(2015-08-04) And the Walls Fell
And the Walls Fell
Summary: An act of kindness undoes the mute girl
Date: 8.4.2015
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Dining Hall

The dining hall is a dome shaped building fully capable of holding upwards of 500 people. Tables and chairs surround a large round fireplace that takes up the center of the main room. The walls are mostly windows that let tons of light through so additional lighting isn't need until after the sun is down. In the back a set of double doors, flanked by bookshelves, leads to the kitchen. On each side of the bookshelves is a door to bathrooms, men left, women right. The bookshelves themselves are full of books and boardgames. There is an upright piano partially blocking the view out one set of windows.

A new addition has been recently added to the room. The lower half of several windows have been covered over with corkboard covered plywood. Already they are starting to be covered with lists of things people want/need and things people want to trade for, like goods or lessons. (OOC: If you have something to post or want to know what is on the board see: +bboard 11)

The dining hall is just recently emptied after the evening meal. The tables have been cleared and it sounds like there is cleaning going on in the kitchen, voices and children's giggles along with the voice of Bea can be heard coming through the kitchen doors. All the windows are open to keep the large area from getting stuffy in the summer heat. With broom in hand Piper is doing her part in after supper cleaning by sweeping the floor, quietly singing under her breath as she does so.

Quinton left after dinner, but is walking back now. Hearing all the happy commotion he is slowing down and listening, head tilted. It's been a relatively stress free day, he's ha da few clear minded days…he's actually thinking about maybe trying to write tonight…If any notice him, a hand is raised but he'll not speak yet, not wishing to break the happy, busy spell that's per them all.

It seems to be another broadway tune, Piper's voice occasionally raises to audible when she gets the certain parts of the song, she's in that place though. The one she mentally goes to whenever she is doing something musical so she isn't all that aware of anything going on, particularly those that tend to be almost as quiet as she is. She gets another few verses in and begins to move chairs around and then she spots her audience and the singing abruptly ends, not in an embarrassed, busted kind of fashion, but more in a derailment, it takes a few seconds before she is greeting with a smile and wave.

Quinton's smile quirks to one side, sad that he messed her up, but he guesses it was bound to happen. Instead of saying anything, he'll just move over to move the chairs for her, giving a glance toward the kitchen area where Bea and the kids are. Finally, quietly, 'You do have a pretty voice." Hopefully that didn't come out creepy, he just means it as a compliment.

She doesn't mind the interruption and as he moves the chairs she will sweep under them and the tables, where most of the debris always seems to end up. The compliment has her looking up from her task. She's heard similar compliments before, but not with that particular adjective used, and not in a long time, since the Arrival at least. It's enough to draw words from Piper, "Thank you." just the two words, in the same quiet tone that he used.

Quinton flashes a smile, this time not laced with worry. The chairs are set back once she finishes sweeping and then he looks to see if there's anything else that needs to be done. He seems to be moving his shoulder just fine today, thanks to the meds Eli gave him. "Anything else?" He's willing to help.

Sweeping done and floor debris collected and tossed, Piper glances around at the clean hall and shakes her head in answer then goes to but the broom and dustpan away in the little closet. She one more tries to speak but she must have hit her word quota, for the moment at least, so she resorts to her whiteboard which she retrieves from her pack, "What are you up to?"

Quinton shrugs, again using both shoulders. "Maybe write." What? Write? His thumbs hook around his belt. "Maybe go walking…collect wood." One can never have too much firewood, right?

Piper makes an ahhing noise at his answer, "Want help collecting wood?" she writes on her board, since she doubts she can or that he would require help with the writing part.

Quinton gives a small chuckle, "Bored?" Who wants to collect wood? But he nods, not objecting to the company. "We should start for winter too…" Collecting wood. Well…maybe not tonight, but soon.

There is a hand wobble, bored, nothing better planned, it's all the same really. Grabbing her pack she slips it over a shoulder, but keeps the whiteboard and marker in hand as she gestures toward the door "Yes." she manages to get out, after a few false starts, agreeing with winter prep.

Quinton's impressed. two different moments of spoken word int eh same day. World must be ending (Ha). He nods and will start walking out the door, but then pauses to hold it for her. No reason to let it slam into the pregnant woman's face. "Food ….wood…clothes…" they still need a lot for the cold, or to kill the aliens and take back their planet…one of those two things. "I was…thinking." Never a good idea. "When we go back for the chairs and flowers…" they're going back for flowers? "We can….try to get a mattress…"

Yes, not getting a door in the face is appreciated enough that she offers another smile as she passes by. There is a slight pause to allow him to catch up and she falls in beside him as they head towards the woods. Thankfully it isn't to dark, the sun only 1/2 way past the western horizon. She makes hmm-hmming noise in agreement though it isn't the mention of flowers as strange as it is that has her giving him her questioning look, but the mention of getting a mattress.

