(2015-08-22) Antique Mansion Finds
Antique Mansion Finds
Summary: Nora gives Quinton a lead that actually works out!
Date: 8.22.2015
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The last time they went this far away from camp for scavening it didn't end well. Not only did they meet more of the Kamo Kids (thanks Kayla), but they encountered one of the leaders. Someone died after as a result. It was a very stressful outting. Successful yes, but it didn't do the nerves any good. It's about an hour drive and once more it is being done at the crack of dawn, at least it's light enough outside where headlights aren't needed. The good thing here is that the CD player in the truck works, the bad news there are only two available CDs, Kansas and Queen. Driver picks the music so Queen is currently filling the cab with is classical rock tunes. The other bad news is the cab only seats three comfortably so either someone is in the bed of the truck or there is a lot of freindliness or lap sitting going on.

Quinton's been quiet this morning, nodding along with the music as he carefully drives, paying attention to not only the road, but as much of the distance as he can. Last trip was rough, he'd rather not repeat. "Go over the….house again." That's directed at Nora. He got the low down, but isn't sure if the rest have. Quin's backpack is empty besides a few granola bars, water bottles and some basic first aid stuff. So it's in the lap of whoever is sitting next to him.

"Rambo" (Terry) is riding in the bed of the truck, getting a feel for various shooting positions, for later: seated, prone, supine, etc. Eventually he returns to a seated position, and leans against the cab. "Hey! D'you know where you're going, or are we just out driving, and we stop whenever? I mean, wherever's fine with me, but I'm curious, that's all." He has a baseball cap on today, brim flipped around to cover his neck, in addition to his usual wifebeater, cargo pants, and shoes. Nothing military, except *maybe* the olive drab color.

Holden is sitting quietly in the passenger seat. He's got one hand on the Oh Jesus handle, the other gripping his lap belt. He glances over at Quinton every few minutes, unsure if the autistic kid should be allowed to drive. He swallows, and then tries to make conversation. "Um…" He furrows his brow, "You know Queen did the theme to the Transformers cartoon movie? Not the Michael Bay crap, but the cartoon movie from 1986." He glances back at the road, then to Quinton again. "That was Orson Welles last movie. The voice of Unicron." He shakes his head, "Greatest director of all time, and he goes out on a cartoon voice." He rides another minute, "You know, Queen also did the theme to the Highlander TV series?" He looks at Quinton. "There can be only one…?" Looking desperately for any sign of recognition…

Nora has been to this place before, she's the one that provided the intel on it actually, so it falls to her to act as navigator. She's guided them pretty much a straight southern shot from Fremont. And she is find with friendliness as long as it doesn't get grabby "I know exactly where I am going." she says through the open window between the cab and the truck bed. "It's near a golf course." she points to the town they are coming up too. It's not much bigger than Fremont. "You'll have to go around town though. To many cars clogging the streets to get through." she glances down at her map, then back up at the road "Turn left in about a mile. You'll know where." she looks to Holden as he speaks "Is that the one with the dude running around chopping heads off?"

Nora gets a nod, "Are there any streets clear close to it, or do we need to…hoof it?" That's not what he meant, so he'll share with the others, "It has…stuff…antiques we might be able to use…" In theory, none of the aliens EMP bombs should affect it. Quin glances over at Holden, debating and then giving him a small nod, "Yeah, but if you gotta go out doing a voice, one on Transformrs is the way to go.."He then adds in, "I always preferred Touch of Evil…" He follows Nora's directions. He apparently doesn't know anything about Highlander, so he just shrugs, but beheadings are always fun, right?

"Highlander is awesome. Top Gun is awesome-r, though. HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!" Terry belts out, gleefully, miming holding a microphone as he throws up 'the horns'. "Yeah, baby!" Feel that adrenaline.

Terry leaves, heading towards the TP Hub [O].

Holden nods at Nora, "Yup." And then he shouts, not really singing, "HEEEERRRRE WE ARRRRE. THE PRINCES OF THE UNIVEERRRRRRRSE!" And then he shouts some kind of guitar riff and plays air guitar for a moment. He laughs, and then furrows his brow at Terry, "Top Gun? Really? That's like, the greatest homoerotic film ever made. I mean, if you like guys playing volleyball half naked and hugging each other, sure." He shrugs, "Whatevs."

