(2015-08-21) Freak Outs in First Aid
Freak Outs in First Aid
Summary: Just a few small ones.
Date: 8.21.2015
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First-Aid Building

This is the first stop for the ill and injured. Hopefully it won't the last. The first large room is divided in half by a long counter. On one side is the waiting area, while the other is where all the action happens. This place wasn't designed to deal with serious trauma so the newest occupants have had to make do. There are no exam tables, just cots and chairs for patients. The cabinets that line the wall are at least full of necessary medical things. There is a few smaller rooms, including a bathroom and a bedroom for the medic on duty. There is a certain antispetic smell that lingers in the air.

A few days ago two new patients were brought to the First Aid Building, Quinton, who suffered extensive bruising and a mild concussion and who is not present at the time, and Piper. Piper was the really injured one, with part of a thick spear impaling her calf and lodged into the bone it took some time to get it out and the splinters. Thankfully she was unconscious at the time. At best she is a difficult patient, flinching anytime, well anyone tries to touch her, especially if that said person is male. Fortunately there has always been someone around when the doctor visits, usually Bea who is good at keeping the woman calm, so freak outs have been at a minimum.

At this hour she is alone, because of her tendency to disappear without a trace she usually has someone with her, guess they went to the bathroom, or to get her food. She relaxes in her cot, leaning against the wall the head of her cot is against. Injured leg stretched out before her, the other bent upward slightly supporting a thick, well-worn book which she is reading.

It was about this time that Elijah made his entrance, the door to the First Aid Building opening and shutting behind him. His satchel was over his shoulder, strap across his chest. Making his way across the room, he looks around to see that nobody seems to be here…or at least not visible. Aside from his patient. A kind smile is given to Piper, the young man not going near her cot at the moment and speaking in a gentle tone. "Hello, Piper."

He had learned quickly enough of the girl's 'skiddish' behavior, not having seemed upset or caught off guard by it. He wanted to make sure she stayed calm and, most importantly, felt safe. After all, what kind of doctor would he be otherwise? "That looks like it must be an excellent book…" given its worn condition. Either that or somebody REALLY hated it!

The page is flipped and the woman looks up as the door opens. Any expression she had or was going to have shifts immediately to that deer in headlights countenance as her dark eyes stare at the doctor across the room. Despite his mentioning of it the book, apparently one on herbology, is forgotten, though now she has a white knuckle grip on the top of it. If she isn't careful she may just damage the book even more and boy would Harmony be pissed. She doesn't say anything of course. She doesn't talk, some say she's mute, others claim she can talk but just doesn't. Selective mutism is a thing, and she has it.

Elijah continues across the room, noting Piper's reaction though. He didn't say anything else for now, hoping to not add to her panic. Getting to one of the tables, he removes his satchel, setting it up on the table and searching through it before withdrawing a pen and notebook. He starts writing something on one of the pages, humming a bit as he does so…something classical.

Her eyes stay locked on him, fear dilating her pupils as she watches him go to the table, her head moving as needed. Her eyes begin to tear up from not blinking. That's some intense starring there. It takes a bit for the humming to get past the fear that clogs her mind, but she isn't humming along or relaxing just yet, there is just a subtle shift in expression, she's listening.

Elijah continues the humming of the classical tune…increasing it to be a little louder, but keeping the even beat of it. Yep, definitely Mozart. With the humming, he continues writing in the notebook, for a few minutes, before he finishes. Keeping the notebook open to its current page, he pushes the pen into the spiral binding on the edge for safe keeping. Then, taking a nearby wheely-chair, he sets the notebook face down on it. Without missing a beat, Elijah keeps the hum going before pushing the chair gently towards Piper's cot as he walks by…but still keeping a distance enough away from it. As the chair moves to the girls' cot, the doctor continues back to the table he had previously been at…still humming, looking back at some work he had gotten out of his satchel.

Oh gawd he's moving! Piper draws her knees up as far as can, which isn't real far considering her baby belly is in the way. The book still forgotten, pressed into her stomach now. Piper may have been listening before but that is gone as the chair comes wheeling toward her. Even though she is expecting it she isn't exactly in a rational frame of mind so when it bumps into her cot she lets out a terrified shriek as if she expects it to attack her or something.

Quinton's having a nice slow-his head jerks as he hears Piper's sheik an he goes darting towards the First aid building. The adrenaline surge block out the complaints from his back and head. Instinctually his gun is pulled as well, Quin knows he's not a fist to cuffs kinda guy. The door is shouldered though (A later ouch), and Quin's gun is leveled at the person closest to Piper…and then immediately moves along with his eyes to scan the room, "What's wrong?!?"

