(2015-08-19) Drug Induced Chattiness
Drug Induced Chattiness
Summary: It's the morning after the accident and Quinton and Piper wake up in pain. (Codeine is Magic!)
Date: 8.19.2015
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First-Aid Building

This is the first stop for the ill and injured. Hopefully it won't the last. The first large room is divided in half by a long counter. On one side is the waiting area, while the other is where all the action happens. This place wasn't designed to deal with serious trauma so the newest occupants have had to make do. There are no exam tables, just cots and chairs for patients. The cabinets that line the wall are at least full of necessary medical things. There is a few smaller rooms, including a bathroom and a bedroom for the medic on duty. There is a certain antiseptic smell that lingers in the air.

The coolness of yesterday has left and the summer heat has once more descended. At least all the windows are open this time and the ocassional breeze that comes through keeps the building from getting to stifling. If the light level is any indication it is mid-morning, birds chirp outside and the ocassional voices can be heard in conversation outside as people wander in an out of the area.

On a cot lays Piper, seemingly still asleep. She lays in her side, one arm outstretched as if she was reaching for something, the other tucked in close to her body. Her leg has been been seen to, stake free and has been properly bandaged. So the doctor must have finally showed up to deal with the wounded. Thankfully she was passed out through all of it.

Quinton stirs, than then freezes, his entire body hurting. What the crap?!?he does the experiment where he lays still trying to feel sensations in each part of his body. Ok, well…his hands don't particularly hurt, nor his feet or legs. It's mostly his back and head…mostly. And his chest when he takes deeper breath. His torso's been wrapped, not much else to do for busted ribs. The poet works his mouth, finally letting out a soft sigh. At least there's a breeze and the birds are happy. Someone needs to be, he guesses.

More conversation flows through the window, only a few words can be picked up, traps, flags, paths, those sorta words. Inside the building itself there are no sounds, except the easy breathing of the woman laying on the next cot. So far the man's stirring hasn't disturbed her, though she does shift, sending the blanket that partially covers her to the floor. The pain that causes brings her fully awake and she has a brief moment of panic about waking somewhere not normal.

The floating words get a frown, if that was one of Dixie's traps, he's gonna punch her. He shifts, starting the long and painful attempt to sit up. Her panic is clear, "Medic building…you're…safe." Well, as safe as anywhere, he guesses. There's an underlying guilt to his voice. He should have not agreed to go yesterday. He's only partially up , but pauses to make sure Piper's not going to flail and fall off her cot.

The voice has her freezing a moment, but then the words sink in and who's saying them so Piper relaxes. Glassy eyes focus on Quinton, she was given something for the pain, but it is starting to wear off, the confusion is clear and lifts herself to lean back on her elbows and look around, wincing as she does so. Like him her whole body is stiff and hurty. No flailing or falling at the moment. Give her time.

Well, they're a pair! He offer's her a weak smile before pushing up again to try sitting up. The world's currently underwater from his perspective, everything is off. Which reminds him way too much from when he woke up from the fever. That fear is cemented in his brain, what if his brain gets worse? He swallows, a little shaking, but not swaying when he finally gets to an upright position, "Need something?" Oh, this is going to be a comedy of errors.

Using the sides of the cot she pushes herself up and back to lean against the wall the head of the cot is positioned against. She stares at him taking in his on state, which doesn't seem all that different from hers. Rubbing her head in confusion she isn't sure how to answer that question. She needs a lot of things, but a the forefront is thirst. She points to the pitcher of water on the counter, with its stack of tin mugs beside it, then with a grimace swings her legs of the cot with every intention of getting it herself. It doesn't go well. The state of her leg is in no condition to hold her weight so when she starts to get up it buckles underneath her, it's both painful and embarrassing. More of the first of course. What color that had returned to her face flees as she flails back onto her cot.

Oh…silly woman. Quin can at least get on his feet, it just sends shooting pain down his back, "Stop." He frowns, glaring at her as he moves over to the water with minimal weaving. "You can't…walk….crutches." Do they even have any? He's trying to recall if any of the houses he ever hit had any…maybe he could return in a day(Someone's optimistic!). Water is poured and he makes his way over to her, cup offered.

