(2015-08-15) Meeting the New Girl
Meeting the New Girl
Summary: Kayla runs into Piper & the children as they eat lunch
Date: 8.15.2015
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Camp Road - North

This dirt road heads north toward the river, though the water can't be seen. It's still to far and with to many trees between here and there.

There is a large area mostly cleared of trees with a concrete, rock (more like small boulder) flanked path reading to it. In the area is a large dome building full of windows. Looking in one could tell that it is the dining hall. It has several picnic tables around it. Hanging from a low branches of a couple of trees were left standing are swings, two to be exact.

The camp only provides the morning and evening meal and it's lunch time, which means everyone has to fend for themselves. If you haven't found a way to come up with your own food for lunch you don't eat. Thankfully most people are willing to trade or share. Piper doesn't seem to have a problem finding food for herself and her flock. They woman and her six wards, the youngest barely six months old sitting on her lap and sucking a bottle. The oldest seven, the others ages between the two. The rest have apples, peanut butter and crackers and mixed nuts. The children chatter amoung themselves, the oldest doing most of the talking, giving them all details about what she learned this morning under the tutelage of the resident vet.

Kayla is too new to really know the ropes of the Camp, but she's a quick learner - not quick enough to find herself lunch today however. But that's alright; it isn't the first meal the new arrival has missed, and it probably won't be the last one either.

Instead of eating, Kayla's been wandering around the compound, learning the layout and who can be found where. And it seems she's just found the children that had been mentioned to her last night when she'd arrived, and she'd guess that the adult with them is…oh, what was the name she'd been told. Slowing her steps down as she approaches, she frowns.

Word of newcomers travels fast in a camp with so few people, and generally Piper tries to keep herself and the children away until the new person has settled in. That doesn't seem to be the case this time. On spotting the new face the children get excited. They like new people. The woman, very clearly pregnant, seems to go from relaxed to apprehensive, a veil of stoicism dropping over her face as the new woman approaches. The frown on the other woman's face doesn't help, "Hi there!" the oldest of the children greets, a girl of about 7 years "You're the new person. Mama Bea was telling us about you this morning!" she grins widely despite the woman's expression

The sudden greeting from the oldest child snaps Kayla out of the thoughts that had made her frown, and she lifts a hand to wave a greeting and returns the girl's smile with one of her own. "And you must be the children I was told about when I got here" she returns easily. "And you," Here she shifts her gaze to Piper, "Must be…uh. Um." She pauses again, and then sighs with a faint frown. Again. "I'm sorry. I can't remember you r name."

Piper just watches the newcomer, or could be studies her, but she says nothing. "She's called Pied-Piper. Most everyone just calls her Piper for short though." called not named, that could be noticed. "I'm Caro." she begins then introduces the rest and indicates each of the children "That's Abbie, Jack, Kira, Becca and Troy." in descending order by age "This one doesn't have a name yet." she gently pays Piper's belly, which gets an annoyed expression aimed at her from the woman. Caro ignores it.

Kayla snaps her fingers at the reminder, and grins.. "Piper, right. That was it." She bobs her head at each of the children as they are introduced. "I'm Kayla," she returns, remaining where she is, at a distance. "Baby's don't usually get a name until they are born." Her hands find her pockets, and push into their depths. "Do you guys have a favourite name picked out yet?" Small talk. Yup, great way to ease tension.

And the tension level of Piper just went up a notch and her eyes narrow at the woman. Caro and the other children get a bit shifty eyed at the question. Perhaps the subject of the unborn child is an uncomfortable one…at least for the woman's part. "No." Caro says abruptly and is smart enough to try to change the topic "Where did come from?" through this Piper's gaze has returned to Kayla, her expression doing little in the way of changing. The baby in her lap is starting to get a bit fussy though.

Poor topic noted! Kayla clears her throat and shrugs quickly. "Oh…out towards New York. I've been walking for a while. I was studying to become a teacher before…coming here. The girl on guard duty last night…uh, the one with the candy? She thought Piper might be interested in a bit of help with lessons or something. Maybe." Her gaze flickers over the older woman in question before looking back to the kids.

Apparently Piper isn't much of a talker, though there is a slight shift in expression when New York is mentioned, it begins to from stoic to curious, but hasn't gotten all the way there yet. "Candy?" Caro questions.."Oh you mean Ms. Dixie." there is a grin. It seems Caro is the mouthpeice for the while group, while she talks the rest of the group listen and eat their lunch. Though the mention of Dixie does have the one named Jack speaking up "We like her." of course they do…candy! "Mama Bea was a teacher too!" the girl exclaims "She gives us some lessons, but she is so busy with other camp stuff that she can only spend a few hours a week with us. She'd love the help with that." she glances at Piper to make sure she isn't overstepping her bounds probably. If she is the woman doesn't say or indicate it.

"I haven't spoken with Miss Bea about it," Kayla admits with a faint blush. She pulls her right hand out of her pocket, and pushes some loose hair back behind her ear. "But I'll talk to her too. But Piper is important in this decision, too. From what I hear, she cares about all of you." Another smile, and Kayla's gaze jumps from one face to another.

Caro nods "Oh yeah, she rescued all of us and we rescued her too." the young girl says, probably a bit too much if the expression she gets from Piper is any indication. Biting her lip a moment Caro goes back to the teaching topic "What kinda teacher were you going to be?"

Kayla arches her eyebrows but doesn't respond to the last half of the initial comment. Instead, she too chooses to move onto the last question. "I was going to teach elementary school." she reflects, smiling a bit more widely. "I didn't finish, but…that's not my fault, really, right?"

The young girl isn't sure how to answer that question, "I guess not?" Caro finally says taking a cue from the slightly shaking head of Piper "A lot of people didn't get to finish things they started." the young girl adds, her tone a bit on the sad side, which has the woman rubbing her back in a comforting fashion.

"Which is why," Kayla is quick to murmur, "We need to help each other finish things now." Shifting her weight from right foot to left she looks over her shoulder back the way she came before returning her attention back towards the little gathering. "I didn't mean to interrupt your lunch."

The stoic woman finally gives a response directly to Kayla, it's not much just a nod of agreement to what has been said about finishing things, but it is something. With the infant in her lap finishing with his bottle and having gone from fussy to sleep she gently puts him in a nearby stroller, she then reaches under it and grabs another apple, handing it to Kayla. "That's her way of saying it’s alright." Caro interprets.

In response to the apple unexpectedly being offered to her, Kayla's stomach rumbles. She hesitates before reaching to take the offered fruit, lifting it in a salute. "Thank you." She sounds genuinely surprised, and pleased, with the offering. "I"m sorry I have nothing to give you in return."

Piper gives a shrug and taps the table now that all the kids are done eating. This must be some signal because the kids all start cleaning up their places. She then leans in and whispers to Caro who relays the message "Do you want a guide around camp?

Caro receives a nod even though Kayla keeps her gaze on Piper. "Thanks. That'd be great." she agrees. "There's a lot to see and to try and remember." She pulls her other hand from her pocket, and then lifts the apple to take a sizable bite.

Getting up from the picnic table Piper shoos the rest of the kids inside to go help Mama Bea with clean up, leaving her with just the littlest in the stroller and Caro. She then proceeds to lead the way around the camp.

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