With Piper's shriek, Eli lets out a small yell of his own, not expecting it. Jumping slightly, his hip hits the table, causing papers and pens to scatter to the floor and the doctor to yelp again in pain. He doesn't even seem to register Quin entering until the young man says something. "I'm sorry…it's my fault…"

With a hand on his hip, pressing against the pain, Eli looks over to Quin "I was trying to not startle her. I failed…horribly…" His gaze goes back to Piper, "I'm sorry. The notebook…I just needed to ask you…but didn't want to come too close." How was he supposed to know she didn't even like chairs near her? Owww!

The doctor yelling, Quinton bursting in brandishing a weapon. It's all enough to surprise the terrified Piper out of her flight or fight response for enough moments for a modicum of rationality to slip in and realize who it is. Now she has another worry, but she doubts Quinton would actually shoot the doctor. Her gaze, still full of apprehension, darts between the two as she gives a staggered breath.

Quinton stays tense, scanning the room with a frown, but his gun lowers. Finally he just turns and looks at Piper, half questing if she's ok, half a WTF look. Finally he sighs, the gun slipping back into the back of his jeans and then he grimaces. His back and head are catching up to the quick movement. "Doc's ok, Maggie…He's not gonna hurt you."

Elijah finally manages to stand up fully, moving his hand back to push his chair under the table before looking to Piper. "I'm sorry…I'm…so sorry." Looking back to Quinton then, his concern turns to the young man. "Need me to check your injuries? Did you pull something?"

Well clearly she is not okay, but she isn't in that terrified state she was moments ago. The woman sits on her cot, knees drawn up as far as the can go. Elijah is to the side of the room and Quin is near the door. Piper is now staring at Quinton, but apparently she has no fear of him like the doctor. She gives a nod to the poet, holding out her hand to him as she shifts her gaze to the doctor and then to the book on the chair, which she reaches for with her other hand to look at what is written there.

Quinton was in at the same time as Piper originally. But the man seems to have checked himself out. He had a few bruised ribs, which are wrapped, and just some super bad bruising on his back from the fall, And the concussion. There was that too. Quin just slowly shakes his head, "No…just sore…I'm ok." He seems rather with it today, compared to last time doc looked at him. Unsure what else to do, he'll move over towards Piper, although he just sits down next to her. One hand goes to rub the back of his neck, the other braces against the cot. "I don't think I've moved that fast all week."

Elijah nods to Quinton, seeing him sit by Piper…and seeing Piper take the notebook. Hopefully things were settled now and his original plan would work. Even if it was more disastrously than expected. Note to self. Don't use chairs. At least the humming worked. Eli starts gathering things that had been scattered to the floor, picking them up and placing them back on the table.

Piper is scanning the notebook in her hand, reading the questions that are written out on it. She shifts, making room for Quinton next to her, both barefeet going to the floor. Another one that /never/ wears shoes. She's clearly not afraid of the poet, despite his volatile entrance. While she is still apprehensive, the arrival of someone trusted and familiar has calmed her considerably. She briefly rests her head on his shoulder, before beginning to answer the questions on the page.

Quinton glances at the notebook, but he's figuring it's all medical questions. It would be smart, anyway. they could use records. What is someone's allergic to peanuts or bees stings or…other stuff? Normally he'd offer help to the doc, but the idea of bending over doesn't sit well with his back. He's got a few days stubble happening, maybe it because of his back, or maybe he's just being lazy. "As soon as I feel up to it, I'm gonna start scavenging again, doc…anything you need specifically?"

A smile lifts at the corners of his mouth as Eli sees Piper writing in the notebook. Then, with Quinton's question, the doctor looks to him and shakes his head. "If you do find any medical stuff though I definitely won't reject it…but I think we are good for now. Thank you…and let me know if you need any more medicine for your pain."

Yes, it's all medical questions and Piper answers them quickly at first. About halfway through she starts to slow down, taking her time in answering with furrowed brow. On one she starts to set the book down in her lap and notices she still has the herbology book there. It is set aside carefully then she presses a hand to the side of her stomach, trying not to elbow Quinton in the process. Checking something maybe. She then goes back to answering the questions. As she does this the other two are largely ignored.

*THUNK!* A simple wooden arrow streaks through the air, and embeds itself in the wall. A squirrel promptly tears through the room, chattering up a storm. "Come here, lunchmeat!" Terry leaps out of the bushes, face decked out in camo paint. He's wearing a pair of beige outdoor shoes, khaki shorts (with pockets, lots of pockets), and a khaki tanktop that shows off his physique. A crude headband/sweatband made of cloth is tied around his head, "blinged out" with branches, and his face is covered in various hues of earth, a crude camo/warpaint. "I SAID.. COME. HERE." He draws a bead on lunch.