Quinton glances back at her, and dumbly replies, "For sleeping on." He's truly a wordsmith. Nothing was meant beyond that. That reminds him, "I have something for you, at my tent…" Well, that's probably not helping the creepy. He inhales, frowning, "I found some clothes, the trip before last…" There…that's better, at least. He's going to stop talking now, and pick up sticks.

Piper ahhs, /instead/ of giving him a look that means obviously, "You'd probably sleep easier with a mattress." she writes it of course. Apparently his comment makes her thing he is getting it for himself. She then follows it up with a written question "Clothes for the children?" with her whiteboard in hand she can't do much in the way of help with collecting wood just yet.

Quinton does a head tilt, and gives her a 'really?' look, "For you…and the kids." Maybe if he adds the kids it will soften her response. He'll bend down, shaking his head, "No…for you." He'll try to keep her partially in view, but is also busy grabbing branches. Instead of pointing out the obvious, he tries a different tactic, "You've been wearing the same clothes for the past few weeks…you need more." not bigger, just more. These just happen to be bigger.

She looks about ready to reject the idea, but yes, using the young ones in this manner is a smart move on his part. It makes it more acceptable to her, a large enough one could be big enough for all of them, though harder to move…though there is the truck if they can get it working again after Lincoln messed with it. She looks down at her clothes, the shirt gets switched more often than her pajama bottoms, she only has a couple of latter and about four tops, all bordering on two small for her growing proportions. She is unsure, she is used and quite accepting of things for the kids, but this is really the first time he has given her something she couldn't eat, but she nods "I'll get them later tonight." she writes, letting him read before she puts the board away and begins to help him collect firewood.

Impressive! He didn't get smacked. He'll take that as a win and nod, flashing her a smile before turning where he;s crouched to pick up more sticks. With his shoulder feeling better, or at least with him not feeling the apina s much, he's able to carry more.

Piper is still unsure but she smiles tentatively back and wanders a few feet away to fill her arms up with sticks and branches, the only noise is the sound of the breeze in the trees and the snapping of branches.

Sometime Later

Hayes Campsite

Woods surround this cleared out area. It has three platform tent areas to hold large eight people tents, and a few ground level areas for smaller tents. All of them surround a fire pit that seems to have gotten some recent use. Two picnic tables are also near at hand.

Quinton's got his fire going, nothing huge, but it's nice and makes the night feel more tolerable. To him at least. He's sitting on a log close enough for the light to shin onto a notebook he's scribbling in. There's a lot of crossed out things, like he's not had much success. But on the other hand, he's trying today…which he hasn't in weeks. It's not cool enough to wear a sweater, but he's sitting on one, when he's not writing his hand absently goes to the sleeve and rolls it between his fingers.

It's funny, everyone worried about being creepy, when in essence Piper is truly the creepy one, in a one second no one is crouched beside the fire and the next second there she is. And either she isn't aware of it or doesn't care. She debates whether to interrupt him immediately or wait until it looks like he is at a good stopping point. She splits the difference, taking a moment to instead feed the fire a few small pieces of wood, giving him an opportunity to notice before jarring him out of his thoughts.

Quinton's not completely oblivious. When the fire picks up, he frowns, first at the paper and the looks. He doesn't quite fall over but he definitely gives a small jolt, "Abby! Jesus!" He takes a deep breath, suddenly embarrassed, "H-how long have you been there?" The pen is set into the notebook and he closes it, whatever bits of thoughts or half poetry away for now.

She didn't mean to scare the b'jesus out of Quinton and she grimaces a bit when she does, and then gives an apologetic look, making a gesture with her fingers to indicate a very little amount of time. She wasn't lurking, honest! Wiping wood bits off her hands she is silent, looking expectant. Words must be failing her at the moment so she is going to have to trust that he remembers what she is her for, because she can't tell him.

It takes him longer than it should to remember. he just kids stares back at her, trying to get his heart beta under control. Then, "oh!"His note book is set on the sweater, one of the one's Piper saved, and he heads over to his tent. It takes hims minute more, like he's searching and then comes out with a stack of clothing. All different colors of maternity pants. 6 to be exact. "Here." He's apparently not very words currently either. Maybe it was all pouring into the notebook.

