(2015-08-03) Beginner's Luck
Beginner's Luck
Summary: Quinton and Piper take Harmony out scavenging for the first time. She finds some good stuff
Date: 8.3.2015
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Lake Shore

Gentle waves lap the beach like shore of this large body of water. The blue waters stretch for many acres, though it isn't so large that the other side can't be seen, but making out details would be impossible. Several streams branch off the lake, either feeding it or are being feed by the lake. There are a few spots where the woods come right up to the shore, but this isn't one of them. At various points docks jut out and lake front houses can be seen. A boat or two are still tied to a dock and fishing is probably quite good.

The sun has been up for a couple of hours, but heavy fog from the abundant bodies of water this morning prevented any going out. Now that the sun has burned it all the fog off though going out can happen. Three are walking along the road heading to the lake. One of them Piper, pulling a wagon caravan, one time it was full of children, now it is empty, and will be used to carry those items scavenged from the houses by the lake. Hopefully they will get lucky and manage to fill at least one of them with stuff.

Quinton has been trying to leave these houses for last, thinking they would be easier pickings for a group. And today seems like the day for it though! His backpack is empty, in case they need extra (One can hope). He to up early this morning, and when he emerged to go scavenging, his face is freshly shaved! No more mountain man in the middle of summer! maybe he'll actually grow it during winter, but for now, he's back to the baby face they all know. As they get closer, he get's more alert, eyeing any possible hiding places. He'd rather not get shot again…or have anyone lee get shot.

It's an outing! Harmony almost -never- leaves the Camp; her excuse usually has something to do with 'need to help with the cooking' or 'need to pick the fruit for salad'. But, remarkably, here is the barefooted hippy, her light skirts flowing against her legs, a light shirt covering her shoulders, and a floppy straw hat with flowers in the brim finish the outfit. Her steps are animated as green eyes look over the scenery as they make their way down the road. She has her own straw/hemp bag tossed over her shoulder, empty but for water and some vegetable nibbles. "I don't know…" she says slowly, her seemingly perpetual smile is easily in place. "I think the beard and moustache looked fine."

The updated look merely got a tilted head and a curious expression, what else is Piper going to do. She tends not to even try to talk in mixed company, so she certain'y wasn't going to say anything. Her own pack hangs off one shoulder so it doesn't get in the way should she need to use the rifle hanging off her other. With all the trouble around lately she wasn't leaving camp without it. It's looking to be another hot day so she has went without the longsleeve cover up and is only in her tank top and pajama bottoms. Though with the straps of tank and rifle the skin art on her shoulder is mostly covered. At the comment from Harmony she glances from the other woman to Quinton and once more studies his face. There is no indicator if she agrees or not.

Quinton looks a little confused, like it takes him a momemnt to register what Hamrony's talking about. He turns to look at her before giving a half shrug, "Too warm….maybe in winter…" He's decided all these woman need something else to do, besides worry about him. He needs to find a cross word puzzle book or something! Pale eyes glance over at Piper to make sure she's ok too before sighing. he really needs to get those pants to her….Better not bring it up now though, so he goes back to scanning the area.

Guns. It's something Harmon -doesn't- carry. She's got a good set of lungs for yelling, and for talking someone's ear off until they give up. It's worked in the past! "By then, it'll be cliche," she teases. Ah well. A glance to Piper means the other woman gets a grin as well. She's more than happy to pick on others, and Quinton is easy, and fun. "Oh, sighing won't get you anywhere." She walks sideways for a couple of steps specifically to bump into him and bounce back. "It'll be okay. I swear."

Piper seems okay, tired, but she always is and she ocassionally pauses to stretch her back a bit. Sleeping on the ground can't be easy for her. She doesn't complain though. She carries on. As they approach the lake and it's blue water she stops, taking in the houses that surround to body of water. Putting a hand on Quinton's arm to get his attention to gestures around the lake, asking which houses to hit first. She usually lets him take point when it comes to that, and today is no exception.

