(2015-08-18) Pit Trap
Pit Trap
Summary: While out Quinton and Piper fall into a trap. Injury happens as does fussing when they make it back to camp.
Date: 8.18.2015
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The forest becomes thicker with pine trees and large cottonwood trees reaching high into the sky. There are no paths, just game trails that weave through the trees.

A two mile leash, that's what Piper has. Far enough where she /may/ not feel penned in but still within the boundaries of the camps patrols. The Lake House neighborhood is within that two mile radius, barely. At least if you go cross country and don't take the roads. So a trek through the fields and woods between camp and there is happening. She tried to explain why she had to go but words failed, but it seemed important. The need for a chaperone is obvious. The are past the camp boundary, and the fields and are trekking through the woods, where the only trails are ones made by deer and other wildlife. It's been a nice, uneventful walk and the weather is cooler than it has been for months, (maybe even sweater weather) but still pleasant, even with the sun playing hide and seek in the heavily clouded skies.

It's almost sweater weather but not quite. Quin offer to go with Piper after it became obvious she was going, no matter what. His backpack is empty, ready to be filled and he himself has been quiet, mirroring Piper. Too many thoughts rolling around he needs to get sorted. He scans the area though, non stop. He's not getting jumped by a lion again. Screw that. And he'd rather not get shot again either. So picky.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Navigation: Good Success.

The woman seems to know exactly which direction to head to to get to there ultimate destination, even as they have to weave in and out of trees and leave the game trails that wind through this part of the woods. She is comfortable with silence and doesn't find it awkward with her present company though after awhile she does, "You ok?" tables turned, usually it's him asking her that, and usually she isn't all that truthful in answering, though more so lately it seems.

Quinton doesn't answer at first, keeping his eyes on their surrounding more than the pregnant girl. Finally though he gives a simple, "…yes." That's only partially true, and it's obvious. He'll finally glance at her briefly before starting up the scanning again, "…I thought….Kayla was…dead." His head shakes, he's not upset she's not, but he feels guilty he didn't look for her…not that he'd have been able to find her, but still.

There is a nod, she isn't going to quibble about it. It's a loaded question really. Piper is silent for a bit longer, clearly wanting to say something, but with her only able to get out few syllables at a time she has to think first "Don't dwell." she reaches over to give his arm a reassuring caress "You're lucky." she gets out a whole four words.

Quinton physically pauses when she touches him, eyes looking at her hand on his arm. "..No one is lucky…" Ah, he's in one of those moods. He does take a deep breath, his eyes closing before he nods in agreement. Funks are harder to shake off since the end of the world started. "What did you…" Pale eyes open and he motions in the direction they're going, towards the houses.

The pause is unexpected and Piper goes two more steps beyond him. His words have her looking back at him and she shakes her head, "No." she rarely has trouble getting that word out with him at least. Hard to tell if she is agreeing or disagreeing though. Giving him a moment she looks forward in the direction they are going, the question is not one she can answer easily so she just shrugs, waiting for him to start moving again before continues on.

Does that make him lucky, or unlucky that she can easily tell him no? Quin doesn't even know anymore and just sighs, picking up his feet and starting in the direction of the houses again.

One foot, two foot, three foot…gahhhh! The ground opens up underneath their feet as what thought to be solid ground isn't so solid after all.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Reaction -1: Failure.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Reaction: Failure.

The sigh has Piper starting to reach out to take his hand. It's what she does when she thinks he is in need of comfort. It changes quick though when there is nothing but air under her barefeet. It's both hands grabbing for him as she cries out and starts to fall.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Reaction: Good Success.

Instinct kicks in, as Piper is grabbing at him, the ground underneath him has suddenly disappearing too. A strangled cry and he grabs her as well, twisting to put himself between her and the bottom, however far that is.

It's funny how someone who has issues with touching and personal space suddenly doesn't when they are falling. Piper doesn't seem to mind it now, that's for sure. The fall isn't a long one, barely six feet. Certainly far enough to knock the wind out of them, but at least they manage to miss the spikes at the bottom…well mostly. Piper hits her leg on one and it breaks off, deeply impaled in her calf. Even landing on Quinton the breath is knocked from her and she gasps for breath, certainly stunned for a bit.

