(2015-08-16) Siblings
Summary: Assumptions are made and corrected. And Kayla and Quinton have the start of a heart to heart
Date: 8.16.205
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Hayes Campsite

Woods surround this cleared out area. It has three platform tent areas to hold large eight people tents, and a few ground level areas for smaller tents. All of them surround a fire pit that seems to have gotten some recent use. Two picnic tables are also near at hand.

Quinton's up and moving about, letting Kayla sleep while he works on getting her tent set up. It's next to his, further away from Lincoln's. He knows her well enough for that, and would rather not have that headache. Breakfast was missed by both Wells, but he'll dig out some granola bars in a bit, after she wakes up. No sweater currently, just his normal jeans and faded tee.

It is the first time in a long time that Kayla has slept past dawn, but it was a late night up with Quinton and once she did fall asleep, it was better than any she's had in months. But wake up she does, finally, and the unzipping of Quinton's tent announces that moments before her head pops out as she covers a yawn. "Morning," she mutters.

Piper once more does one of her appearing acts, suddenly there with no warning of her arrival. Someone needs to get her a bell to wear or something. Immediately she steps in to help Quinton with setting up the tent. Grabbing one end so the support rods can be secured and tied to the stakes to hold the tent down. No words as usual. Nor any eye contact for either.

Quinton's not used to anyone sharing his tent, so that was…weird. But it didn't seem to bother him too much, he seems well rested and even smiles brightly as Kayla appears, "Morning….you can sleep more if you want…I'm just…" He trails off as the tent pole is suddenly held still by the randomly appearing Piper. He doesn't jump this time, thankfully. His smile stays just as bright, "Joanna! Thank you!" The lack of a return greeting doesn't bother him, but the eye contact does, his smile slipping some as they finish securing the tent.

Kayla is already climbing out of the tent when Piper suddenly appears, and she offers a slight wave to the other woman. "Morning," she offers again. As she straightens after re-zipping his tent shut, Kay recognizes what the duo are doing. "Want a hand? I assume you're kicking me out, Quin." she teases, gently.

The woman does what needs to be done to help with the tent. Piper has done this many times over the course of her being at camp so it is a quickjob done. Even though bending and crouching isn't as easy as it once was. There is a shoulder lift, though no telling who it is directed to. Though its doubtful that it is at being called Joanna. The kick out mention has her lifting her eyes briefly to look between the pair, some confusion on her face.

"We're done, sleepy head." The poet stands, wiping his hand on the seat of his jeans before offering it to Piper to help her stand up from the awkward crouched position. He inhales, a playful spark in his eye as he starts to say something but it stops, stuck in his throat. Something about telling mom about her being in his room is actually not as funny as one would think. So instead he just smiles, "When you're ready, yeah."

Kayla smirks in return to the 'sleepy head' comment. "Oh, I see. Cramping your style with 'the ladies'," she returns without missing a beat. As she speaks Kay moves over to Quinton's side (the opposite one from where Piper is being helped up) and kisses him chastely on the cheek.

Piper isn't going to refuse the assist up, but she does let go of his hand quicker than she normally does. She stays where she is otherwise. Her confusion deepens at the interplay between the pair, her dark eyes moving between the pair. This isn't exactly what she expected. The pair being in a good mood sure, but the comradery, not really. Kayla's comment certainly doesn't help.

Quinton's eyes narrow, clearly an 'oh, so this is how it's going to be' kinda look. "Yeah, well….my poems bring all the ladies to the yard." Well, maybe they used to. Instinctively he bends slightly for the kiss, smiling softly. He flashes Piper a confused look, "Are you ok?"

Kayla snorts at that retort and rolls her eyes. "Uh-huh…I remember how your Saturday nights were spent before you got to be Mr. Famous Poet." And she ends her statement by…wait, did she really just stick her tongue out at Quinton? The concern for Piper distracts her and she turns to focus on the other woman.

So confused. The comments, that would usually bring at least a smirk gets nothing. Piper has continued to study them as they banter and when she is questioned directly she has no idea how to respond so crouches down once more to write a word in the dirt with a finger "Siblings?" the behavior and now that they are close the family resemblance is easier to notice, but she doesn't want to assume. She holds out a hand for another assist getting up.

Is it too late to move her tent to another site? He'll retort with the all famous, "Shut up." He's a word smith! Quin's head tilts and he nods, "Yeah." What did she think they were? Ew. EW. He realizes and takes a step away from Kayla in disgust, "Yes, god, yes. She's my sister." his hand comes out to help Pier again, but as soon as she's standing, he places her between Kayla and himself.

