(2015-08-02) Dining Hall Down Time
Dining Hall Down Time
Summary: One of probably many moments of time where breathing can happen.
Date: August 02, 2015
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Camp Road - North Camp Hope
Sun Aug 02, 2015 — Sun Aug 02 18:25:16 2015

This dirt road heads north toward the river, though the water can't be seen. It's still to far and with to many trees between here and there, it can be heard though. Two buildings stand on the left side of the road and one on the right. One has signage that says it is a Trading Post, the other the Handicraft building. The latter just a long building with tightly shuttered windows. This building is guarded so must be used for storage. The building on the right is the typical rest room facilities with usual hand water pump and pails.


It's getting to be true dark, the sun has fully gone down and the stars are starting to pop of the the ever darkening sky. It's been a peaceful day, no attacks for violent teens reported anywhere and the weather was actually pleasant instead of the hot stickiness that's been the standard lately. With the chorus of crickets, cicadas and treefrogs starting outdoors is the place to be. Which is where Piper is, sitting at one of the picnic tables outside the dining hall, she has staff paper spread out before her and her flute sits near to hand, clearly she has been inspired to work on something creative today. On a couple of blankets nearby, her flock sleeps, exhausted after a long day of work and play.

It really is a lovely evening, and it's something that Harmony simply can't resist. It's like a siren's call. She has a handful of carrot sticks in one hand, and in the other, a small cigarette… only not. The hint of its scent can probably be discerned in the clear, not-humid evening. There's not much left to it, and within a few more steps as she strolls, a contented smile resting easily upon her face, the red glow at the tip goes completely out. Crouching, she taps the end gently on a small rock before she sets what little is left into a pocket in her skirts. She'll soon be upon Piper and her crew, but not quite yet.

Life does indeed continue. Quin was out, and is only now coming in. Every sound or sight that could be something has to be checked out now, to make sure they're not being followed back. So he's only now coming in. Not the best haul today, but it is what it is. His backpack is hefted as he moves in the direction of the Dinning hall. He spot's Piper first, raising a hand, but not calling out just yet.

While most are arriving Gabriel is about to leave. Stepping out of the dining hall and taking in the area as he listens. Giving a small wave in the direction of the sound of steps. Moving towards them as he isn't in a rush to head home.

Glancing up, Piper reaches for the flute, but sees those coming in her direction so instead her hand returns the offered wave from Quinton, along with a welcoming half-smile to them all. She sweeps her papers into a pile, making room to be joined should one or all want to sit.

Piper's shifting of her papers is virtually an invitation, and the contented smile broadens as she changes her direction, bare-feet in the dirt laying the tracks behind her. The appearance of Quinton and his over-stuffed pack brings the briefest of frowns, but it's soon hidden by the wave in his direction as well. Gabriel is also noticed, and moreso as he changes his path for that meet-up. Harmony makes sure that her voice is low as she chuckles a little self-deprecatingly, "Sounds like a really lame thing to say, but, it's really nice out tonight."

Quinton shrugs the backpack off as he steps up, not wincing (He's getting better!) but also doesn't use his left shoulder to get of off as much as his right. It's a slow process, it seems, healing. He keeps his voice low, in case the kids are awake at all, "Hey…" The half smile has him turning to look at Gab and Harmony, offering smiles to each and a "Hey" as well. The backpack is set down on the table and he takes the seat in front of it as he starts to unzip to be able to show what he found today. Can't be much, it all fits into his backpack at least. Harmony's declaration gets a small grin and nod, "It is." Lame? or the truth?

Gabriel does move slowly towards them. "Hello." His own voice similarly soft and low. Nodding to Harmony's words as well. "I believe it is." He agrees. His attention to Piper, as she's usually the quiet one, and right now does not seem any different. "All well?" He asks to all of them.

There is a nod of agreement from the mute woman, and she hopes that Harmony realizes she is agreeing about how nice it is and not that it was a lame statement. As Quinton begins to unveil the success of his scavenging today, Piper leans toward him, her expression curious though the does vocalize an mhh-huh. Confirming that all is well with her today.

