(2015-08-12) Another Alien Device
Another Alien Device
Summary: The device from the jeep stolen earlier is finally retreived.
Date: 8.12.2015
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There is another alien device out there for the taking. And knowing that they are capable of powering vehicles and maybe more things, collecting them is a priority, especially if they can do it without endangering anyone. That is what has the trio out, in the middle of the night…okay maybe not the /middle/ of the night, but it is late easily pushing midnight. Safer traveling, less likely to run into the enemy, theoretically. The fact that they are using the truck makes the trip faster, but they are running dark, relying on the light from the rising moon to light the way.

Quinton took the spark plugs, but now they're coming for more. The blonde man is being quiet, just directing the other man in where to go.

Damnit, Lincoln was finding himself behind the wheel again only this time trying to navigate at night time through these woods. He was leaning forward keeping the truck at a medium pace while trying to find the path of least bumps and resistance. A muttering under his breath as he has to make a sudden turn sounds like either, 'Damn Tree' or 'I need to pee'.

The woman technically isn't supposed to be here. After the altercation in Omaha Sonny made it clear to her that she wasn't supposed to go more than a mile or two outside of camp. This isn't common knowledge /yet/ and she certainly hasn't told anyone, and what Sonny doesn’t know… Since she is the smallest, her belly doesn't count in this instance, she is stuck sitting between the two men and trying not to get jostled to much as the truck bounces down the rugged dirt road that runs through the woods well south of Cedar Bluffs. Why is she here? To watch the guys backs as they work to get the device off the truck. She has never shown any hesitancy to use her rifle when necessary. Though as far as anyone knows she has never killed anyone with it.

It's a good thing Quinton doesn't know what Sonny has decided, or this truck would be turned back around pronto. He's doing his best to keep an eye open, scanning the area as they go by. the sudden turn has him grabbing the 'oh shit' handle so he doesn't go slamming into Piper. Glancing over, he'll ask Linc, "Need to stop?" in case there is a pee emergency.

Lincoln glances over and shakes his head. "No. Someone just forgot to mark that tree with a bright yellow sticker so I knew it was there." His brow is furrowed in concentration before he adds quietly, "Are you even sure this is the right direction?" He had no idea about Piper's moratorium on travelling, which may be a good thing considering he's already dealing with women following when they shouldn't be.

While Quin is trying not to crowd her, Piper is trying not to crowd the driver. Lincoln needs all the elbow room he can get to both maneuver and change gears. Lincoln's question has her nodding and she points forward out the window, then makes a V with her hands indicating to go left. That should put them on a paved road, flanked by overgrown fields and give them a smoother ride. An eyebrow is arched at Quinton, probably to confirm she is correct about where they are going, though she probably knows perfectly well she is right.

Quinton frowns, he's getting tired of everyone assuming his stupid. "As much as I can be. It wasn't the middle of the night when we left it." Things tend to look different. He nods and then vocalizes for Linc so he can keep his eyes on the road, 'Tiffy's right. We should be close enough to get on the road. It's paved."

"Who the hell is Tiffy?" Lincoln chimes in as he follows the directions, sighing a bit as the truck smoothes its tires over the road which allows him to pick up the speed a bit, cranking the stick into a higher gear and trying not to jam it against Piper.

Since he doesn't make a big deal on those rare occasions she is able to verbalize, Piper returns the favor by not making a big deal when Quinton is actually able to form complete sentence. She treats it as if it was a completely normal thing for him. The name though gets a yuck face. Where does he come up with these names. As they turn onto the paved road she leans forward, searching the ditch that lines each side for the jeep they left in it. She almost makes the mistake of pointing it out well before any normal person could see it in the dark, but catches herself just as she is starting to raise her arm. She covers by pretending as if she is pushing her unruly hair from her face.

Quinton's face smoothes, although he's considering being in the middle on the way home so piper's not getting jabbed at. He doesn't answer Linc' question, Piper knows who she is, and he's not gonna apologize. He'll shift, pressing against th door more, trying to give the pregnant woman room as he also scans the ditch, "It should be close…"

Hearing that it should be close, Lincoln begins slowing the truck down and narrows his eyes against the darkness. Although the temptation to throw the lights on is high, surviving is much higher on the priority list for him at the moment. "Are you sure it's out here? It's possible bandits or someone else got to it…"

Piper lets out a sigh at the question. It's going right up there with Are we there yet in annoyance factor. She makes a gesture forward, probably indicating that he should keep going. Admittedly her could be correct. The owners could have found it by now, she doubts bandits would do anything about a jeep in a ditch though.

