(2015-08-04) Enemy Amoung Us
Enemy Amoung Us
Summary: One of the militant teens is found severely injured
Date: 8.4.2015
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There are ocassions, when a large group gets together from camp and hits a few of the nearby farmhouses to clean it out of everything that is easily carriable, clothes, non-perisable food stuffs, etc. This is one of those days. It takes most of the day, with only a few ATV trailers pulled by horses, it takes multiple trips back and forth from camp to where they are to get everything, but it is managed. There are even a number of perrineal herbs and other usuable plants that can be harvested if not for use, the seeds can be collected for planting later. It's getting to the end of the day, and the last of the stuff has been loaded up for transport back to camp.

The plants are, without a doubt, the most exciting thing for the flower-child. Dressed in her flowery, billowy skirts with her wide-brimmed, bloom-adorned straw hat, Harmony is the very picture of the 'ideal' from the 1960s. She's got pots in her hands, and settling them carefully in a corner, she might even be overheard talking to the cuttings! "When you get back, I swear. More water. Okay? No wilting on me."

Elijah chuckles, glancing over at Harmony as she talks to the plants. "Don't worry…we'll take good care of them, Harmony." He gives her a reassuring smile, glad to see the girl so excited. The day had been hard work, but rewarding as well. The young doctor had come along both to lend a hand with the finding and moving of things, but also in case anybody got hurt during the venture. A leather satchel either stayed on his side or on one of the ATVs if he had to do something particularly strenuous. However, he didn't like to leave it unless completely necessary, so right now it is back across his shoulder and resting on his hip. "What else do we need to load up? I think…we're good?" He wasn't sure though, so better check. His eyes go around their perimeter for a moment, keeping an eye out it seems, before going back to the task and items at hand.

As the group works in getting everything ready to go they may just notice a figure approaching from the east. It moves slowly, not because the figure is trying to be sneaky, it's walking in the middle of the road, nothing sneaky about that, but it sometime pauses to bend over. Sometimes it does this only for a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes, but it the continues on forward with its snail like pace.

Harmony grins at Elijah, and her words follow with a laugh. "I know. Still, I don't have these, so I really want to be sure they get home without-"

Green eyes pick up the movement on the road, and the form and figure of, the figure. She glances at the doc, then the ATV, then down the road again. "I can't tell if we know them." She's trying to keep her tones low, and all the amusement seems to have disappeared in them. Harmony isn't going to ask Elijah about identification- he only just got to the camp. "I wish Dixie were here."

Elijah is looking to Harmony, listening to her speak as they finish getting things ready to take back to camp. Her gaze shifting catches his attention and he turns around to see the figure coming down the road. Whoever it was…they were moving oddly. Very oddly. It looked like…"Harmony. Stay with the equipment." His usually light and relaxed tone is serious for the moment. "I think they're hurt…but I can't say for sure. I need to get closer to them." He takes a few steps forward, putting himself between Harmony and the one approaching in doing so, even though whoever was was still a good ways off. The doctor's gaze goes back to Harmony and he holds eye contact with her. "If there is trouble, I want you to take the a horse and get back to camp and get help. Okay?" He had to stay. He had to make sure the person wasn't hurt.

As the figure passes an abandonded car on the road, it leans heavily against it. It's head hangs and the way the hair flops forward it just may be a female figure, still hard to tell at this distance though. The clothes look greenish, some kind of uniform maybe. The figure begins to move again, one step, then two and then collapse onto the ground. Definantly injured.

"But," it's easy to see Harmony is immediately troubled with the instructions. "I am not going to leave you." There, she said her piece, but she knows that it'll be falling on worse than deaf ears. There'll be argument. Maybe not now, as there may be no time, but later. She'll stay with the equipment, but leaving him is simply just not acceptable!

Harmony watches those few moments longer, and audibly gasps as the figure falls, collapsing. A squeak exits the young woman, and she's ready to make a run out there herself. "Doc!" As it is, she'll probably follow him, regardless, now!

