(2015-08-11) Experimenting Dangerously
Experimenting Dangerously
Summary: Lincoln tests to see if the alien device works on other vehicles. He shouldn't have told Nora about it.
Date: 8.11.2015
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Lincoln had sat in his tent and camp area for a couple of days, pouring over the notes he had made while getting the device from the truck and then running a few experiments as best he could with it. Although Quinton had shared with him the location of the other Jeep, the one which had run out of fuel, Lincoln hadn't made the trek out to it yet. Something had been bothering him about that and he didn't want to walk and expose himself. In fact, it was the walking part that had bugged him the most. They were walking everywhere and a Truck was a rather exposed vehicle. Sure, it was great for movement but poor for scouting which was what they needed at the moment. Scouting for bandits, for military, they needed mobility which had him thinking motorcycle. In Lincoln's mind, a war was coming — whether with other humans, this pseudo military of teens, or something else there was trouble.

He made the decision in the middle of the night and had decided to stick to it by time he woke up. As dawn was just about to break he finished writing out what he needed to. Nothing fancy, just a quick note. 'I'm going to town to try and find something. If I don't come back, these are instructions on how to remove the devices from working vehicles and how to hook them back up.' Where did he leave it? The smart thing would have been to leave it with Sonny, but that might have lead to questions and being talked out of a rash decision. So instead he set the package outside of Nora's tent and then made his way to town with backpack on and gun tucked safely into the back of his jeans.

The walk into town is a long one. Sure it's only seven miles to the outskirts of town, but on foot that takes awhile. When you are capable of doing an eight minute mile it doesn't take quite that long. And since Nora is the 'epitome of responsibility' (not, she did steal a boat!) and since Lincoln had a good 1/2 hour head start she finally catches up to him over the bridge on the outskirts of town. "For someone smart you really are an idiot." she says as she finally gets to where she can talk without raising her voice. She's a bit winded from her run, but not overly so.

Lincoln had taken a slower pace for a bit, he wanted to make sure he had the energy to get in and once he'd settled into the bridge location he was sitting with eyes perched on whatever he could see about the town, just to make sure there wasn't anything blatantly serving as a trap. His intent was so focused on making sure nothing came at him in the front that he completely was caught offguard when Nora got to him, causing Lincoln to jump. Startled, catching his breath after it, his hand removed his cap and wiped his brow before a slight hiss comes from his lips. Whispering he says softly, "I told you not to follow me in the note you know."

"And you really expected to me not to?" Nora gives a slight shake of her head "Has movies taught you nothing. That never works." she crouches down beside him, resting her arms on her knees. "I think as long as we don't go further than the windmill restaurant we should be fine." its pretty clear that she isn't going anywhere "And if not, someone is going to have to carry you back to camp…but let's not try for that one, once was enough."

"I actually didn't watch movies as a kid, didn't have time." Lincoln responds quietly, "Too busy studying." He reaches to his back and checks for the handgun there, "Did you at least bring a gun?" He pulls his and offers it to Nora just in case she didn't. "The problem is Doll, I don't know how long it'll take me to wire this thing, even if I can. Two people are easier to see than one."

That earns a peculiar look from Nora, "I only did when it was raining to heavy to surf. Gotta fill the time somehow." and for her it wasn't with her nose in a book. The producing of the weapon has her wrinkling her nose "You know I have never even touched on of those things…right?" she is tentative in the taking of it, certainly doesn't know how to hold it right "Two people can also spot danger better than one." she glances to the back of his head "Nope, no eyes back there.

"Sure you have." Lincoln responds to Nora as he nods at the gun. "Point, click. That's all you gotta do. I ain't wanting you to actually hit anything just scare people is all. No need to kill if we don't have to." He smiles a bit and then slowly rises. "I'll go in front, stay behind. Things get bad, fire a couple times in the direction of the bad then run. And keep your eyes up." He pauses then adds with a grin, "And not on my ass." Then before the blush of his cheeks at his own quip settles in and becomes visible he starts sneaking his way down towards the town.

