(2015-08-20) Time for Trading
Time for Trading
Summary: Nora is back for a couple of days and looks to trade with Harmony and Quinton
Date: 8.20.2015
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Hot and clear morning. At least it's not thunderstorming any more. (Chores don't wait for weather to clear!) The fields are green and giving off their vegetables. The corn is rising higher, the pumpkins are stretching out and starting to show off their gourdiness.

Harmony getting ready to venture into the garden, a fabric bag wrapped around her shoulder with a garden rake in one hand and small hand tools in pockets sewn into the bag. She's got her loose, flowing skirts and sleeveless shirt on, and her wide, floppy brimmed straw hat (that has seen better days now!). Her lips press together as she surveys the rows; weeding first, then harvesting.

The teenager known as Nora isn't a mainstay at the camp. She goes AWOL for long stretches at a time, returns for a few days and then is out again. Where she goes in anyones guess, but she always comes back with things to trade and information about what's left out there, especially news on other survivors. She's heading along (not it though) the fields, from the opposite direction of the proper side of camp, backpack slung over her shoulder and walking stick in hand. "Howz it." she greets people working in the gardens as she passes by.

The teenager known as Nora isn't a mainstay at the camp. She goes AWOL for long stretches at a time, returns for a few days and then is out again. Where she goes in anyones guess, but she always comes back with things to trade and information about what's left out there, especially news on other survivors. She's heading along (not it though) the fields, from the opposite direction of the proper side of camp, backpack slung over her shoulder and walking stick in hand. "Howz it." she greets people working in the gardens as she passes by.

Harmony has come across Nora at least once before, and if names hadn't been exchanged, at least the 'visual' is there. As the teen approaches, Harmony puts a hand on her brim and waves with her other hand, waiting for the approach before she calls out cheerily, "Morning! How're you?"

The teenager isn't good with names anyway, so even if they were exchanged she probably wouldn't remember it, Nora has nicknames and/or descriptions for everyone she has come across "Howzit hippie chick." they aren't all original. Nora grins to the other woman "Not bad really. Still alive so can't complain." she makes a thoughtful place "Or maybe I should complain harder." the shrugs "Whatevs, right?" she glances around at the fruitful gardens "Everything is looking totes good here. How's you?"

Harmony chuckles. 'Hippie chick'. Pretty par, and there are worse things! It's a badge of honor, the color, the flowers. Brightness in an increasingly bleak world. The smile remains behind after the greeting, and her hand lowers from her hat. "Waking up on the right side of the grass always helps. Everything else is just icing on the cake." Harmony twists around to look at the garden-scape behind her when it's remarked upon out of habit. "It's growing. We're canning now. Do you need anything? No more strawberries, but our raspberries are finishing up, and they’re big and juicy."

"Truth." Nora says as she nods in agreement "And there has been a few times out there where I thought that was going to be happening." she waves behind her "As much as I hate violence and weapons I may have to carry something to protect myself when I go out." not a happy thought for her. She's a hippie to but hers is a more beachbum, surfing vibe instead of the flower girl from the '60s thing "It's hard to carry cans around, but if you have any dried fruit I can trade you for it." she lives off energy bars, dried fruit and fish. It's no wonder she's all whipcord muscle and no fat at all.

A slow, sympathetic nod comes; Harmony's familiar with the hardships 'out there'. After all, she too had 'come in from the cold'. Crossing state lines wasn't easy. It's just that it's simply not spoken of. She's here. That's it. "You could always stay here with us. Could use help in the garden and another set of hands in the kitchen to get ready for winter?" It's a genuine, warm offer. "Still working on the dried peaches." There's a moment when Harmony pauses to consider, and a soft 'hmm' noise sounds. "Actually, the peaches might be ready."

It's an offer Nora has heard before, from people she finds cuter than Harmony (cuter meaning the other gender cuter) "Yeah I like you people an all, but I'm not ready for that kinda commitment. Maybe when the snow flies." its said lightly, but clearly she isn't wanting to be responsible for anyone but herself for now.

The pair of Harmony and Nora are standing near the gardens on this hot morning. From the teens state, dusty with backpack stuffed it's surprising the seams aren't popping, it looks like she is just arriving to the camp after being MIA for a week or so. It's a common thing for her.

