(2015-08-22) Making the Doctor Cry
Making the Doctor Cry
Summary: Shouldn't Piper be the one crying?
Date: 8.22.2015
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First-Aid Building

This is the first stop for the ill and injured. Hopefully it won't the last. The first large room is divided in half by a long counter. On one side is the waiting area, while the other is where all the action happens. This place wasn't designed to deal with serious trauma so the newest occupants have had to make do. There are no exam tables, just cots and chairs for patients. The cabinets that line the wall are at least full of necessary medical things. There is a few smaller rooms, including a bathroom and a bedroom for the medic on duty. There is a certain antispetic smell that lingers in the air.

It was still early in the afternoon, a bit after lunch, and the building was coming along nicely. Eli had recently taken out the decent sized trash pile he had gathered from all the papers and other supplies/equipment that were either of no use or not in good enough shape to be used. However, it seemed another pile was already taking it's place in a box he had set by one of the desks.

His own empty plate still set on his desk, left over from lunch and proving that yes he had in fact made sure to eat! Currently, the doctor is seated in a chair by one of the filing cabinets, a pile of papers on his lap…a larger pile in a box on the floor beside him and a smaller pile on another nearby desk.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Stealth -2: Good Success.

Harmony promised, she promised that she'd have herbs by. Thankfully she's got more growing because now that there's a doc in residence, her current supply isn't as large as she'd like it to be. When things dry out, it doesn't look half as much as it did while still in the ground. (Other things can't be dried out, or … and the list goes on.)

But, there are now potted plants around the infirmary. Only a couple are in flower, but they all seem pretty healthy, their leaves a healthy shade of green, courtesy of the local green-thumb. She wipes her hands by rubbing them together, and sets out some of the jars that she's scavenged from under cabinets. "Okay. You've got some antiseptic for hands here," and a hand gestures towards the item in a Vanna White style, "and some stuff that works pretty much like Neosporin here." Another jar.

After being confined to the First-Aid building for what is going on three days, Piper had to get out for a some fresh air and visit with her wards. Sure they pop into visit but are rambunctious so staying long isn't an option. She is returning now though, hobbling in on crutches neither the cushioned ends of the wooden walking aids or her own barefeet making a sound on the floor. She gazes around, nothing that it looks a lot nicer than it did when she left, smells fresher too. Plants are wonderful for that.

"Thank you, Harmony…I really appreciate your help. I know the others do too." Furrowing a brow down at some of the papers in his hand, he hesitates…finally throwing all but two of the sheet into the 'trash pile'. "I almost forgot how tedious paperwork was…" Eli gives a small laugh, "Oddly nostalgic though. Not to mention I've been finding some helpful notes and books we can keep and use…" Whether he was just not observant or too absorbed in his paper sorting, the doctor did not notice the sneaky gimpy Piper.

Piper's quick and sneaky when she wants to be, apparently! It shouldn't be hard to notice a pregnant woman on crutches hobbling out the door, but apparently the woman is good. So good, then, that the sneaking to return is also missed by those in the building. Perhaps it's because the office door isn't quite overlooking the beds, or the fact that Harmony's back is to the door, her attention on the doc, the papers, and the plants.

"Oh, I have books," Harmony begins. "That and," she pauses a moment and quirks her head, "Where are you from, if you don't mind my asking?" This might actually have some relevance! Honest.

Piper doesn't draw attention to herself as she takes a few more steps into the building to lean quietly on the counter that separates the waiting side from the side where all the first aiding happens. Okay she is nosey, so very few people talk about their pre-Arrival life so she is curious when it is brought up. So eavesdrops, since no one has noticed she is there.

Elijah continues sorting papers, listening to her and pausing when she asks the question. "I don't mind…I grew up in Salem, Virginia." He looks at the papers in his lap, smiling fondly a moment. However, he quickly shakes the memories, glancing to her "Why do you ask?"

"Virginia? Well, East Coaster," Harmony's got a smile quirking, and her eyes are bright. "The flowers I've got here are from the area. I'm from Wyoming, so where books are concerned, I know a few other tricks to those babies." She's pleased, and in a way, proud of what she does know. "Stories. Indians. I love stories." A light shrug graces her shoulders and she puts a bit of hair behind her ear. "Not all of them, though. Some of them I have to baby. You know, mist 'em, and make sure they're warm enough come winter."

Looking between the pair she listens, letting out a quiet sigh of relief when neither of them are from any of the places she has been or performed. And she's preformed lots places. Feeling that she has been unobtrusive long enough Piper finally makes her self known, clearing her throat gently, she doesn’t want to startle the pair, though she has been known to do that frequently.