"The side streets are clear enough to get through." Nora answer as she guides the way indicating when and where to turn. "Lotsa antiques. And a bunch of creepy dolls and old pictures that follow you are when you move." she teen gives a shudder then replies to Holden, "My dad made me watch that one, the lead guy was cute." but apparently besides the head chopping part and that she doesn't remember much of it. She grins "I like half-naked guys playing volleyball." well she is a girl.

Quinton considers just shutting off the cd, cause really. Although Holden's comment on Top Gun gets a snort and then cough trying to cover up the laugh.Thankfully Nora brings the topic back to the House, "Besides maybe a doll or two for the girls," If there's any non creepy ones, that is. "We should stick to things we can't get anywhere else."

Terry arrives from the TP Hub.

"Hold your tongue, heathen!" Terry gasps, pointing indicatively at Holden. "Top Gun is one of the most awesome movies ever made. It ranks right up there with Speed, Above the Law, Highlander, and Kung-Pow: Enter the Fist." He rolls his eyes, and settles into his seat at the back of the truck.

Holden stares at Terry for a long moment. "Speed?" He shakes his head, and turns back to face the windshield, "You're dead to me." He folds his arms over his chest and sighs.

As Nora acts as guide through the street that leads around a lake and past the golf course she mentioned the neighborhood gets very upscale. Sprawling, gated peices of land, with huge mansions and what was once beutifully landscaped yards, now overgrown with weeds and unpruned shrubberies. Long driveways lead up to them most blocked with motorized gates.

The banter between Holden and Terry is ignored for the moment as Nora looks at the mansions as they pass, "That's the one Chief." she points to one, with enough time to let Quinton slow down and turn into the driveway. She does look at the gate blocking the drive. It's a pretty long walk, and if they are going to get big stuff, well they will have to get closer "Ya think there is a manuel override switch for the gate?"

Holden nods, "Yeah. Pull up to it. I'll get it." And just like that, he's unbuckling his seat belt. When the truck stops, he opens the door and hops out. Though, it's not really so much a hop, as his foot catches on the inside ledge and he falls out, landing on his stomach with an, "Oof." He shakes his head, slowly pushing up to his feet. He rubs his shoulder, the one that was burned recently, and just starts walking to the gate, not looking to see the others, a bit embarrassed.

Quinton slows the car, and as much as he'd like to participate in the conversation, he's more worried about bandits and army brats. He pulls to a stop, nodding towards Holden. But as the kid jumps out, he winces in sympathy before looking over his shoulder to Terry, "Go with him?" Everyone should have back up.

Terry 's already hopping out of the truck by the time Quinton speaks up. "On it." He moves to help Holden up, but the kid's already climbing to his feet. He heads off with Quinton, keeping his eyes peeled for anything shiny/valuable, or suspicious.

The teen girl winces when Holden derfs it, "That had to hurt." Nora says to Quinton as she watches the two men head up to the gate. "So anything specific you are looking for in there?" she glances at him "I assume not couches and loveseats, and other old furnishings." cause what would they do with that.

Quinton nods, agreeing. although he's still sore from the pit fall, so he's especially sympathetic. "Anything communication…or that can be helpful with survival, beyond what we have for camping…With winter coming…We should definitely make sure there's not anything in the kitchen for grinding stuff…" They're gonna have grains and corn and crap this fall, right? He then smirks, trying to keep half his attention on the road, the other on Holden and Terry, "I do love a good duvet though…" It's said flat be he quirks a small smile.

Holden reaches the iron gate. He smirks, "Only time ever it pays to be small…" he says to himself. The he turns sideways, sucks it in as much as he can, and shoves himself between the bars. He gets halfway, it's very tight even for his skinny frame, and then he catches. He furrows his brow, and then reaches into the pant pocket still outside the gate. Whatever is inside it is what's catching on the bar. He pulls out a red Emperor's Royal Guard action figure from Star Wars and hands it to Terry. "Hold this?" Assuming Terry takes it, he pushes the rest of the way through the gate. He looks to each side of the fencing for the metal box that holds the controls, and then walks along the gate out of view behind the large wall.