There's a crack as Quin hit the ground, a miracle that he didn't impale himself. That didn't stop his head from slamming into the ground and the air to be knocked out of him, especially with Piper landing on top of the poet. He's not even able to gasp at first, instead he just lays there, stunned. He has no way of knowing Piper's more hurt than just the fall yet. Even if he did, he'd probably not be able to move yet, there's little cartoon birdies flying around his head.

Piper is laying oddly, because of the baby belly, she might be unhappy about her condition but instincts win and maternal ones are strong in her, even if she isn't quite aware of it yet. "Quin..ton?" it’s a question asked between gasps for breath. It's a first for her, saying anyones name, outloud even. It's all she can manage to get out for now. It takes her a few more moments to realize she is on top of him and then panic sets in. As if the situation wasn't bad enough.

Quinton's eyes are unfocused, but he does manage to crack them open as a small gasp finally. His arms are still around her, but she can pull away if she wants, there's no strength in them yet.

In her panicked mind state she does manage to roll off of him. Quite possibly onto his arm since they are still noodly. Piper hasn't manage to get herself together to try standing. As she rolls though she lets out a cry of pain and sensation begins to come back to the rest of her body. His gasp for breath has her turning her head to look at him, time starts again. "Quinton?" it's still hard to say, between the breathing and now the pain in her leg and panic is seeping back in thinking she may have really broken him, physically though.

It's one of the worst feelings in the world, gasping and not getting any air. Although this is a fleeting condition, thankfully. Quin manages another gasp, sucking in a little more air as the pressure from the woman leaves his chest. Her cry though seems to get through to him more than her saying his name and he forces himself to move, although it's not much as the room spins. So instead his arm, now pinned fists her shirt. It's more a reactionary thing, he can't do anything else. And isn't of the mind frame to think that isn't going to help the situation for Piper. A slight turn of his head , in her direction.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Success.

There isn't a smile as she looks back at him, to much pain and worry to even fake that. Eye contact is made, as best as Piper can at least. She's to relieved at him being alive to worry about the hand clutching her shirt "You're alive." if she could project her relief about that she would…well she can, but she manages to keep from leaking despite the pain she is in. It's there in her tone though and in her eyes. She rolls toward him but only in an effort to sit up some. She had a cushion to land on, a bit bony but softer than the ground so naturally she recovers quicker.

Quinton's not exactly sure where they are, much less what just happened beside the ground disappeared. Is it another wave? Are the aliens making the planet itself disappear? He manages to start breathing and not just gasping for air, but it's shallow, like it might hurt to inhale too deeply. He doesn't attempt to talk just yet, but goes give her a small nod, yes…he's still alive. If none of the other waves have done him in, he's in this till the end. Or he dies, apparently.

She gently pats his shoulder, maybe signaling for him to take his time. While he recovers she looks around, taking in the earthen walls and the floor littered with broken stakes, like the one sticking out of her leg. Piper leans forward, another gasp as her movement jars the wound. She puts a hand near the stake to examine the wound but pulls her hand quickly away at the sticky wetness on her pant leg. She stares at the blood on her hand, trying not to let her mind send her back to the last time she was hurt six months ago.

Quinton's fingers finally loosen as she pulls away. He makes a soft, disagreeing noise, maybe more just complaint. Her gasp brings his attention back to her, instead of his own lack of air and spinning. "W…what's…wrong?" Besides the obvious. His voice is barley a whisper.

The question has Piper looking back at him, this time she bites back the pained gasp. Any movement is going to hurt at this point, either from her leg, or the bruises that are probably starting to form from the impact. He's probably in worse shape in the bruise department though. In answer she holds up her hand, showing him the crimson that covers it.

Quinton can't pale currently, but if he could…He forces himself to sit up, but can't hold back the grimace. Yes…he's gonna bruise. He sways, but doesn't seem to notice as he asks, obvious fear in his voice, "Where?" Please…please don't let it be the baby. It's then that he sees the spike sin the ground, not in her leg yet, but the ground, "What the fuck…"

Seeing him sway an arm goes around his waist to keep him from toppling over. They both need him upright if they are going to get out of this. Of course she doesn't know that his worst fear, in this scenario, is her unborn child is lost. She guesses her being injured is enough to be fearful of "Leg." she says, trying not to move it while she supports him. Yep, they are in a pit trap. It's not overly deep, if Quinton stood he could probably see over the edge, but the petite woman couldn't.

