(2015-08-07) Not a Phone Book
Not a Phone Book
Summary: Dixie tries to find a phone book to help out Elijah. Brings back livestock instead.
Date: 2015-08-07
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It was late afternoon and Eli was at the farmhouse still. He had been here the past few days, ever since the night they found the soldier child. However, the situation looked grim as it seemed no matter what he did…she just got worse. Right now she was unconscious with a high fever and it looked like sepsis was setting in. Elijah had just finished trying again to hold it off, do anything to bring the fever back down, but none of it was working.

Standing beside the bed the girl was resting in, the young doctor's tall frame stood hunched, head dropped low as his hands rested atop the cushion of the mattress. Eyes closed, he released a tense breath which carried with it the weight of his stress and efforts so far to save the girl. There had to be -something- else he could do…anything.

The footsteps coming up the porch were probably heard, Nora isn't the sneaky kind of person, nor does she try to be unless it is absouletly needed. Right now it's not. There is a rap on the door for politess sake but then the teen girl just sails on in, unshouldering the backpack. Her breathing is slightly heavy, as if she had been running. Anyone that knows the girl that that was probably the case, she tends not to walk anywhere. "Hey doctor." she greets in a decidely Californian accent "Brought you some foodage if you are hungry." she looks an the pensive man to the girl "Not getting any better 'eh." it doesn't matter that she doesn't know the guy, she just goes on like she does.

Elijah 's form tenses as the sound of somebody approaches grows louder, standing up a little straighter as Nora enters. He turns around, offering her a nod "Hello…" Eli's face scrunches in that trying-to-recognize sort of way. Nope. He didn't know her. At the girl's next statement though his thoughts are disrupted, the man frowning and shaking her head as his gaze goes back to the patient. "No…in fact she seems to be steadily getting worse." Though he then remembers the other part of what she said, turning back and looking to the food "Here. I can take that so you don't have to hold onto it…thank you for bringing it" he says, apologetically it seems.

Nora has already started digging the water bottle and storage container from her pack. It's a cold lunch, but it's food. She hands them over, "Isn't that how it;s suppose to work? It gets worse before it gets better? That's what I was always told any time I was injured or ill and complaining about it." she shrugs "Yeah no prob. I was running this way anyhow." she glances around the room "Kinda stuffy in here..isn't it?" with the windows boarded up for safety and all.

Taking the food and water he again nods in thanks, setting them on a nearby table only take the water and begin drinking it. As she talks, Elijah listens, returning the bottle to the table once he was done and shrugging. "I guess it is a little stuffy…nothing unbearable though." He didn't reply to her statement about it getting worse first before it gets better. Right now he wasn't so sure…"Is there anywhere in camp or nearby that might have any more advanced medical supplies? A nurse's station or medical facility?"

The teen jerk her thumb in the direction of town "There is a hospital in town, but it's over run by ex-cons and former prisoners. Ran into them myself." Nora gestures to the girl "I'd been like that if it weren't for Quinton. He took that bullet for me." she looks thoughtful a moment "Wouldn't be surprised if they were the ones that did this to her. She was coming for that direction right? From Fremont.

When she says hospital, the young man's face gets hopeful, but just as quickly that expression falls once she explains the nature of the situation. "I see…" Walking back over to the bed he frowns, looking to the girl. That hospital could have what he needed…but if it was that dangerous, he couldn't ask the other to risk their lives again. A hospital though. Imagine that kind of equipment…and medicine. He could always…oh who was he kidding. He'd die before he even got near the place…he wasn't a fighter…still. "It's easy to find when approaching the town? Or is it further in?"

"Further in, almost in the middle of town. They have a 1/2 mile permiter around the hospital secured and around the packing plant." she leans against a peice of furniture "Matson has tried negotiating with them but they aren't listening and we don't have anything they want or need. Not when they have control of the two primary resources in town."

"Forgive me if this is an obvious question…but I'm still learning the area. What two resources would that be?" Elijah looks at her.

"The hospital and the Hormel plant. Medicine and food." Nora says with that tone teenagers use when stating the obvious "There was a volunteer to go sneak in and get the medicine, but Matson, shot her down. I don't blame him, you don't send a pregnant woman to do those kinda things."

Now that bit of information does peak his interest. "Pregnant woman? I don't believe I've met her…is she still here?" If there was a pregnant woman at camp, that baby's health and development were of priority for Elijah, as well as the health of the woman. Seeming to remember there's food now, he grabs the dish from the table and takes a few bites while he waits for her answer.

Elijah and Nora are in the old farmhouse where the soldier girl is being housed. Upon entering the guards are still in place, but it does't seem needed as the girl is still unconscious upon the bed. She looks a bit paler, but still with pink on her forehead and cheeks and sweat is on her form, the signs of her fever.

Nora blinks at the doctor "How could you miss her? She is constantly being circled by those rugrats." yes there are children too "She was in camp this morning. "I mean sure she doesn't say much or at all really, but those kids are chatter boxes." Nora lifts her hand and makes the talking motion with it.

