(2015-08-13) What's A Dubbin?
What's A Dubbin?
Summary: To bad the apocalypse no longer has google.
Date: 8.13.2015
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It's afternoon, sometime after lunch and today Piper is hanging out at the EC, watching the children play with the piglets that were recently found…and the kittens of course, which are also either chased or being chased. She's been grounded to camp, everyone knows now after the middle of the night trip that happened, well yesterday..or early this AM, however you want to call it. She leans against the fence, nibbling on a handful of nuts, pushing the stroller back and forth to help ease the infant in it to sleep.

Given that Jade spends most nights sleeping in the hay loft of one of the barns, it's not unusual to find her here at any time of day, handling the feeding, watering and exercising of the various animals gathered here. She's just climbing down from the mezzanine floor of one barn, a length of rope over one shoulder and bits of straw and chaff in her hair and on her clothes.

No sleep for the Quinton! After coming home and finding out Piper had known she wasn't supposed to go, he was rather annoyed and stormed off, not to be seen till now. His backpack is filled though, like perhaps he's just coming back from a scavenging hunt. His left leg is dirty, like he stepped on seething that caved in, but other than that and looking tired, he seems intact. The playing children, cats and pigs included, get a smile as he slows on his way up. Quin shifts the backpack's strap before calling out, "Afternoon…" That's kinda directed to everyone.

"Care…" Piper starts to say to one of the children, most likely Jack, but then people arrive with greetings and such and she clams right up, the words dying before they get really get started. If she was upset earlier she is over it now and looks rested enough. She raises a hand in greeting and the children give their own hellos as well.

"Afternoon," Jade reciprocates to Quinton, then turns her attention to the kids, offering a brief smile. Piper doesn't get that smile, however. No, Piper gets a firm frown. The redhead doesn't /say/ anything, just takes her rope and heads for the main door of the barn, sliding it open along the rollers.

Quinton's own smile turns to one of confusion. It doesn't dawn on him that others will be mad at Piper for the same reason he was. Or maybe something else. His backpack is shrugged off. he's not favoring his left shoulder anymore, but there's a the tiniest of twinges still. That type of thing just takes time. The kids all get smiles and nods as he kneels and starts to pull out things for Piper's flock. 2 bottles of Vitamins(Flintstone)1/2 pack of diapers and two boxes of baby cereal are all set in the stroller's pouch underneath the sleeping Troy. Seems Quin does well when annoyed and alone. There's still things in his backpack, but he zips it back up. Not everything is for the kids. Instead of standing up, he just turns on a knee and looks up to watch Jade, "What….are you doing?"

The frowny face from the other woman has Piper looking equally confused, but she can't very well ask what the issue is so has no choice but to let the woman be upset with her and hope she gets over it sooner rather than later. The haul that is put in the stroller has her giving Quinton an appreciative smile.

"Caro is doing well with her riding lessons. I was planning on taking her down into the grazing field to give her a lesson riding bareback. We can't always be sure we'll have well-maintained tack, after all," Jade tells Quinton quietly. "We're already running low on leather oil, and everything wears out eventually."

Quinton only got about half of that. He likes the horses and other critters, but is pretty much at their whim when on top of them. "Oh." He'll blinking a few time, trying to understand what the rope is for, "I'll…look for some." The leather oil, that is. Caro gets a thumbs up which drops as he stands back up with a soft grain, "Anything else I should be…looking for?" He's like a crappy apocalyptic Amazon Deals.

When her name is mentioned Caro perks up from her showing Becca how to properly hold the baby piglet "We doing that soon Ms. Jade?" she asks barely able to hold in her excitement about another riding lesson.

Piper beckons the older girl over and crouches down to say something to her "Is there anything that can be used as a substitute for the leather oil?" the woman always has something she needs for the kids, but figures she'll let him know what those are when he is talking to her again.

"In a pinch, any kind of oil you would cook with. Dubbin is the best by far, as it has a wax base, but it's going to be in short supply," Jade responds as Caro asks the question on Piper's behalf. She offers the oldest kid a faint smile. "In about twenty minutes." Quinton's question provokes a thoughtful sound from her. "The cows are going to need supplements. Grass alone isn't enough to keep them in top shape. Ditto for the horses, though they fare a little better. If you happen across a vet practice, go to town on their supplies of feed additives," she responds at length, though her tone suggests she doesn't hold out much hope.