The pit stops moving..or is it Quin that does. Either way, Piper's holding him and he's blinking, trying to clear his head. "O…k…" He's definitely relieved she's not going into labor, thank god. "ok…I should…." do something. He looks over the pit, unsure if this is some misplaced deer trap, or a people trap. God, he hates that he's even thinking like that. "Ok…Let me…stand up….I'll…get us…" out….he has no idea how, but he will.

Piper nods, but it takes her a good thirty seconds for that nod to translate into her arms to let him go. As he stands she does reach for his hand with her bloodied one. "Don't leave me here." it seems at least the situation has loosened her tongue a bit. Even if it is in pain and worry. She's injured, a liability, especially if whoever built this pit is still alive and lingering to see if they caught something.

Quinton starts to shake his head, but then stops, realizing the struggle to talk is less than the vertigo that shaking his head will cause, "I'm not..I just…need to…look…" If there's a dude with a shot gun standing next to the pit, it's better to know now. Although he grunts, pulling out his handgun. He's going to have a very interesting bruise…And with that he looks.

She has no choice but to trust him in this. Though Piper trusts him in other things, why this should be any different is probably a story that will never be told. "Ok." she says, watching him as he checks topside.

Who's surprised more, Quinton or the large jack rabbit he comes face to face with when the pokes his head up? The rabbit is certainly hopping away quickly on seeing a large fleshy thing coming into view.

Quinton does jump, with his luck, the rabbit could have been leading the lion. "Looks…clear…" He thinks, anyway. The gun is fidgeted with and then slipped back into his jeans(He needs holster desperately). Turning to inspect the side of the pit, to see who stable the dirt is. Can he jam the spikes in to make something for he and Piper to climb out on? He could prolly get out on his own, but he's not going to be able to lift piper…not with his head spinning and a possible cracked rib.

While he was checking things out Piper has gotten her meager first aid kit from her backpack and has used the bandages in it to fashion a tourniquet above the wound. There was a bit of pained gasping involved, but she bit back a lot of it. Her lip is even spotting blood from it. She's left the stake in place for now. She's not ready for that level of pain yet, or has enough bandages in her kit to even deal with that gaping hole that is going to be in her calf when it is removed.

Quinton glances over, frowning at Piper's leg. "I'm gonna….make us steps…." It'll take him way longer to get a pike out of the ground than it normal would. he stops half way to sway, keeping his balance by holding on. "Talk…or sing….Make noise so i know…you're ok…" Out comes the pike and he'll start working on getting it into the side of the pit, twisting it deep.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Singing: Good Success.

There is a nod at Quinton, she approves of any idea that will get them out of this. Piper's head tilts though at the request, talk or sing, talk or sing…she has a much easier time singing than she does talking. They are someone else words, not her own. She takes a deep breath, wincing at slight pain it causes. She won't be holding any long notes for a few days. She is silent for a long moment, put on the spot she can't think of any song. Then suddenly one comes, and she starts, softly at first, then a normal singing tone by the time she hits the third line, "I've got my ticket for the long way 'round, Two bottle whiskey for the way, And I sure would like some sweet company, And I'm leaving tomorrow. What d'you say?."

Quinton would chuckle at the choice, if he thought it wouldn't hurt. Instead he just keeps working, pulling up a second pike and starting to dig it into the wall. He's trying to go fast, unsure who much time they have. Images of teens with guns are at the corners of his imagination. He takes a second to wipe the bags on his forehead, a headache forming. He can ignore it.

By the time she gets half way through the song Piper is in her zone. Piper quickly gets swept up in music, whether it is her singing or someone else playing or just listening to a CD. The fact that there is no accompaniment doesn't matter, she seems to have perfect pitch, to go with years of training. One song flows into the next, next up Billy Joel, New York State of Mind.