Kayla twists her head slightly to read the word, and then nods. "Yeah…what did my brother do to you to make you sad? Quin, what'd you do to Piper?" Kayla rounds a mildly accusing, and also impishly sparkling, pair of eyes on her taller brother. And then she too realizes what Piper must have thought, and her nose wrinkles. "Oh, gross! No WAY."

The confirmation has her going from surprise, relief to laughter in quick succession. Especially at the eww faces from both of them and being moved between the pair makes it even worse. Nothing wrong with Piper now, except she may start hyperventilating from laughing so hard. Why she thinks it's so funny is anybody’s guess.

Piper's confusion is now transferred to Quin, "Huh?" He look over the top of Piper's hair(A feat in itself!) to Kayla and shakes his head, unsure what's up with Piper. "I didn't do anything…"

Shuddering in mock horror, Kayla shakes her head sharply. "Ew, you think I'd -date- him? He is SO not my type." Kay leans slightly around the laughing Piper to glance at her brother. "No offense." Looking back to the cackling woman between them, she reaches over to try and pat her back. "You gonna be okay?"

Piper shakes her head, to the accusation part as her laughter starts to ebb. She even takes his hand with one of hers and give Kayla an okay sigh with the other. She is going to be fine, though she does give Kayla a 'what' face. The 'what else was I supposed to think' kind. She doubts she is the only one that thought that too.

Quinton's lips press together and he glares at Kayla briefly "Just…stop talking." Gah! Gross! He's completely baffled now, and the whole idea has given him the willies. The quicker she's in her tent, the better! Piper grabbing his hand is just as confusing, but he allows it, knowing she doesn't trust many with physical tough. "God…you're in your tent now, Kayla." Even if it's not staked down! He gives a visible shiver.

"Oh..grow up, Quin." Kayla throws back at Quinton, rolling her eyes in an oh-so-grown-up manner herself. And then she pauses. "You might want to let other folks know too…if Piper thought…wow." And another pause and then Kayla begins to laugh, joining in with Piper. "Oh my GOD! I AM cramping your style with the ladies!"

The woman looks from Kayla to Quinton. Piper isn't sure if she should apologize for her assumption or not. It's not like people around here talk about their past much, if at all. How was she supposed to know? She does nod though at what Kayla has said about letting everyone else know. Now that she knows, she can't help but look amused at the banter between the two. It makes much more sense now.

Kayla's not been here on a bad day, her timing's been about as good as it could be. Quin's been about as normal as he ever is. Piper's hand is dropped, but it's so he can wave them both, like he's pushing that idea as far away from him as possible, "It's not like that, Kayla…I'm not…" Gah, how do you tell someone you're broken? You don't, so instead he just says, "I'm just trying to help keep everyone alive."

"Uh huh." is all Kayla says, still giggling at the idea that she's cramping her brother's style. As she comes to an end, she clears her throat and looks down to the tent she's going to occupy. "Think I'm far enough away from your tent, Quin? I -really- don't want to hear anything from yours."

Piper suddenly doesn’t look as amused anymore. Good days, bad days, those she can handle, but Quinton getting upset, not so much. /Now/ she looks apologetic, this wouldn't have happened had she not came for whatever reason she came for. Well maybe it would have, but she might not have been the catalyst of it. At Kayla's words she wonders if that was one line to many.

That's it, Quin's done! His cheeks flush and he debates walking away or snapping back. Things are different now for him, but Kayla couldn't possibly know that. "Stop… I'm not…." He frowns, a shadow of frustration passes over his face as he tries to find the right words. Piper's used to this, but not Kayla. "The fever…Some days…I can't even make full sentences, Kayla….I'm…no one wants that. I'm broken….So…. don't." He's managed to take two steps away from the women, backwards, hands still up defensively.

The order to stop is unusual enough, but then the fact that her brother is struggling with words today (and not because of shock) is stranger still. "You're not broken," Kayla doesn't even hesitate, speaking as she steps around Piper and reaches to try and catch one of her brother's upraised hands. Her smile has faded to a faint frown of concern. "The fever messed with my memory too. But you aren't -broken-." It doesn't matter what's wrong with him; to her, he can never be 'broken'.

A worried frown comes to Piper's face as the breaking straw falls. She's about to step in as role of comforter, as she usually does, but is beaten to it by Kayla. She of course is in agreement with the female Wells. The once or twice he has said that to her she has denied it. He's no more fractured than anyone else, his just manifests itself more visibly than others. Okay a /lot/ more visibly than others. And maybe bigger fractures. She takes a few steps away, maybe Kayla can help where she couldn't. Of course while they are distracted with each other, she does another one of her disappearing acts. One minute there, the next poof, gone. She's creepy that way.