The young woman is decidedly uncomfortable with have to hold the gun and she positively blanches at the thought of firing it. His levity does a little to ease Nora's discomfort enough that she can give it back, "Hey, you're the one that wants me behind you so clearly you want me looking at it. Personally if I were you I would be more worried about being shot in it." with that said she begins to follow him towards the town, trying her best to be sneaky.

Sneaking and creeping along, Lincoln leads the way down towards the town, stopping every 50 meters or so to make sure they're concealed and taking some time to survey. If he were by himself, he'd definitely go a lot faster but he's being more precautious with Nora along. AT one stop, a little further into town, he pauses to whisper. "I haven't seen one yet, have you?"

Nora follows, staying a few feet behind and watching their surroundings on the lookout for danger. She understands the need for being captious so she is patient even if he takes it extra slow for her. Assuming he means what he came here for and not something weird she shakes her head "How about the junkyard?" she points down the road to where the sign pointing toward it stands.

"I was worried about going there, I figured if I were a looter I'd set up someplace where there's stuff. But it might be our best bet." Lincoln is clearly torn about the action, "The other option would try to find a dealership somewhere. Car or what have you, or a bar maybe." He glances around chewing on his lip before he sets his eyes on Nora. The Junkyard might be the easiest, but is it the safest. "What do you think? It might not be the safest place."

Nora listens as he speaks, understanding the dilemma they find themselves in. "A place with good stuff…but a junk yard?" she hmmmms "The closest bar is the windmill place we hid out in awhile back. No motorcycles there." she glances off in the direction of town a moment then back to him "Aliens have invaded, militant teens and bandits are everywhere, as far as safe places go, the junkyard is no worse than anywhere else." score one for pragmatism.

Lincoln contemplates then nods towards Nora in agreement. "Alright, we'll just be super careful." Like he hasn't been super careful to this point. A small smile is given towards her and then once more Lincoln is leading the creeping way towards the Junkyard. Now is a good moment to interject, he himself is not really a creeper, he's just creeping. Key difference.

Nodding Nora starts to give him double thumbs up, but remembers she has a pistol in one so gets the one. "Can do." says the girl who seems to attract trouble with ease. She follows along behind, taking her cue of being careful and stealthy from him "Once you find this motorcycle, how do you plan on getting it to camp?"

"I'm going to ride it back." Lincoln says calmly towards Nora as he moves along, skirting around the edge of the junkyard until he can find a gap in a fence to sneak through rather than the front door. "Well, we're going to ride it back."

"Sounds like you have it all planned." Nora states at first, "But what it you can't get it to work." his statement switching to include herself makes her smirk a bit "Nice to be included.

It's not obvious right away, but after looking around a bit a small path leads to a place in the fence where it is becoming detached from the support pole. Easy enough to squeeze through.

"I'll get it to work." He says it with a good confidence and Lincoln approaches the gap. First things first, he peeks his head through to look around before turning to speak to Nora quietly. "I'll go in first. Count to 30, then come in after me just in case, ok?" With that, in he goes.

Junk Yard

According to the sign at the gate this is Bernheisel Salvage Yard and from the row upon row of junker cars and the occassional old applicance the sign didn't lie.

The junk yard takes up quite a few acres, some of it wooded to block the view from the north and south.

There are a few buildings as well. A large barn like structure, a garage and a ranch style home. This area is higher ground so doesn't seem to have the flooding issues that other areas do. Be wary though, there are lots of places for hiding.

There are several paths that cross the junkyard, one leads to East Boulevard Street.

Nora nods "Thirty count right." she wonders though if she is supposed to be saying Mississippi between the numbers though. With the gun held loosely and with little confidence she watches and counts as Lincoln disappears through the fence. Patience isn't strong in her and by the time she hits twenty she his easing through the fence after him, looking around to see if she can spot it or if this is going to turn into a game of hide and seek.