Harmony gets a quick tongue stick out. Quin's not cliche! (He totally is, the little hipster). But for not he lets that go as he's being bumped into and hands laid on…. For once the odd look isn't from his inability to communicate. To be fair, today is a good day, he's had a lot of those lately, fingers crossed. He totally makes this up, "Sighing's healthy." maybe it is! Who knows? (Eli will). He starts scanning the houses, coming to a full stop and trying to decide a plan of attack. As he does so, his hand runs through his hair, a sure sign of thinking. Slightly off topic, "We should see if the boat house can take any more boats…" Since they lost one when Nora stole it. Finally he'll nod, pointing to the first house, "Just start at the beginning for now…"

Harmony slows up as they begin to get close, and when she stops, a hand automatically goes to the brim of her hat. She glances at Quinton with an amused 'Mmmhmm' before she takes a look at the properties. "If you don't mind? Look for the biggest property. Even lake houses have a pecking order in terms of 'rich'. There's always a high priced property and the 'yeah, he makes us look good' property. One with a three-car garage usually has the good stuff in it. They're the owners who think they can 'do it themselves'. You know, tools and lots of handmade stuff. They usually do a good job, too." She finishes and looks between the pair before she finishes with a shrug and a slightly self-conscious air, "So I hear, anyway…"

There is a hmmming from the pregnant woman and she nods at what Quinton says. Mostly likely the bit about the bouts Piper then listens to the suggestion by Harmony, her eyes moving between her companions, gauging the reaction Quinton might have to the other woman's words. Her input is a shrug. She probably doesn't care which house they hit or in what order.

Quinton turns to study the hippy as she rattles off her thoughts before nodding, "I'd like to go through them all…" You never know who has weapons and food stashed away…or pillows. But he's not gonna argue it, "We can …search the big one first." And with that he'll start leading them to the biggest house in the group.

The largest of the houses on the lake looks to be three floors, which includes a walkout basement with glass slider. A three level deck is attached to the back, which is where the closest approach is for the three. There seems to be stacked lawn furniture covered with tarps, stacked under the lowest level, and each teir is decorated with overgrown pots filled in all manner of plants.

Piper follows along quietly, watching thier surroundings, but there is nothing but wildlife to be seen around this area. Which is a releif considering what happened last time she went outside of camp, but that one started nicely too. She pauses at the steps leading to the first deck tier, pulling the wagons out of immediate site.

Harmony looks between Piper and Quinton again, and when he makes his decision, she nods quickly and green eyes move towards the grouping of houses once again. She whispers, "Eenie, meenie, mine-y mo..' as they begin their approach. "Gas cans, maybe, for their lawn mowers. I knew a guy who lived near me who used a landscaping company and still had one of those huge mowers. Just to try and impress the rest of us." She hasn't done this yet; first time out is always the strangest, perhaps? She shushes herself and apologizes with a lopsided smile.

It's the plants that first get Harmony's attention, whatever is in those pots. Weeds, sure. Flowers, most likely. She grins at the other two and has a bit of anticipation in her tones, "I bet there are toys around."

Quinton actually goes and inspects the tarped lawn furniture. Not something they can bring back with just the wagon, but good to know it's here. he leaves the tarps on, to keep them in place incase there's any more storms. Piper gets a nod of approval, after leaving the hors win plan sight last time….hidden is better. He inhales to tell Hamony to be quitter, but she shushes herself and he'll throw her a small grin to her's. He gets it, it is nerve wracking. Since he's already there he'll move over to look into the glass door of the basement. Better to see if there's someone standing there with a shot gun, or dead body or dragon or whatever. A dragon wouldn't even surprise him, at this point. He'll reach to try the door handle, are they lucky today?

A gauzy curtain hangs inside before the curtain. There doesn't seem to be anything moving inside, nor does there seem to be weird shadows indicating bodies. The slider is unlocked, but further inspection shows that a rod is in the slider groove to keep it from being opened. So it is either the door on the second deck level or the front door.