And saved from having to remind him by tugging on her own clothing. Piper waits where she stands by the fire purposefully avoiding looking into the flames by staring at the tent flap. When he emerges her eyes stay on him, they seem to be all pupil in the dark. Glancing at the clothing in his hands she automatically takes it and it isn't until they are in her arms that she realizes what they are, and she just stares at them wide eyed at the clothing in her hands.

Quinton can't help but think Piper looks a little exotically creepy, with her eyes blown out and just watching him quietly. He gives a small smile, "They should fit you better…more comfortable."

Her head hangs and she wraps her arms around herself, hugging the clothes to her chest in the process. "It wasn't…" there is a sniffle, she could be crying, but if so it is subdued, much like she is most of the time "I can't.." she shakes her head. All the words are whisper aubible but barely. "I'm a mon…"she can't say it so and a quite sob takes its place.

That's…not Quinton's intention….for her to cry, "Oh…uhhh…" His hand twitches and then he steps closer to lay a hand on her shoulder. He'd offer a hug, but he has some basic math skills to count months and with her not talking to people…it's an educated guess something bad happened to her. "Oh….tanya….don't…it's…it's ok…you're safe now…" He's total thinking in a direction, weather that's the right one or not! "or…cry if you need to…that's ok too…" He's not sure waht to do, honestly.

There is silent sobbing, the only indicator the occasional sniffle and trembling of her shoulders. The attempt at comfort isn't much but it nearly undoes her. If this outburst is any indication this has probably been building for months now and was bound to happen sooner or later. It just needed a catalyst and seems clothing was it. Girls are weird. She shakes her head and holds out a hand "It's covered in red." she stammers quietly.

Quinton's so confused. He hesitates and when she breaks down more he holds an arm open, if she wants a hug, but he's not gonna do more than that. "No…it's…not. You're …safe now…" he's guessing she maybe had to do somethings….they all have. "You're safe now…"If he ends up holding her, he'll rub her back, if not he rubs her arm.

She tenses slightly, torn between fleeing and taking the offered comfort. The deciding factor, having no where to go but her tent and she doesn't want to children to see her like this. It's bad enough that anyone is. It isn't a sudden movement, but she does end up with her face buried in his chest. Hopefully he wasn't wearing a good sweater, it's going to be tear stained otherwise. She does continue with her shaken head denials, but she has stopped vocalizing and is just silently sobbing.

No sweater, it's too warm. Just a soft t-shirt. He'll just rub her back softly letting her cry. "You're safe…The kids are safe….everyone here is safe…" He's just trying to give her comfort, unsure what's wrong, besides he must give the worst presents ever.

The waterworks don't last long, and the sobs die down to soft hiccups and then to nothing. "Sorry." comes out, but she isn't sure if she says it out loud or just thinks it real hard. Either way, Piper steps away, wiping at her face but keeping her head down, probably to embarrassed now about her melt down to meet his eyes, but the clothes are now clutched possessively to her chest.

Quinton 's hands go up letting her step away, almost like he's showing he's not holding her back. "It's…ok." He gives a small nervous smile, but doesn't really expect Piper to see. "I didn't mean…mean to… upset you…" His upheld hand goes to run through his hair, and he himself takes a small step back.

Another shake of head as she takes a deep breath meant to help calm her and after a moment finally looks up and kind of at him. She looks both embarrassed and apologetic at the same time. Piper gestures around to indicate what, the trees? the camp? the world?

Quinton frowns, his head feeling more jumbled than it was 20 minutes ago. He inhales, echoing Piper. He shakes his head, softly, "No….I just didn't…." He stops, knowing he's not saying the right words. Quin's not sure what else to do.

She nods at him. She gets what he is saying or trying to say but with her words not coming she Piper has no way to express it, not without her whiteboard, which she didn't think she would need. So she is stuck with nodding at him. At this point she isn't sure what to do either, he's jumbled, she's embarrassed so she just gestures behind her probably suggesting she should probably leave.

Quinton watches her concerned. "I can…walk you back." She's upset, he should make sure she makes it back. He runs his hands though his hair again. At least he's not wincing when he moves his shoulder now.

Not wanting to make him feel any worse than he already does, Piper nods. She can make it easily in the dark, the fact that the light from the moon doesn't pierce the tree canopy doesn't matter to her. She waits for him to grab his lantern, so he has light to walk back with, and once he is ready will start down the path. Yes she does notice he isn't in pain, but she can't point it out, not right now at least.

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