Terry holds position near the gate, and gingerly accepts the action figure, watching as Holden squeezes through and out of view. While Holden does whatever, Terry does a few stretches, limbering up for what's coming next, whatever it may be. He might be able to find some stuff here, too, just gotta know where to look, and/or have some luck on your side. "Come on, man, hurry it up." The soldier seems to have caught something of a second wind, or perhaps it's just nervous energy.

Nora hmmms "I'll admit I don't necessairly know what those kinda things are going to look like, Cheif." the watches as the window as the two guys out there do thier thing "Probably plenty of duvets upstairs though. All the duvets you can eat!" she jokes

Quinton chuckles softly. "I can eat more that you think…" Not that he usually does. "We'll stick together. Mayeb they have an antique war room or something you missed…" Please don't be a weirdo nazi fetish! He pauses briefly, eyes checking the street before he goes back to comment, "I'm sure they'll have stuff we can use."

Holden gets to the control box. Quite familiar with this kind of gate, he moves to the back side of it where the hand lever to release the chain's clutch is. He pulls it, there's a 'CLUNK' as the chain gear drops, and then he walks back over to the gate. Reappearing in view of the others, he wraps his two hands around the gate and just pushes, sliding it open until there's enough room for the truck to get in. He strikes a pose in the center of the driveway then. "The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner. Now? I am the master." He smirks.

Terry rolls his eyes as he begins heading toward the house. "Come on, 'Sifu'. Show us 'the way' around the house, and amaze us with your looting skill, yeah?" He chuckles. "First thing I'm going to do is raid the fridge!" He pats his stomach. "Maybe they have pie.." He mutters to himself.

Quinton drives the truck in, pulling up to the front door. The keys are stuffed into his front pocket and he starts to ask Nora how she got in, but she's already out the truck and moving around the back to slip in whatever way she did last time. And then there she is opening the front door for the boys. Quin hears the comment from Terry as the door opens and his nose wrinkles, "5 month old pie that's been sitting in a fridge? Dude…." His head shakes, "You will not be pleasant on the trip home…" Imagine the pit stops! As he walks by Holden he just nods, "Good job, Gavin." and in they go!

Holden tilts his head, looking disgusted, "Five month old pie…???" He looks at Quinton. "Thanks, Q-ball." He grins, standing there another moment proudly before realizing he's being left behind. He quickly jogs to catch up then.

Terry peers at his companions. "Food, when stored properly, can remain edible for months, depending on the ingredients used. Don't knock it 'til you try it." He rolls his shoulders in a shrug, and starts heading into the house. "But no, I didn't mean five-month-old pie. I figured they might have a fridge of food. If it hasn't been opened, it might still have some edible stuff in it."

Quinton just shrugs, and doesn't point out his thoughts on what the fridge is going to smell like. Maybe they have antique pie, what does he know. "ok…Communications, weapons, anything that could be helpful that doesn't require electricity…" He then adds, unless they ahem a book on how to make a windmill or something….Let's go. Stay within a room of each other…" He doesn't think there's anyone else int eh house, but it's better safe than sorry.

Holden enters the house. He begins to look around, and then shakes his head, "This is creepy." He pauses, looking at an old photo on the wall. "Someone… Someone LIVED here." He reaches up and takes the photo off the wall, blowing the dust off, and then just staring at the old woman in the picture. "…was it her…? Who was she?" He just stares, and doesn't look around at all, distracted.

Terry slips away into the kitchen, and cracks open the fridge. He immediately begins raiding the fridge, picking out two jars of pickles (mmm, pickles), and two cans of Mandarin oranges (yum!). He sets those out on the countertop, and sets to work on the rest of the room. After popping open a few drawers and cupboards, he comes up with a bottle of.. prenatal vitamins. Uh, okay. Beneath the cooktop, he discovers a small propane tank. Next to the cooktop, he spots a copy of 'Home Medical Library, Vol. II'. "Awesome," he mutters to himself, gleefully. It feels so liberating to be.. naughty.

