(2015-08-06) Books Not Sweaters
Books Not Sweaters
Summary: Just another "conversation" between the two non-communicative ones
Date: 8.6.2015
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Hayes Campsite
Woods surround this cleared out area. It has three platform tent areas to hold large eight people tents, and a few ground level areas for smaller tents. All of them surround a fire pit that seems to have gotten some recent use. Two picnic tables are also near at hand.

Another quiet, hard to communicate day for Quin. It’s better on days like this that he just stays away from people. And so he has, barely a ghost at meal times, taking his food to go is possible. So here he is now, sitting outside his tent with a few pieces of beef jerky that he's not eating currently on his thigh. It's still too warm for a sweater, so he's sitting on it. The leg that's bent is propping up a book on his knee and the blonde is absorbed. Day's like this he can get so lost in the written word..it's the only thing that makes him feel almost normal.

It's been hours since her breakdown, so the evidence of it is long gone. Thankfully, she doesn't want that news to get around. As Piper moves down the path, with a few books in hand, she makes it a point to step on a twig or two, she doesn't want to scare him this time. The fact that he is outside his tent is a bit surprising but she keeps on stopping a few feet from him, only clearing her throat if he hasn't noticed her yet.

It takes him a few beats to come out of the book, but he does. Pale eyes raise to study the pregnant woman before she nods. A "…Hey" too, but that's dragged out, after a few more heart beats. The book is closed, it's the book she found on meditation. He's not meaning to, but there's a puppy dog like quality to him as he looks up at her.

The pajama bottoms are gone, and she is wearing a pair of the pants that were given here. Sure they are way to long, short girl problems, but otherwise fit properly, as does her shirt. Lifting a hand Piper waves and taking that as invitation she moves to crouch next to him offering the three books she has in her hand. Probably hand picked out of what was brought in from the scavenging the day before yesterday.

Quinton blinks, slightly surprised at the offering. It's taken though, with a head tilt and he looks at each one, the title and the spine. Almost lovingly. A faint spine tugs at his lips and he manages a quiet, "Thanks." He looks confused though, not sure why she's bring him things.

She watches as she examines them and a nod is given at his thanks. The look though gets a head tilt. It's not like this is the first time she has given him something..okay maybe the first time she has that wasn't also food. "There were no sweaters." she says softly as explanation. At least none that weren't mouse chewed and covered with grossness. She can't fix that.

Quinton looks slightly surprised now. He know she knows he likes sweaters, but…A few blinks and he glances down to the sweater he's sitting on. "…Thank you…They're….good." The books or the sweaters she saved? He then sets the books to the side and will twist, his upper half going into his tent. Out comes a pillow which has seen better days. It's not gross, just flat. he sets it down for Piper to sit on, since she's already crouching.

Her lips quirk into a brief grin at him, she opens her mouth to speak again but either changes her mind or her words have escaped her again. She's never managed to get more than a few words out before, so it’s not unexpected that now should be any different. When the pillow is brought out she looks at it a moment before gingerly taking a seat. Hopefully she will be able to get up.

Between the two of them , they should be able to get her up…hopefully. Man, he need to get a mattress for her…How in the world is she managing in the morning? Quin picks up the jerky pieces that he laid on the books, offering one over to her. "…feeling….ok?" With his twisting and stuff, he's not wincing with his shoulder. It must be feeling better. Or he'd medicating finally. One of the two.

She nods to the question, though she is probably just answering that way to make him feel better. She's probably at least tired. Piper takes the offered dried piece of meat but doesn't do anything with it but hold it for now, except maybe use it to point to his injured shoulder and look at him, the question clear.

Man, if he was sharper, there's a joke somewhere. But Quin's not, so he just nods, "It's…ok. ….Doc gave me…stuff…Patty gave me….lavender…" He's still not sure what the lavender is supposed to do, but it made Harmony feel better. There's actually a faint scent of it on him. He looks up at the sky, scanning the tree tops. It's habit….he knows they don't come out at night, but…

Her nose wrinkles slightly at the mention of the doctor, not that she has met the man, she has done everything she can to /not/ do so, so far it's working for her. The mention of lavender has her leaning toward him to see if she can smell it on him, the amused look she gets must indicate that she can. Another nod, there seems to be no confusion as to who Patty is. Her eyes follows his upwards, if there are stars up there she can't see them, not really. But still no one knows that.

Quinton smirks softly at the sniff, thumbing his chest briefly and mockingly saying, " 'm manly." He has no problem being the but of his own jokes about that. He sighs softly, hand going from his chest to his hair. It's starting to get shaggy. At least he had shaved. "…do something." Clearly, he didn't say all of that thought.

She just smirks, neither agreeing or disagreeing with his assessment of the fragrance. Maybe she likes the smell of lavender, no matter who is wearing it. "Yeah." it's as much a exultation of breath as it is a word. If she doesn't understand at least she puts on a convincing show of it. She looks from him back up to the sky, moving a bit so her view isn't blocked by a large high tree branch.

Quinton side eyes her, before looking back at the sky. He doesn't know how much got out so isn't sure what she just agreed with. But she agreed, that's something, right? "…shoot down, or…" He's nose wrinkles, unsure, "Net….or " Hell…this is tough, "larry…reverse tracker…" Is he just saying random words now? His lips are licked and he then sighs, he may have to wait, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Piper is listening, she does that very well, her eyes only moving to him when he mentions the tracker. At his sigh she moves a bit closer to him and reaches over to put a hand over his, giving him an it's going to be okay look, even if she isn't entirely convinced of that herself.

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