Quinton glances over and will say, "Hopfully not." But they really have no idea. It's a chance, but having that device could be very helpful, so…here they are. The poet sighs, before turning back to look out the window, rubbing his face with his free hand.

Lincoln quirks an eyebrow at hearing Piper sigh and looks at her momentarily, a grin on his lips. "Listen missy, I will turn this truck around." He's always wanted to say that. After making the horrid quip he returns focus to driving down the dark road, keeping it at a moderate pace now out of fear of passing by their target.

Piper eyerolls, not that it can be seen in the dark if the truck cab, but she does it. Tap,Tap,Tap. Quinton is getting tapped on the arm by the woman as she points to the jeep in the ditch as the truck slowly starts to bo past it.

"Here it is." Thanks to piper's eyeballs, anyway. Quin throws her a small smile and nod and then waits for Linc to stop their vehicle before carefully opening the door, while drawing his gun…just in case.

The slowing is rather rapid. He doesn't slam on the brakes but eases it more quickly than he was planning to as the vehicle comes up past the other Jeep. Lincoln looks at the pair and then nods his head, opening the door as well with his hand on his gun as he slips out.

With the truck stopped and the other two bailing out, Piper does as well, her own rifle in hand. Using the running board to see over the truck she scans thier surroundings, giving them the all clear with an okay sign on her hand. She seems confident in that as well. Reaching back into the cab she grabs and hands the lantern to Quin. Lincoln is going to need light to work by.

The jeep is in the ditch alright. Not in the best position to get underneath…not without getting a bit wet and muddy at least, but it's doable and a tight squeeze.

Quinton can handle his pistol and th lantern, although he's gotten a few tips from Dixie, the first is don't shot one handed…he'll have to work on that later. After looking around he starts making his way over to the ditched care, "What angle will be best for light?" Like, should he go to the side the front, or what?

"Open the hood and shine it from the top there while I go underneath." Lincoln responds, pulling off his cap to set it in the truck before moving to the jeep and slipping under it through the squish of the mud on his back. "Ugh. I'm going to need another weekly bath soon or I'll never get a date."

Piper stays on the running board, watching their surroundings instead of whatever it is the men are doing. Any danger isn't going to come from them or the jeep. Her rifle stays at her side for the moment, aimed at the ground.

Quinton has to struggle with the hood a moment, the angle the jeep's at int eh ditch makes it difficult, but it finally comes up. The lantern is shown downward, hopefully where Linc needs, "Good?" After making sure that's right, Piper gets a glance.

"A little to the left." Lincoln says, a few moments later, "Your other left." He adds as he continues to work on his dissembling, going rather quickly but having his fingers slip often due to the mud.

The woman is focused in her guard duty, and if Piper is impatient it doesn't show. Occasionally she will focus on something in the distance as if she sees something, not that is possible in the dark to see all that far, but she doesn't raise any alarms and will go back to scanning the area after a few moments.

Quinton frowns, and after the confusing instructions he'll move the light to the right, trying to decipher Linc's confusing other left. Eventually he gets the light where Linc needs it and will hold it steady. He stays silent as well, eyes flickering from Linc to piper to the unknown darkness.

Every once in a while Piper will glance at the guys, just to see how they are progessing. If she happens to meet eyes of the poet she will give a smile and the all clear sign. No trouble spotted, just some deer, a coyote and a sleeping cow. No threats there.

Sleeping cow, or alien spy?!?!? Quin nods back to Piper before he himself scanning the area. he can't see any of what Piper can, but then again, he's much closer to the light, so has some night blindness.

"Ow. Shit. Damn." Lincoln grumbles as something clanks, something else spurts so and on so forth. Eventually though he's climbing out with the bar of soap sized alien device and brushing blood off his hand onto his pants. "Alright, got it. Let's get the hell out of here."

If the cow is an alien spy is certainly isn't doing a very good job at it. The cursing draws Piper's attention back to the two at the jeep and she takes that as a sign that they are nearly done with thier task. Lincoln actually stating it though clinches it. She waits on her perch for a few moments and then hops from the running board to the ground.

Quinton spots the blood, "Want me to drive?" He's not sure how badly the other man is injured, or if it's just a scratch. A hand is offered to help Linc out of the ditch so they can start making their way back to the working jeep.

"Might be a good idea, sliced my hand up just a bit." Lincoln comments to Quinton, the hand in question is clenching the device, which is held against his chest. The other hand is used to take the help out of the ditch and make his way back to the truck.

