(2015-08-15) New Faces
New Faces
Summary: Those who man the gates meet new people, Elijah brings dinner
Date: 2015.08.15
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Dixie is on gate duty, with her rifle slung in front of her. Her hands rest on the scope, and she appears to be keeping a close eye on the surrounding area. She's dressed in BDUs, but not far from her is another guard, a man dressed in a mixture of different clothing. It seems that the two are casually chatting while keeping their post and performing their duties.

It's been a long few weeks on the road (well, more so in the wilderness, really, than a road) since Kayla has seen another human, and that, as far as she's concerned, isn't such a bad thing. Hitching her backpack over her shoulder, she's moving relatively quietly through the forest. As observant as she normally is, at this particular instant, the young woman seems to be in her own little world, enjoying the warmth without the risk of sunburn, and so doesn't see the two guards.

The road east has been a long one, and at this point Bob has lost count of how many days its been since he's seen food, let alone another person. He's got a duffel slung across his back, the strap coming across his chest. Slung over his shoulder he's got a rifle with a scope as well, and a pistol in a police issue holster on his right side. Back still fairly far in the tree line, he hasn't even seen the gate yet.

The two standing at the gate give the woman approaching, and they just give her a rather strange look. She speaks softly with the other guard, before stepping forward to intercept the woman. "Howdy Ma'am," she greets cheerfully, complete with a smile. Sure, the young corporal might be wearing the uniform of the Nebraska National Guard, but her accent is from Alabama. "I'm Corporal Montgomery, Nebraska National Guard. Hope you ain't here to cause problems." She has yet to spot Bob, most likely due to him still being in the tree line.

Starting at the greeting, Kayla draws up short and tenses, rather like an animal startled out of its peaceful walk through the forest. Bracing her feet apart, and clearly ready to run at the drop of a hat, she peers warily towards the woman who spoke to her, and the man behind her. "No, I don't want any trouble," she assures Dixie as she lifts her hands, palms out, in a peaceful gesture.

The voices aren't heard at first. Or at least, the guards greeting isn't. Bob continues to trudge down his long and lonely road which is about to get significantly less lonely it would appear. It's the reply of the woman being spoken to that catches his attention and he slows, moving behind a tree and peeking around it to take in the gate and guards for the first time.

Dixie smiles brightly, and she offers a nod of her head. "That sounds rather good then," she offers in reply to Kayla. "You ain't looking for trouble, we ain't looking for trouble. We're just looking out for our own." She keeps her hands clasped, resting on the scope for a few moments before raising her hand up and giving giving a dismissive wave. "You ain't got anything to worry about, so you can lower your hands." she offers. "Got a name, Ma'am?" If she's noticed Bob, she's not showing it.

"Kayla." If there's one thing she's learned over the last long while - the people holding the guns get to ask the questions, and it i s usually a healthy idea to answer them. She lowers her hands back to the straps of her backpack, hitching it upwards slightly on her back. She, too, hasn't noticed Bob yet, rather too focused on the pair in front of her now.

Bob's seen a few settlements on the road. Granted, they usually had some chicken wire around a farm house. Still, it's been a while since he's seen even that. He grizzled man slings the rifle off his shoulder and brings it to his shoulder. With the practiced motions of a hunter, he lines up the sight, focus settling in on the two women talking. It should be noted his finger isn't on the trigger, but at this distance, who could tell?

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Dixie offers a dip of her head to Kayla, and she offers another friendly smile. "Well Kayla, it's nice to meet you," she offers, still being friendly. "So, are you looking for trade, shelter or just passing through?" she then asks curiously, as she tilts her head a little to the side. "If you're looking for trade, I'm certain we can find something to trade with you. Sorry, I'm a bit of a chatter box, and I ask a lot of questions. But before all this went down, what did you do? Study?" She smiles brightly, before moving back towards the gate and the large bag nearby. She opens it up and spends a few moments searching through it, until she pulls out something wrapped in white cloth. She turns a little to glance towards the new comer, though the glint of a scope gets her attention, and she sighs. "Kayla, you can tell your father you ain't in danger," she comments truthfully, as she offers a wave in the direction of the man with the rifle.