That goes get a smile, and Quin keep going. A third and fourth spike going the wall. He thinks they'll hold, pulling down on them to see if they'll take his weight. He's breathing deeper now, maybe it's just a bruised rib. Pale eyes study the singer and then her leg. He's not sure if having her go first, or if going first and helping pull her up would be best. He's thinking the latter, easier on her leg…he thinks. Damn it, this is why he goes out alone! "Ok…let's…get out of…here…"

The talking breaks her out of her singing reverie in the midst of the third song. Piper looks from him to her leg and back to him. This is so going to hurt. She manages to get up to one knee with lots of pauses, winces and pained gasps. Good thing she didn't go out alone, who knows how long she would have been stuck down here before she was found.

Quinton moves over and will help as best he can. it's still gonna hurt like hell, but maybe he can speed up the amount of time it'll hurt. To the makeshift steps and head up them. It's not pretty, or even graceful, but it works. He'll make sure to grab her riffle and his backpack. He doesn't want to leave any clues, in case this is a people trap.

She can barely put any weight on the injured leg, so it's hard and painful, by the time she is pulled out Piper has tears streaming and her face his quite pale. It's going to be a long hike back to the camp with no one but each other to lean on.

Administration Area

Following the road around the curve in it leads to a large area cleared of trees. To one side of the clearing is a parking lot, where several dust covered cars sit, one with it's hood standing open, exposing the engine to the weather.

Several building are in this area: Admin building, First-Aid Building, Restroom Facilities, a hand water pump is near the rest room, a few pails stacked nearby, and a large pole barn, which is always guarded by well armed individuals. Beyond those is the first of many campsites that dot the camp as well as a trail that leads to the river.

Across the clearing the road continues and there are several foot paths that lead in various directions.

It was a grueling hike back. What took only 45 minutes there, took twice that to get back. So it's pushing late afternoon.

A few minutes ago there were some terrified shrieks coming from down the road, near the gate area. They are followed shortly by Quinton, nearly having to carry Piper into camp, trailed by one of the gate guards. Which was probably what the shrieking was about, he tried to touch her, even if it was to help she was having none of it. She's in to much pain to be rational. Of course she has a stake sticking out of her calf so pain is no be expected. Neither of them look in any condition to be standing let along walking, sure will and the will to survive is probably what carried them this far.

Quinton's eyes are glassy as he moves Piper, through gritted teeth he growls at the guard, "Get …Doc…" He keeps moving, it's the only reasons he hasn't fallen over. Momentum is his friend. "Just a …little further…"He's not even going to attempt a name at this point.

There's always something. Messages here and there, hither and yon. Kids are the best couriers, but when in a bind? Just ask the helpful hippy. She'll say 'yes', and usually with a smile.

Now, the barefooted Harmony is just starting her path -back- to the kitchens when the commotion begins. The scream, well… it's a dead give-away that something is wrong. That followed with a now very familiar voice asking for the doc? She spins around, her eyes widening at the sight before her. One, two steps are taken forward, hands reaching out to Piper to help Quinton with his burden. "Come on… first aid building."

The guard goes running to go and try to find the errant doctor. At least he can do that much.

Oh gawd, more people trying to touch her. While she doesn't seem to have any problem with Quinton, Harmony reaching for her has her clinging tighter to the poet. Fortunately for both Harmony and Quinton the little she had left in her was used up in trying to keep the guards from touching her. The girl has issues, but no fight left in her at the moment so Harmony gets to help carry her the rest of the way.

Quinton takes a shallow breath, glancing over at Harmony, "…Careful…" Not that he doesn't thin Harmony won't be, just..he's not thing straight. He lets her lead them both to the first aid building, not saying anything else. His sister is going to have a fit. Neither he nor Piper is moving fast, and when half of Piper's weight is gone his walking is definitely more….weavy.

If there was fight in the other woman, Harmony would have probably said something, and bluntly. As it is, the young woman looks worriedly over to the poet as she catches the weaving and virtual staggering. "You are in no condition…" to even consider carrying a weight, much less alone.