Lincoln has managed to make his way not too far away behind a pile of tires that goes up overhead a bit and is crouched there with his eyes very carefully scanning over the junkyard. Every once in awhile he peeks his head out a bit further to get a better look before bringing it back in. In his own mind he's counting to thirty but with as nervous as he is, he looks back a bit early to see Nora. With a slight motion of his hand he beckons.

The young woman doesn't stray far from where the entered. Her gaze roaming to find the mechanic "Lincoln…" she calls out in a whisper…oh there he is, hiding. As the gesture she sprints over to duck down beside him "All this hiding is going to make it hard to find anything."

"Yeah, but all the hiding means you're less likely to get shot." He adds softly towards her, managing a small smile. Again his head peeks around and he nods, "I don't see anyone, or really hear anyone. They could be out, or asleep. Either way…" Taking a big breath, he stands up to get a better look around the Junkyard, but only after he adds, "Please don't get shot."

She eyes the tires that they are hiding beside a moment, "But more likely to have something fall on you." Nora comments drily. "I vote for out…like way out." because sleeping just gives them a chance to wake up grumpy and shooty. "I won't if you won't..deal." she gives him a small, albeit worried, smile in return.

Giving Nora a reassuring smile, well the best he can manage, Lincoln continues to make his way out into the Junkyard and starts looking around. After the first few minutes he is starting to get nervous, and disappointed as nothing seems to be coming up for him. That is until his eyes settle on something that may be a suitable target over near a scrap pile. Glancing back at the girl, he tilts his head towards it and takes a step. But then stops, realizing he's still staring at Nora. Yep, there's the blush on his cheeks and he then turns to start in the direction of the scrap pile a bit more directly.

Nora watches not only him but their surroundings as well. She has no idea what she is going to do if someone jumps out or shots start flying, but it'll probably be something epically awesome or more likely epically stupid. Either way someone really needs to teach her how to hold a gun, cause it's pretty much dangling uselessly in her hand. She is more likely to shoot herself in the foot than anything else. The blush on Lincoln's face has giving a bare smirk…and did she just wink? It doesn't matter though she is waving him onward, and she waits another ten count before sprinting after him.

Getting close enough, Lincoln realize that what he saw is in fact what he was hoping for. Scooting closer to it, he looks around and realizes the position isn't the worse ever. Sitting down he starts to work after unslinging his backpack off and pulling out the alien device. While he gets to work, he speaks softly towards Nora. "If it's in the junkyard it probably had some other issues. Might need to track down some gas if it's completely dry and there could be other issues. But I can fix those later if we can get it to start and get out of here." Already he's beginning in the back of his mind to wonder just what he was doing this for anyway. Perhaps just the rush of doing something instead of waiting all the time.

Crouching down beside him as he works Nora runs her fingers over the faded painted words on the gas tank, Indian. She gives a nod, "Well it's old." that much she can tell "And it needs a new tire." She points to the front one that seems to be suffering from a case of dry rot. "Is that going to be an issue right away?" She asks curiously. The mention of needing gas has her looking around "Want me to check the barn? See if there is any gas in there?" she gestures to the structure.

Lincoln looks at the barn and almost says yes before he looks at her and shakes his head, "No, too risky. We'll look together. The tire… could be an issue if it blows out." Even while he's saying it there's hesitation now in his hands, clearly his plan had a few holes in it. First things first he starts to crack open the gas tank to see if there's anything more than vapors left. "I think the tire will hold, at least until we're far enough away." A bite of his lip and he decides to keep working. "Look around though, like, real close? To see if there's anything else that might be of help?"

She isn't going to debate it, she would rather be safe as well. When he starts to hesitate Nora pokes him in the side and gives a reassuring smile "Get to work. We shouldn't stay here any longer than we have to." he's the expert when it comes to these thinks, especially compared to him so she believes him when he says the tire should be fine. She moves to have a look around, keeping within sight, but has no clue what would be useful in this context. She is a surfer not an mechanic.

