(2015-08-09) Morning Conversation
Morning Conversation
Summary: Dixie, Harmony and Piper mingle in each others company on Sunday morning.
Date: 08.09.2015
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Miller Campsite

Woods surround this cleared out area. It has three platform tent areas to hold large eight people tents, and a few ground level areas for smaller tents. All of them surround a fire pit that seems to have gotten some recent use. Two picnic tables are also near at hand.

Dixie is currently wearing her poncho over the top of her BDUs, as she sits at one of the near by picnic tables. She could be expecting rain, maybe. Her rifle is currently in her tent, so she only has her side arm with her. She's flicking through a book that she's borrowed from somewhere, trying to learn and retain some information about sewing. The morning is warm, and it looks like it might drizzle.

There has been some soft voices coming from the tent that holds Piper and her flock of children, seems that they are stirring from a night's rest. It is no secret that the woman has been given a couple of mattresses to sleep on, thanks to the camp's poet. When she comes out of the tent carrying the infant Troy and shaking the contents of a baby bottle she actually looks well rested for the first time in quite a while. Her gaze scans the camping area and land on Dixie, she gives the other woman a nod and moves to join her at the table.

There's rustling in the little dome tent that belongs to Harmony, the shifting and noises of one trying to maneuver in small places. 'Oh no…' can be heard from within, followed by, 'aw, heck'. There's no movement in the tent for a long few moments before finally, she emerges, a soft frown playing on her face. All she has to do is look up to see the grey skies to mutter, "Figures." Rats. "Ah well." A shrug lifts her shoulders and the brightly colored in floral patterend-hippy departs her tent. It's zipped behind her before she truly gets the chance to stretch. "Oh!" The other two (and multiple!) are noticed soon after before she offers a slightly sleepy smile, "Good morning."

Dixie glances up when Piper and her flock start to stir, and she raises a hand up to offer a friendly wave towards the group. "Sleep well?" she offers cheerfully. She closes the book she was studying, and slouches a little at the table. "None of this ain't making sense to me," she grumbles. Her attention then shifts across to Harmony's tent, and she tilts her head a little to the side. "Morning Hippy, it certainly is that. How'd you sleep?" She offers a bright smile when she asks that.

Straddling the bench of the picnic table, Piper adjusts the baby in her arms so they can both be comfortable as she feeds the infant boy his bottle. Her attenion is briefly drawn to Harmony as she emerges from her tent, and she is given a nod in greeting as well. If her hands weren't full she would probably wave. Dixie's grumbling has her giving the southern woman her attention and a questioning look as well.

Harmony disappears behind her tent for a moment and returns with a cucumber. Pulling out a pocketknife, she begins to peel away a little of the skin before she cuts herself a slice. She doesn't answer Dixie until she gets the first bite, and then? It's just her sticking out her tongue at the other woman. Something she picked up from the kids? Sure, she'll go with that.

"Late start," the flower-child grumbles lightly. "It'll set me back hours in the garden. Cows are probably cursing my name right now. And so are the goats."

Approaching the table, Harmony alights and settles briefly, her smile growing for Piper. "You look like you've actually gotten a night's sleep."

Dixie looks thoughtful at Piper's questioning look, and she tilts her head to the side for a moment. "I don't think I'd be a good tailor," she admits. "Butcher, maybe. I'm not squimish. Though it's good to learn some new skills, and who knows, it might help me some way, especially if I need to mend clothing." She glances towards Harmony for a moment, and arches a brow. "Oh, you slept in past milking?" she asks. "I thought you went back to bed for a bit." She then frowns softly. "I'm really sorry, Harmony. If I'd have known, I would have woken you after I returned."

Piper didn't come equipped to talk..or write in her case and gives a bit of a pout in frustration that she has something to say but can't express it. She glances down at the baby in her arms, who has a tight grip on the bottle he is sucking on. A nod at Dixie is given and she seems to understand that, and Harmony gets a similar nod and a brief smile. She stands then heading to her tent breifly where she peeks in, and is handed out her whiteboard and marker by a pair of little hands. There is a bit of juggling on her part, but she manages to get them and keep the baby and bottle where it belongs. She then moves back to the picnic table to sit back down.

"I'm sure someone around here may be suited for it," Harmony cuts another piece of cuke and pops it into her mouth. "Sorta like gardening and plants. Some have a green thumb and some," she shakes her head and shrugs lightly, "don't." An exhale escapes the young woman again and green eyes move towards the direction of the farm. "I bet they'll all run at me at the gate. Kinda sad that it's the highlight of their day." A chuckle escapes and she looks back at the others, "I know the chickens seem to like it when I'm there, collecting their eggs. And the goats. They just get silly."