Having no great interest in plants besides the prettiness factor, Piper follows Quinton to the slider. She continoues to keep her attention on thier surroundings while he checks the door. When she sees the door doesn't open her brow furrows, then she points up to the other door her expression the usual for questioning.

It's a quick assessment in terms of the pots. She doesn't really catch much of anything of use. Bored housewife sort of thing, really. Pretty colors but in terms of practical? The dandelions that don't exist in the what used to be manicured lawn would be of more interest to the farmer.

Instead, Harmony takes hold of the brim of her hat and starts to walk around the house, her eyes lifting up. How many times had she gone out the window of houses like this in her bid for freedom? Even indulgent parents tried to instill rules. (Ha!) "If they had kids, there should be a key somewhere. One of those dumb turtle or frog sculptures?"

Quinton nods, "No busting in if we don't have to…" He doesn't like to leave busted houses…makes him feel worse about the looting..and one never knows if the house will be needed as shelter. He begins to move to the next door, hopping that's unlocked. "We can check windows too, if needed…" as they walk, he absently rotates his left shoulder, maybe loosening it up some. "We'll come back for the chairs…" the lawn furniture, that is. He wouldn't mind a seat by his tent, anyway.

Piper nods, she hasn't busted any windows or anything since that first time. She might not talk, but she listens and since they always manage to get in the house eventually, complies with it. She watches Harmony breifly as she disappears around the front of the house. It's a bit worrisome, but she doesn't say anything, just walks up to the backdoor, her barefeet making little noise on the steps. Another nod and a gesture to the wagons they brought and a widening of arms. Suggesting that next time they bring the bigger ones perhaps.

Harmony's gone around front, looking around at the manicured 'frontage'. Stopping for a couple of heartbeats, she holds the top of her hat as she looks up, counting windows, looking a curtains. Handful of bedrooms. One, two.. three. Place like this would have a minimum of four. Now, back to the task at hand, she glides up to the front door and begins to check in the undergrowth. Little pond for koi, the fish long eaten by cats, undoubtedly. Rocks. Sculptures. Sculptures! Crouching down, it's a shell game, almost. One, no. Two, no. Turtle by the edge of the pond? Bingo!

There, the key flap sits, and wiping it down, she turns and puts the key in the bolt lock, turning it. The tumblers *click* and she's in! The door is closed quickly and quietly behind her, complete with locking the door.

Quinton's head snaps up as he watches Hamrony disappear. He's not a fan of splitting up, and it's her first time really doing this. A frown starts to form as he watches the corner, but his hand is on the door handle and he answers Piper's hand motion, "Yeah…bigger wagons…or more people…" maybe they can drag a mattress back for Piper to sleep on or something…The door opens with a small crack as the hinges are moved finally after a few months of unuse. He doesn't go in just yet, looking back in the direction Harmony went. Should he go get her?

When the door seems to be unlocked Piper breaks into a grin, at least they are lucky with that one. She waits a moment, but Quinton doesn't seem to be going on and she looks at him a moment and the direction he is looking. This time when she opens her mouth words come out "We'll hear trouble." as usual it isn't much. Even one syllable less than the last time. But still progress.

Harmony pads down the main hall, green eyes searching the place as she begins to make her way towards the back. Stairway in the front, living room, sitting room, kitchen and dining room in the back. "Coming," she singsongs softly. No one is actually meant to hear her as she makes her way back.

Quinton blinks, looking down at the door almost surprised at his luck. he expected it to be locked. Piper gets a smile in return and he gives her his full attention she she speaks. He wants to encourage that as much as possible, so he nods, "That's…true. Ok…let's go shopping." He figured Harmony will come back to the door and then follow them inside…that makes sense, right?The creaks more as he open sit further and steps inside.

Okay, the comment is funny, it has to be, because otherwise it would be depressing and there is to much of that. Piper laughs, the noise is silvery like her voice. With an amused shake of her head she nudges Quinton with her shoulder before following him into a large kitchen.