There are a lot of problems along the way for Lincoln. First the distributor doesn't seem to want to line up with the alien device so that takes time, then he has to remove the carborateur to fix on that some and try to get it clean enough to start when it's time. Next he's pulling spark plugs to clean them, really the process should be done in a nice garage with smooth conditions rather than constantly looking over his shoulder to make sure no one is coming to kill him. The original plan was to find a nice motorcycle in a dealership and steal that, something operational to start with. Plan B was taking a long time, the minutes extend further and further as he works.

Nora continues to search around, turning up nothing really that she would consider useful. A yard or to away she pulls a blue tarp off a pile of something. She lets out a cry of surprise as the huge possum that was sleeping under it hisses at her as it is rudely awoken. The plus side is the junker motorcycles that were under the tarp, equally as old as the one Linc is working on, only good for spare parts as the bodies are in various states of rust and disrepair.

Hearing the yelp, Lincoln turns quickly to look at Nora, springing up to attack whoever is there before a large grin slips on his face at the possum's presence and her reaction to it. Seeing the spare parts repository however has him excited as he moves over towards it, reaching out to… well he doesn't know what to do. The terribly awkward man ends up just gently punching her shoulder. "Good work." That's going to have him kicking himself later in the day if he lives. Really, 'good work'? "Must be my lucky charm."

Looking sheepish at her reaction to the animal and the reaction it caused in him she watches the possum waddle off for a moment and then to him "It surprised me." she says in her defense. And they aren't the nicest looking creatures either. She rubs her arm where he punched her, not that it hurt, it's just what you do "Sure you say that now." her sheepish look turns into a smirk "Once trouble comes you'll be changing that tune."

"Trouble I can handle I think. Well some kinds of trouble." A few pieces here, a few parts there and now Lincoln is scurrying back over towards the other motorcylce and putting things into place. Pulling a screwdriver from his backpack, a ratchet when needed, he works pretty fast for the circumstances as he gets more engaged in what he's doing losing focus on the surroundings until he stands up abruptly and brushes his grease covered hands off. "Maybe it's ready?"

He may get lost in what he is doing, but Nora doesn't. She wanders the area watching for signs of trouble, but besides a squirrel that chastises her and some bunnies hopping around there isn't anything happening here. She'll happily take that. When Linc finally finishes the job and announces he is ready she looks at him quizzically "What about gas?"

"The tank is mostly barren. But…" He nods around the junkyard at a few of the other vehicles. "I'll get a tube and we'll find a tank that has something and I'll siphon." Even as he speaks, he's grabbing the handlebars of the bike to move it towards where some of the less dilapidated trucks look. "Ever siphon before?" He asks it towards Nora, trying to strike up a conversation in his usual way; awkwardly.

There is a definant ewww face given at the talk of siphoning gas. Clearly it is something Nora has never done. She probably has never needed to. She follows him, shaking her head "No, that's gross." she rethinks a moment "At least not gasoline. I have had to do that for cleaning the fish tanks I had back home."

"Same concept, just with gas. You try not to swallow too much of it obviously." Lincoln explains while pushing the bike towards a large truck, presuming it would be the best source of gas. "Without electricity to turn on the pumps, most of the fuel we get will have to come from siphoning. And why the face? It's not that big of a deal to suck." Well, those words were awkward.

"Obviously." Nora echoes as she follows him to the vehicle he is heading for "Because the thought of ingesting gasoline is disgusting not to mention potentially bad for your health." okay his last comment may have been awkward to him but it's funny to her "Said no girl ever." she replies her amusement clear.

Her comment gets a weird look from Lincoln as he doesn't get it for a few moments. It can be seen when it dawns on him however as the blush comes back in full force and he coughs awkwardly heading over towards the truck and popping open the gas tank to look inside and smell for fumes. Finding some he leans the motorcycle against it and looks around for a garden hose or similar to grab and start the siphoning process. Naturaly he has to talk, it helps with his nerves. "I think every other thing around here is bad for my health. I was thinking of taking up smoking actually… needed a hobby."