That was no fun, she won't be trying that again soon. The glare has her visibly flinching. He's never glared at her before. Piper looks elsewhere briefly, focusing on resettling herself without causing her to much pain. When the water is offered she finally returns her gaze to him taking the mug and giving a nod of thanks before taking a long drink from it.

The glare softens. He was only trying to get his point across. Although the shooting pain probably did that as well. He'll stand next to her cot, feet spread apart enough to make him feel more rooted, and possibly stop him from swaying so much, "Better?" His hand starts to go up to run through his hair, but he stops himself , remembering the goose egg he's got.

The empty cup is set aside and another nod is forthcoming. Piper's head cants to the side as she looks at him standing there. She tries to speak getting out a "You.." before her brain derails. Since that failed she leans forward and gently gives his arm a squeeze her expression questioning. So many questions she could be asking, though there is probably only a few applicable to the current situation.

Quinton nods slowly, making a guess at her half question, "..ok…just bruised." That's not fully true, but that's the major part of it. He's got a t-shirt on, so she might not be able to see the bandage around his torso. A soft half smile is given, "More?" he motions to the empty glass. This he can do, pour water.

Her brows furrow slightly, maybe that wasn't quite the question Piper was going for, but it will have to do until the words can come out. Her eyes follow the gesture to the cup and she starts to refuse but then changes her mind, taking the cup and handing it back to him. She also points to a chair that he can use if he wants, instead of looming over her.

Quinton's not sure if sitting will be any better but he nods. The poet turns and walks back to the water, pouring another glass. He hesitates and then grabs another glass, getting himself some as well. No use getting dehydrated, right? Her cup is handed over and he'll sigh, slowly settling down in th chair. He doesn't lean back at all, no pressure on his back.

Piper takes the cup, but has no real intention of drinking from it. Sitting up straighter with a pained wince, she moves to pull the little cotside table down closer to her hip and to him. The cup is set on it and she dips a finger into it and uses the water to trace letters on the table top "H-O-W" and she gestures around indicating the building they are in. She must not have any recollection of the walk back.

Oh. The poet answers simple, "We walked back." Well, he half carried her, but Kayla already is teasing him calling him Hero…he doesn't want to get anyone else doing that. But then he frowns, "You…remember the pit….right?" Maybe she hit her head too?

There is a dubious look, Piper doesn't remember that part, and she looks from him to the bandage wrapped around her calf, but it makes sense. They would have had to walk back, no one knew which route they were taking so wouldn't have known to go find them or anything. A slow nod is given at the question though is augmented by a hand wobble. So it's probably a bit fuzzy. She dips a finger and writes again with the water "Singing?" she remembers that part at least.

Quinton can't help it, he chuckles softly. Of course she'd remember singing, of all things! "Yes…I had to keep you….awake." Thankfully he didn't have to sing to do it! The water cup is lifted to his lips and he drinks slowly, not having realized how dry he was till he actually had the water in his hands. "Need …medicine?" He'll wave at her leg. But then adds, "Not sure if animals pit or….soldiers." He's assuming the soldiers. The bandits didn't seem the type to wander out. Unless it's a silencer, and then they're in trouble.

Piper gives her first grin of the day, it's not much of one, and it is pained but his method she finds amusing. She dips the tips of a few fingers into her cup and flicks water at him. The question has her thinking and then she nods, she could use a painkiller, what she was given while she was out has worn of and every move is painful. They were able to get quite a bit of codeine while in Omaha, and that's probably the safest for her at the moment. The suggestion that the pit could have been dug by soldiers has her grin fading, she doesn't like the sound of that. She then shakes her head, but doesn't offer an alternative reason.

Quinton's cup is set down and he'll stand, pain flashes across his face but he turns, trying to mask in behind a grin at the water flicking., "Behave." It's not much, but it’s all he's got."Now to….find some." He has no idea what they gave her, or where it would be, but he's sure he can rummage through drawers. Or until someone comes it to yell at him.