"Now, c'mon, Piper," and Harmony's making sure she's got a good hold on her to help her, and them both, into the building. "Quinton, what happened?" Don't count the flower-child out of having a concerned fit, there! It only adds to her overall worry about the gentle soul. "What happened?"

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Success.

Despite being nearly six months pregnant Piper isn't as heavy as she looks. She probably didn't weigh all that much before, being as petite as she is. Even with Harmony taking the bulk of her weight, she still has a death grip on Quinton, and has a panicked moment where she actually speaks "Quinton!" she's not letting go of him. But she isn't fighting Harmony either, so there is that.

Quinton doesn't answer until they are in the building, stepping over to the bed. The man knows when he's beaten and just moves to sit both himself and Piper down, letting the pregnant woman cling to him if it helps. Harmony gets a dull eyes look, "…pit..spikes…" That's probably not very helpful, but it's what he offers. There's a grimace and he'll twist a little but, bringing an arm back to pull out his pistol from his jeans. Even in that little bit of motion, anyone looking would see his back is already bruising awfully. The gun is set on the side table, he just didn't want it pressing against his back.

The shriek of Quinton's name goes right through the hippy, and it takes all she can muster to keep going. Lines set on her face, her lips form a thin line as she works the pair into the building. She's small as well, but she's stronger than she looks for her frame. Farm work and walking will do that! Harmony does what she can to get the pair of them at least as far as an exam table.

"Pit and spikes?" Green eyes look incredulously between them and she exhales, that same worn expression settled upon her face. The smiles are gone, if only for these moments. "I need to take a look at you both. Doc's not here yet, but I know a little something, at least."

<FS3> Harmony rolls First Aid: Good Success.

There is a gasp of pain as Piper is settled onto the cot. The stake is firmly in place, it's got to be lodged in good if it hasn't fallen out yet. The tourniquet tied around the wound helps in that regard as well. She is ghostly pale, and leans heavily against the poet as he settles next to her. One hand still holds onto him, while the other has shifted to press gently into the side of her belly. All this stress she is under right now, has probably got her unborn babe stirred up as well.

Quinton's not sure if he wants to throw up or pass out, but he's fairly certain it's one of the two. He vaguely knows those aren't the best signs, and that will just get the girls upset, so he opens his eyes, holding onto Piper's hand as he looks at Harmony, "W-what can I… do…?" Maybe if he tries focusing on helping…

Things are marked, things around the place simply aren't marked. Or, worse, marked incorrectly. Harmony's in a fuss; she's upset, worried- no, more like scared to death, and she's reaching for things that she thinks are the right things.

Pulling a stoppered container open, the young woman stops in her tracks. She freezes and looks down at the container before she -slowly- closes it back up and puts it back on the shelf. No.

Instead, there's something better she can do. Harmony knows full well she's no doctor, and she's way over her head, but she also recognizes the seriousness of all this. Pale. Pregnant. The tourniquet has to be checked; if something isn't done with that, she could lose her leg. "Nothing."

Maybe Harmony snaps, maybe it's the stress, but she pulls her attention to Quinton, Piper, and the -hands-. "Nothing. You lay there and do nothing. Do you hear me? You can't even stand." There goes her award for cool under pressure. "Just…" and she waves a hand.

"I can't touch that wound," she says quietly. "If I do, it'd cause more harm than good. That's doc's job." But she can take care of the smaller things. Making sure nothing obvious is broken and getting them to lie still until the doc is there.

Piper is oblivious to anything except her own pain and probably the man she is leaning against. She's on a cot, Quinton beside her. And yes there is hand holding. But the ghastly sight is the stake sticking out of her calf. Her breathing is shallow, but that's most likely just from the pain or her own bruising. Either way her eyes have slipped close. Though she isn't unconscious, though she probably should be.

Quinton knows enough to shut his mouth when there's two upset woman in the room. Although , "I can…" Stand, that is. he doesn't attempt it though, with Piper's grip and Harmony's glare. How is he the bad guy here? He looks pale, although Piper looks much paler. He probably has dirt covering his jeans and shirt. He'll look away and out the window, could this get any worse? The only reason he's not swaying is because piper's using him to lean on.