Quinton listens to Holden, and then answers slightly distracted himself as he searches, "No…that's a Victorian Most-Mortem picture…they were super…trendy for a while.." Seems he can't get away from finding baby stuff, at least these are frilly and lacy baby pants. Fancy. And then in the kitchen with Terry. In one of the cabinets are some dried beans. not super exciting till winter and they're all starving. and then…jackpot! Three bottles of white wine. Quin whistles softly, nodding at the labels appreciably, "Nice." He seems to know a little bit about wine. They are also slipped into his backpack, a dishtowel or two wrapped around then to protect.

Holden stares at the image, repeating, "…post mortem… GAH!" And he tosses the photo onto the table. "That's sick." He then moves to the first doorway he sees, the bathroom. He begins looking in the cabinets, and he announces what he finds. "Diapers… Baby food…" He emerges, shaking his head, "Lots of baby crap." He moves to sit it with the other things they've found.

*Ding ding ding*! A case of beer is found in the fridge, though only four remain. Damn. Back to the cupboards. "Hm. Might be able to make some beer cheese, or maybe a good soup or stew, or chili, or something.." Terry ponders aloud, continuing to search, coming up with a bag of rice, and some wine. "Oh, nice.." He muses of the latter.

Quinton wanders out, looking around the first floor, it is creepy, Holden's right. While he doesn't find anything too useful, he picks up several of the dolls that don't radiate demon possession. There's 4 little girls back at camp that might like them. And a few of the dolly blankets are wrapped around them to ensure (hopefully) the heads won't get cracked as the back bag moves. Holden gets a nod, "Ok…that's needed. Check for a laundry basket…or…something…." He didn't think to bring a box to carry stuff.

Holden nods, "Sure sure…" He heads to look for a laundry room. He finds it, and spends a few minutes in there. There's the sound of cabinets opening. Closing. Stuff moving around. Then he shouts, "Man… We ain't found SHIT." He emerges from the laundry room carrying an empty plastic laundry basket. "Spaceballs," he announces, explaining his quote to anyone who cares as he returns to the kitchen with the others.

"Found some Oreos, a bottle of wine, and five jars of honey!" Terry calls out, finishing up his search of the kitchen. "All-in-all, a good day's work." He dusts off his hands, grinning. "Tonight, we feast like kings!"

Quinton wanders into a different groom, this one is definitely more a storage room. He's in there for a few minutes before, "Hell yes." Out he comes carrying a propane tank. "There's two kegs in there…it won't be any good…but I can brew in them even if it's gross…" He nods, giving a grin to both men, "Not every room has stuff." The honey gets an eyebrow raise, "That's great."

Holden hops up onto the counter, sitting. He watches the other two for a minute, and then he looks out the window into the back yard. He sighs, staring outside, "You all ever miss this stuff?"

Yes there are a lot of antique furnishings in the first two rooms, set up like a parlor and dining room. With porcelin dolls on display and other knick knacks including a nice fancy caligraphy pen set, and a few musical instruments on display. Between the rooms are stairs that lead downwards, as they were passed back and forth the fact that it was finished and furnished as well was easily noticable. (Go downstairs it practically screams)

While all the other guys search downstairs Nora has been doing her own searching around upstairs. There have been a few cheers of finding something good, but other than that silence. Finally though she comes down to join the others "Sounds like you guys find some good stuff too.

"Found a lot of fun stuff.. A propane tank, a book on medical stuff, two jars of pickles, a bottle of prenatal vitamins, two cans of Mandarin oranges, a mostly-empty case of beer, a bag of rice, two bottles of wine, five jars of honey, and a snack-pack of Oreos." Terry reports back. "Could use the rice as a hot-pack or a cold-pack. Love those." He grins, reminiscing briefly.

Quinton just nods, letting Terry list everything off. His backpack is shifted on his back. He does answer Holden, "All the time." The fancy pen set is grabbed, if no one else does, And then he asks, hooking his thumb towards the basement "Creepy basement?"

Holden shakes his head, "Nah. I'm good." Yeah, who wants to go in a creepy basement?

"Well a hot-pack at least…eating it is good too though. I think I would go with that one." the teen girl says as she glances down the stairs to the basement "I'm in Cheif." Nora begins to head down the stairs "Hey a pool table!"