It seems that Dixie might be doing a food delivery for those at the farm house, as she has her large duffle bag on her back, in addition to her scoped rifle and pistol. She's travelled without a guard this time, and she makes her way up to the front door, knocks softly and enters. There's then the sound of conversation as she checks in with the other guards.

A shrug is given, "Either way…I'll see about getting her in for a check up. Check the progress of the baby, as I'm able anyways and make sure they're both healthy." Eli takes another bite of food, finishing it before asking, "Do you know if they have any injured people or sick people? Those in the hospital I mean. Just because they have such resources…doesn't mean they necessarily know how to use them." He could possibly offer a trade of his services for the supplies they needed.

Nora nods to what he says, probably agreeing that the pregnant woman needs to be seen to "Well you can't miss…" she pauses "well I guess you can if you haven't seen her yet." the question has her shrugging "I don't know. I didn't stick around to ask them. But what's to keep them from saying they will trade and then just holding you hostage and make you take care of them anyway." the sound of the knock and voice has her looking out to where Dixie is. She may have brought food for the doc herself, but wasn't told to bring anything for the guards. Good thing someone remembered. She gives the woman a wave "Hey there."

Dixie continues chatting with the guards for a few moments longer as she pulls out a couple of containers for food. It might be enough for three people for a day or so. She then digs into a side pocket and plucks out a white piece of fabric with something inside. She might have caught the conversation about bandits. "Doc, kinda think you going there is going to lead to a war," she offers in an Alabaman drawl. "More people get hurt, not good." She offers a little wave to Nora and a friendly smile. "Hey. I'm guessing you ain't causing the Doc trouble," she offers cheerfully.

Elijah frowns, but with both women expressing the potential negative impacts of his idea, he realizes they are right. "I didn't think of either of those things…but I suppose you're both right." He furrows a brow, looking up to Dixie, "A war though? That might be a bit extreme…" Shaking his head of the thought, Eli tries to greet Dixie with a convincing smile despite the seriousness he had been realizing concerning the soldier girl's situation. "How are you doing today, Dixie? Well I hope?"

The teen girl leans over to tighted the laces on her well worn crosstrainers then jerks her thumb out the door "I'll be back later to bring you dinner doc." Nora says "But I still got another seven miles to run before I hit the river." with that she is out the door and hitting the dirt at an easy running pace.

Dixie moves to the side to let Nora pass, and she offers a friendly wave to the departing teen. She regards Elijah for a few moments and tilts her head a little to the side. "War, it's a possibility. Resources, things in demand. Doctors are rare, and there ain't any universities to train up more. Back to having to take apprentices." She makes her way in with the white fabric in one hand. "Or they fight because they're scared. Trust me when I say that." She moves to settle the white fabric down near the doctor and opens it. It's a mass of toffee pieces. "How's the girl?" she asks, as she looks towards the bed.

Elijah nods to Nora as she heads out "Thank you again…" When Dixie explains, Elijah thinks about it more, frowning. "I guess…yeah…" He hated the way the world had become. The fact that people were attacking each other. That he couldn't even offer help to some people without worrying if they'd respond with violence in return. Dixie's question pulls him from his train of thought though, the young man shaking his head out of it's daze "Hrm? Oh…not well I'm afraid…" he sighs, brow furrowing. "She isn't responsive…and has a high fever. I am also seeing signs of sepsis…so that is a whole other problem that I was hoping not to deal with…"

"Have some toffee," Dixie offers, as she motions towards the sweet treat. "You could be the last Doctor, but I think I'm the last candy maker." She gives a soft laugh, before moving to take a seat. She regards the girl closely for a few moments, her brow furrowed in worry. Sure, she might have threatened to shoot her if she was a threat, but it's different now. "Sepsis? Ain't that blood poisoning?" she asks softly as she runs a hand through her hair. "Would offering blood help?"

"Thank you…" Eli does move to get one of the offered treats, a bit of a smile coming back as he looks at the rare treat. "Yeah…it's not good…but antibiotics can help. An IV drip. If it gets too serious though it could lead to organ failure…" That worried expression is back as he walks over to the bed, hand moving back through his auburn hair roughly. "Surgery is an option…but without having the equipment to see where exactly the bulk of the problem is…I wouldn't know where to begin to remove the infection." He lets out a frustrated sigh, thinking a moment.

Dixie tilts her head to the side. "Someone should raid a vet or nursing home," she offers. "I bet them places still got stuff like that laying about." She looks thoughtful as she purses her lips. "Imagine a nursing home would smell real bad." She wrinkles her nose and shakes her head slowly. She then offers a hopefully reassuring smile. "Doc, don't beat yourself up. You're doing great in these circumstances. You're an angel."

"Good intentions don't matter…results do…" Elijah says, half muttering it to himself. All the good he had intended…it didn't matter. Because the results. "We need to get those supplies…" Looking to Dixie he clears his throat, glancing back to the girl on the bed and then to Dixie again. "Or I need to find a way to make what I need…with what we have…" his brain thinks for a moment, trying to come up with something…anything.