The back door's creak gains Harmon's attention, and she can't help the wide smile. She's taking inventory with every step, considering the potential personalities of those that lived here by what possessions she can see. Once she reaches the back, Harmony looks quite pleased with herself. "Hi, guys," is offered brightly. "Found the key."

Piper's laughter gets Quin to grin more, any joy in these times is a good thing. He starts to say soemtign else but jumps slightly when Harmony appears inside the house. Instinctivly he steps in front of Piper before it dawns that it's their companion. "Jesus!" The scowl quickly fades as he looks around, "ok…let's do this…" He ties to keep a mental note of where the two girls go. half to be able to get to them if they need help, the other half so they don't startle him again. The house has more useful stuff than most, he come snack to the man room with his arms full of trench coats.

Quinton is to tall for the petite Piper to look over and she is stuck having to peek around him as he steps in front of her. Wiggling her fingers she greets Harmony since they were greeted and moves into the house. A glance is cast around the kitchen, but she moves silently through and downstairs letting the other two take the other floors.

Teenagers. The place undoubtedly has teenagers, which means stuff stashed away. Harmony grins at the startled Quin and the hidden Piper before she, too, spins around and heads back the way she came and up the stairs to the third floor. This is kid territory. Under the bed, in the closets, under dresser-drawers. All the really good stashing spots, and she's not disappointed!

She's got her bag filled as she comes back down the stairs after hitting up the bedrooms. Harmony virtually dances down the stairs, step by graceful step, "Okay, this is just fun."

Ugh. Women. Quinton's fairly certain they'll be the death of him before the aliens are. His bad seems to be a bit heavier too, but not nearly as much as Harmony's is. He raises an eyebrow , but bites back any comment. Instead he just shakes his head and prays they don't find any bodies in any of the houses. Talk about bursting a person's bubble….he doesn't want to do that to her. Instead, "Find some good stuff?"

All is quiet on the Piper front. Not to worry though she slowly begins to come back up the stairs on silent barefeet. Shoes are highly over rated just for that aspect alone. So noisy. She has a few things in hand a few writing utensils, a drawing compass and protractor…and a book, which has open about 1/2 way through and is reading from. The downstairs must have been a bust.

"Teen stash. A couple of boxes of PopTarts. Cherry Frosted. A couple bags of beef jerkey, boots, space heater even.. and…" Harmony pauses dramatically before she pulls out a bottle, "Tequila, with worm." There's more stuff in the bottom, and the toilet seat is plainly evident, but it's not mentioned. "I'm gonna give the doc the Contact solution." In fact, the chances are better than even that everything is going to find a home. She'll probably keep the bottle, however.

Quinton shifts the trench coats to one arm. not as exciting, but come winter they'll be wanted. "Pop tarts? nice." he doesn't even care what flavor. The worm gets a smirk, what's the point if there's no worm? He'll turn to glance at Piper and ask, "You good?"

The mention of Poptarts is enough to draw the mostly mute girl's attention. She still doesn't eat as much as she should, she tries, it just doesn't work. But it's poptarts, something you don't realize you are going to miss until they aren't around anymore. A nod is given in answer and Piper hands Quinton the book she found. She'd eventually give it to him anyway, why wait.

"Uh huh," is given in response happily. Harmony isn't so scattered that she doesn't catch Piper's reaction to the acquisition of the pastry goodness. Shifting her stuff, she drops a hand in to pull out first one box, then the next, balancing them in order to hold them out to Piper, offering them. "When I get the nibbles, I go for carrots." Beyond that? "I think I am." Even if she wasn't asked!

Quinton flips the book over and smiles down at it, it's a meditation book. Not quite poetry, but close….and who knows…maybe it'll help."Thanks, Bonnie." He starts to shrug his backpack off to place the book into it for later, pulling out a granola bar. He seems to be the king of finding granola bars, "Want to stop and eat?" A small laugh at Harmony, "You're doing pretty good your first time, huh?"

