(2015-08-14) Pancake Day
Pancake Day
Summary: Pancakes are being served for breakfast. A rare occurrence. Piper is setting up when Quinton comes for breakfast
Date: 8.14.2015
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Dining Hall

The dining hall is a dome shaped building fully capable of holding upwards of 500 people. Tables and chairs surround a large round fireplace that takes up the center of the main room. The walls are mostly windows that let tons of light through so additional lighting isn't need until after the sun is down. In the back a set of double doors, flanked by bookshelves, leads to the kitchen. On each side of the bookshelves is a door to bathrooms, men left, women right. The bookshelves themselves are full of books and boardgames. There is an upright piano partially blocking the view out one set of windows.

A new addition has been recently added to the room. The lower half of several windows have been covered over with corkboard covered plywood. Already they are starting to be covered with lists of things people want/need and things people want to trade for, like goods or lessons. (OOC: If you have something to post or want to know what is on the board see: +bboard 11)

It was a dark and stormy morning…well it is a dark and stormy morning. But hey! There are pancakes with raspberry syrup so it can't be all that bad..well except the whole end of the world thing, but one day at a time right. The smell of the pancakes waft from the kitchen, they aren't quite ready for serving yet, and while there are people in the kitchen, it's just Piper in the eating area and Troy in his stroller, setting up the serving table (Piper setting up, not the infant, that's just silly talk) for when people do start to file in for breakfast.

Quinton's up! He is! He's been up for a while, actually! The poet steps in, his shirt almost soaked through, but looking alert and bright eyed this morning, His backpack is sling over his shoulder, not as wet as he is, so he's clearly not been out with it long. Piper and Troy both get a smile and nod, "Morning."He turns to look at the kitchen, but doesn't want to bother them till food is read so he makes his way over to Piper, maybe he's not mad anymore?

Plates are stacked neatly, some even match, and Piper is filling mugs with silverware to set out as well when the waterlogged poet makes his entrance. Pausing in her task she lifts a hand in greeting. His state has her signing something. She indicates him, shades her eyes and looks around and then makes a motion that could be opening of an umbrella. Her words must not be coming today. She doesn't look tired persay…distracted maybe.

Quinton just shrugs, "Rain doesn't hurt…" He seems rested for once too, so that's another good sign. He drops the backpack down at a table and then steps back to the door to squeeze his shirt out some, so he's not dripping everywhere. It only helps some. "I'm gonna go out and see if I can scout those barns after breakfast….the weather should keep most people out." Only crazy people would be out in the rain, right?

Piper finishes setting out the silverware on the serving table, glasses and coffee mugs are next, but she watches Quin instead, at least when he speaks to her. She gives a bit of a frown as she nods at him. Being given a short leash is sitting well with her. The nod though is followed by a shrug. Hopefully the rain is enough to keep both bandits and their other enemy at home base for the day.

Giving up, hopefully he doesn't make a huge puddle for people to slip in or if people do, hopefully it's people who aren't at the top of his like list. the blonde steps over to the stroller and crouches down, tilting his head to watch Troy briefly. If he's asleep he won't bother the bebe, or is accepted. He just gives the boy a moment of attention. His hair isn't plastered to his head, but it's definitely wet and he runs a hand though it before standing and asking Piper, "Need help?"

The infant isn't asleep, he's wide eyed, sitting up in his stroller and teething on a wooden spoon. When Quin comes into view he gives a lengthy babbling dissertation of nonsensical sounds. Baby talk. Then goes back to chewing the spoon when the man focuses elsewhere. He's a happy baby at least. There is certainly a story there, how she found him and the rest of the children, but that hasn't been shared by any of them.

The offer of help has Piper nodding and she gestures to the chairs where they are folded against one wall, they need to be set up around tables, after that the place will be all set.

And Quin isn't asking. he figures Piper or Caro will tell when they're ready.He'll move tot eh chairs, unfolding enough to cover everyone he knows of at camp, and then after a moment’s pause unfolds one more. The hope of always find more people is one of the things that keeps him going. One day, this whole mess will be the past, and humanity can move forward…he hopes. Pale green eyes stare at the empty chair before he nods softly and turns to see if there's anything else. "Are you low on anything for the kids?" He knows better than to ask for Piper herself. he just guesses that stuff.

As he unfolds Piper will move them to place them at the tables, even taking the extra one and placing it at the head of one of the tables, maybe she understands, or maybe she hasn't been counting, but it is set out without question. Not even a look. There is always something that the children need and the question has her pulling her note pad from her backpocket and a pencil from her mass of hair. It has its uses. She writes a few things on it, baby bottles, baby food, more clothes and the big item is a high chair. She writes Thank you. Stay safe. under the list before she rips the sheet off, folds it and hands it over. She doesn't expect him to find it all of course, more of a wish list than anything.

Quinton walks over to read over Piper's shoulder, not a hard task. He nods, "Ok." How the heck is he gonna get a high chair?!?! Even if he finds one, those things are bulky. But he nods and agrees, like it's not a big deal. He'll figure out something. He blinks, the last two lines surprising him. It's not that she doesn't say thank you, it's just usually when he hands things over. Bringing his gaze to her he nods, "Always am." That's accompanied with a small smirk. Well…he's usually careful. Sometimes. Usually.