Herbs. Why not go back to what it is she does best? Harmony moves back around to the shelves and finds a few things that she'd tucked in over the last month or so. Oregano, for breathing. Keeping the lungs clear and making it easier for her to relax. As an extra, it's a histamine reducer, so if she's going to have an allergic reaction?

"No, you can't, Quinton." Harmony's working at her little mortar and pestle, and finishing the work, she sets it into a paste to wipe onto the the woman's upper chest to help her breath. "You need to stay there. I have no idea if you've got internal injuries or not. Right now, you don't know either because your body is so high on hormones, you could walk miles and not feel it." Not the bad guy. Just one that wants to do more than is good for him right now. "Stay put." Her voice lowers, and she lifts her head to look at him, to meet his eyes, and the word is whispered, "Please."

The guards at the gate had mentioned something about her brother and Piper being taken to the infirmary when Kayla made her way back into the camp. That was all she needed to hear to take off…once she got a reminder of how to get there. That accomplished, she took off…and now bursts through the door. "Quin!? Piper?" Hey, at least she didn't forget the second person involved! She tosses her backpack to the side of the door, and makes a beeline for th duo on the cot.

Piper's eye fly open as Harmony starts rubbing smelly stuff on her chest. The fact that is doesn’t smell bad is beside the point at this moment. She's being touched again. Moving hurts to much though and she can't get away from the woman, not with being trapped between her and Quin. Instead she squeezes her eyes and turns her face into the man's shoulder, out of sight out of mind. She wishes.

Quinton's jaw tenses as Harmony squirms into him. He's not bleeding, but he's basically a giant forming bruise. He braces himself, unsure if he's going to get the same paste or not and turns to look at Harmony. He almost argues, but thinks the hippy might snap and really hit him. So he watches her helping Piper , and if she makes eye contact with him he'll nod softly. Nodding about what, who knows. Finally he'll manage a soft, "…sorry…" And then hurricane Kayla comes in, Quin braces himself again in case she tries to tackle him…again. "..hey…"

"This'll make you breathe easier," Harmony whispers to the other woman. "I can't do much else but to get you comfortable enough." That's really all she can do.

Kayla's entrance gets Harmony's attention before she looks back at Quinton. She's nearing her breaking point, and the moment he nods is the moment the flower child finds that she'd stopped breathing for those few moments. "Doc should be coming soon."

"What happened? Were you shot again? Oh my GOD, Piper, what -happened- to your leg?" Kayla wisely stops short of actually tackling her brother, skidding to a stop as she gets to them. Her words tumble over each other as she reaches out, hands hovering JUST over him, not sure if he's hurt or where. "What can I do?" she asks of Harmony. "Piper, you should raise your leg…above your heart. Is there something we can put under her leg?"

On the best of her days, Piper would never be able to answer that question, not without pen and paper or her whiteboard. And she certainly is unable to talk now, she's used up all her words. If she wasn't tense enough the mention of moving her leg makes it worse, though probably only Quin would notice since she is leaning mostly on him as she lays in the cot. Somewhere in the back of her brain she knows that's what should happen, she has some first aid knowledge herself.

Quinton hates to admit it, but his sister is probably right, "Hey…" He gentle tries to get Piper's attention, "…prop up that leg…" Kyala gets a small exasperated look, although it loses any real power with how pale he is, "No…no guns…" Thankfully. " Pit." Like that's better? He shifts, trying to get in a better position to help get Piper's leg up. She's started gripping his hand tight enough they're both white knuckled. "Pillow, Annie…" He's looking at Harmony, almost pleading. He's not sure why, but he feels like he's done something wrong. The room is also starting to spin…which isn't helping matters.

Harmony's learned her ABCs for first aid. Always, always breathing before anything else. After that is established, then the rest is addressed. She nods her head at Kayla at the suggestion. "That has to come up. I guess find a pillow or something?" The suggestion is pretty much at the same time as Quinton's naming of the same item.

Yet another glance is taken towards the door, and Harmony frowns. Still no sign! "After that, we need to find a blanket." Yes, blanket. Shock is a real possibility.

Spinning around, she starts rummaging through the larger cabinets to find a pillow. A noise of discovery is made, and she calls out, "Kayla!" before she tosses it to the other woman.