Quinton can make that happen for sure. The back of his neck is rubbed, "I can get…that." Cooking oil, at least. The vet stuff…probably not as much. "I'll…look." He flashes Jade a soft smile, trying to be positive, although he has little hope for that either. "Is there anything we can…plant?" Seeds vs. vitamins….he might find that easier. maybe.

Piper has no idea what Dubbin is, though through context knows it has something to with oil and leather. She knows there is a large supply of candles, but they will need those if Lincoln can't get those alien tech devices to work. More whispering from Piper to Caro, who seems impatient for those 20 minutes to pass, the message is then relayed "Some of the grain silos at the local farms are still full." and added to with her own question "They can eat that right?

The redhead scrubs a hand over her face, casting her mind riiiiight back to her student days. "Clover. Clover is good. If you can find a garden store or a mall with a gardening section, clover seeds. Alternatively, any compost or fertiliser that has potassium and phospherous in. That'll charge the land, which means the grass growing next year will be higher in the vitamins they need." Her head lifts and she nods to Caro and Piper. "Yes, though that still isn't enough to keep them in top shape. I accept that the livestock are of less concern than making sure /we/ are all fed, but it's still something that will help us keep them alive long enough to breed and establish a proper herd, if we find some breeding males."

Quinton chews his lower lip, remembering this silos. "Maybe…" How in the world is he going to get that much grain here?!? The jeep, some containers and luck, probably. The poet's got a good memory, considering, but Jade's now mentioning a few things that won't stick. So down goes his backpack and he pulls out a small notebook that just has lists of things needed scribbled into it…. underneath the items he writes "bull", mostly because it's funny. and he better not run into a bull while scavenging…although that would be his luck. "I'll go poke around the farms." Not right now, but soonish.

Piper nods in response, as Caro looks between the three adults, following the conversation. "Clover is good for honey bees too." Caro pipes up. "At least that's what the jar in the kitchen said…clover honey." the girl assumes its the same plant. The woman huffs a bit as she works on standing upright again. What was easy for her last month..even last week not as easy anymore.

"There's truth in that," Jade agrees with Caro, then waves a hand to beckon the girl over. "Alright. Go grab a lead rein and Tate's halter, and we can lead him down to the pasture to practice." She still has the rope over her shoulder, perhaps forgotten, or for another use. "Later Quinton." Piper gets another faintly unsettled and/or puzzled look, then she turns away to head off with Caro.

Honey's already on Quin's list, so he shoves the little note pad back into his bag. There's a blink, as suddenly Jade and Caro are leaving him with Piper. "Uh…ok. Have fun." Is it break a leg? or good luck with horses? As the ride off, the poet turns to regard Piper and her struggle, finally he breaks and asks, "You ok?"

Caro gets an affectionate hair ruffle from Piper as the girl runs off to do what she is told with a excited "On it!". The woman watches the pair for a few moments, then looks to Quin at the question. She nods with a genuine smile and for once she actually means it. She then points to his dirt leg sending him a puzzled look.

Quinton looks down, almost like he's forgotten what she could be pointing at, "Oh…I stepped on a porch….It didn't like it." He doesn't seem hurt, his jeans aren't even torn. The worst could be some bruising. It's hard to not smile back, but he manages to only give her a soft calm look, almost like he's just tired. Which he is.

There is a wince, joke or not falling through a porch had to be scary, at least for those first few seconds. She gestures back to the center of camp, "Walk?" obviously suggesting she walk back with him…or vice versa. With Caro off with Jade so she has no more reason to be here.

Quinton went this way to drop off the baby stuff, so Piper gets a hesitant nod yes. He can get her back before he goes to crash in his tent. "Yeah…sure." He turns to look at the remaining kids, "Herd the cats, let's go." Herding cats? Leave him alone, he has brain damage! He's smiling at the kids, he likes to watch them scamper about. Like things are normal (Although to be fair, if things were normal, he'd never be around this many kids).

There is grumbling from the children but they are quick to comply, the kittens chased and put in their basket, which is carried between the oldest two. Piper doesn't say anything, just grins and begins to push the stroller with its sleeping infant as the rest of the kids fall in line to follow…even Becca is walking, grumpily, but walking.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Vinyl Record
1 Star Wars Action Figures
2 Bottle Flintstone vitamins
1 T-shirts
1 Music CD - Opera/Broadway- Artist: Savannah Album Cover
1 Beginning to Knit Kit
1 1/2 Pack Diapers
2 Boxes Baby Cereal

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