Kayla remains where she is, watching Dixie and the second guard for any indication they're about to shoot. The offer of trade or shelter is tempting, and her eyes latch onto the white wrapped package when it is revealed. "Dont have much to trade…but I wouldn't say no to shelter. If I can trust you, that is." She responds only to pause at the last half of Dixie's comment. "My father's dead…" she replies.

Oh this should go well. Bob probably should put the rifle down. That would be smart. But let's face it, he can't hear what they are saying really. If he recognizes that he's been noticed, he doesn't do anything about it.

Nope, it doesn't appear that the other guard or Dixie is going to shoot at Kayla at all. She lowers her hand down again, and unwraps the white cloth, revealing a sticky mound of candy pieces. She plucks one off and pops it into her mouth, before making her way towards Kayla and offering some to the other woman. "If I was going to shoot you, I would've done it by now. I can take you to the camp, but you'll need to pull your weight. If you don't, ain't certain you'll be in the camp long." Her attention shifts back towards Bob, and she shakes her head. "I'm guessing that muppet hiding behind the tree ain't with you? I know he ain't one of ours," she then comments, as she starts to try and herd Kayla to the side of the road and hopefully away from any potential incoming fire.

Dixie had Kayla at candy. Do you know how long it has been since she's seen candy? Too damn long. She takes a piece only too happily once Dixie has a piece herself, hopefully showing they aren't poisoned. Popping the sugary confection into her mouth, she finds herself being herded out of the road even as she peers over her shoulder. "No one is with me."

Not being able to hear is one thing, but he can see Kayla look over her shoulder and that she's being moved out of the way. Good enough evidence that they know he's out there. So without much ado, Bob slings the rifle back over his shoulder and moves out from behind the tree he was using as cover. A glance up at the sky and he looks towards Dixie and Kayla and the other guard as he starts moving towards them, "Afternoon." he calls out, "Don't mean no trouble, just gettin a sense of my surroundin's."

Nope, not poisoned candy at all! Dixie does take pride in her candy. "Well, it seems he's making himself known," she offers to Kayla, as she pauses and motions towards the man with her free hand. While she mightn be uncomfortable at having had a rifle pointed in her direction, she can forgive. "Afternoon Sir," she offers, though slightly stand-offish. "Understandable Sir, better to be safe than sorry. Guessing you've had a few rounds sent your way while doing that." She offers a faint smile.

"Haven't we all," Kayla eyes the man when he appears, though she does appreciate him re-slinging his rifle. As the candy spreads across her tongue, Kayla can't quite contain her reaction and she moans softly, eyes half-rolling back in pleasure.

"Had more than a few sent my way with or without it…I prefer with it if I'm gonna get shot at regardless." Bob replies in a more natural tone when he gets a bit closer. He also pointedly keeps his hands away from the sidearm, instead keeping both arms crossed over his chest.

Dixie glances towards Kayla when she moans, and she doesn't seem certain of what to say. She tilts her head a little to the side and slowly shakes her head. "It weren't even one of my good recipies," the young corporal offers. Her attention shifts towards Bob and she nods. "You were close to getting some more, but I only did a pre-fire clean earlier, and I ain't in the mood to clean already. So you know how to actually use it, or just carry it around for fun?" She offers some of the candy towards the man as well, showing that there's no hard feelings.

Kayla snaps her eyes open, and blushes as she offers a sudden grin. "It's been -so- long since I've had -any- candy," she explains sheepishly. "And if that wasn't your good recipe, I hope to try one of them eventually." Her hands drop away from her backpack straps, finally, as she truly begins to relax, at least a little bit.

Bob…has the same basic reaction as Dixie. He eyes Kayla as she moans and blinks a few times. And then he looks back to Dixie, and offers a nod, "Know my way around her well enough." He absent mindedly adjusts the strap on his shoulder, and nods towards the gate, "Got many folks?"

Dixie considers Kayla for a few moments, and then she lasts softly. "Well, I think it was one of the few things to run out first, but it's actually really easy to make," she comments. "Well, if I get more ingrediants, I can make more." She tilts her head to the side as she considers Bob. "Local, huh? Had much problems with the bandits or the kids playing military?" She then glances towards the gate, and gives a little shrug. "Enough to have guards manning it and on patrol."