The woman manages to put on an innocent face as he faux chides her. She is tempted to do it again, but refrains and instead takes the cup for a sip of the water, watching him stiffly move around the room with one of those unfathomable expressions on her face.

Quinton opens a few drawers, finding way more than he thought was in the room, but then stumbles upon the good stuff. Codeine. He hesitates though. Medicine isn't his strength, so he takes the bottle and tells Piper, "Hold on…" He'll just go ask someone. Surely there will be someone close, they wouldn't leave two injured people that alone. Right?

The two guards coming back from patrol are clueless, but Bea seeing the poet accosts gaurds from where she is working in the admin building comes out to see what the problem is. She is carrying the infant Troy, so apparently she is watching the flock while Piper is recovering. "Quinton…" she sighs "You shouldn't be up and moving about yet." she looks at the bottle in his hand "What's the problem?"

Bea gets apologetic smile and he asks softly, "How many?" And motions in the direction of where Piper is. Troy gets a finger way, he can do that much to greet the baby at least.

The bottle is squinted at as the label is examined, the baby wiggling and giggling in her arms at Quinton doesn't seem to bother the grandmotherly Bea "Those are pretty strong, start with one. As long as we keep the dosages at minimum for a few days there shouldn't be any long terms effects. After a few days though no more pain killers." she then eyes the poet for some reason "If there is a problem come get me, I'll be near." she then heads back to the admin building, where little faces can be seen peeking out the window.

That was…odd. Quin nods, "Thanks…" The admin building gets a small wave and he'll try to not limp as he goes back to Piper. Letting her know, "One…to start…" And then he'll struggle with the bottle, trying to get it open. It's pretty pathetic, but just the small amount o standing and walking has tired him out.

All she was told is to hold on. Piper didn't know what was going on, just that he walking off with a bottle. And she couldn't see or hear anything so she wasn't sure if he was coming back soon or at all. She's watching the door though, a bit longer and she would have sighed and laid back down to rest, but instead she grins at his return, nodding at his words, as she watches the war between man and bottle.

Finally, after a small swear Quin finally gets it. He looks exhausted now, like the bottle almost one and pulls out a pill. He hands it over to Piper, "Water too…" It's closed up, he doesn't take one for himself, instead sets it back where he found it and moves to sit down on the chair.

She has her cup in hand and she takes the pill from Quinton. Piper looks at the pill and then to the man as if making sure it is okay but pops it in her mouth without waiting on a response and washes it down with a sip. She continues to watch him, move stiffly, her forehead creasing at his worsening state.

At least he doesn't groan when he sits down, but that could be because he's holding it in. He sits quietly for a minute eyes closed before a forced smile and he reaches for his own water again, "…hungry? I can….ask…" He wouldn't make it to the Dining hall, but he could ask Bea for food for Piper.

Her eyes are still on him when he opens them. Of course it is either look at him or the wall, and between the two he is the much more interesting choice. Piper shakes her head, making a ugh face. Of course she hasn't eaten since yesterday morning so the drugs are going to kick in that much faster.

Quinton should get her a book, maybe. Much more interesting than him, anyway. "Soon." Meaning she needs to eat soon, but he'll not push it. let someone else be the bad guy for not. And to be fair, he's not ate either, and isn't racing to do so. He'll finally reach up and gentle rub the back of his neck. If he's careful, he won’t hit the bruises.

Soon Piper's eyes dilate, not like creepy, blown out pupils she has at night, but enough to show the meds are kicking in. Her eyes were already glassy so no change there, "I'm sorry." slips out and she is just surprised by it as he probably would be. Yes codeine is MAGIC "For getting you hurt." yeah he may be feeling guilty, but he wouldn't have even been out there were it not for her so she is feeling that too.

That's….interesting. He pauses in the neck rub, "Don't…I should have been… watching…" He offers her a small crooked smile, "You're gonna have to just tell me …what you needed…" He's not expecting it now, but maybe when they get her wipe board. A small shift as he tries to get a little more comfortable and he scratches his chest through his shirt. "Books…you want anything else?" For in here, he means.

