."

Elijah is unsure if he offended her or not, but upon seeing her smile, he too seems to relax more. When she mentions her group a peaked interest shows on his features. However, how was he sure he could trust her? Maybe she was lying like others had. Then again…she could have already shot him and looted his belongings. Plus, if there was a group somewhere that meant there were people. People he could help. "Alright…give me just a moment!" It takes him only a couple minutes to hater his things back into the backpack on the ground, the young man then hooking it over one shoulder as a leather satchel is brought over the other to rest against his side. "I'm ready!"

Dixie offers nod to Elijah when he's ready, and she starts to make her way along the path, though she doesn't make the man walk in front of her, but rather beside her. "Lucky you ain't headed into town, or the village. Bandits in town, kids playing soldiers in the village. Shoot first, ask no question types." She slowly shakes her head and gives a disappointed sigh.

"That's terrible…" Eli says, keeping in step beside her as he listens to what she says. "How many of them are there? Or do you know? Are they a threat to your group?"

"Ain't got any idea Doc," Dixie offers, as she offers a sheepish smile. "I usually spend a lot of my time here, doing guard work if not helping out with food collection." She gives a shrug and an apologetic smile when she admits that. "Oh, I believe both groups to be threats, but it has to be handled smartly and carefully."

Elijah nods "I agree. With how everything has gotten though…you unfortunately aren't always guaranteed an ideal resolution no matter how smartly you may handle a situation." Adjusting the backpack on his shoulder a moment, he continues walking forward with her. "How are the resources in your group? Is finding food in this area very difficult?"

Dixie slowly nods her head in agreement. "You are right," she agrees. "Sometimes you have to shoot first, then ask questions." She offers a nod of her head. "We get by. Hunters, trappers and some people who can farm. It ain't a land of lard and sugar like it used to be. I do worry that we'll end up over hunting this area."

Another nod is given in regards to her concern. "So your group…how is their health? Or there any malnourished or injured. Or any pre-existing conditions or disabilities?" Elijah catches himself a moment "I apologize if I'm being too forward…I just want to get a mind for how I might be able to assist you before we get there. Protocol and force of habit…"

"They seem fine," Dixie admits to Elijah, as she glances towards him. "I ain't a Doctor. Best I can do is put a bandage on something, and it usually doesn't fall off. Had a person with a shoulder wound from a handgun, but the person who suffered it is doing well. I've only been here a few days myself, though." She tilts her head a little to the side. "We do have one girl who's a mute, but it's pretty easy to pick up on what she's trying to communicate."

"I'd definitely like to take a look at that wound, if you think the person wouldn't mind. Just to make sure it's healing alright and infection hasn't set in. Anybody else is free to come to me with their ailments or concerns. Though, I'm assuming they'll probably be skeptical of a new face at first. Still, you have my aid in whatever way you need it…I'll give it to the best of my ability." Eli offers a reassuring smile.

Dixie offers a nod of her head to Elijah, as she leads the way down the dirt road, towards the camp itself. "It's a late hour, so a lot of our people are asleep," she offers. She reaches a hand into her upper pocket, and digs out a small bottle of pills and offers them towards the Doctor. "Didn't find many, but there's eight left." The bottle is a brand of antibiotics. "We get a hot meal in the evening, breakfast is cold and we have to find our own lunches. I sometimes make toffee when there's enough food. You'll most likely get a hygiene kit, most likely a tent, too. I'll leave a note for the Boss man, letting him know we've got new company."

Elijah follows Dixie, taking the bottle of antibiotics as she offers them. "Thank you. I assume he will come find me on his own, but let him know I will be glad to talk with him. What is his name?"

"His name is Quinton, and I think we may have a second Doctor," Dixie admits with a smile. "I ain't talked to them yet. Well, the amount we get shot at, we tend to need doctors." She offers a faint laugh, and shakes her head. "When I see him, I'll let him know. So, I guess welcome to Camp Hope."

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