"Isn't that the trick, though," Kayla sighs as sh savours the candy. Her weight shifts from left foot to right slowly, and then back. "So what can I do to help, to pull my weight?" she inquires a moment later, looking back towards the gate. "Assuming I stay more than one night, I mean."

"Boone county." Bob offers, "About a hundred miles west. Was on my way to the Air Force base at Omaha." A glance is spared for Kayla and then he looks back to Dixie, "Had a few run ins with the bandits. I was traveling with a small group a while back. Lost em all." And that's all he has to say about that.

"Really depends on your skills," Dixie offers to Kayla, as she tilts her head a little to the side. "If you can cook, we've got a kitchen. If you're good at fixing things up, we actually have a vehicle that works. Swear to God that's the truth." She takes a deep breath, and then glances towards Bob, and she goes silent for a few moments. "Boone County," she says. "Guess you must have been a week travel behind me. Uh, you might want to avoid the military base, or anyone military that ain't me. The kids playing military tend to shoot on sight."
Dixie was on duty, with one of the other guards, and it seems that two new faces have stumbled across the gate.

"I was studying teaching before all this," Kayla waves a hand absently at nothing in particular, "But I don't imagine that's much help. I am pretty good at finding things though." That said, she shifts her attention to Bob, and studies him. "Were you a cop?"

Elijah had decided to take a break from his work and go out for a walk, to explore the area. Being still fairly new, he was still getting acquainted with the camp and it's grounds. Besides, he had heard Dixie was working guard tonight. She had brought him food enough times when he was stuck in the farm house. He wanted to return the favor. In his hands is one plate covered by another, the young doctor walking across the field towards the gate.

A uncomfortable shift of his weight and then Bob offers a nod, looking towards the ground, "Sheriff, but close enough." Once again he adjusts the strap of his rifle and looks to Dixie, nodding to her as well, "I've only heard about the kids playing military, haven't run into em yet."

"Don't be so sure it won't help," Dixie offers to Kayla, as she offers a little frown. "One of ours looks after kids. Be good to have someone who knows a little about teaching. Ain't going to be good if people ain't got any idea how to read." She arches a brow when Bob reveals his profession. "Well, Sherrif's awfully handy to have around, if you're looking to throw your hat in with us." She then motions towards his rifle. "If you're a sharpshooter, it'd be even better. One is restricted to camp at the moment. And the kids, you're lucky. Ran into them a few times ourselves." With the sound of footsteps approaching, she glances in the direction of Elijah and her dinner. "Hey Doc, guess what I found this time," she offers cheerfully. Well okay, she didn't find anyone, they found them. "Found a teacher in training and a Sherrif."

"Isn't that the same thing?" Kayla seems genuinely confused at Bob's answer before she looks from him to Dixie. "You guys have kids here?" Perking up at that fact, she looks towards the gate again only to have her attention back to Bob. "Kids playing military?" she echoes, voice tinged with curiousity. It seems that she, at least, hasn't heard about them. "What's that about?" Elijah gets a look and a nod of greeting.

At Dixie's greeting Eli lofts a brow, then grinning as she explains. "Great!" He stops as he gets to the gate, offering a nod in greeting to both Kayla and Bob. "I'm Elijah Reid…resident doctor I suppose would be the best introductory title." Then, looking to Dixie he offers up the covered plate, "Here is some food for you and the other guard…wasn't sure what you had a chance to grab from the mess hall before you left."

Bob offers a shrug, "Close enough." It may be semantic, but to him it seems to matter. He looks to Dixie and then to Elijah, "Don't have a hat anymore…" he offers with what could almost be described as a smirk. Almost. "I…umm…I haven't joined up with anyone in a while." He says, still uncomfortable.