Elijah listens, nodding and giving a smile. "Well. My story isn't too terribly exciting but…it's mine. So I suppose that's what matters, yes?" A bit of a thoughtful look is given again as his mind wanders, before it quickly comes back to their conversation. "Well I can tend to the plants in here to help you some. I know some to taking care of them as well, but feel free to give me pointers or boss me around where I'm lacking…or just where you feel like it," he grins. As she could tell from last night's incident with Claire in the kitchen, he apparently was not a stranger to being bossed. "Do we have a green house? Or could we build one?" Maybe he had heard they did and just forget. "It might help with keeping them alive through the winter."

When Piper makes herself known, Eli gives a glance over to the woman, and a smile following it. "Hello, Piper…still feeling alright?" Clueless to her recent 'escape'.

Harmony nods her head quickly in agreement. Everyone's got a story. It's what makes them human, and as far as she's concerned, it's a connection. It's what keeps them on the right side of things. In her mind, anyway. "Okay," she says a touch dubiously, though it's only a show. "Don't let me find that they've got a case of root rot, or some such. It's a horrible way to go."

Hmmm, a hothouse? That actually might… "You know what? I don't think we do. Anyway, Ma Bea hasn't mentioned it to me, so we might not. I think that might be a really good idea. I think I'm going to mention that to Sonny as a possible project for the boys." Boys. Men. Same thing!

Turning around to depart, it's when she, too, catches Piper. "Hey. You're looking pretty good. Standing upright, anyway." She crosses the room in order to depart. "Can't see that as anything but good for you." And the kids. "I'll be back."

How is she? That's a loaded question, one she almost never answers honestly, though few people have picked up on that. The answer she gives now is the one she usually always gives, a hand wobble. It's the best one could hope for under the cicumstances really..or maybe it’s just her circumstances. Harmony gets a wiggle of fingers in greeting, but when the other woman is actually departing, apprehension starts to show. She's being left alone! With a male! Trust issues abound in this one. She's not freaking out like the previous day, maybe the walk helped.

The hand wobble gets a smile from Eli, followed with a nod. "So so is better than bad. Just let me know if there is any new or increased pain…or if the baby is telling you anything." With Harmony's departure, Eli had actually thought ahead with this! Seeing Piper's tension returning, he stays seated where he is, not moving. "I'm going to keep organizing these files…but I put another notebook on your bed. Next to the one I gave you to keep track of your symptoms."

He nods in the direction of her bed where there would indeed be a second notebook now laying there along with another pen. "I figure you could use it as a journal or something…if you want. Put your thoughts or…whatever in. Something other than symptoms and pain charts." He seemed hesitant, but also genuine, "You can tear up or destroy the pages after you write…but I won't ever read anything if you want to keep them…and won't let anybody else either. I promise."

The woman is usually pretty good at holding her metaphorical cards close to her chest, but something in what he says makes her eyes widen in surprise, like he just accidently stumbled on some big secret. Piper quickly realizes she just gave something away so her head drops quickly allowing her wild mane of hair to fall and hide her face. Hobbling a step back she starts to turn, maybe to flee, not that she can get that far or fast.

If there was any grand realization, the doctor doesn't show it. Instead, Eli's expression stays the same. Well…until her head drops down and she moves to turn. "Piper? Is everything okay?…" he looks to her concerned, starting to stand, but then stopping…not wanting to make her nervous.

She pauses, where is she coming to go? With her injury it takes her twice as long to get anywhere. She could lock herself in the restroom but ewww. Piper gives another quiet sigh and turns back around and starts to go the long away around to head back to her cot. The way around the counter that doesn't take her past where Eli is sitting at his desk. She nods her head at the question pointedly not looking at the man, for very good reason, because her eyes would tell a different story.

Elijah watches as the woman moves back to her cot, concerned…but seeming to realize that if he tried to get up and help it would just make it worse. So he sits back down. A frown is on his features…Eli again finding himself wondering what kind of horrors the woman had seen to make her so wary of people. No further words are spoken for the moment, Eli deciding to leave her alone as he goes back to organizing the papers of the filing cabinet.

Wary being an understatement. The only ones she isn't wary of are Bea, the children (obviously) and Quinton. Why not Quinton? Probably because he is just as fractured as she is.

Getting into the cot is a precarious act, but she manages without falling over. She sets the new notebook aside and grabs the other one, the pen and her flute. Flip, flip, flip through the notebook pages. Seems she has converted quite a few into staff paper. One must make do with what they have. She makes darting glances to the doctor as she does this, watching him stoically. Settled the flute comes up and she plays a few measures of the Mozart tune he was humming to her yesterday. Maybe she is trying to get his attention? Or it could have just been running through her head like an earworm.