He had only made it a few steps before the figure falls. Yep. That does it. Elijah doesn't bother arguing with Harmony one way or the other as he is in a full sprint now in the direction of the person. However, he knows better than to just crouch right beside them. That's how you get stabbed. Okay, so it still may be a trap, but for now Eli keeps a few feet at least between himself and them now as he stops and looks down to the figure. Gaze staying on the person, his hand goes out behind him to signal Harmony to stay further back than he was. Just in case. "Hey…" Maybe they'd respond? If they were conscious. Yeah…he wished Dixie was here too!

Caution is never a bad idea. As as the pair draw closer it may become evident that in this case it isn't really needed. Sure the girl, because it is clear it is female, is dressed like one of the military teens that a few of the camp has had violent encounters with before. Though the uniform is ripped in places and dirty, like she has been dragged around a bit. From just looking at her it's easy to tell she is in bad shape. Her knuckes are swollen and busted up, what little of her face that can be seen through the hair covering her face is bruised and swollen and her ankle isn't supposed to be twisted like that. And that's just what can be seen in her face down position. She groans at the words and her hand struggles to get to her empty holster on her hip.

Harmony stays back with the horses, but not for too much longer. When she begins to take steps, the horses naturally follow her until she turns around and puts a hand out. "Stay!" Uh huh. Horses. Dogs. Yeah, sure. One blows its nose just to let the flower girl know its opinion on the matter.

"Please let it not be plague, please let it not be plague…" is murmured over and over before Harmony takes a couple more steps forward. "Doc, do something?" Oh god, please… let there be something they -can- do!

Right. He'd just have to risk it. Instantly the doctor is crouched by the girl, looking to her holster and over her for a moment just to make sure if there were any visible weapons. Empty holster…hopefully that meant no hidden surprises. Though it didn't look like she had much fight to try anything. "Miss. If you can hear me…My name is Elijah Reid. I'm a doctor. I'm going to help you. Just lie still…" Pulling his satchel off his shoulder now he sets it beside him, opening it up and getting out a few basic supplies to start. "I'm going to make sure there are no serious injuries that would be worsened by transporting her, Harmony. If I'm able to clear her then we are moving her back to camp. Fast. If I can't clear her…then I'll have to do my best to work on her here and I might need you to go get my backpack from my tent." He didn't mean to sound commanding, but it was obvious his mind was focused on treating the girl. "Just make sure the horses stay back so that they don't' startle her…or vice versa."

"No." the injured girl says feebly, "Don't…touch me..alien." as feeble as her voice is it also contains so much hate and anger. The hand pats her empty holster and she lets out a feeble "Dammit." she tries to lift her head, and it looks like she is trying to spit at Elijah, but she is to dehydrated to do so.

Harmony is halfway between the injured patient and the horses, and her fingers are worrying at each other. "I'll get the water." Even from her vantage, water is probably really necessary right now. To the carts and back, the flower-child scampers, and approaching, she clucks at the stricken girl as she sets the water within immediate grasp of Elijah. "Please. There is no way he's an alien. And I should know. Now, he's really a doc, so let him take a look at you, okay? If you're hurt, he can help." There's a pause before, "You weren't around anyone with the plague, were you?"

Elijah takes the water with a thankful nod to Harmony, but set it beside him for now. If not rehydrated properly the girl could actually get much worse. Then, his attention is back on the girl. "I'm not an alien. I'm a doctor. You're safe." He tries to reassure her while examining the extent of her injuries. He'd move clothing as necessary, but only as necessary and he'd always warn her first with prompts such as "I need to lift your jacket collar to examine your neck." He had to make sure he wouldn't risk injuring her further if they moved her back to camp.

"Harmony…don't overload her with questions. She's fatigued, extremely dehydrated and disoriented. Do we need to alert anybody before bringing her back to camp?"