Piper's frustration is almost palpable, and Harmony can feel the vibes (comes with the territory of being a hippy! Really!). "Piper, ever think about sign-language?" The fact that the woman doesn't know it could mean something happened along the way, or rather, doesn't use it. "I'm sure it's not a highly scavenged topic. Like cooking and," a teasing smile flickers towards Dixie, "sewing."

Dixie might look guilty for a few moments when Piper gets up and goes to collect the whiteboard and marker, so she frowns a little bit. "Sorry," she offers again. "I forget that you don't talk." She then glances towards Harmony again, and she arches a brow. "Hey, it's a nice luxury. We could all be down at the river front eating bullrushes every day. But you're right, Hippy. We all got things we're good and bad at. You're a good farmer, and it is good to see you following your calling." She then considers Harmony's remark to Piper. "Actually, it would be useful to convey information in the field."

It takes a moment to arrange herself so she can write and fed the baby but she manages it. "I don't know sign." she writes, indicative that her speaking problem is probably a recent development. "Jade and Caro can handle the animals until you get there." she reassures in writing. Dixie mentioning she forgets has Piper looking at her ruefully. But she does nod in agreement to the usefulness of learning it.

"Well, we've got enough stocked to last a week right now," in terms of vegetables and the like. "The canning book will come in handy, so I need to take a real look at that." Harmony is priding herself on the fact that while they may be living hand to mouth, it's not so dire to sleep in one day, whether on purpose or not. "But," and the hippy looks back at Dixie, brows rising, "You would make a good butcher. It'd help a whole lot to get the most out of the animals." Even if she doesn't eat them, she's not one of those 'no one should eat meat' warriors. It's a great source of protein when one doesn't want to eat lots of spinach and dark green leafy veggies.

Quirking her head at the words, Harmony exhales and nods. "Good. Today's the day to pick the paddocks too." To clean the horse poo and move it around. "We're coming into planting for the fall and winter veggies, so it has to be done." Glancing back up at the skies, Harmony sighs lightly. "A little rain must fall. Good for the crops." Her mantra.

Sign language, however, would be useful, come to think of it, to the guards in the absence of radios. "It would. I don't know it, but I wouldn't mind learning it either. Think it should head up the list as a high priority?" She looks at Piper now, and she chuckles at the bundle. If the baby could hold the bottle with feet too, she's pretty sure he would. "Assuming you could get hands free at any point."

Dixie does look thoughtful at the talk of being a butcher, and she hmms softly. "That's a good point," she admits. "Ain't like I'm going to be squirmish at all. Find someone who can tan, and we're set for winter warmth." She tilts her head a little to the side and hmms softly. She knows nothing of farming, and so she offers an encouraging nod of her head. She does notice the rueful look from Piper, and she offers a helpless shrug and a sheepish smile.

The board is wiped, "Sonny has months worth of MREs and Dehydrated meals stored away." Piper writes across it "We won't starve." though they may all loose some weight. "Still fish in winter too." she points out. She saw plenty of ice fishing while growing up. Never did it herself though. She gently moves the baby's foot as he kicks at the table, the last thing she wants is splinters in his foot.

An amused chuckle comes from the woman, she she touches the baby's head and then her stomach. She isn't going to have hands free for a long time. Glancing between the pair of women she writes again, "Library in town. In a safe area away from the bandits." well mostly, it is right on the edge of one of the areas the bandits claim.

"Yeah, but I don't want to touch those, so I pretend those don't exist." The games Harmony plays! "There's always fish and there's always game in winter, but," the hippy smiles dryly, "I don't eat meat." As if to echo that point, she cuts off another slice of her cucumber before she holds it out in offrance. "Winter wheat. Pumpkin. More squash. Then canning. We'll be fine." Though those MREs are high calorie and have vacuum packed -desserts- in them! And gum!

Harmony doesn't know what is 'held' anymore and what's not, so she takes the information as it's offered. "Bandits probably aren't the library types anyway."

Dixie makes a face at the written mention of MREs, but gives a little nod. "Well, they're better than starving," she comments. "So I guess we'll need to work triple as hard so we ain't got to eat them," she remarks. "Should still be able to trap some juicey, delicious meat during winter." She says that teasingly as she looks towards Harmony, complete with a bright smile. "Oh, also. Do we have any phone books here?"

Piper chuckles, which makes the baby in her arm giggle around the bottle in his mouth. "The crackers and peanut butter in them isn't bad." she writes, and since those are one of the few things she can eat there are MREs laying around that is missing those bits. She puts on a hopeful look, though whether she actually feels that way is unknown. Dixie's question though has her pointing in the general direction the Admin area would be "Admin building has a few phone books. I've one in my tent too." she writes to Dixie.

Harmony wrinkles her nose up with theatric distaste as Dixie teases her. "Ew," is her final judgement on the matter before she slices a couple more pieces off her breakfast and eats them with an exaggerated *crunch* in her direction. "No bones!"