Quinton shakes his head, "I'm ok…just sore. no need to waste pain meds…" They may need them later. He worries about winter. Piper shifting gets his attention, but then he brings it back to Doc, "I'll be able to find-" and then sn arrow is about equal on the alert scale as Piper screaming. Adrenaline is Quin's friend! The poet grabs his gun and falls to one knee, aiming at the door. Dixie will be so proud, some of her training stuck. "What the fuck…"

Elijah jumps yet again as Terry makes his grand entrance. Nerves of steel! However, seeing the drawn weapon, he barely has time to register the squirrel, before he goes into protect mode. He does not stand directly in front of the bed Piper and Quin are on due to Quin drawing his weapon, but does step between it and the entrance enough to be ready to block an attack…should one happen. He lets Quin focus on Terry, gaze going to Piper to make sure she doesn't panic or get in the way and possibly hurt even worse than she already was.

Satisfied with her answers to all the questions, Piper sets the notebook and clips the pen back in place and sends the chair rolling back across the room to the doctor. One would think that after the scare she just had she would be screeching and jumping in Quinton's lap, but nope. She watches as the arrow soars past and thuds into the wall and that over protective instinct kicks in. She knows where the poet keeps his gun and starts to reach for it but he is a few seconds faster than her and her hand meets air as he goes to the floor. Plan B then…she has no plan B, not when she has been stripped of her weaponry and she can't get up without help. She doesn't look happy, but she isn't freaking out. Gawd is she weird.

Collins blinks, losing his focus on the squirrel. He then notices the weapon coming out. "Whoa, hey, hey! I was just trying to hunt down some lunch. Don't shoot." He switches his grip, allowing the crude bow to hang off of his left thumb, while he puts his hands up, palms out. "Friendly." Beat. "Sorry for the alarm bells, folks." Hands still up, bow hanging off his thumb.

Quinton holds the gun on the man, not recognizing him, and baffled by not only his appearance, but his reasoning, "Lunch?…You shot into a building for lunch?" Finally the gun is lowered, but not put away. He's not trained for this, although his natural reflexes are fast. The poet's breathing is accelerated slightly, and he'll glance first at the doc and then Piper to see if either recognize Rambo. From his position on the floor, the twisting of his back has him wince. He may accept some of the doc's pain meds after all….

Elijah 's heart finally stops racing enough and his mind processes the surroundings. The voice…and if he looked through the dirt and attempt at camo enough…was that the man from last night? "Terrance!?" Eli's form seems rigid and tense for a moment before, taking a breath, he exhales and clears his throat. He then speaks, tone level but still holding some of that tension. "This is a medical facility…not a hunting ground…please set your weapon down completely and…don't get mud…on anything…" Oh God the contamination! It was everywhere!

Piper stares at the newcomer, her lack of alarm should be clue enough that he is at least recognized. It's clear though that she isn't pleased at his entrance and he would probably be nursing a gunshot wound if Quin hadn't been faster. She'll blame the pregnancy for that one. Reaching out she takes Quin's hand to get his attention and nods at him, her expression softening to her "it's okay" one.

The weapon is set down, gently. Terry glances around. "Damn. Hospital, right. Contamination no bueno.." He winces, clearly displeased with himself for having contaminated a healing area. "Damn, damn, damn.." He mutters to himself, moving to step back out. "Sorry, folks. Again."

Rambo has a name, that's a good sign. Pale eyes look over at Piper again when she touches Quin's hand and he sighs, finally letting some of the tension out of his body. Instead of standing up, he just plops down on his but, right on the floor, and softly asks, "I think maybe I could use some pain meds, doc…"

It's a good thing Quin gets Eli's attention when he does, the doctor looking back at him quickly and lofting a brow. "Hrm? Oh…yes. Absolutely…here…let me help you get back on the bed at least. With a soft surface. Then I'll get you some." He offers an arm and hand to help Quinton up.

As Quinton drops himself to sit on the floor, Piper drops a hand to his shoulder, a calming touch, or at least it is meant to be, she maybe projecting, she might not, sometimes she can't tell. Elijah gets a look when he comes over to help Quinton up but she has had to many ups and downs in a short period to time so she doesn't flinch at his getting near her. She is paying little attention to the Ramboesque Terry who is standing in the doorway.