The girl couldn't be over 17 and she seems adamant about not being examined but she really doesn't have the strength to fight back. "Alien." she insists again. Her neck seems fine, though there is an unusual lump in the back of it, like there was something under the skin. It's when she is flipped over that her true injuries are seen. She has a gunshot wound in the thigh, that has been packed with dirty bandages, but they were probably all she had. Bruises and abrasions can be seen through the ripped clothing, she has obviously been beaten and one side of her face is just one big swollen black and blue mark, even the eye is swollen shut. How she made it as far as she did from where she came from shows how desperate she was to get away from whomever did all this to her.

"That's not very polite," Harmony tells the girl, but she is truly now more concerned than afraid. Or angry. Or anything else. "I'm Harmony. That is the doc. Now you have our names."

She bites at her bottom lip at the question before she begins slowly, consideringly, "Mama Bea and Sonny, they aught to be told. They'll probably want to talk to her. But, I suppose the guards. That way, we can keep an eye on her so she doesn't hurt anybody." Green eyes move from the doc to the girl and back. "Can she be moved?"

Thoughts race through the young man's mind as he assesses all of her injuries. As he feels the lump on the back of her neck. "Harmony…" Eli's gaze goes back to the flower child, his gaze softened and showing worry, but his tone staying level.

"What do you know about the soldiers…the children. Dixie mentioned them when I first met her. It looks like she fought hard to escape somewhere. She has a gunshot wound to her thigh, heave bruising and that's just some of the injuries." If his hunch was right about that lump…he couldn't risk taking her back to camp. Not yet.

All the fight has gone out of the teenage girl. A few tears stream down her face as she still febbly voices her objections to being examined by the supposed doctor, who she insists is an alien.

Harmony shrugs, but it's not a dismissive gesture. It's one that truly expresses the extent of information she knows. "A couple of stories, really. It always sounded to me like they were scavenging the same things we are. Only… some vehicles have weird tech. Lincoln wanted to take a look at the jeep Quinton found, just in case."

Green eyes look to the teen again, and the concern is evident. "Quin said that they'd come under fire but … how can you shoot back at a kid?" Harmony exhales in a sigh and glances back to the doctor. "Story is, there's some military group that rounds up anyone under 17. If they're with an adult, the adult is killed after the kids are taken away. The Camp actually has been attacked by these kids, and they called us 'Teds'."

"You're okay. Rest…" he tries to reassure the girl. "Teds?…" Elijah furrows his brow a moment, thinking a moment but not too long before he shakes his head and looks back to Harmony. "Look. Her injuries don't have time for me to explain, but I just need you to go back to camp and find somebody. Somebody who you trust to have a level head. Dixie. Bea…Sonny. Just notify them about what has happened and that I need them to come here. Grab my backpack out of my tent as well. It's the only other bag in there, next to my cot." He does not want to scare or pressure the girl, so thinking a moment again, he adds "Harmony. If you want to stay at camp and get a tent ready for her. Or anything. That's fine. Just make sure my backpack makes it back here with somebody. I'm staying with her." That way she had an out…if she wanted one.

"You. Aliens. Teds." she girl stammers out, her breathing shallow, which considering all the bruising on her torso shouldn't be surprising really. It would hurt to breath, but could indicate broken ribs or other internal damage.

Harmony nods slowly and backs up. "I'll get Dixie." Another female 'friendly' face. "Right. Your backpack in your tent." Another step, and she shakes her head. "No, I'll be coming back. I'll leave the horses with you in case you're going to transport her. We can leave some of the stuff we found behind. We really can."

Looking about, Harmony finds the direction back to Camp and takes off at a barefooted run.

Elijah nods and just does what he can to tend to the girl's injuries in the meantime. The neck issue could wait for now. First, the injuries needed to be taken care of. Pulling out his stethoscope he looks back to the girl "For the last time. I'm not an alien. Now don't struggle to move or talk too much…you're just making harder work for your lungs. I'm going to listen to them and see if I hear any blockage or congestion…" She could have a fracture. Or internal bleeding. Lots of possibilities.