Kayla winces before she plasters a smile, faintly reassuring, on her face as she catches her brother looking at her. "I'm sorry Piper - this is goign to hurt, but I'm going to help you lift your leg," She pauses and turns to catch the pillow (just barely!) before she turns back to reach and oh so gently try and help Piper to raise her leg, just enough to get the pillow under it and lower it again.

A gasp of pain comes from Piper and her whole body stiffens as her leg is lifted and a pillow is shoved under it. If it were possible to tighten her hand any more on the poets she probably would, but lucky him she can't grip any tighter or is cognizant enough not too. Mind you the frame of the cot where her other hand grips creaks in protest at her white knuckled grip there.

The fast movement from the two non injured people has Quin biting back a groan, and he closes his eyes. He's not going to get sick…he's not! That changes when Piper is moved and he tries to keep her calm, "….doc soon….just keep.." That thought is never finished. Instead he closes his eyes and starts to breath out of his mouth. The swaying is fairly visible now. "..Need to…" Again, it's not finished.

With Kayla handling Piper's leg, Harmony's got a blanket in hand. She hasn't truly taken her eyes off of Quinton- how could she? He doesn't look all that well either; he's got bruises that are just beginning to peek. Soon enough, they'll be bad. She doesn't know how to check for internal injuries! Temperature, right? This could be shock for him.

"Quinton?" Oh no… and Harmony takes a couple of steps now towards him. If he's not doing so already? "Lay down or you'll fall down." Even from a sit.

Kayla was as gentle as she could be with Piper's leg, but she still offers a sincere, "Sorry!" when Piper gasps. Then she sees her brother and, "BUCKET!" Kayla calls to Harmony, urgently. She moves around to the side of the cot her brother is on, and uses her hand to fan his face. "Breath, Quin. In through your nose, out through your mouth."

Why is everyone yelling? He's right here. The poet opens his eyes to look at his sister. "…head." That's all the clue he gives. Isn't he helpful? He stays sitting, but that's because Kayla's got the right idea, he's gonna get sick, and laying down and throwing up is the worst. The poet's jaw moves, but he doesn't say anything until , "… you were dead…"

After moving her leg Piper is just on the cusp of consciousness, in that gray area before passing out. The sudden cry has her head lolling to look up at Quin through half closed eyes. Synapses fire slowly and she eases off him as best she can. Her hand stays in his though, maybe she forgot its there.

Bucket? Oh…

Harmony's not quite sure where those are either. She doesn't man the first aid building, really. Back again through the cabinets and she finds at least -something- that'll do the job. A small plastic container that holds a few tongue depressors. Those are carefully set in a drawer for later use and she carries the empty back. "Cold compresses." If he's dizzy and nauseous..? There should be instant ice packs around, right?

"Thanks," Kayla takes the bucket and sets it in her brother's unoccupied hand and his knees. She nods towards Harmony - great idea. Still holding the bucket with one hand, she uses her other to rub at his back, brushing at his hair, and just…mothering him.

Yeah, Piper just lays there, her breathing finally starting to become more normal, but she is still pale as a ghost. She lifts her free hand and gently pats at Quin's leg and signals for a drink. Maybe telling them to get him a drink, though she could probably use one too.

Quinton winces and squirms away from Kayla's touch. "…no…" It's almost like the touch was hurting him. His breathing is controlled, not too deep. "…Trap…fell…" Again he stops to focus on his breathing and not get sick. " …Lake Houses.." He definitely missing some of what needs to be conveyed. He doesn't react to the leg tough, he may not even notice it. Instead he sways and looks up at Kayla, nodding very slowly.

Harmony looks between the pair as she rummages. "There was a trap at the Lake Houses?" Her head pops up to look at Quinton. "There are houses out by the lake," she begins as explanation. "We've been hitting those because they seemed to have not been scavenged all that heavily. We've found some pretty good stuff." But if there are traps?

"I found a couple of compresses. They're not very big," is given more than a little apologetically as she hands them over. "I'll get some cool water for them and see if I can't find the doc. I'll be back in a little bit."