The value of a phone book is lost on the woman, however, and Harmony looks between the pair, her brows creasing slightly. "Why?"

Dixie offers a thankful look to Piper when she writes her reply. "Thank you," she offers happily. "I'll go and have a look at it later on, then offer the Doc some potential places." She glances towards Harmony again and regards her for a few moments with a soft laugh. "It ain't Eww. It's all food. Oh, I was talking to Doc the other day, and he needs medicine for the girl you folks found. IV stuff or anti-biotics. He wants me to keep lookout. We're thinking nursing homes, seeing as the hospital ain't friendly."

Wipe, wipe, wipe Piper clears her white board. "A phone book will list them and addresses. We have maps. Find the places easier and route around bandit areas." she explains via text to Harmony. Apparently she has used this method before to go out and scavenge for specific items. "If you need someone to watch your back, let me know." is written to Dixie. Going into town by your lonesome, not a good idea.

"Ooooh…" and the word is drawn out, coupled with a nod. "Gotcha. And it is 'ew'." The very end of the cucumber isn't eaten, but rather, it's set aside with the peelings to be gathered up for her little, personal compost. It's not large, and she's very careful not to put anything too stinky in. "Yeah. I can see that."

Harmony's attention flickers back around to Piper, and her brows rise. "You gone to see the doc yet?" It's a simple question, right? "See, going out just kinda scares me, but if you want company, I'll come with you too."

Dixie offers a bright smile to Piper and she nods. "That is the plan. Easy in, easy out. No troubles on the way," she offers. She then slowly nods her head. "See what Doc has to say. I think we work alright together when it gets messy." She takes a deep breath, and nods. "Harmony, want to learn how to handle a weapon?"

Brows furrow at the question from Harmony, and Piper gives a shake of her head. Though in her defense the doctor has had his hands full in making sure the girl that was found doesn't die. Priorities an all. The baby finishes the bottle and lacking anything better she uses her shirt sleeve to wipe the dribble from his mouth. Setting the bottle aside she adjust the baby so he leans against her protruding belly. He proceeds to blow raspberries and babble as the women talk, adding his own two cents to the conversation. After giving Harmony her furrowed brow look she glances to Dixie with a nod. For someone with no formal military training, the pregnant woman handles herself well in messy situations.

No, not really. It's the first thought that springs into Harmony's head at the offer. Green eyes glance back and forth, truly considering the offer. "I'm pretty bad with it," comes slowly. "I don't think I could kill anyone, honestly." Heck, she couldn't kill one of the animals under her care. As it is, she gets upset if a plant dies under her care. "So, probably not."

Dixie stretches out slowly, and slowly stands up and she collects her book. "That is fair enough," she offers to Harmony, as she offers a sincere smile. "I do get worried about you, Hippy." She takes a deep breath again and gives a little yawn, before laughing softly at the baby's raspberry blowing and babble. "I'm going to have a look at the books and the maps," she offers. "Plan a route in and out. Been good speaking with y'all." She offers a little wave of her hand, as she makes her way out of the camp site.

While Harmony and Dixie speak, Piper doodles in the corners of the white board, musical notes, treble clefs etc while she tries to keep baby grabby hands from getting the marker. She looks up at Harmony refusing the offer, and she isn't at all surprised by it. When Dixie leaves she waves as the other woman departs. Shifting slightly as the baby bounces, waves his own arms and babbles more.

"Me?" Harmony chuckles and her smile is warm and bright. "It's like a big game of 'tag' meets 'hide and seek'. I made it here, din't I? King's X." Home. She looks up as the other woman gains her feet. "Don't have to worry about me. Honest." She puts away her pocket knife and gathers all the cuttings into her hand, ready to set them into her compost. "See you later." A wave is given with the hand not holding the trash and she watches as Dixie departs.

"We're lucky we found her." Harmony shakes her head briefly before she rises from her spot just to put the trash away and she keeps on, only raising her voice enough to be heard. "It's all well and good that we have people to protect us. Guys, but she'd understand our point of view. Even if she is a tomboy." As the flower-child appears back from around her tent, she wipes at her hands, one over the other. "I should probably get out to the garden and the animals." She won't leave the kids to do all the work that needs doing with the animals. Chores are great, but she's pretty sure that they need their lessons, or time to be kids again. "And start reading up more on canning. I'll ask Dixie that if she's going out, to hit one of the dollar stores to check on mason jars. Later."

Harmony looks at Piper and her tones drop, "Really. At least check in with the doc. We all need you to stay healthy." After all, every person in camp matters. Now, with a swish of skirts, Harmony finds her hat, checks the blooms and frowns slightly. She'll put new ones in today! "Off to the gardens!"

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