(2015-08-09) Checking Up
Checking Up
Summary: Quinton & Piper go to check on Gabriel
Date: 8.9.2015
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Lake Front

As one approaches the area a cabin can be easly spotted with a small slope down to the lake. The lake area being nicely set up for bathing, and a small trail leading to the fishing area. The cabin itself looking to be in good shape. A nice garden of herbs and spices can be seen and a fenced and caged area for the chickens. They get to roam easily enough. During night being kept in the cabin itself, or whenever no one is home. Just to keep them safe from bandits. The window is barred on the inside. Letting light in but making it hard to break in.

Warm weather and clear skies can be good for several reasons as for today it means being out more. Gabriel can be found down the path, away from his cabin, with two fishing rods set up with some separation between one another. The house itself, perhaps after consulting people in camp, at least have a basic alarm system, other than the chickens giving off annoyed sounds if people are approaching. Some cans and threads and other preparations. Sitting under a tree somewhere in between the fishing rods Gabriel can be seen, just listening and occasionally putting a finger or two into the water and being quiet before going back to his previous position.

There's a soft sound of people coming up the path. Not intentionally making noise, bu definitely not trying to eb stealthy either. At least Quin isn't. He's not said anything beyond implying eh ante to go check not eh blind man today, just to make sure he was ok. His hair's a mess, like maybe he's had a rough morning. A light backpack indicates he's not been out, or if he has, he's already dropped stuff off. He's a half step ahead of Piper, snanning the area not only for possible threats, but possible foraging. Or anything else out of place.

For the first time in a month, if not more, Piper actually looks like she got some sleep. Her constant tired look is gone for the time being. She hasn't spoken today, she really hasn't had the need. Not wanting to expend the effort to catchup she stays behind the taller poet, flanking his right side, her barefeet occassionally stepping on a dried leave or twig so her own movement is heard as they approach the cabin.

Gabriel does hear the two companions. Perhaps noticing even before he hears them, through their steps, since they aren't being stealthy. Rising and brushing himself off before turning and awaiting them. Attention towards his cabin, since the arrivals are going in that direction. Waiting for them to come closer.

Oh…this is going to be difficult. With piper not talking, and Quin having a rough day, poor poor blind man. Quin clears his throat, tying to give a little indication of where they are. "Just…checking….you well?" A glance to the man, to ensure he's got all his limbs before he glances around making sure there's no sniper o the room or something ridiculous. Or a dummy of a sniper, silly Dixie.

Piper has yet to figure out a way to greet Gabriel that doesn't include talking or touching and she is pretty anti-both concepts under most circumstances, so unfortunately Quin gets the job of speaking for them both. Poor guy. As Quinton greets him she moves closer to the lake, trying to figure out how the man fishes if he can't see the lines. Bells on the lines maybe so he can hear when they wiggle as a fish bites?

Gabriel nods towards Quinton, as he hears the man. "Yes, quite. Thanks." He offers, not minding the quiet duo. "How are you both?" He asks as he steps towards them. As for communication, the could probably think about something. The floats for the fishing rods do seem a bit large, and perhaps with something in it, that helps him. As occasionally a small sound can be heard from them.

Quinton glances as Piper abandons him. They need a third person…or Caro. "…OK. Just…checking….no soldiers?" He shifts where he stands, unsure i he should try any other conversation, or leave it at what it is. A quick decision, he still has his humor despite not being able to really share it, "…or lions?"

The woman's held tilts as she watches the bobbers a moment, realizing that they are not the ones that most people use. Piper isn't so far away that she can't hear the question from Gabriel, and she glances over her shoulder and then moves back to where the two stand. She does make a mmh-hmming noise, probably agreeing with Quinton that they are indeed alright.

Gabriel grins towards the woman, "You know, morse or similar could work if you prefer." He offers to her, in case she knows it. If he knows or just meant as a general thing, he doesn't say. Though with him being out a lot, he might know some at least. "Or just answer with one knock for yes and two for no." He says a bit playfully before turning his attention to Quinton. Shaking his head to him. "Nope, I've managed so far. Think it might be a bit too close to camp for their taste." He says and shrugs. As for lions, he shakes his head again. "No. But I do keep the chickens indoor more, these days."

Quinton doesn't actually know what Gab is talking about. But then he glances to her about the idea of the yes or no knocks/claps…That could work for somethings, at least. It's a start. A smile is offered over to her and a gentle nod, he agrees. He then nods to Gab, "…good…Need anything?" He's planning on going out tomorrow…hopefully.

Piper looks thoughtful at the suggestion, but instead of nodding she claps her hands once. That would be yes. As she looks around she notices some of those bullrushes the Dixie mentioned and points them out, before heading over to start collecting some.

Gabriel shakes his head to Quinton. "Nah, unless you can find something to lead water away from the cabin, if it floods again." He offers and shrugs. Luckily he's not too close to the lake that all of that water swarms his home. Nodding to Piper as well. "Good then." Then letting Piper move ahead. "Oh, if you find new knives I'd be happy to use them in the kitchen. Or a sharpening stone."

Quinton hews his lower lip and then offers , "…Ditch?" That's about all he can think of, and that's not really feasible… Knives are hard, although, "…kitchen knives?"

Gabriel grins and nods. "That works." He agrees about ditch, "So perhaps a shovel." He offers. "Yeah, kitchen knives, or maybe a smaller one for handling plants and so on. Or if not in town anywhere, just anything edible." He can cook with most after all. "Even some poisonous fruit and shrooms could be used if you cook them and dry, and so on." Shrugging a bit at that though. "They might still effect you though, so would be wise to keep away from the kids, or sick." Or pregnant, though that might be a given.

Poisonous fruits? What kind of fruit is Gab finding?!?! Quin frowns but nods, "I'll….look." He takes a deep breath, glancing over to watch the pregnant woman briefly, "…Can you…bread?"

Gabriel nods, "Yeah, if you find flour." He offers. "Admittedly, I'm not a baker or that much of a pastry guy, but I can hold my own." Which might still be modest as he is probably decently good at least, if perhaps better with other kinds of dessert.

All he needs is flour? Quin can totally do that! "…ok…I'll….find some…" Quin just wants regular bread, hopefully it shouldn't be too hard. His voice lowers, 'Lizzy….morning sickness…" he's hoping the bread will do better for her, "And….Beth….vegetarian…"

Gabriel nods, "I think the rest should be here, or in camp. If I'm not mistaken I had some yeast in the cabin. If it is still usable. Else you could look for some." As for oil, he most likely knows that the camp always try to find cooking oils, as it is quite good to have around. Nodding about the two. "Ah, okay. We will do what we can. If we could find soy and other things, we might be able to make vegetarian dishes." He says and shrugs.

Quinton doesn't know aout soy, but he can try to fnd Yeast, "..I'll look…" Kitchens are weird, semtimes they have nothing, otehrtimes he'll end up with several bags of sugar. "Giget does….good with garden, but…bread would….good."He sighs, fidgets and then admits, "Good for…all…" He misses bread.

Gabriel nods and offers a smile. "We will work somethign out." He assures the man. "Want e to walk you back?" He asks before moving towards one of the fishing rods as a small sound could be heard. Starting to work on it some, taking it carefully.

Quinton watches as the man fishes, and then shakes his head, "…No…I can….Rachel and I…" The line is watched, he's not a fisher. "We should….go…"

Gabriel nods and offers a smile. "Okay. Be well, until next time." He offers to the man, seemingly they will at least have some fish to eat.

Quinton's smile can be heard in his voice, "…Thanks.." he then moves over to help Piper with the rest of whatever it is she's gathering before they leave.

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