"Uh huh," Harmony utters, the smile not fading. "Kinda requires one, yeah." She gets it.

Harmony looks like she's ready for the morning in the fields. Rake in hand and her fabric harvesting bag is slung over her shoulder with a small shovel and rake tucked in pockets. She's got her wide-brimmed straw hat on again, keeping her face from getting too sun-kissed. "Maybe. In the meantime, trading is always nice. Peaches. When the apples come, dried apples taste really good in oatmeal."

Quinton's free! Weather that's because the doc said so, or he just decided who knows? Either way, the man is back to wearing a flannel buttoned up. With his back, it's the easiest thing for him to put on himself. And he's had a shower, although not shaved the scruff that's been forming. Quin is taking a stroll, while he thinks he can get away with wandering the camp, he's pretty sure no one is going to let him go scavenging…yet. The sight of Nora gets a smile, and he calls out, "Dana!…Just getting in?" Harmony then gets a smile and nod, "Need any help?"

The girl ooos "Oatmeal." apparently that is something the girl would like to have, somewhat easy to transport, just add water. "I could live with peaches." Nora nods turning to look over when Quinton greets her, "Dad!" she calls out, she's given him a nickname too, but why that one, who knows. She bounds over to give the older man a hug. Yes she is a hugger for those she knows, plus he saved her life so that helps "Oh. I found stuffs that you may be interested in."

The reaction brings a wider smile to the flower-child's face. "I'll be sure I set a bunch aside for you, then." Promise!

Quinton's arrival to the fields, whether it was deliberate or he was just out for a stroll brings Harmony's attention around, green eyes lighting her face. "Hi, Quinton," she calls out, complete with a wave.

'Dad'? Confusion flickers, and Harmony looks between the two. Nah. She chuckles after and takes a step back for the hugging pair. "I don't know yet. Haven't made it into the fields yet."

Quinton's nose wrinkles, what's with all these awful nicknames? When she gets close he holds up a hand to try and stop the hug, "no…back…" He's smiling but there's a flash of panic at the idea of her throwing herself at him. He might just fall over with his bruises. He nods approvingly, "peaches.." Like that's permission or something. or maybe he's just hungry himself? "…stuffs?" Harm gets another flash of a smile, but he doesn't say anything else.

And just in time too, Nora pauses just as she is about to hug and looks at him oddly, "Back of what?" she then notes the face scruff "Movember come early I see." she nods in approval "You should keep it, makes you look more rugged." hug aborted she steps away from Quinton and glances at Harmony "My dad was an english teacher," she gestures to Quinton "He has the same bookish vibe." she explains as if expecting Harmony to either ask or be curious about it, especially since Quinton would have had to about 10 years old when she was born for that to be possible. "Yeah. Stuffs." she starts to undo all the bindings the backpack has, it's the huge hiking kind for long backpacking treks and slides out of the straps with a sigh of relief "I may even have a few things you would like too Hi-C." short for hippie chick. And the digging begins!

"He's got a few bruises," Harmony explains and she walks up to stand beside Quinton. The observation of how it looks on him brings a smirk to her face. "I like it too." As if it matters?

"Ah!" There's the explanation. "A teacher, huh?" She glances at Quinton, that smirk still playing lightly, her amusement plain upon her face. "He has that vibe, yes." And she likes it. Gentle soul.

Her head quirks to the side before she shakes her head, though she does laugh at the newer nickname. "I like that. Hi-C.. but I don't have anything to trade with." It's a rueful admission. Food? Well… that belongs to the community. It's not -hers- to trade. The stuff back at her place? Well.. not fit for a kid. "Thanks for the offer, though." Hi-C?

Quinton nods, "On… my back…" So instead of a hug he'll pat Nora's arm briefly before letting her start rooting in her back. His face wrinkles, not liking the teacher comparison any better than the dad one. Who wants to look like a teacher? Although the compliments about the scruff smooth his face..maybe he'll keep it? He motions to see what Nora has, Quin has plenty to trade. He can cover Harm if there's something good.

Nora looks up from her digging to Quinton "What did you do this time?" she asks with a mixture of curiosity and concern "You didn't go try to tousle with those bandits again?" thankfully what she is looking for is near the top and a few books (one really thick one) and something lacey come out. The books are handed to Quinton, two are in spanish and the other is a pictorial encyclopedia of animals geared toward young kids, the lacey thing is unfolded and inside is a bag of marbles. The lacey embroidered shawl is offered to Harmony "Yours if you want it." she looks at the marbles, having no idea what to do with them.