If Nora could high five herself she totally would when his cheeks pinken. She has a mission now, see how often she can do that. Poor guy. Knowing what he is looking for she pokes around places nearby to look for something that could work. "Bad idea, smoking, especially if you are going to be siphoning gas. I would hate to see you spontaneously combust one day." she finds a length of hose in the back of another truck and brings it to him "And you know what they say about smokers right…"

Taking the piece of hose, he looks at it then looks up at Nora, smiling a bit shyly, "They say that Smokers are cool, hip, and edgey?" He asks it, clearly not believing that sentiment at all. Turning he sets to work slipping the hose into the tank and beginning to suck on the other end to get the gas flowing.

"Uhm, not quite. Unless you lived in the 40's or look like James Dean." Nora replies, but she watches him siphon the gas, her lip curling a bit as he does it. What is said of smokers is held back though at least until he gets the siphon started, she doesn't want him to choke on the gasoline, that would be bad and defeat the purpose.

Once the stream of gasoline begins to filter from the truck into the bike, Lincoln stands up and puts the hose in the tank to fill it up. He spits a few times, naturally to get the taste of gasoline out — not that it helps much and looks at Nora with a small smile before glancing around, "When we start this thing, it'll be loud, we'll have to get out of here fast." He nods towards the main gate. "That will be the way out, we'll just have to try to not get shot at."

The handgun is finally handed back to Lincoln, they haven't needed it so far. Nora digs her waterbottle from the side pouch on her pack and hands it to him, it couldn't hurt, "How about we do better than try and actually /not/ get shot at."

Spoken to soon really. It seems that while the pair might not be in bandit territory, they are still in town. The sound of shots being fired can suddenly be heard to the north. Not close enough to be a danger to them, at the moment, but it is a reminder that they are in dangerous territory.

Lincoln is about to accept the water bottle when he hears the shots, he moves protectively towards Nora before realizing they're a bit off. He looks at the water then shakes his head, "No time." Taking a glance into the gas tank, he sees it's at least about 3/4 of the way full so he pulls the siphon hose out of both and tosses it under the truck before putting the lid on. Throwing a leg over he reaches back for Nora, "Ever ridden before?"

The shots, even at this distance have Nora jumping in surprise. "I think we have overstayed our welcome." she quickly takes the hand and throws a leg over the bike and puts her feet on the little bars for the passenger "A few times. You ever driven one of these before?" she's really wishing she would have looked around for a helmet about now.

Crossing his fingers mentally, Lincoln grabs the handlebars and looks over at Nora, managing what may actually pass for a confident smile. "A few times." Reaching down he triggers the clutch then throws his foot, hoping that he was able to do the work needed, and did it right, to get the motorcycle to start.

His smile aside what he says isn't exactly a releif to her. She leans back slightly, giving him the room he needs to manhandle the motorcycle into going. "If this doesn't work, exactly how fast and far can you run?"

The engine is old as is most, if not all the parts in it. The only new thing about it is the alien device. It takes several attempts before the engine finally turns over and roars loudly to life.

It's about the third failed attempt that Lincoln begins to get nervous. "Not very fast, but pretty far. They don't let you be a slouch at the Academy." He offers as a reassurance, some of the most he's revealed about his past. The fourth, the fifth attempt have him cursing but finally it catches and turns over. A grin hits his lips and he says over his shoulder, "Hold on tight." Then, he turns and hits it hoping everything works out.

Nora would probably ask if she weren't being thrown back as the motorcycle suddenly propels forward. "Gah!" she gets out and she quickly wraps her arms around his waist to keep from being thrown off the thing. "A little more of a warning would have been nice." she says over the roaring of the engine as he tears it up, or whatever, in an effort to get out of the junkyard and away from town as quickly as possible.