She didn't expect him to balk at her list. She's had some pretty out their requests and he didn't say anything about those. Since she has her notepad in hand she writes again "Except when it comes to porches. Try not to get eaten by one this time." she adds a smiley face and gives one herself to indicate she is teasing him. Despite her annoyance at being grounded and whatever else is distracting her she isn't letting it sour her mood.

Quinton laughs, he hasn't done that in a while, "I was extra careful. I wouldn't have come back if I hadn't been." Maybe it was a porch monster! Today seems an almost…normal day for him.

The laughter has her smiling. How can see not, especially with it being a rare occurrence. Piper nods at him, agreeing as she schools a 'yeah right' look at him. The thought of him going out and not returning is always a worry, but one she doesn't have to deal with at the moment. She makes a gesture to the stack of mugs and asks if he wants coffee on her little memo pad. Though it's just the one word "Coffee?"

"God, yes." Coffee…he misses having however much he can drink. Quin grins, "Maybe I'll find a starbucks to raid…"He'll start moving to grab a mug, intent of the brew now.

Grabbing a mug would be easy if Piper wasn't there mug blocking him. She points to a chair gesturing for him to sit, and indicates the she will get it. She will go so far as to turn him around and moving him toward the chair if she has too. Once sure of his compliance she will grab a mug, disappearing into the kitchen briefly before returning with the coffee for him and a glass of fresh milk for herself. Now if it could be cold milk she would be set.

Mug blocked! Quin blinks, "oh…thanks." He's turned around and sat down watching as Piper waggles off to get the mug. He's smiling when she returns, it's nice to have someone fret a little. He'll repeat, "Thanks." before taking a sip and glancing around then as he realizes, "Where's the rest of the kids?"

The woman sits herself in the chair next to him, taking a sip of her own drink before setting the glass on the table. In answer Piper holds up one finger and points out side to the south, the direction that the gardens and the animals are kept. That's probably Caro, then four fingers are held up and she points toward the kitchen. The others have been put to work in the kitchen. Her eyes move to Troy in his stroller, fast asleep he is and she gets up briefly to gently remove the spoon from his hand and wheel the stroller closer. As she sits back down she puts a hand on her stomach, pushing on it a bit.

That makes 6, all accounted for. the belly push has him raises an eyebrow and he'll lean forward concerned, "You ok?" Pale green eyes flutter to her stomach and then back up to her face. He knows so little about this stuff, it's scary.

Seven accounted for if you count the one that is still baking. She studies his face, reading the worry there. Piper herself looks indecisive as he asks the question, one hand opening and closing a few times as she tries to come to some decision. She tries to vocalize it, but nothing comes out but a single vowel, "I…" so instead so goes for it, taking his free hand and placing it palm down on the side of her stomach and pushing slightly. Oh gawd, it's moving in there! It's quite disconcerting for the woman.

Quinton's face goes from worried to nervous to awe…and then back. It's probably a mix of all three at the end. He swallows, not looking up, instead staring at the moving thing in Piper's belly, "…" He's lost for words, but this time it's situational, not his brain. he jumps slightly at a kick, not enough to pull way, but he sits ups little straighter and he can't help it. He laughs. It's weird, but…also filled with joy. Finally he looks up, grinning at Piper, "How long?' the movement, that is. Not who long till she pops. He can't even think about that.

She didn't know what to expect, Piper was clearly nervous about what he would do. Laughing, joyous laughter at that, was totally unexpected and surprises her into answering the question vocally, "A few days." which would put it around the same time they went to go find the jeep. Her expression shows surprise and a bit of confusion at his reaction.

Quinton just nods, not wanting to mention the jeep excursion. Instead he smiles widely, "That's…wow…" He'll explain, "It's just…nice to have a good thing…" He'll then nod, "This is a good thing, Nevaeh. It is."

Easing her hand off his so he can have his hand back, Piper picks up her milk and takes another sip. She doesn't look as convinced of that as he does, but she doesn't straight out disagree, she is slowly, making progress. Of course letting him feel her stomach was a big leap, the rest is all downhill. The name he uses this time doesn't get the usual frowny reaction, and she never corrects him on it. There is a correction though "She is." it's not an /it/ it's a she.

Quinton lets his hand linger a few secs before pulling back. He doesn't want to be creepy about it. His head tilts, studying Piper as his hand is rubbed, almost like there's an energy on it now. "She?" He smiles, although not quite as excited now, "You certain on that?"

Her expression goes to serious as she nods her head. Piper seems quite certain, but without having been seen by a doctor, not even the one here or access to any of the tech they had before how can she /really/ be sure. Maybe just wishful thinking on her part.

Well, that can't be left alone, "I think a boy." He really has no idea, but it's a fun game. "Quinton's a good name, you know…" The coffee is retrieved, he needs to drink that before it gets cold. Energy for the days activities will be needed.

Piper starts to deny, but his offering of his own name has her cracking a smile. "Great name." she corrects as she reaches to squeeze his free hand with hers. Anything else she may or may not say gets stuck as people come from both kitchen bearing pancakes and syrup and from outside as other people start arriving to enjoy said pancakes. Breakfast is served!

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