Dixie swaps with Eli, exchanging the plate for the fabric bundle of candy she's been carrying around. "Thank you, Elijah. We came out of here during a change over, so nothing yet," she offers, as she moves towards the other guard to share. "We have some," she offers. "Young kids, but I'd suggest speaking with Piper. They're her wards." She starts to pick through the contents of the plate, chewing on it thoughtfully. "Kayla, the military kids dress like military, try to act like military, and ain't all that sociable. Best off avoiding." She then offers a nod of understanding to Bob. "Well, I'll pass some details onto the boss man, so you can swing past when you want. What's your name, Copper?"

"I'll hold off on ringing the class bell in the morning," Kayla promises before she nods and grimaces at the description of the Kamo Kids (TM). "They sound charming," she mutters dryly. Her attention quickly slips over to Eli at the gates, and she smiles slowly. "Hey."

Elijah takes the fabric bundle from Dixie, smiling "Glad you get something to eat then." Listening to her explain the military kids to the other two, he frowns a bit…thoughts going to his recent patient. That reminded him…he needed to talk to Dixie one on one. That could wait though. His attention turns to Kayla as she returns his greeting. "Are you both planning on staying at camp then?" He seems excited at the idea. Yay more people!

"Bob." offers Bob to Dixie. And he supplies a quick nod, "I'm going to camp out here tonight…But I'll meet with your bossman, see what's waht." And with that he offers a nod to Kayla and Elijah, "Be safe." And with that, he turns and moves back towards the treeline.

"Really charming," Dixie offers to Kayla. "Then again, if it weren't for them, I wouldn't have joined this group," she admits. She and the other guard continue to pick at the food on the plate. The other guard raises a hand up to Elijah and gives a thumbs up, while Dixie nods. "Once again, thanks Doc," she offers. Her attention shifts towards Bob, and she raises a hand in his direction. "Travel well, Bob," she offers.

Kayla arches her eyebrows at Elijah, and leans a shoulder up against the gate. "For a bit, it seems." she assures him with a wider smile. When Bob takes his leave, she glances back and waves at his back before she nods at Dixie. "I'll count my luck that I missed them, then."

A grin and returned thumbs up is offered to the guard before Eli shakes his head to Dixie "Please. It was not trouble at all. Especially considering how many meals you brought me in the farm house…it was the least I could do." With Kayla's reply, the doc nods again with a smile "Good. I'm still new myself, but I'll help you settle in any way that I'm able…just let me know."

Dixie wrinkles her nose for a bit when Kayla talks about missing the Kamo Kids. "That just sounds like the start to a bad joke," she remarks with a slow shake of her head. Her attention shifts towards Elijah next. "Ain't a problem Doc. We're all in this together, and running food out to the guards out there, and yourself was something I'd happily do again." She smiles brightly when she admits that.

"Oh, I'll let you know Doc," Kayla quickly assures Elijah with a quick wink. A chuckle, and she gives her head a shake in Dixie's direction. "No joke." she assures the other woman. "So, uh…how does a person get inside? Or should I camp out here for the night?"

Elijah just smirks at both ladies' replies, letting them talk then, but looking between them and listening. His gaze will go across the surrounding area occasionally though, keeping on guard. Can never be too aware after all. Especially with 'Kamo Kids'…no joke!

Dixie slowly shakes her head, as she makes a face. "Trust me, missing them means something completely different to me," she offers, as she moves towards the gate. "Just follow the road along to the admin area. You should get a tent, some hygiene stuff, and some sleep. If you decide to carry on at first light, just leave the stuff behind." She moves to unlock the gate for Kayla. "We can walk you back there, that way no one's going to jump at an unexpected face."

"I'd appreciate not being jumped." Kayla admits with a smirk as she pushes off of the gate. "Will you walk me back, Doc?" she wonders. Once the gate is unlocked, she steps through it and to Elijah's side. "Assuming these two need to stay on guard duty, and you don't mind being alone with lil' ol' me."

Elijah blinks, being brought back from whatever train of thought had derailed his attention. "Oh. Yes" he says, then giving a confirming nod of his head. "I'd be happy to. Were you needing anything else Dixie or were you going to escort us?" He wasn't sure if Dixie needed to clear people to a certain point. Honestly…he still wasn't sure if there was an 'in charge' person here or who it might be. "And were you needing me to take these fabrics anywhere?" he holds up the bundle she had handed him.

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