Harmony is going to let Quinton answer that question. She's watching the books as they come out one at a time, waiting for Quin's reaction to them. It's a bit of life, in a way. The appearance of the lacy shawl gains a quick breath of air, followed by a soft 'oh', before she shakes her head. What's fair is fair, "I don't have anything to trade," she repeats quietly. That's the name of the game for survival. "I couldn't." It is so pretty in its delicateness.

"Fell…pit…" No need to explain it was saving the pregnant woman. Quin's hand motions to his back and then the back of his head. His head shakes no, no bandits, thankful. No more gun wounds for him! His eyes widen as he takes the books, reading the covers. It's a gentle hold, almost a caress. The animal book is grinned at and he nods, "…Thank you…" His smile quickly turns to a slight frown, he knows Nora well enough to know she won't really want the lacey thing. "Yes.." The looking to Nora, "My tent…granola…other…" She knows the drill.

"We can work something out Hi-C. If not now then later. Besides what would I do with a lacey shawl. I would have the thing in shreads in less than a day." Nora seems confident in that. The teen reaches into her pack again and she pulls out a couple of bottles of whiskey then notes the reaction to the books "What? No…" but she pauses and backpedals "I mean yeah, those are totes for you." actually it was the whiskey, but she could probably get more in trade from Sonny and Bea for the whiskey "I would totes go for some granola and maybe a hoodie if you have one." she glances to Harmony "Or if you have a hoodie. Fair trade really, clothing for clothing." the whiskey bottles get put back.

Pit, yes. Harmony looks back at Quin before she fills in, "He cracked his head pretty bad and his ribs. Nothing seems broken, though. That's good."

The offer of the shawl anyway brings a bright smile as she holds her hand out for it. "I don't have a hoodie, but I can make jewelry or packets of herbs for almost any occasion. Something to help you sleep if you need it? Something to add to water for tea? Maybe something for cuts and bruises? Or just to smell pretty?"

Not that Quin doesn't like whiskey too, but he's got other sources for that. The books are tucked into one arm and he'll mention, "..Spanish ." He's got nothing in spanish to read, so that's good. He nods about the trade, he thinks he has a hoodie in his tent, if not a thick flannel. Harmon gets a look and then he waves his hand at Nora, like it's not that bad. Which isn't not, there was no spike sticking out of anywhere on him. Could have been totally worse. The hand waving ends up pointing to Harmony and he just simply says , "Lavender." Cause that's not random.

There is a nose wrinkle at Quinton "Why'd ya go throw yourself into a pit for? I mean I know you miss me and all but that's drastic." Nora is clearly joking on that last bit. "Tea!" that's perks Nora's attention "I would totally go for tea..or anything to make water I find taste palatable." carrying water doesn't make sense, it's heavy "Basil, mint, dried cucumber, rosemary, nettle. Anything really." she isn't going to picky about water additives "You got a deal." she has no interest in smelling pretty. Who dies she have to smell pretty for…no one but herself.

Lavender. The word that erupts from Quinton gains a bright, fond smile for the man. Apparently it is helping him sleep, a real, relaxing sleep. Not a bad thing!


"Perfect! Peach tea, raspberry tea. I'll make pouches and some of them I'll surprise you?" Now this'll be fun. This she can do and it's quick, fun and easy. She's got the plants for it. She nods once, decisively. Definitively. "Trading partners."

Hey, tea works as well. Quinton frowns, shaking his head, "Trap pit…" Pale green eyes roll, and he'll look over the books again while the girls discuss what kinds of tea to make. He'll even go so far as to crack one of the spanish books open.

"Yeah, I don't speak Spanish, besides ya know saying I don't speak Spanish, and those few words learnt on Sesame Street and Dora when I was little." Nora says to Quinton "But if you find any books in Mandarin I'm willing to take them off your hands." ya know, just in case an all "Well glad to see you lived to see another day." she is sincere in that at least. A smile is beamed at Harmony "As long as it isn't jumping out at you surprises I can hang with that "How is everybody else around here. Everybody still kicking?"