At this point in time, Harmony doesn't mind if it's considered lame. She's in a happy place, and is content to remain there. Finally she's at the table, and reaching to place a hand on Quinton's shoulder ever so briefly, brows rise. "Can you rest for just one day to give yourself time? Sheesh?" That last bit is just to be sure that he knows she's not scolding him. Not like that! To the rest of them, Harmony looks a touch sheepish, even if good humor plays throughout her manner. "I am fine." Though now, with the opening of the bag, she can't help her curiosity, and retrieving her hand, she makes better use of it to hold her carrot sticks.

It's not the best he's done, but he pulls out a hand full of pens and pencils, a few mints, some business card at first. He then motions to the kids, like that's all for them. He figures anything they can draw on, right? Quin glances over at Harmony with his head tilted slightly, "Why would I rest?' he's either playing dumb, or is(He is a boy). To be fair, he seems to have improved a lot in the past few days, a good night sleep will do that. Then a small stack of tiny pants is pulled out and handed directly to Piper. Baby pants. And then a sports magazine, cause….relevant? Might keep Jack busy, anyway. That's just set on the table and he pauses, grinning at the whole group, like he's got a good reveal. and he does. An unopened contained of chocolate nestle quick powder. Score.

Gabriel does offer a chuckle at the words from Harmony to Quinton. Though as there isn't much talk happening as Quinton produces one thing after the other, Gabriel just silently listens and tries to identify the items, and the touch of wind against his cheek does help in offering how large some of the items are, like the baby pants. Offering a smile in their direction. "A lot of things brought with you." He points out to Quinton.

There is a glance between Harmony and Quinon as they go back and forth about him resting, and then Piper is momentarily distracted by the findings. The writing stuff is met with a grin, the children go through writing things like crazy, but the baby clothes has her smiling wider. She puts a hand on his arm, giving her thank you look which changes to one of surprise "Oh!" when the quik is produced. She glances back over her shoulder to make sure the children aren't awake and spying, quickly putting the baby clothes over it just in case. Not that she doesn't want them to have any, it's just better as a surprise late.

"Why…" Harmony lets out a theatrically exasperated sigh, quietly that is, before she shakes her head and lets a soft laugh escape her. "Mmmhmm." The pulling out of things brings her smile wider, particularly when catching all the stuff for the kids. Christmas in August! She casts a glance towards Gabriel and virtually whispers, "Pens and pencils, clothes, and Nestle Quik. The kids are going to love it."

Quinton realizes that he didn't say what he had so Gab would know, oops. He gives as a way of apology to the man, "Nothing fir the kitchen….yet." He's still looking. Piper's grin and touch has him grinning more, and he nods, "I'll keep looking." The list for the kids is nerve ending, it seems. Harm's sigh is ignored, but he will offer her a smile, "No pillows today…but I didn't hit any houses today…" At the bottom of his bag is a granola bar, which he pulls out and starts to unwrap. he did miss dinner after all.

Gabriel smiles and nods to Harmony, offering his appreciation in that gesture. "Yeah, I believe they will." He agrees. "No worries." He assures Quinton. For now staying quiet. Just taking a moment to relax and listen to the others before he need to head home, after all.

Taking one of the pens Piper flips one of the music staff pages over and writes "Nice surprise at breakfast tomorrow." She looks over her shoulder again as one of them begin to stir. A gesture is made to them and then toward the path that leads to the campsites. Gathering her things, Quinton gets another touch on the arm in thanks before she rouses the children and leds the sleepy heads to their proper sleeping area.

"I'll make sure those cows get milked," Harmony murmurs. It's not to be, however, as the kids begin to stir. A hand rises to her mouth as if she's the cause and looks around quickly to see whether or not anyone is ready to tack the blame on. She was quiet! Honest! The sigh that had been leveled wasn't because she didn't get anything, really. It's more… well, she'd had this discussion with Dixie earlier in the day. "Don't worry about me and a pillow. You just eat when you can," and there is the granola bar! "Here, have some carrots with that." If nothing else, it's a different, sweet crunch. "Gabriel, are you going to be okay walking back tonight? Maybe a blanket or something in the Dining Hall or… something?"

Quinton nods, and then answers Gab(See? he learns!) "I look, it's not a burden to have things on the list…better actually." Otherwise he just looks for stuff for himself, and his tent is filled already. He needs to look for a bigger tent! The arm touch from Piper, which is odd, she doesn't touch adults gets another smile, "Night." The more Harmony argues about the pillow, the quicker if goes to the top of his list. She gets a questioning look, he can't tell if she's specifically fussing over him, or is just mother henning everyone. "Thank you…" To the carrots. he'll accept them, for sure.