Well struggling or namecalling won't be coming from the girl. She's passed out cold. The struggling that got her this far finally taking its toll on her. Her lungs sound clear and fluid free, no leaks there at least. Her heartbeat is slow, but she is severly injured and probably has lost to much blood for her own good, but obviously not enough to kill her outright

Harmony's running full tilt back into the camp, searching for Dixie. She's looking like she's come at least some distance; her hat is off and behind her, her hair is a mess (who'd notice?), but she's taking deep breaths to keep from panting in the exertion. "Oh god, Dixie?"

Finally, the flower-child does manage to find her, and stopping, it's hard to get words out first with all the deep breathing. "The doc. A kid is wounded. One of the teens from town. Doc said she's hurt, and wants help. I don't know if he can move her or not, but I think we should try. Bring her in, get her a tent. But, doc needs his bag from his tent." The pair, Elijah and Harmony, had gone to scavenge at a farmhouse with horses and ATV trailers. "The doc is back there." Yes, she left him… "We have to go back."

Dixie was enjoying a quiet day before her patrol, and generally drifting around the camp mingling and checking in on people. When Harmony finds her, her brow furrows and she tilts her head a little to the side as she listens closely. "Take a minute to catch your breath, I'll get the Doc's bag and be right back with it. We'll head out straight away." She starts to run towards Eli's tent to collect the bag, and then quickly runs back. "Just the one teen?" she asks in concern.

What Lincoln was doing with his backpack already on, having started down a path has him backtracking now that his ears pick up the concern of hoopla. A soft sigh escapes his lips and he closes his eyes before turning to head back and towards the sound of Harmony's shenanigans, tightening the straps on his bag as he does so.

While the girl was unconscious, Eli used the opportunity to get as much work done on her wounds as he could. Careful not to aggregate any tissue or muscle, but trying to clean and bandage what there was. See if anywhere needed stitching. He'd then feel her face and around her wounds for any heat or sign of fever. As his hand moves to hold the back of the girl's neck again, Elijah feels for that lump again. Trying to see if there was any shape to it. If it shifted any. He didn't dare push too hard though, not wanting to cause any nerve damage.

The girl is feverish and several of her wounds look like they are infected, most notably the gun shot wound to the thigh. She will need some stitches here and there, but not until all the gravel and dirt is picked from those wounds, including but not limited to the other leg, her arms and a nasty gash above her left eye. Some even look done on purpose and not necessarily as a fight to escape. The lump on the back of her neck moves around a bit when it is manipulated, and is roughly capsule shaped and just a few centimeters long.

Harmony gulps a breath and nods. "Just one. She looked like she got beat up, and the doc is concerned. I am too. She's just a kid."

Lincoln's approach gains a glance from the hippy before she waves him over. Even as she's doing that, she's beginning to head back the way she'd come, first as a walk, then as a trot. "We have to get back to him. Them. The horses are there, the wagons and all the cuttings from the plants I found." See? The doc was first in consideration! Not the plants!

Dixie adjusts the Doc's bag as she rejoins Harmony. "Kid's are still dangerous," she offers. "Ain't to be trusted at all. They fire without reason." She takes a deep breath and takes a step away from Harmoney. "Hippy, take a breath. Abe and I'll go ahead to the scene. We'll run until we reach there." She regards Lincoln for a moment and gives a nod. "Keep your eyes peeled, and lets get out there." With that said, she starts to run down the road, hopefully in the direction of the incident.

"You can't really peel your eyes, that would require some kind of outer surface to…" Lincoln can't finish his rather unfunny quip as they're taking off. Sighing softly, he starts down after the others.

"C'mon, kid…work with me here. I need you to cool down." Eli knew he had to get her fever down. He also knew he'd rather wait until he had his backpack. While there was some antibiotics and items in his bag that -could- work, he had not packed expecting these kinds of wounds. Still, on the more minor scraps and such he started applying antibiotic cream and bandaids. That would keep him busy until somebody came back with his bag. Every so often his gaze went up to his surroundings too, just in case anybody else showed up…like whoever the girl had been trying to get away from. That may or may not have been another reason he tried to get Harmony out of here so quickly…sneaky sneaky doctor.

The girl is unconscious so she isn't going to do anything. And she doesn't seem to have anyone chasing after her either, so that's good at least.