Harmony looks across at Quinton as he starts going through the spanish books. "Do you ready Spanish?" Always learning more!

It's back to Nora reasonably soon after, and her tones are still warm and conversational. "Lavender, Quinton had mentioned. It helps a body sleep. Relaxes muscles for a good night's sleep. I've got that, too. But tea?" Green eyes lift to the sky as she considers all of the various concoctions she can make with the herbs she has available to her. Once they drop again, she makes an 'x' across her chest with a free hand. "Swear, nothing will jump out at you."

As to the news of the camp, the hippie smiles. "We have a doc now. And Quinton's sister is here. A sheriff, too, but I haven't met him yet."

Quinton chuckles, nodding. Not that he thinks he'll find mandarin, but one never knows. Without looking up from the book he mutters back, "…French and Latin…" What a nerd. He finally looks up, but just nods to Harmony's words. All is well. Well, as much as anyone can be.

"Oh yeah, I met the doctor when he was dealing with that girl that was found. She survive?" Nora didn't stick around much longer after she was found, so has no idea. "Ya know where I would find Linc?" she asks looking between the pair. "I don't have any troubles sleeping. After walking or paddling eight to ten hours a day it's more like the opposite." she can't help but grin at Quinton and the books, no longer thinking that it might have been a mistake to have him hold them for her. Especially if it gets her granola!

"She did, as far as I know," Harmony nods her head. "Was really close for a little bit."

Harmony catches the muttering, and she gives him a bright smile. French! It sounds so lovely, even if she doesn't speak it. Poetry in French? She'll ask about that- later.

She returns her attention to Nora, and a laugh follows. "Okay, I get that. It's probably more for people who just can't turn their brains off. You know, lying in bed and having all those thoughts running through."

Looking between the two girls, Quin smirks. Maybe he should trying walking for 8 hours…oh wait. He usually does. The book is closed again, before he gets too involved. "..How…" He motions to the backpack Nora's pulled ht stuff out of and then jerks his hand towards the camping part of the Camp. "Tent?"

"Oh good, maybe I'll go say hi to her." if Nora can find her "I'm alone with my thoughts all day." she's alone most of the time all she has is her thoughts to keep her company "I've learnt to shut my brain off when I need to." for her own mental health really. "I have a tent." she nudges the pack with a toe. "It's really small and in a compression sack so it packs down to about," she indicates with her hands something the size of a large small mini-watermelon, "that size. Sleeping bag too." she answers the part she understands, not worry about what she doesn't.

"I have no idea where Lincoln is," Harmony answers a bit belatedly. "I haven't seen him around much, but that's not hard for me. I'm usually out here," and she points to the garden with the rake still in hand, "or in the kitchen." Or at her tent, tending her own personal herbs. "But you should come out here more often. It'd be good for everyone." At least that's her view on the matter!

Funny, Harmony sees Quin's comment to Nora differently. "I think I should probably go and get my work done in the garden before I don't want to. Nora, I'm pretty sure he's asking you back to the tents so he can repay you? Shower you in granola?" The last bits are given with a bright smile. "Finishing the trade." Does she speak Quinton? She'll find out!

Quinton actually meant neither of what the woman assumed but he nods to both responses. Good to know she found a small, durable one, and yes, he could give her the granola now, if Nora would like. He smirks thigh, "Not enough to..shower…sorry." If only he had //that much!

"He's probably off tinkering with something. I'll catch him at mealtime this evening." as long as he is alive Nora isn't going to worry about his current whereabouts. "I get here plenty thanks." a couple of days every couple of weeks is good with her. She likes the nomadic life, it's not much different from her pre-alien life really. "Yeah?" she questions as Harmony tries to interpret but then she nods "Well I don't want to keep you from doing what ya need." but she has enjoyed the breif conversation she has had with the older woman "I think I would prefer a real shower really. Granola would be a little /to/ exfoliating." she looks to Quinton "I'm ready to head to trade stuff when you are." though she is find staying here talking to the pair as well

Harmony does have her chores to do still! She's behind now, not that she'd rush anyone away. She likes people. "Probably," she agrees easily. When Quinton's joke seeps down, Harmony turns and laughs at the humor. "Okay, okay. Not enough…" and when Nora picks up on it? Another laugh sounds. "Leaves your skin feeling tingly?"