"Anything I can do to make up for the whole 'Rambo' thing? Totally mea culpa, won't happen again." Terry glances around to the contamination, mentally kicking himself again. "I'll clean this up, too." Dammitdammitdammit.. Totally not endearing himself to his companions.

Quinton takes a few deep breaths, and will the ext rend a hand for Eli to help hism stand up. He manages to keep any noise down to a low grunt of pain, and his free hand , with the gun briefly touches where the bandages wrapped around his torso would be. "Just…something for my head…"He lets the doc lead him to sit wherever. He looks at Terry again, trying to get a feel for the man maybe, but will let Eli answer about the dirt in the room…And then frowns looking around….wasn't there a squirrel?

Elijah just leads Quin enough to get back to the bed, letting him sit down and then looking to Piper over Quin's shoulder and giving a reassuring smile. "He will be fine…but help him stay sitting up ok? Thank you." She seemed to be calmer now so hopefully that wouldn't set off another episode. With that taken care of, Eli moves over to his bag to get some medicine from it, hearing Terrance. "Don't beat yourself up about it…things…happen. Just worry about getting the bulk of it up and don't do it again. I can take care of the more details cleaning after. And the squirrel…" His brow furrows. How was he going to catch a squirrel? Oy.

Terry leaves his homemade bow on the ground for now, and instead steps outside to remove his shoes so he doesn't exacerbate the situation. Off comes the shirt (you're welcome), too. He figures he should leave his pants on, since those are just slightly dusty, his boots having taken the worst of the dirty damage, and Doc doesn't need the women-folk passing out on him. Terry reaches for a broom, dustpan, anything that might help to rectify the mess he made, and sets to work.

The woman nods to the doctor, the first time she has acknowledged him beyond her looks of terror from earlier. Perhaps she has another weakness as well. Nope no episodes from her. Piper lifts her hand to rub his back but remembers the bruises and how they still bother him she drops her hand to his arm instead, resting it there. If he leans on her fine, if not she isn't going to push. Though she won't let him topple if that starts to happen. Finally her eyes go to Terry, blinking in surprise at the camo paint and the sticks and stuff that he uses to blend in.

Quinton's right here, he can hear Eli well enough. A small frown, but his head hurts too much to really complain about it. He doesn't lean, that would hurt his torso too much. He's not toppling, just in pain. It happens. Quin keeps an eye on Terry not sure what to make of the painted man. "What-" Quin changes his question, "How long have you been at camp?"

"Checked in yesterday. Sonny and I go back a ways…" Terry responds. Sweepsweepsweep, scrapescrapescrape, cleancleanclean and whatnot. "How about I rustle up some vittles to repay you folks for your hospitality? Make up for the whole "squirrel" incident, and the mess.. I make a mean burger."

Elijah grabs the medicine, bringing it back over and offering some to Quinton, along with water. "Here you go. Make sure to let me know if any of the existing pain escalates or if there is any new pain that wasn't there before…in areas it wasn't before."

Now that everything is calmish, and crisis is averted, Piper glances at Quinton as he downs the pills and offers him a brief smile, though when she looks to either the Doc or Terry it's just stoic face. The latter of which gets little of her attention, shirtless or not. It appears his attractiveness does little for her, maybe because as attractive as he is she is equally so, (maybe even more) at least from the chest up and hips down.

"And…there we go." Terry says, setting the tools aside and dusting off his hands. "Done." He may not be an OCD neat-freak, but he *is* USMC neat-freak, so there's that. He glances to the gathered folks, wondering if his earlier question, about food, was heard.

Piper heard it, but what is she going to do, at no point since Terry burst in has she made a single noise or even opened her mouth to talk. Clearly she can hear, she has reacted to conversation but hasn't done much participation in it beyond a nod here and there. The question does bring her attention from doting on the poet zoning beside her to Terry and she casts her glance around and quickly lifts her hand to point at the arrow still lodged in the wall.

Sergeant Collins glances to the arrow, and moves to take it down from the wall. "I can, er, fix that.." He tucks it away, and goes about gathering the rest of his heretofore discarded gear. "Or I can just go, if you prefer."

The woman watches him fetch the arrow from the wall, but shows no appreciation of it. She's not at all like the woman she was accompanied with yesterday, who seemed to like what the man had to offer. Once the arrow is out she glances at Quinton again to see if the meds are helping. Picking up her herbology book once more she leans once more against the wall stretching her legs out behind the poet. Another look at Terry and then a shrug as if she didn't care one way or the other and then focuses on her book, leaving him to the attentions of the other two men. Yes, she is going to be a difficult one.

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