"Same." she replies, they both should have been more watchful. She's dubious, her not asking for things for herself hasn't changed, she understands why he is willing to get things for the children, they are adorable, she doesn't understand why he gets her things "Why?" why what though it probably isn't about the books.

Quinton blinks, his head isn't in the game to follow, "So you have something to read?" There's slow nod to her leg, "Gonna be a bit before you can…move around…I thought…" ok, maybe she doesn't want to read? He frowns now, a little confused.

Her head shakes "Why are you…." Piper then stops thinking better of asking, even though she probably won't ever have the chance again "Nevermind." the drug may make her chatty, but it also seems to act as a bit of a downer "A book, my flute and pineapple." that's what she was going after, or more generally food. She has mouths to fed and they eat a lot! And of course she has cravings.

Quinton's head tilts, making him look a little bit lie a puppy. The concerned frown is still there, but he won't press. A small nod, "Ok." The first two are easy, the last? He'll need to heal up a little before going out to find. His eyes flutter down to her belly, "Everything is…alright?" With the baby, that is. He was so scared she was going to miscarriage in the pit. He'd have had no idea what to do.

From one uncomfortable subject to another but at least the one she is currently baking is more easily dealt with then the other "She's fine." she holds out her hand to Quinton "Want to feel?" or feel again in his case, something the children are only allowed to do, and even then rarely. Except Caro who just doesn't listen to the objections and does it anyway.

Quinton blinks again, making him look a little owlish. "Oh….yeah." It's kinda fascinating, and a good sign that Pipers starting to trust people. He's just not realized it's just him. He'll scoot the chair closer, grimacing a little as the back of his leg brushes against it. There's a bruise. A hand is reached out, but he lets Piper guide it where to go. No inappropriate touching from him!

The hand is taken and placed on the side of her belly, pretty close to where it was last time. Piper takes a breath and slowly expels it her eyes closing briefly. A few seconds pass and then there is definite movement, like the baby is rolling over or flipping, then a definite kick. That part was probably unexpected if the gasping oof noise coming from the woman is any indicator.

Quinton jerks, probably more than Piper at the kick, "He's a ..ninja…" That bit of wonder is back in his voice, quite, like he's worried about disturbing the baby. Pale eyes rise to look at her, "Does it…bother her? Soemone…touching…"

Piper grins at the pronoun used and the fact he said ninja instead of football player or dancer. "She can't feel it, not really." now that the baby is moving it keeps it up, shifting around, trying to get comfortable in its tight quarters "She likes being spoken too, and sung too." lots of words, more words than she has probably said in her whole couple of months of being here…at least to anyone over 7.

Quinton laughs softly, His neck bends a little, although not enough to cause his head to hurt more. "Huh….Hello…baby." Award winning poet, on the job! He's not going to attempt singing. His fingers shift, feeling the roll of the baby and he quirks a smile, looking back up at Piper. "Name?"

The woman chuckles, it's even happy sounding, the movement making the baby give another kick. Mood swing much. "Wow." she says in reaction to the kick. "Ninja." she will agree with that one. As for the name, Piper meets his gaze when he asks "Quinn." she agreed when he felt the baby move the first time that it was a great name. Though with out the 'ton' at the end it's more a girl's name.

Very Ninja, indeed. He tilts his head, smiling, assuming she said his name to get his attention. But then there's no other name following. Warning bells are going off, but he's still too tired to know for what. His smile does reach his eyes though, touched by the offer"…Don't do that….She should have a …pretty name…Something fancy and…long…. Alexandria or… Evangeline…" Another movement he looks back down to his hand.

Piper shakes her head "To long, like mi…." another sentence left unfinished. Of course she doesn't know that he knows already, but that's beside the point. She stifles a yawn, the meds starting make her drowsy. She leans back to rest her eyes, but within minutes is fast asleep, her hand still resting on his.

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