(2015-08-07) Mattress Shopping
Mattress Shopping
Summary: If only real shopping was this easy.
Date: 8.7.2015
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The day is good, he's decided. So Quin has grabbed the horse and cart and told Sonny and Bea what his plan was and is off. If people wanted to come, that's fine too. The poet seems more with it today than the past few days, talking a little more, and in almost full sentences! It's still too warm for sweaters (Darn it!), in fact it's warm enough that the t-shirt Quin has on is sticking to his torso. Hopefully it'll be cooler in the houses. Anyone that gets close enough can smell the faint aroma of lavender off of the man." Only little stuff beside the mattress…" He's probably saying that more to himself. He does have a tenancy to collect everything.

Piper is people, some could argue that she isn't but in the grand scheme of things they would be wrong. She left the children with Bea, who is always happy to take them off her hands, being their grandmother in all the ways that count. With pack on one shoulder and rifle hanging from the other she leads the horse with the trailer dragging behind it. She hasn't said anything today, who knows when or even if she will. It's pretty random. She is as barefoot as always so her footfalls make no noise on the road as they approach the houses around the lake. Her gaze takes in their surroundings, ever vigilante to anything that could pose a threat. His words have her glancing toward him briefly and she mhh-hmms in acknowledgement.

Quinton doesn't take the moments that Piper talks for granted. Like…ever. He's also scanning the area. He still has the key Harmony gave him, so that house should be secured if they can't find any closer. And closer is more important(Along with clean) at this point. They're going to be slow going back. He nods to the first House , "There good?" Maybe they'll get lucky and the house will have a clean mattress and stuff. Quin likes stuff. A hand goes up to rub his neck briefly while he thinks.

She scrutinizes the house. It looks like it was well cared for at one point, not the smallest or largest of the houses, so it could possibly have what they are looking for and more. Piper nods and heads in that direction, securing the horse while Quinton finds a way inside.

Quinton moves to check the door first, seems like the best place to start anyway. But it's locked up tight. Appears there's even a deadbolt on. He frowns, but can't really get mad. He locked his apartment before he left New York. So he instead moves to the window , which is locked as well, but he was more glancing in to make sure there's not dead bodies, or more importantly, someone with a shotgun levels at him through the glass. "May have to try the back…"

Piper joins him on the front porch in time to hear him mention the back. She gives a sigh, but that's her only reaction to the lack of access this way. As they go around back she studies the house more, looking for other entry points. Maybe up the drain pipe and across the roof to one of the second story windows. She'll leave that up to him but hopes it does't come to that.

Quinton come sarong back, to a back deck with a grill and matching deck furniture. The sliding glass door's busted and the offending branch is still wedged in the frame. The man's eyes widen slightly, this is either good luck for getting in, or bad luck if critters were able to. It really depends on how long it's been busted. Motioning for her to stand back he'll start working the branch out. The crunch of glass under his sneakers should be warning enough but he then says, "Go to the front…I'll….open it from the inside." If the branch doesn't win this wrestling match, that is.

Seeing the slider and all the glass Piper stops short of where she shards of broken glass little the back deck. The last thing she wants is another reason to go see the doctor is avoiding. Without a word she turns and hurrys back around to the front door to wait for entry.

It takes a few minutes, and the sound of more glass hitting the ground, but eventually the door handle starts to as Quin undoes the locks. There's a gash on his right arm, bleeding, but not heavily. He flashes Piper a smile before motioning her inside. "I haven't check the rooms yet for anything." He means bodies, but there's not any scent of that in the air. If there is one, it's behind a door or two.

Apparently while she was waiting, Piper got what was left in the mailbox hanging outside the door. Adverts, a few bills and she is opening what looks like a birthday card when the door opens. The smile fades into a grimace when she notices the gash on his arm as she walks in. Dropping the mail in her hands on the little table inside the door she glances around to get a lay of the place, she tries to say something but gets nothing so instead points to his arm and holds up one finger. If they get a mattress or anything from here she doesn't want him dripping blood all over it. She moves further in looking for the bathroom, the most logical place to find first aid supplies.

Quinton knew he was gonna get a face about his arm. These things happen! "It's…not bad." Says the bleeding man. he sighs, but will relent about getting his arm bandaged. Following her he'll glance around as well. looking to see if there's anything worth rummaging through before hitting the bedrooms.

Rummaging around the bathroom Piper finds some bandaids at least, character ones but they will have to do. Finding him searching already she interrupts long enough to take care of the wound. She is careful about it, she is sure it stings and doesn't want to make it worse. Once she is done playing nurse, she will give his hand a squeeze and then gesture upstairs where the bedrooms probably are. She then heads up taking the steps two at a time.

Quinton just watches her hands as the place the cartoon band aides on his arm, it takes 3 of them. He holds still, whatever thought he's having he keeps to himself. The poet's lips press together, her hopping up the steps followed, ready to try to catch her if she stumbles. "Think a double will fit on the cart?" He's been thinking, with the kids, a single isn't really practical…unless they grab two.

Piper glances over her shoulder at Quinton, her expression thoughtful a moment, and she nods, thinking it will. She opens the first of the doors in the hall. A bedroom that was used as everything but. A treadmill is in the corner but it seems to have been more for storage. Whoever lived here had been prepping for an emergency, after the fact probably. The bed in here is a single and she eyes it. She kinda feels like Glodilocks, to soft, to hard, just right. Hopefully this doesn't even with the bears coming home. As she surveys the rest of the room she grabs some things and an empty box that has laying around and throws some stuff in it, leaving out a can of nuts for them to snack on while they search. After she opens it she offers him first choice.