Terry steps up next to Nora. Whatever jumps out at her will have to deal with him first. "I'm in, too. Someone's gotta keep an eye on this one." He nods, indicating Nora from above. "I volunteer as tribute." He says, hoping that doesn't sound creepystalkerish.

Quinton frowns, Terry's words are a little…weird. He just shakes his head and follows. "Can't fit a pool table on the truck." Well, can't carry a pool table up the stairs and then to the truck, anyway. He motions for Holden to follow them and heads down the stairs.

Holden sits there long enough that he's alone in the kitchen. He sits there. He looks over into the living the room and sees the post-mortem photo on the table. "I got a bad feeling about this…" He huffs and hops off the counter, hurrying after them. He follows them down the stairs.

The basement is large and seems like a mixture of victorian rec room, library and storage area. The pool table is actually a Snooker table, but only those really into the game would probably be able to tell the difference. There are a few small cast iron wood burning stoves, more decorative and useful. Books on various subjects, all old though and outdated as far as helpfulness goes. A gramophone sits on a small cabinet with a glass front door, old records for it inside. There is a display of WW II era things, maps, medals, a ham radio. As well a Civil War era things in another cabinet, including some old weaponry, bayonets, swords, antique rifles. Whoever owned the place was a war memorabilia buff, there are things from every war between the Civil War and Vietnam on display in glass cases and display cabinets.

Nora wanders around the large expanse of basement. Checking things out here and there. Most of this stuff holds little to no interest for her, so she just wanders over to the snooker table and hops onto to have a seat, swinging her legs back and forth "Any of this stuff do?"

Terry makes his way around the room, eyeballing things in an attempt to see if anything can be repurposed, if not used as is. He examines everything, popping open the cast-iron stoves and checking things out there as well. He then moves on to the weaponry, and almost squees with delight. Almost. In his mind. Not in reality. In reality, he just looks the gear over, takes it out of the display, and gets a feel for all of it, the guns especially. "Hot diggity.." He grins to himself.

<FS3> Terry rolls Search: Success.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Search: Success.

Quinton does the walk around as well, "If the stoves aren't too heavy…." He glances to all the weapons, "I guess…as much as we can grab of those…" he moves over to the gramophone… And opens the case, starting to gather the records. Entertainment is just a as important. Music will sooth the savage camper, right? Glancing to Nora, "Check the books for anything useful?"

Holden looks around and then he sighs. "I'm gonna go load up what we found upstairs." He turns and heads back up the stairs to do just that.

Given a specific job to do Nora slides off the table "On it Chief." apparently with her everyone gets nicknames as well, and Quinton's is chief. She begins to scan the bookshelves, "War history, war history, war history, biography, bio, Paradise Lost, bio, history, art book, art book, oh look more war history. Shakespeare." she recites outloud in case there is something there that anyone would actually be interested in.

<FS3> Terry rolls Body: Failure.

"I'll grab one of these stoves. Cook food, get some warmth going.." Terry double-times it over to one, and moves to pick it up.

Today's just not his day. He's got the form down, but for whatever reason — maybe there's some sort of magnet holding it down — he can't budge the thing. "Damn." He mutters.

<FS3> Nora rolls Body: Success.

As he finishes up dragging the Gramophone and records over to the pool table, he listens to Nora's list, "Unless it's a how to defeat aliens, no war books…He perks though walking towards her, "Shakespeare and the art books…history…" The poet eyes the book case and pulls a few books out, but the tilts his head, a curios look crosses his face and Quin hand reaches around to the left and he fumbles a moment before flipping a hidden switch. the book case, after a brief pause, slides, revealing a hidden passage way. Quin makes a surprised noise(Who wouldn't?) and says, "Holy shit!"

Nora glances over to see Terry having some difficulty with lifting one of the stoves, "They that heavy?" apparently not, she moves to where Terry is and after looking at the stove a moment crouches to wrap her arms around it and lifts it without to much trouble "I'll take this to the truck Buffy." she tells the man and heads to the stairs, mumbling something about old men and back trouble. She misses the discovery as she hauls the 'heavy' object up the stairs.

Terry glances up from his attempt to lift the stove just in time to see Nora lift it like nothing. He turns to Quin, also just in time, to see the hidden switch flip, and the bookcase flip open. "…Jinkies." He blinks in surprise, before realizing his back is just a bit sore from the failed lift attempt. Ow.