Harmony takes a step away, now, towards the rows and furrows. "If you're good with that, I do need to weed still."

Quinton's not blind, and sees that both woman are having a nice time talking. "Stay…we…." He motions between everyone , "have time." His nose wrinkles at the idea of rubbing granola over his body. Gross.

"Having never showered in granola I wouldn't know, but I would imagine tingly wouldn’t be it..at least not in a good tingly way." Nora makes a face granola showers no thanks. She'll stick to eating granola "All the time in the world. I certainly don't have a date to keep." or chores to do, just trades to make and those can be done later, after she has time to sort out all her stuff.

Harmony is having a nice time and a nice chat! What she really wouldn't mind is a just a single, girls night in… it's missed. But right now? There's no one. "You've never had an oatmeal bath? Oatmeal soap?" She clucks her tongue and shakes her head. "Facial?" Her gaze moves between the pair and exhales as she looks back at Nora. "It's not bad."

Harmony does have time, but later. If she doesn't get her chores done, it means twice as much work tomorrow, and the potential of spoiling in the fields! And with food, it's not a good thing. "I know, but if I don't get it done now?" she tells Quinton. Taking a deep breath, it's resolve, and she does have to get to work!

"Nora, thank you for the shawl. I'll have an assortment of tea ready for you tonight. Just let me know if you like sweet, minty or…" Harmony turns to Quinton and leans in to give him a quick peck on the cheek before she's headed out to the fields. The red blush of the tomatoes are easily seen against the brown fields, the greens of the cucumbers, the yellows of the squashes…

Quinton seems unsure what to do wight eh cheek kiss. so he freezes, a little like a startled deer, and then watches Harmony walk away. Slwoly his eyes drift to Nora and he sighs. "Want now?" Again he motions towards the direction of his tent.

Harmony gets a wave from Nora as she walks off to garden "I'll find ya later." she then turns to Quinton and nods "Sure thing." she crouches down to get the pack back on, hefting it with a bit of an oof "Dang feels heavier than it did…and it's a few pounds lighter!" of course she has been carrying for days, "Lead the way cheif." maybe he'll like that nickname better "Find anything good lately?" she asks to make conversation as they walk.

The books are shifted in his arms and Quin will start walking. His step is a little slower than usual. "…Fur Coats?…" Not too much, he's been laid up lately. He doesn't at least make a face at that nickname. Or it didn't sink in yet.

Nora makes a face "That's awful." she shakes her head "I found a few of those, but left them behind. Animals need their coats a lot more than we do." she's anti-fur, pro-animal apparently "I found some decent stuff, but most of it I had to leave behind, I couldn't carry it in my pack." she falls into step, grateful that he is going slow. "I can mark a few places on a map of you want to go check it out yourselves. Shouldn't be that bad a trip with the truck…you all still have the truck right?"

Quinton will wisely just keep his mouth shut then. He nods, "Yes." To both the map and truck. he'll reach up, and because he's bring attention to it by rubbing it, a decent sized limb can be seen on the back of his head. "Like what?"

"Ya know, the usual stuffs. Canned food, cleaning supplies, clothes." Nora starts listing things "There was one house I went into that had all antiques. I don't think there was anything in that house less than hundred years old. It was like going through a museum. Kinda creepy really. Had all these porcelin dolls in glass cabinets and those victorian era pictures in frames all over the place." she gives a shudder "Gave me the creeps."

Quinton frowns, head tilted, "Antiques?" Antique stuff might still work, where modern doesn't. He nods, encouraging her to keep talking, "Dolls…can be….unsettling…" He doesn't ask if they were pics of dead people or not. He's assuming Nora doesn't know about that tradition, and it'll just creep her out if he points it out.

"Tons. Probably more than I saw really. I stuck to the first floor. It was a huge house..more of a mansion really. Three floors, multiple buildings, a pool." Nora shrugs "Maybe it was a musuem. It didn't have any signage though. I didn't get past the first floor, all those dolls and pictures just creeped me out." no she doesn't know that tradition nor does she want too. "I'll mark it as well on a map. Can't hurt to have a look really." as long as she isn't doing it.

Quinton nods, he's definitely interested. Maybe they can find somethings to actually use. "Come on…granola…hoodie…" He'll get her set up.

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