Piper looks between the two men, her eyes pretty much all pupil in the darkness. It's kinda creepy, if it's even noticed. Her pack was left at camp this time so she doesn't have a first aid kit. The woman slides into the truck, taking up the middle spot again, leaning her rifle on the seat between her knees.

Quinton hops in as well, starting up the jeep while Linc and piper get situated. "That everything?' As long as he gets an affirmative, he'll turn the vehicle around and start back.

"That's everything." Lincoln responds, setting the device into his backpack and then grabbing an old rag from it to wrap around his hand. "It's getting easier for me to remove those things… if I can get a few more we'd be in good shape. I'm just wondering now if they can be linked together to provide a more potent power charge for something bigger."

With Quinton needed room to drive and Lincoln a veritable stranger and muddy to boot, Piper begins to wonder if perhaps she would have been better off jumping into the back of the truck. To late now. Instead she points to her eyes with her fingers and out the front window and then makes antlers above her head. Clearly she is telling them to watch out for deer. She can answer a lot of questions about what is going on…if she wasn't so terrified of outing herself, but that one she truly can't, so she just shrugs.

Quinton mumbles a soft, "Great." He'd anther not catch dinner as well. His eyes don't leave the window but he asks, "Do you need your hand treated now, or can it wait?" Not that anyone has anything… Quin's driving slower than normal, but without headlights, he's being extra careful.

"It'll be fine, just a cut." Lincoln reassures. "I'll wrap it when we get back and if it's too bad we can just stitch it later. Besides, I'm told girls dig scars." Even as he speaks though, Lincoln leans his head back some against the headrest for the ride. "Just try not to get us killed too much."

Piper lets out a bit of a chuckle at that broad assumption as to what 'chicks' like, though the neither confirms or denies it. She watches the road ahead as well, ready to warn in case danger is lurking up ahead. If she knew how to drive a stick…or at all really, she would have volunteered to do so.

Quinton can't help the small snort, "Yeah…scars up the man card." Hasn't really worked for Quin, but then again, he doesn't walk around with his shirt off showing off his. He's rather attentive, stick isn't his first choice in driving, but he's ok at it. "…no killing, if I can help it."

Lincoln, eyes lidding close probably from exhaustion, nods his head. "Good. Good. Wake me up when we get back."

Glancing at Lincoln she gives him a nod indicating that they will. Piper is silent, watching the road until they get to the turn off that would take them down the bumpy dirt track. "Keep going." she whispers pointing straight down the road they are heading up. She doesn't want to have to deal with that bumpy road again. With Lincoln sleeping she probably doesn't feel as anxious about talking as she usually does.

Quinton's eyes flutter over to Piper and he nods, she always seems to have good intuition about these things. "Ok…" After a minute or two with no signs of being followed or jumped he sighs softly, not relaxing , per say, but zoning enough to enjoy the brief moment of civilization, even if it's just driving on a road.

This is the first time Piper has been in the front of this truck and now that they aren't bouncing all over the place or looking for the jeep she notices the radio in the dash. She turns the knob on it and of course it comes on, but there is nothing but static. She does give Quinton a nudge pointing out the fact that it also has a CD player. Her face lights into a smile. Now they just need a CD.

Quinton's eyes widen at the revelation, "Oh!….Check the visors!" He'll flip his down, although he's slower to do so than normal, wanting to keep an eye on the road as well. This is awesome news. Even if they don't have gas, the battery should work for a while to power the CD player…he thinks. he's not a mechanic.

Flipping the visor Piper finds nothing there and even checks the glove box, nothing there either. She sighs, her disappoint in not finding a cd nearly palpable. Her gaze tracks a farm house as they start to pass it. She gestures to it and cars in the drive way. There may not be one in this truck, but there could be one someplace else. The question is do they want to stop just to get some road tunes.

There's a crack in the road, one of those perfectly times moments where Quin is leaning forward slightly as he bringing the visor down. the bump has him lifting off the seat, his head jamming into the visor. Not blood or anything, just a weird small bum that causes him to crying out, more in surprise than anything. To add insult to injury, there's no CDs. Sucks to be him. He nods, not so much about getting something new, but he pulls off to be able to rub his head a moment in relative safety. He mutters to himself, "Smooth one, Wells."