Sorting through page after page took a toll on the eyes…and the mind. After some time Elijah set the pile he was working on the desk beside him, moving a hand to rub the bridge of his nose. Then his ears started ringing. No not ringing…fluting? Blinking, Elijah looks up to see Piper playing the flute. The tune gets a soft smile from him…seeming to encourage him enough to pick up the stack of papers again. A small sigh is given before he starts sorting once again…some to trash…some to keep…some…the 'sort later' pile. His foot starts tapping absent mindedly along with the flute melody.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Flute: Failure.

That's not the reaction she was going for, but as he is enjoying the music so Piper continues to play before hitting a sour note. Brows furrow and she stops playing, trying the note several times, each time it sounds quite off. She makes a hmphing noise and starts to examine the flute in her hands, checking the little pads on the keys until she finds the problem, one has come loose. Well that's a p.i.t.a.

The sour note causes Eli's attention to jerk away from his paper sorting, the man again glancing up at Piper, but he doesn't say anything and his eyes go back to paper sorting. He didn't want her to realize he was watching and get upset or offended. Having a big enough stack of papers now, he stands and moves over to his main desk. There were various binders on the desk, ones he had been adding to during this whole process. Eli starts putting the newly sorted stack of papers into them…there seeming to be an order.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Throw: Success.

Quiet sigh and flip flip flip through the notebook. Write, write, rip, crumple. Piper winds up an pitches the ball of paper across the room. Score! Target hit! On the paper is written two words. Matches. Water.

Sitting at the main desk now, Eli's back is turned slightly away from Piper. So he does not see her scribbling…and does not see the incoming projectile. When it hits, it hits the side of his head. Lofting a brow, Eli glances to the floor where the paper lands. Then to Piper. Then back to the paper which he picks up and reads. "Right…just a moment" he gives Piper a nod and a grin before moving to get the items requested. Once he has them he returns, coming to stand a few feet away from her cot. Seeming to take into thought her personal bubble yet again.

The glass of water and book of matches are held in the same hand, matchbook held against the water glass as he extends them out to her. "Here…I figured using a chair might…make the water topple." He attempts to joke off the incident from the other day.

Piper shows an amazing level of trust while he is getting the items. Instead of watching every move he makes she is getting her flute case out from under her cot. She pointedly ignores the pictures pinned into the lid of the case but instead opens the compartment there and begins to arrange the things she needs to repair it, meticulously, like OCD arranging it, out in front of her. Another symptom of her brokeness no doubt. When your life is out of control, the tendency is to overcompensate in other ways.

At his approach she looks at the Doc and when he makes the joke her expression turns sheepish. Kinda embarrased at freaking out at a chair. She leans over, oh sure make the petite pregnant woman stretch, to take the items from him.

Her sheepish look causes him to flinch a moment. "Sorry…the chair was a bad choice on my part. I should have found a different delivery method." When she leans forward Eli tries his best to extend them so as not to make her reach too far…but is still scared of startling her. When she has the items he looks to the flute case…daring to attempt conversation. "How long have you played?"

The water is set between her legs so it doesn't spill and the matches lined up with the rest of the things she needs. In answer Piper holds up her hands, displaying all ten digits and then drops one hand leaving five behind. Fifteen years, so that is over half her life probably. Flute in one hand she picks up the tiny screwdriver in another and starts the tedious process of replacing the flute pad.

"Wow…" Eli says in an impressed tone. "That's awhile." Watching her work on the flute he smiles, "It's kind of like…operating. Just on an instrument." His eyes watch the tools and pieces, seeming to analyze it. Fascinating.

She nods as she works, her brow furrowed in concentration as she bites her lip. It's a process, a few screws loosened to remove the keys, that’s the surgery part, since the keys come off in sections and each section has to be removed to remove the others. The pad ripped off, water to clean the glue residue off, heat to melt the glue dot on the back of the new pad so it will stick properly. As she holds the pad in place between her fingers she pulls the notebook toward her and writes a response "They have several workshops at Julliard dedicated to instrument repair." she a bit of his history it's only fair that he knows a bit of hers.

Elijah continues to watch her work, getting distracted from his own tasks of organizing in the process. It really was like an operation. The 'patient' seemed to be doing well though. When she mentions Julliard his attention is again on her. "How long were you there?"