The passage way goes forward several feet before expanding into a room, then continues. Unlike the basement that has casement windows for light, it's dark as a cave down that passageway. Good thing there are hurricane lamps amoung the items on display.

Quinton stands there, blinking cause this is just surreal. But then, Quin grins. This is so much cooler than the other surreal shit that's happened to everyone. He turns, "I'm going in." It's not an exclusion, intact he grabs one lamp and then a second and offers it up to Terry. "Hopefully it's not a sex dungeon." they will not be bringing anything back if that's the case.

The teen girl returns to the basement just in time to hear the comment from Quinton "Sex what now…" she then sees the dark corridor and does the math "Have fun boys. I promise not to tell." she jokes and begins to take the things on the pool table up the stairs to the truck.

"Let's roll." Terry nods to Quinton, taking the lamp, lighting it, and heading in just a bit ahead of him.

Quinton lets Rambo go ahead with a small head shake. The poet follows, takes a slower pace to check the walls as he passes.

No it's not a sexy time dungeon, just a room that stores the more heavy artillery of a War memorabilia buff. Framed authentic pictures of famous war generals and heroes, some signed. More guns, even an old LAW, most pre-Vietnam era, though there are modern ones in the mix as well. More books, much like the other room, a cart with various bottles of alcohol and a few chairs around a table with a marble chess set, that seems to have been left in the middle of a game.

Terry walks into the room, lights another of the lanterns, and immediately zeroes in on the booze. Sweet baby Jesus yes. Come to papa. He begins checking the bottles over, visually assessing the contents, being VERY gentle with them so as not to drop the bottles, etc.

Quinton lets Terry look at the booze, he heads over and starts looking at the guns. He doesn't know much, but knows bigger is generally better. And the more they have the better. "we should…take most of this…" Sonny's gonna thing they raided a gun store!

Terry unslings the duffelbag he brought with him for just such an occasion, and starts transferring the delicious mood-enhancers from shelf to bag. Once his bag's full of booze, he moves over to the gun rack, and starts taking down guns. He doesn't take more than he can carry, of course. That would be silly.

"We can use the laundry basket for the rest, make a few…trips…" Quin knows this type of find won't happen very often. they need to clear it out, even if it's just so no one else can have it.

"How's it going in there guys?" Nora asks down the passage before wandering in "Fanboy and I got the truck loaded up with that we got so far and some other stuff that we thought would be useful" she glances around at all the weapons, her distaste clear "You guys nearly ready to go?"

Terry nods to Quin. "Where's the laundry basket?" He asks of Nora. "We could easily fill it, and just make a few trips, clear this place out. More for us."

Once Nora gets the basket, all 4 campers fill the truck with as much stuff as they can. It's one of the best hauls Quin's been on, besides maybe the mattress haul. As they leave, Quin makes sure to lock the door, just in case there's any other secret rooms filled with guns that they missed. He'd rather no one else finds that. Driving home he switches to Kansas. They may make it home before dark….maybe.

Scavenging Rolls

2 Propane tanks
2 Books - Home Medical Library, Volume II
2 Jars of Pickles
1 Prenatal Vitamins-half full
4 Cans Mandarin Oranges
1 Bag of Dried Beans
5 Bottles of White Wine
2 Baby Pants
1 Containers Protein Powder
1 Half a bag of Charcoal
1 Off Bug repellent
2 Reading Glasses
2 Cans of Condensed Milk
1 Cans Fruitcocktail
1 Syringes (New)
1 Powdered Chocolate Quik
1 Bottle of Vodka
5 Jars of Honey / Molasses
1 Snack size pack of Oreos
1 Granola bars
1 Partial tube of Antibiotic Ointment
2 Kegs of Beer (skunky)
4 Cans of Beer
1 Bags of Rice
1 1/2 Pack Diapers
1 Boxes Baby Cereal
Weapons (Pre-Vietnam guns, swords, knives)
LAW (No Ammo)
Gramophone w/Records
Ham Radio
Old cast iron wood burning camp stoves (For heat)
Calligraphy set
Musical Instruments (Violin, Quena, Mandolin, Zither)

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