Gabriel does offer a wave to Piper and the kids, as they leave. "Night." Attention on Harmony as she speaks, grinning a bit. "I should be fine. It's not like it's harder for me to see." He teases. Nodding to Quinton as well. "Good, good."

Good, he's eating. Harmony can't help herself. It's sort of a mother-henning in that it's one of the few things she can actually do. She's not a scavenger, she's not a guard… there's really not a whole lot, other than farming and cooking that she can do. The very least, then, is to be sure that those who do the more dangerous stuff are taken care of. In spite of themselves! It doesn't hurt that she kinda likes the guy, too. Shhh!

Gabriel's response gains a quick grin, even if he can't see it. A laugh does sound in her tones when she responds, "Yeah, well… it's still a bit of a walk."

Quinton crunches on a carrot after taking a bite of the granola bar. Gab gets a snicker at the joke, "No sunglasses for you…"he rubs his face briefly, stretching his back to get out some of the tension of the day. "It was…quiet out…maybe they've moved on." he doubts that, but there's always a small chance. Small. After a beat he'll reach for the plastic water bottle that's almost empty in his bag, carrots and granola bars can be a little dry.

Gabriel chuckles and nods to Harmony. "I should be fine. Though you're free to join me. Though that means I have to walk you back here and then we're back in the same predicament as before." He points out. Nodding to Quinton as well, with a grin. "Perhaps. Though only the animals are of much threat at this hour, and they usually don't get that close. Any others usually do too much noise." At least for what he thinks is too loud, especially at night.

"As much as that might sound appealing, this is about as far out as I go at night," Harmony puts a foot on the seat of the table, then sits up onto the top of the picnic bench to perch. "I won't even go check on the animals at night." Or the garden. A slightly embarrassed laugh escapes her and she drops her head for a moment before lifting it once again, her expression hopeful. "Do you think they've moved on, then? That would be perfect." Ever hopeful, ever the optimist!

Quinton's smile fades at the mention of animals, cause…lion. "Just…be careful." He knows they can't make the man stay with them, but blind or not….it's dangerous out there. He'll focus on the half of a granola bar that's left, fingering a carrot stick briefly before looking up as Harmony changes seats. he shrugs, his right shoulder going up more than his left, "Don't know…I hope so though….They were just kids…"

The fact that those out 'there' were just kids gains a frown from the farmer. Harmony lets that settle for a few long moments before, "People are growing up really quickly now." Green eyes look between the two men and she offers a tight smile, but it's one just the same. "I hope they've moved on." What else can she say? She hasn't missed the favoring of one shoulder over another, and she looks as if she's going to say something before she sidetracks herself with another thought- "Oh! I met someone new to the camp. A -doctor-." Was that directed at Quinton? Maaaaaybe.

Quinton's not sure it was just a forced grow up…there's a lot of people that have had too, and aren't playing army men. But that's not something he's wanting to dwell on. he just hopes they've moved on. "Yeah? That's good." He quirk's an eyebrow, catching the look, but not really understanding.

Harmony stares at Quinton for a long moment, her expression turning towards that amused and theatrically dumbfounded. She shakes her head and sighs, reaching out to pat an arm gently. "He may want to take a look at your shoulder and see how it's healing. Maybe give you exercises to get it back into shape." Physical Therapy? Ow! "I kinda like the idea of you not hurting quite so much."

Quinton can't help the small nose wrinkle, who wants to be assigned exercises? "Yeah…I'll….talk to him." Eventually. The poet looks down at the half a bar and carrots, picking up one of the orange sticks, "I wonder if I found any ranch dressing powder…if that could be mixed with the fresh milk…" changing topics much?

Harmony catches the look and can't hold in the laugh. It comes out in a bubble, and continues in a giggle. "I believe that." Uh huh.. Now, sliding down from the table, she holds out her hand. She knows the kitchen inside and out, like the back of her hand. "C'mon, we'll find you the perfect dip for those carrots. Our cream cheese might even be ready."

Quinton pauses, surpass on his face. Whether it's at the idea of creme cheese or that she's wanting to hold hands, hard to say. Bidding Gab goodnight, he gathers his things and will let Harmony lead him back to the kitchen.

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