There is a quick check on the setting process as she debates whether she wants to go into personal question territory. "3 1/2 years." she writes after finishing her internal debate. Which means she was probably still a student there when the aliens came. Quite a walk, New York to Nebraska. It would have taken her over two weeks to walk that far. Longer with the children. The math doesn't add up.

Elijah gets her response, nodding. His mind does think over a few things…but they are pushed to the back of his thoughts for now. "Wow. Well that explains why the bit that I did hear sounded so great." He grins to her then, "Maybe once it's repaired you can play a little more for me? It's been awhile since I can say I've heard much music…let alone a live performance."

Piper glances at the doctor at his wow and nods to the bit about her playing abilities. The pad is checked once more and finding it satisfactory she begins to reverse the process and put the flute back together again. At the request from the doctor she gives him another nod this time of understanding, music was and still is an integral part of her life. It's her lifeline, her calm in a storm of chaos. If anyone understands how music can soothe and heal it is going to be her.

Watching her a moment longer, he eventually seems to remember the task of organizing. "Sorry…I'll let you keep working…" Eli says, moving back towards his desk. His eyes stay on her and the flute a moment longer before he'd sit down, keeping himself turned more in her direction now though in case she still needed his attention for something. Other than that though, he'd start organizing some more of the papers into the binders.

The comment isn't acknowledged, concentrating here. Putting the flute back together is a bit more fiddly then taking it apart but after a few minutes she has it, with no pieces left over, except the one ruined pad. Everything is returned to her case and the case is set aside. Taking a long drink of her water she sets it on the floor then takes a few moments to run through the scales and make sure everything is working properly. Yep, all good.

The music sounding when she's done gains a glance from him again, and a grin again, before his attention goes back to filing. He wanted to chance more conversation with her…but also felt like he had pushed the limits as far as they might go for now. Any further and he might actually come out on worse terms with her than he had been on going into it. Still, Eli was glad she had seemed willing to talk to him at least some.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Flute: Great Success.

Moment after moment is filled with silence as Piper sits contemplating. What is she contemplating…mystery. But sooner rather than later she lifts the flute to her lips and begins to play. It's another classical piece, but not Mozart. It's one of Handel's flute sonatas, though she doesn't know whether the doctor would recognize it as such. She just knows that yesterday he was humming Mozart so must like classical music. If not, well she is really good so that should make it for it.

Elijah files…sorts…and organizes into the binders. It was a lot of work, but it would make things easier in the long run. Once this got set up, maybe he can start setting up regular appointments with people in the camp. His thoughts are mingled with the melody of flute music, his eyes closing with a smile after a moment and he just…listens. It reminded him of when he'd study in school. Classical music made for the perfect background noise and helped calm him before the big exams or procedures. Hearing Piper's flute serenade now obviously relaxed the man.

He isn't the only one relaxed, Piper is too. Well sorta. It's a long piece a good ten minutes of playing and in the midst of that she has sorta immersed herself into the music allowing it to take her mind off the traumas of the past, the worries of the future and just lets her live, here in this moment, with the music. Too soon though the musical piece ends and silence once more fills the space.

The return of the silence caused a physical ache in the young man, Eli's mind coming back from it's travels…to present day. Opening his eyes, a strong frown is on the young man's features as his gaze is distant…his thoughts taking a little longer to catch up with his body. Soon enough it does, causing him to realize where he was…and to clear his throat. "That…" He glances back to his notebooks a moment, fiddling with papers and whatnot…distractions. "That was very lovely…" Then, once he feels his expression doesn't betray his emotions, he'll glance briefly to Piper to acknowledge her. "Thank you, Piper…" His voice is soft, but steady enough, though his eyes hold something different. Giving him away. However, they are soon returns to the binders on his desk…his mind once again busying itself with the task of filing. Sorting. Organizing.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Toss: Success.

She's staring at him when he comes back to reality. Her face, well it's hard to pin down exactly what her face shows besides the fact that she is studying him. When he sits the flute is set down and another note is written, crumbled and tossed in his direction. "You're Welcome." is written on it this time.

The paper lands by his foot, Elijah looking to it and giving a small smirk before picking it up. Uncrumbling it, he reads the note…smirk spreading into a smile. He sighs, looking to her, "I think that's enough work for the moment. I'm going to go see if there are any snacks available in the dining hall. Would you like anything?" he offers.

Her head cants at him breifly as the note is read and his deciding to leave. It's questioning perhaps but she shakes her head at his question, even though its a lie. What she wants is to not be left alone again, but she can hardly say that. It's to much. With him leaving she will settle down to read more in herbology book. Continuing her lonely existence.

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