Dixie tilts her head a little to the side as she regards Elijah, and she offers a nod. "I ain't a good scavenger," she admits, "But I'm willing to try. Quinton seems to be the best we have." She then offers a slow nod of her head at the mention of making it. "I imagine you're good at chemistry. I think Lincoln might be as well. I did enjoy the subject before I dropped out."

Elijah watches Dixie respond, mentally kicking himself. "I'm sorry…I didn't mean to imply that anybody here…" He scratches the back of his head "I just meant for me…" He sighs. "I don't feel like I accomplish anything by 'wanting' to help people. I only feel like I accomplish something if I actually succeed in helping them get better. Unfortunately in these times…" Eli shrugs, "it seems that's a lot harder of a reality to achieve." He'd fall silent a moment, thinking things over. Right. They had to try. "If we can't get into the hospital…do you know where the veterinary office or nursing home is? If you can lead me there and keep guard…I'll know what to look for."

Dixie tilts her head to the side and looks thoughtful. "I only moved here a move before it happened," she offers, as she tilts her head to the side. "Also, we're in a farming area. So maybe there's something close by?" She slowly stands up, adjusting her rifle again and looking thoughtful. "I'm just going to see if there's any phone books around, and I'll have a look."

"Thank you…" Elijah nods, giving a smile then. A genuine one. "Truly…I appreciate the hospitality and welcome you and everybody here has given me. You have helped me a lot by giving me home here…and I hope to repay that in help I offer in return."
Long distance to Zenith: Dixie nods. Thank you anyway. :)

Dixie spends a few moments hunting around for a phone book that might be some what recent. "Ain't got to thank me, Doc," she offers cheerfully. She moves back into the room and continues her hunt again. "I ever tell you how I became involved with the Camp?" she asks, as she tries to make conversation while she searches.

Elijah smiles at her words, then lofting a brow. "Oh?…No I don't believe you have. How?"

Dixie offers a faint laugh. "Well, it was when the impersonators of the military was rolling about. I heard vehicles, went to investigate," she offers. "Thought I might of been able to link up with still active unit after the camp fell. So I'm strolling down the road when I noticed something wasn't right with the toy soldiers, then I noticed a rustling of a bush. I cleared the road, ready for sniper fire." She starts to go through the drawers, looking thoughtful. "For no reason, they kids started to scream something about 'Teds', then starting spraying and praying." She shakes her head. "Through an application of superior marksmanship, two hostiles were taken out of the fight, wounded. Their two friends pulled them back into the house. Observed a scope about the same time as Piper, between us, I think we took him out the fight. The Camp's people stole the truck, and they offered me a ride."

Elijah sighs, shaking his head, "None of it makes sense…I mean they call us 'Teds' and 'Aliens'. Meanwhile, somebody put these chips in their necks. Somebody is telling them all this…and teaching them all this. Yet however they are doing it…is in a way that either keeps the kids' trust, or doesn't give them a choice in the matter." Looking at Dixie he nods, "I'm glad you're alright though, and the others involved that night."

"Whoever it is doing it, they ain't military," Dixie offers to Elijah, as she shakes her head slowly. "I'm Military, I ain't got any chips. I ain't got any idea what a Ted is either. Ain't the first time I've been called an alien, though." She takes a deep breath and hmms. "It ain't right what they're doing to kids. They're being fed lies so they fight against us." She then offers a smile. "Hey, I've been through worse and it weren't my first rodeo. I've been lucky so far. Same as the rest. But they ain't blood thirsty folks here, which is good."

"Agreed…we have a nice community here…" with that Elijah offers a smile again. "I'll let you continue looking in the phone book…I'm going to check her vitals again and make sure she's at least staying stable where she's at."

Dixie looks thoughtful at the comment made by Elijah. "Well, I've got to find the phone book first," she offers with a sheepish smile. "I might go and check a few of the farms near by and see what I can find." With that said, the young Corporal makes her way towards the door and goes searching for the phone book. It doesn't take long before she returns, now with a calf, a bull and a sheep being herded along, and a squirming piglet in her arms. She might have got distracted.

Hearing the commotion as the woman returns, Elijah lofts a brow and can't help but step out from the room a moment. "What on east are yo-…none of those are phone books!" However, he can't help but chuckle…and then laugh.

"One might have eaten a phone book!" Dixie says, as she plays dumb. "Just got to wait. I reckon it's the sheep that ate the phone book." She grins. "Well, I kind of got chased by a goose for a bit. Cursed geese, but I think the goose was sent to chase me, before I stumbled across these. Truely a blessing in disguise." She frowns a little bit, as she glances back out the door in the direct that she came from. Angry geese are scary! "So uh, I'm going to have to try and push them into one of the spare rooms. I'll run bacon back to camp. Swear you folk would all have low iron if I weren't around."

"You named…the pig…B-" Eli shakes his head with another laugh. "Nevermind. Alright…you go take care of that…I'll see you later. If she doesn't improve soon though and we don't find a phone book, would you be up for venturing out later with me to see if we can find a clinic or establishment of some kind for the supplies?"

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