Kayla is smart enough to understand the squirming and pulls her hand back. She blinks down at Quinton, her mouth slightly open, clearly trying to understand what he's saying. She isn't quite getting it but she nods all the same. "You fell into a trap, I know." She doesn't say anything bout the Houses, not really sure what he meant by that…until Harmony explains. "Oh…okay. I am sure we can go tomorrow and dismantle the trap, and find and dismantle the rest if thre are more?" She looks to her brother to see if that's what he meant.

There are a few more pats on the leg then Piper stops as blackness claims her, guess no one is getting water today.

Quinton guesses that's close enough and nods, if the cold compasses are given to him, he places them on his lower back. A very large and nasty bruise is forming, he fell some something hard. Now that his other hand is free, he gives Piper a glance and frowns, clearly worried about the pregnant girl. The flower child is just watched with wide eyes, slightly confused as she bustles around and then starts to leave. He admits to Kayla, "…sprained rib.." He thinks, anyway. He's not a doctor.

Kayla takes the water from Harmony when she brings it back, and quickly wets the compresses -she gives one to Quinton for his lower back, and places another against his forehead…and then she sees Piper pass out. "Oh, shit…no nono." She hurries around the bed, feeling for a pulse…finding one (presumably), she then lays a compress against her forehead. "Or broken, Quin. Stay still."

Despite everything else Piper does have a heartbeat and it's strong and steady. So that's good.

Quinton can't help the small sigh of relief when he's able to use the compress, although the one on his forehead confuses him, he's not running a fever again, is he? That's the stuff of nightmares. Even though he's been told not to, Quin moves, twisting his torso slightly to look at piper worriedly, "…ok?" The order to stay still is just met with a blank stare. He was never good patient when he was little, nothing's changed much there. The compress on his back is shifted and he sighs, closing his eyes. He really is gonna fall over if he keeps swaying like that.

Shooting her brother a look, Kayla huffs. "Put the other compress on the back of your neck, and SIT STILL." she mutters. She baths Piper's face, throat and any exposed skin on her neck as best she can. "Where's the doc…"

Quinton frowns, watching both woman and then slowly does what Kayla orders, but it's not long before he drops both packs to start dry heaving into the bucket. which has him groaning between gritted teeth.

Kayla cringes as she listens to her brother retch over the bucket. That has -got- to hurt, she can guess that much, but there isn't a damn thing she can do. She lays the compress against Piper's shoulder and moves back around to her brother. She picks up one of the discarded compresses and lays it against the back of his neck. "Shhh.."

Quinton has a fairly large goose egg on the back of his head, which might be why he's so out of it(Well, more so than Kayla's seen). After a minute of rest he mutters softly, "Shouldn't have let her ..go…"

"Shhh," Kayla repeats, again, leaving the compress on the back of his neck and reaching for the other one he'd abandoned to ever so gently place it against the lump. "I know you're a hero, but you cant stop everything bad from ever happening."

Quinton doesn't think that, it's common sense! Don't bring the pregnant girl into potential danger! Duh! He grits his teeth again, even though she's being gentle, his head hurts. "…gotta …try…" Else, what's the point of it all?

"Do you really think you could stop Piper from doing anything she wanted to?" Kayla is trying to get her brother to smile, and to realize that he can't blame himself for everything. There's a fond note in her tone, and one of mild teasing. She shifts the compress to get a cool spot against the gooseegg.

Quinton's done it before! It takes a lot, but it can happen!

"Doctor Elijah is headed here now." Bea says as she enters the first aid room, quickly taking in the state of the passed out Piper on the cot and Quinton. "I would have been here sooner but I had to find one of the other ladies to watch the little ones." she moves ove quickly and crouches down to look Quinton in the eyes "He may have a concussion." she points to the cot nearest cot, maybe even the one he spent nearly a week in before "You get him over there. I'll see if she is hiding any other wounds." she frowns at the leg "God I hope not." she waves shooing motion with her hands "Less talking, more moving." she orders and then focuses on dealing with the pregnant woman.

Kayla is quick to do as ordered, even going so far as to salute Bea quickly before she reaches for her brother "Come on, hero," she murmurs, trying to steady him in a manner that won't hurt. Much.

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