Who knew that Lincoln wasn't a terrible handler of a motorcycle. He keeps it under relative control but definitely is pressing the speed limits of the vehicle as he's nervous about the noise it's making. Through the main gate and then swinging around to head back up the way they came down the road. "Lean when I lean." He tosses over his shoulder to Nora above the roar, "And try not to choke me if you get scared."

The young woman on the back certainly wouldn't have suspected it, but Nora certainly isn't going to comment or complain about it. Not when it is getting them to safety quickly. She just nods, even though she knows that much about riding. She doesn't let go of him, though her death grip about his waist does loosen when he mentions being choked "Sorry!" she calls out.

Vrooom they go and since there doesn't seem to be any shots coming at them or any other attention, Lincoln would continue to ride at least three miles outside of town and then start off a side path into the forest some, intending to get the motorcycle to a more hidden location along with them. Finally he cuts the engine and sighs softly. "We didn't die…"

After the first mile Nora starts to enjoy the ride, despite the fact that they could have blood thirsty bandits on their tale. They don't, but still. When he pulls off to a less visible area she frowns slightly, though it doesn't last long. "Today would have been a very bad day to die." she comments resting her forehead on his back a moment and it sounds like she is trying to stifle what is either sobs or laughter, it's hard to say.

"Why would today have been a bad day to die?" He asks it as the engine cuts out and he sighs once more himself. The nerves and stress were definitely taking its toll and now that the adrenaline rush was over he's starting to feel the effects. "I mean, it's not like today is any real difference from any other day."

"Because we haven't won yet." Nora gestures up and back to where the giant mothership hangs on the horizon "I at least plan on living long enough to see that giant spaceship come crashing down in a thousand peices." its a nice thought. Despite the engine being cut off she stays put for the moment, resting against his back, probably feeling the same adrenaline crash he is.

Lincoln glances up when she motions upwards, his face turning into a frown. "Yeah. That'd be good. Not sure how yet, but it'd be good." There's a soft sigh and he starts to climb off the motorcycle, reaching to begin unhooking the alien power tech. "We'll need to bring this back to the camp. Now that I know it works on other vehicles…"

As he gets off one way, Nora gets off the other. "It'll happen. It will take time and effort, but most things worth doing take those." she leans over the bike, watching him remove the device, her brows furrowing "Are we taking the bike back too?" he did put all that effort into getting it running, it would be a shame to leave it here.

"Eventually." Lincoln says quietly. "They found another Jeep a few weeks back and apparently it ran out of gas. I'll probably walk out and get the device off that one and put it on the bike instead. At least until I can get more fuel." There's a pause and he adds, "Don't woryr, I won't tell you when I'm leaving."

Nora nods "I wonder if the same device is in the drones that fly through here all the time." or at least a few times a week, "If that is what makes the vehicles goes wouldn't it make sense that they are what makes the drones go too?" its just a guess on her part, but it sounds practical. She then gasps, in mock affront and it's her turn to give him a gentle punch in the shoulder "Well fine then, go by yourself and get all shot up." she teases, and even sticks her tongue out at him.

Lincoln grins a bit when she gets mock offended and shakes his head, "I figure if I don't tell you, you'll just sneak and follow me anyway." He looks up at the sky after contemplating the Drones for a minute, "That's feasible. We need to knock one down to find out though." He sighs a bit, absently rubbing his arm, "We should head back to camp, before people start to wonder… or talk."

"Maybe." she says a bit slyly as she rocks back on her heels. The talk of drones though has her going serious for a moment "That's going to take some firepower." she gestures to the bike "We can probably store this at the barn they have the injured girl at." it's as safe as place as any, and much closer than camp. Her head tilts at him then "And?" despite the fact that they have been gone for hours, and thier absence has surely been missed she doesn't seem concerned about them wondering or talking. That said she grabs the handlebar in her side and will help him push the bike as the make their way back to camp.

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