Quinton's hand is brought to his chest, she can probably feel his heart beating through his shirt. His head shakes rapidly, "No, it's….this is a good day for me…" It's about the worst thing the fever could have taken from him, besides people he loved. He doesn't notice Piper gone for now, focusing on his little sister for the moment. "Don't…ignore it…It's…better to know now. I don't want you…scared." It is scary, he knows.

Kayla shakes her head slightly, and tightens her grip on the hand she'd gotten hold of. "You're -changed-. Not broken." she insists before tugging his hand to try and pull him to a seat around the firepit. "We have all change through this." Piper's disappearance isn't noticed; she's got a big brother to comfort.

Quinton's nose wrinkles, clearly this hang isn't something he likes or fully believes in. He allows the tugging , although he does glance to look for Piper. He's always been like that, that's not different. A small sigh escapes, maybe at the pregnant woman begin gone, or maybe at Kayla's insistence. "It's…different." When she finally bet's him seated, he'll absently rub his left shoulder. He does' know how else to explain it (Another different thing about him. He used to be able to talk on subjects for hours, even if he don't know anything about them. He was just that good with words!).

Kayla settles in the seat next to Quinton, still holding his hand. "Are you still writing?" she wonders. She suddenly feels like she needs to get to know her brother all over again - it hasn't been THAT long since everything happened, but it feels like a lifetime.

Quinton's head shakes, almost violently, and his now shaggy hair bounds some , "No…not really." He could lie, but she'd probably know. "It's not…The words aren't right anymore…." And to be fair, he's been busy with all this other stuff. His fingers curl, and he force a smile, "I have an extra pillow…and a blanket till we can get you better stuff." He had tons of stuff in his tent.

"You should try. You always told me that it was important to write even when it wasn't right because eventually it would be." Kayla's voice is soft and oh so tender as she watches her brother's face. She smiles softly at the offer, and nods. "Maybe we could go look, and see what we could find together. I've gotten pretty good at finding things.

Quinton's pale eyes flicker away, not wanting this conversation to be happening. He swallows nervous and just ignores what she's said. he // knows//, but this is different! Man, that fire pit is interesting. "Yeah…we can go together." he's kinda become the camps go to for scavenging, and it would be nice to have some time with her…as long as she stays safe. "Need to be careful…there's….bad people around…" Which she's told him she's ran into. Hopefully they never running them again, or Quin may end up with blood on his poetic hands.

"I heard about the Kamo Kids," Kayla means the military group. "And the group that grabbed me was back near home. They aren't around here." She smiles softly then, and lifts his hand in hers to her mouth to kiss the back lightly. "Tonight, I want to see what you wrote today." she whispers above the back of his hand. "After we go see what we can find, okay?"

Oh…this isn't going to end well, at all. The kiss is watched with a frown. Instead of answering, he changes the subject, "There's lions." That sentence alone should distract her for a few hours, "I shot one when it charged Tina and I."

Kayla knows her brother too well, and knows he's trying to distract her. She quirks a brow at him before straightening and nodding. "Then it's better we don't go alone, and we take a gun with us. Is it a whole pride?"

Quinton's bangs sway again as he shakes his head, "No…we'll be fine…the bigger the group…" Well, this group anyway, it always ends up with him getting hurt saving someone. Two fingers are held up, "At least two…I shot a female." That makes sense, anyway. Males don't hunt, unless desperate. "I have…dad's gun." He took it when he left their house, now feeling guilty about that as well. Although, to be fair, he doesn't even know if she can shoot.

Kayla grins at that, but manages not to laugh. "Sorry…just the idea of you with a gun. A lioness, huh? And no rug made out of her in your tent?" Trying to find the lighter tone from earlier, she shifts in her chair. "I should go explore and see what I can find today. I've caused enough trouble, what with that kid getting burned last night…"

Quinton just shrugs, "I do ok." He's not a sharp shooter, but he can hit a lion charging him, apparently. He then puffs out his cheek, "No…she….limped away." Maybe she died, maybe not? His hand is untangled from hers and he'll stand, "Let me get my bag, and we can go." Scavenging is way better than talk about the heavier stuff, anyway.

There's lots of time to talk about the heavier stuff now! Kayla pushes up out of her chair, and moves to follow him to his tent and get her own backpack. "You can show me around." she agrees.

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