There is a look of surprise when Harmony hands over not one, but both boxes of poptarts over. Taking them her expression is quizzical in nature, but the explanation sorta clears it up and she just nods. Looking to Quinton, Piper grins at him, today it seems not even being called by the wrong name isn't going to bother her, so no frowny faces about it this time. The suggestion to eat has her nodding though she gestures outside to the back deck.

When Piper takes the PopTarts, Harmony smiles and nods before she looks at Quinton, brows rising. She offers a nod with her smile, but as she begins to pick her way towards that back deck, a shrug lights her shoulders. "Not bad. I don't know that I'll do it again, though." Given the moment, her smile falters as she looks out over the lake from her vantage. Turning about, the smile flickers back into place, and she drops to the wooden floor into a cross-legged seat. Fruit is pulled out, strawberries and blackberries, alone with raw zuchini and carrot sticks. "At least no one is shooting?"

Today does seem a good day, Quin lets the girls lead, glancing around the room as they leave it. The door is closed, but not locked. No need. His smile turns a little more sympathetic and he nods, 'It's ok…we need the garden just as much." And come winter he'll probably not be doing this either. He eyes the fruits, and the Piper's newly acquired pop tarts. his granola bar is rathe bland compared to all that, but it's what he's got. He'll move over to sit in an actual seat, cause…chair. His water bottle is pulled out as well, "We can probably hit at least …2 more before we should head back…don't want to…." He frowns, blinking as the word slips away. He'll try to cover it up with a sip of water, but it's a poor attempt.

Piper moves to sit on the deck as well, but it's not as smooth a motion as Harmony. Not with her babybelly getting slightly bigger every week and her small stature only accentuates it. She opens the box of pastries, pulling out one of the silver packs she quickly opens it and takes a whiff of them, which promptly makes her a little green looking. She still takes one out but hands the other over to Quinton, she'll be lucky if she can finish the one if just the smell of it makes her ill. But at least the children will like them.

"You may want to lock it, just in case. I have the front door key." Harmony produces the key from her pocket before she hands it to Quinton. "Just in case?" Her smile tilts a bit as she adds, "Never know?"

The granola bar… yeah. "I don't have any cream to dip the carrot sticks in, but you're welcome to some of the fruit?" Harmony holds it out for the two in offering. Obviously from the garden, and freshly picked. "I figured that the three of us might want some. You know," and here, she looks at the other two, "just in case?" She makes sure the lake is to her back, and she dips her head. "We'll be able to do quick work on the other two. They're smaller."

Quinton inhales, giving Piper a thankful smile before taking the pastry. He wastes no time taking a bite, enjoying the artificial taste. The key is rolled between his fingers and he sighs, but nods, "Ok…I guess a safe house can't hurt…" He glances to the amount of food Harm brought and then smiles. She's totally a mother hen. Leaning over he'll nab a small handful of strawberries and carrots. "We'll get them done…yeah."

The pastry in her hand is broken in half, and Piper manages to finish half if it, but no more. The other half is put away to be saved for later, both boxes go into her backpack. She looks around at the neighborhood, pointing out the two to the east of their current position. Probably suggesting going that way, toward the road instead of away from it.

Quinton stands up, motioning for the two woman to finish up. they've been out in the open, sitting for too long. "We should…go." He'll nod, agreeing about the next two houses to hit, nearer the road and slips the key into his pocket after locking up the house. If it floods again, they can more everyone here, he guesses. The trench coats are put into the wagon and he'll pull it for the girls, keeping an eye out as they make their way to the next house.

The next two houses must have been previously picked over by someone, the doors are standing open. Whoever it has it hasn't been for weeks. It could have been the group that Nora was with when she was first ran into. A couple handy books are found on food preservation and Living off the grid, some clothing, a pillow, boots, which gets a nose wrinkle from Piper, a few other things and some soda, which while diet is still a nice find. That is shared, a warm beverage for the uneventful walk back to camp, with thier findings in tow.

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