Dixie continues to lead the way, rifle hanging in front of her. She didn't reply to Lincoln's remark before they started to run, as she was too focused on getting to the location where they're needed. She keeps up a steady pace, as they start to bare down on the Doc's location. "Doc, it's Abe and me," she offers, as she moves up towards the man to drop off the bag. She carefully slips it off her shoulders, and places sit down beside him, as she pants heavily as she catches her breath. However she does drop her hands down to her rifle, and starts to check over the perimeter. The unconscious girl isn't registered yet, as she starts to figure out where to establish a perimeter.

Lincoln tilts his head a bit in greeting but doesn't speak up. Rather he starts to look around the area a bit more immediate than Dixie did. "Ever get that feeling?" He comments over his shoulder towards the woman. "I got that feeling."

Elijah gives only a slight nod in acknowledgement of each of them. Not meaning to be rude, but obviously focused on the girl. With his backpack beside him he breathes a breath of relief, starting into work now. As he opens the backpack, it is essentially a traveling medic kit. A first aid bag on steroids. Anything he could think of and grab when everything went to hell, he had.

"First things first…let's get that fever down." Speaking to himself more than the others, Eli prepares a syringe, prepping the girl's skin before injecting her with it. Anything he gives her, it is done only in the smallest amount while still being effective…not sure of any allergies she may have. However, he didn't have the luxury of asking her so for now he just monitored for any kind of negative reaction. "Dixie…" he motions the woman over with his head, continuing with his work.

"The feeling that this is a trap?" Dixie asks of Lincoln, as she glances over towards him. "Every time I go out. Being observed through the scope of a high powered rifle? If you hear a whizz then a bang, that wasn't me." She continues to have a quick search around, before she glances towards the Doc when her name is said. She moves towards the man, and kneels, while regarding the girl. "Yeah, I'd say she's one of those kids." She considers the injury and the girl, and she looks thoughtful, as if trying to place her face. "Don't think I shot her. I tend to go for the hip if I'm trying to wound." She's at least honest about that.

"I haven't had to shoot anyone." Lincoln adds as he keeps his eyes out and about. "Could be a friendly fire issue." He offers it towards the others before tilting his head. "I'd be hesitant to take her back to camp, but she does need help."

Once Dixie is closer, Elijah looks over at her and his brow furrows with concern. "First, I think these injuries are consistent with a struggle to escape…but I can't say for sure who or what she was trying to escape from." He had his theories, but without knowing more information and talking to the girl herself…he didn't want to get any rumors going. "Secondly…there is a raised bump on the back of her neck. From it's shape and motion when I applied pressure on it…I have reason to believe it may be something foreign implanted by wherever she was. Whether willingly or unwillingly I don't know…but we it could be a tracking or recording device. I definitely would not risk taking her back to camp until I can remove it, but I can do that easily enough once we get here somewhere safer and less exposed."

"Ain't you the one that shot the door and mirror?" Dixie asks, as she regards Lincoln, and considers her first encounter with the Camp's people. She does find herself nodding in agreement. "Ain't keen on taking a member of that faction back to the Camp either," she remarks in reply to Lincoln. She then glances towards Elijah and tilts her head a little to the side. "So you and Hippy found her like this?" she asks, as she raises a brow. "And she's been trying to escape from what?" She tilts her head a little to the side, and when there's mention of a lump at the back of her neck, she looks puzzled. "A lump that moves?" She wrinkles her nose up in disguist. "Ewww. That sounds gross. If it's tracking or recording, it ain't something we want around camp at all. Lord have mercy on her." She pauses for a moment before regarding both men. "Reckon we could use one of the farm houses, what do you two think? Board up a window, keep her contained until we can get a charismatic individual to chat with her. Ain't certain what she'll if she sees a uniformed soldier."

With the use of a couple of blankets from a nearby farmhouse moving the girl is easy work as is getting her settled into a bed. Since she is a known and present danger Elijah isn't left with her alone but a couple of guards are sent to keep watch on the girl as well. Being unconscious she is all peaceful, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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