Piper gahs as she is sent up into the air, she is to short to hit her head on the ceiling but she has to grab the dash and brace herself with her legs to keep from ending up in a lap. When everything is settled and the truck is pulled over she gives a concerned look to Quin. Of course Lincoln slept through it, must be nice to be able to sleep like that.

Quinton's cheeks flush, after all the jabs from Dixie and Lincoln…thank god Linc slept through that. Although he does give a concerned glance, making sure the man isn't bleeding out from the hand injury and that's why he didn't wake. "…Sorry…" He's still wincing about his head, but manages an apologetic smile to Piper.

She takes that as an 'I'm okay." and she feels partially to blame for that one, Piper could have warned him, had she not been searching the cab for music. She looks more amused than anything else and her 'exotically creepy' eyes watch him, probably waiting for him to either get out or keep driving.

Quinton's head is rubbed, it's going to be one of those bruises that no one is able to see, thankfully. he looks beyond Piper and her eyes, focusing on the cars parked in the driveway. "Do you want me to check?" Implying she should stay in the car. They shouldn't leave Linc alone sleeping.

His gaze is followed to the cars parked in the driveway and she nods. May as well, they are pulled over already. Piper agrees with the her staying in the truck and waiting…as long as he doesn't take too long.

That's …impressive. He gives her a crooked smile and then steps out, leaving the keys in and the truck running. His eyes are mostly adjusted so it's easy to not trip and die on his way over to the first car. it's locked, but the second car, after a moment of Quin tugging come open. The car has some interesting items that are yanked, but the best is a small visor CD holder, filled. He doesn't bother looking, anything will be awesome, really. With the new stash, he hurries back to the running jeep. Hopefully he didn't take too long and Piper's still there.

Piper didn't go anywhere, she's been watching from where she sits. When he returns with his stash she grins, taking them from him so he can get in and drive. The baby cereal is certainly greeted with enthusiasm. Troy is almost to the age of starting baby food and those couldn't have been more welcome. She pretty much just pulls the first CD out of its slot and feeds it into the little slot. The volume is set to low, so as not to disturb within seconds the cab fills with the the classic rock of Kansas. Well it could have been worse.

Quinton's face breaks into a grin. It could have been rap, he would have been just excited. He sighs, taking in the few moments of normalcy, "…Perfect." He'll drive silently, unless she says anything to him, watching the road and losing himself in the idea this is just a late night road trip. All he needs is a coffee.

Nope, she just sits back and lets the music flow over her. She hasn't heard anything but her own music and occasionally the music of Quin and others in the camp, and while that is nice, it isn't the same. Turns out though she is one of those caroke type of people. And as soon as Kansas' most well known song starts to play, Carry on my wayward son, she starts to softly sing along. It's the only song she knows by them most likely. Yeah, she's good.

Quinton hummus along, but stops as soon as Piper starts singing. It's clear he only vaguely remembers her singing to him when he was hurt. He kinda thought it was Jade or a dream…that whole incident is kinda blurred together. He can’t help a small bit of awe that crosses his face. She's not good, she's fantastic. It's a struggle, but he manages to keep his eyes on the road and not her.

No dream, not Jade and certainly more than the one time. As long as no one else was around. The song ends way to soon and with the Piper's singing. It's going to be another couple of hours before they get back to camp. That gives them a chance to listen to at least one other CD. Maybe she will know more songs on that one. The next one will be chosen more carefully though…amoung their limited selection which seems to be in the same genre, CCR, Eagles, she ooos and holds up Queens greatest hits. Who doesn't like Queen.

Quinton chances to look over when she shows him the CD and he nods, "Yes…please." He seems to know the whole line up, humming along, but letting Piper take the lead. He's not tone deaf, but knows she's definitely the better voice, so lets her have this freedom. He will glance everyone in a while to make sure Lincoln's ok.

A quick CD change and Freddie Mercury is serenading them as they ride down the road. The rest of the cds seem to be a tutorial on speaking a foreign language and she can't help but get a giggle out of that. She does sing to a few songs, but not all of them. And after awhile she has to stop. Nothing worse that trying to sing with cotton mouth.

Surely they brought a bottle of water. After a few songs of Piper quiet Quin asks, "You ok?" He's not there yet, but if a bottle is brought out, he'll certainly not deny it.

"Water." she simply says to the question. Piper didn't bring her pack. A musical ride home wasn't anything she expected. She glances around, then at Lincoln's pack and the 1/2 bottle of water in the side pouch. It'll have to do. Liberating it she drinks down half and offers the rest to Quinton. And so the rest of the ride is spent, singing to music as they drive through the night.

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