The offer is noted and Quin smiles again, taking a small handful. Nuts probably have all types of good stuff in it, hopefully Piper will eat more than him. He offers to take the box, so she can go try out the bed. "If they have two singles…We could push them together." That actually may fit better in the cart, now that he's thinking on it. Some of the nicknacks in the room are looked at, the wall frames, but he doesn't move to collect any…he said only important stuff these time. ..Like those rain coats. Why are there 3 in the storage room? They go into the box.

Piper grabs a handful herself and munches on a few as she sits on the edge of the bed and bounces a few times. After a moment she sprawls herself out it, after sleeping on the ground for so many months any mattress is good. She lifts a thumb and tries to sit up, but that isn't happening so with a sigh, she rolls on her side to get up that way.

Quinton can't help it, he chuckles at the pregnant girls antics. He can only imagine what sprawling out must feel like. Although his eyes go wide and he steps closer, offering a hand if she needs one. "Good fit?"

Piper is not so prideful that she won't accept the help up, though his chuckling has her frowning momentarily, though after a moment she can't help but give a bit of a smile about the situation. "Yes." she answers, managing to get out the one word at least, though it is clear she had more to go with it.

Quinton will take her hand to get her sitting and the standing, if that's what she wants. He'll nod, "Want to go check out the other ones first?" he's assuming there's more beds. and that may be what she was going to add on…maybe. He seems happy, like getting this for her was something that was weighing on him.

She hmms contemplatively then nods, if she can't use the mattresses they can always use the sheets and blankets that cover them. Piper hasn't let go of his hand so unless he pulls away she leads on to the next room. Another bedroom and another single bed, from the looks it was a teenagers room, dusty sports trophies sit of surfaces and rock band posters hangs on the walls.

Quinton glances down to their hands as they walk to the next room. He used to be so good at this stuff, reading people, but now..better off assuming she's just wanting human contact, right? He's safe, that makes sense. And he's not a kid, which must get tiring, he'd think. He smiles as he looks around the teens room, "Wish we could find an old record player…like…crank…"That would be a miracle, but yeah…music. Wow. Who would ahem ever thought that would be one of the things most missed?

Looking around the room Piper spots a few things she might like to grab and the posters on the wall are all familiar to her. After her initial survey she finally lets go of him and goes to wipe the dust from a poster, staring at the faces on it. It's some young rock group, but she seems to recognize them. His mention of a record player has her looking back and she nods adamantly, she even makes a heart with her hands at that suggestion. Yes she misses music that much, music is her poetry. That said she moves to the bed and pushes her hand against it a few times, and gives him an okay sign.

The heart makes him smile brighter. They need to find one…or get electricity…or something quick. He worries about winter, much less record players. The poster worship is left alone. He's a touch too old to know that particular group. Not by much, but enough. "Good…want to just grab these two…or would you like to look in the rest of the rooms?" In case there's something better? Although he passes, the fact that there's sports trophies means there could be sports equipment. He kinda feels bad for Jack, if he can find something more boyish, he'll grab it for the kid.

In answer Piper begins to strip the bed of its coverings. Easier to carry that way. In doing so she stirs up even more dust causing her to sneeze a few times as it tickles her nose. She covers her face with her arm as she does. Once the bed is free of coverings she quickly folds them all, except the fitted sheet…that just gets balled up and they all get put in the box. She is going to have some washing do when they get back.

Quinton coups taking a step backwards trying to escape from the dust. It doesn't really work, but he does bump into a bookshelf, which immediately has him turning around to inspect. Unfortunately, the teen used it to store his video games, not books. But on the bottom shelf are a few matchbox cars and a 'collector' edition of Ironman still in the package. Those are all picked up and placed in the box. When Piper's done making it so no one can breathe, "If you can…get the front door.." Cause he's not letting her carry this. She's not having this baby early alone with him. That's just not happening.

She seems about ready to help him move the mattress out when she is asked to get the door. Now she is torn between which way to help. Piper looks at him, noting his expression and taking in the tone. When one tends to communicate non-verbally they get much more adept and picking up on it too. She nods, grabbing the box and proceeds him out and down the stairs to hold the door open for him. She of course makes sure the outside is all clear before letting him haul the mattress to the trailer.

Quinton's not the manliest of men, but After some struggle , and a few choice words the mattress is out. Poor horse. He takes a moment, trying to not look out of breath and smiles at Piper, patting the mattress on the wagon, "See? got it. You and the kids…much better to sleep on." Till it floods again. But hopefully they'll figure out something else before that happens again.

She follows with the box, tucking it on the trailer beside the mattress. She didn't notice the additions before but does now. She smiles appreciatively and nods to him. She and the children will defiantly sleep better, her especially. She gestures back to the house her looking questioning, probably wondering if they are going to grab the other one too.

Quinton nods, not able to hide the deep breath . Or the fact his arm is starting to bleed more. Although he doesn't seem to have noticed that. instead he pushes off the cart, headed back . "Want to come get the sheets?"

Piper pretends not to notice, the breathing at least, it's doubtful she could do much better even if she wasn't pregnant. There is a nod and she does notice his arm, but will deal with that once they get everything loaded. She heads back into the house already looking forward to sleeping on something soft.

Scavenging Rolls

3 Bags of Sugar
1 Bleach
3 Raincoats
6 Bags of Dried Beans
1 Half box Shotgun shells (25 total)
2 Cans of Nuts
1 Vitamin C chews
1 Containers Protein Powder
5 Cans of Meat

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