(2015-08-24) Bees!
Summary: Harmony wants honey bees so that's happening!
Date: 8.24.2015
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Bees! Harmony wanted to bees. Not just any bees. Honeybees specifically. With help from some old yellowpages and a map of the area a probable place was found that may have what they are looking for. Most were to close to town to be able to risk taking a look, but the other was far enough outside of town at an orchard that is a little to far to walk to but not far enough for the use of the only working truck that isn't being used by the enemy.

A small group has been sent out to check it out. Harmony, Nora and someone to guard their backs incase they run into trouble. They all ride horseback and a horse that isn't being ridden pulls what was once a large ATV trailer behind it. This part of Nebraska is flat with field after field, with the abandoned farmhouse every few miles or so.

Born and raised in rodeo country, Harmony knows how to sit a horse without falling off, at the very least. The fancier stuff is best left to cowboys, which is fine with her. The fact she's riding, however, does cause a change of clothes. Does Harmony actually own a pair of jeans? Yes, yes she does! Her wide-brimmed hat is planted firmly on her head, and she's looking around. The type of 'country' is so very familiar to her. Flat, flat and flat.

"Near an orchard. Very exciting." Harmony has her stock standard smile on, easy and genuine. "Peach blossum honey. Apple blossum honey.. oh god, I can just taste it."

Quietly seated, Natasha can tell it's been a long time since she's ridden a horse. This horse probably can even tell it's been awhile. She rubs the mane in front of her as they trod along. Trousers would have been a wiser choice, but she liked to keep those for colder days. Her brow raises at the words 'apple blossum honey'….what is that? Isn't honey just plain honey?

This whole horseback riding is new to the teen Nora. And she doesn't own any jeans so this isn't a pleasant expereince for her. Shorts and saddles don't mix. Maybe she should have grabbed a blanket and not amount of bike riding can prepare you horseback riding. Totally different kind of saddle. "Gawd I am going to be hurting in places I didn't know I had." she girl says, shifting once more, nearly unsitting herself the the process. "Maybe I should walk instead.

Harmony laughs as she looks to the side, her tones teasing. "That's what they call 'walking like a cowboy'." She can sympathize, though, and her tones drop. "My thighs are going to be burning after this." r

The question about honey takes Harmony's attention and she twists around in the saddle and nods. "Oh yeah. Sort of like being able to taste what the cows ate before they give milk. Sometimes its sweet, sometimes not. Same with honey. Sometimes it's dark, light.." Green eyes sparkle, "But it is always so very good."

Harmony laughs as she looks to the side, her tones teasing. "That's what they call 'walking like a cowboy'." She can sympathize, though, and her tones drop. "My thighs are going to be burning after this, but I'd rather ride than walk." Just in case.

Harmony looks across at the other rider, and there's a smile of encouragement. "You've got this down, huh?"

Natasha grins at Harmony and pets the neck of her ride. Yeah, she was gonna feel it in the morning, "Uh…" She says to Nora, "Try p-pushing up with your legs in the stirrups, it can ease the rubbing on your thighs and you can stretch. I-If that doesn't help, try relaxing back into the saddle."

"I'd prefer to just walk like Nora, thanks." the teen girl tries not to make it sound to snarky, but she /is/ a teenager it just comes natural to them. At the advise from Natasha there is a nod to acknowledge it "So a little like riding a bike." she pushes up with her legs, but just ends up standing in the stirups…"I don't think this is quite what you meant?" never ridden a horse before.

Harmony laughs at the response. She's not that far removed from her teenage years. She's only 21! "I don't know. Some of those cowboys sure are cute," she replies, a laugh in her tones. "Cowboy hats, those boots…"

Oh, she misses the rodeo all of a sudden!

The advice doesn't go unremarked, if only initially responded to by a shifting in the saddle herself. She pulls her feet from the stirrups (she has shoes!) and lets them hang on the sides, relaxed. A quick pat is given to the horse's neck, and she murmurs, "You're a good boy." She gets back to Natasha soon after, and she's got a laugh behind her. "If you don't already, I nominate you to help with the horses."

"I can do that," Natasha agrees quietly, "I think I can help improve their diet as well. They're looking more than a little thin." She watches the land move slowly past them as they head on. It's so different than the city she grew up in. Her mind wanders to what life would have been like out here. Then she laughs to herself at the thought of her mother dealing with all the dirt.

"Well I can't argue the cute part. There is a certain charm about a man in a cowboy hat." Nora won't deny that part. "I was in Dallas once during some kind of convention thing "Smokin hot cowboys!" Nora settles back onto the saddle, leaning back as advised "I think that's the place up there." she points to a farmhouse they are coming up on. On the far side are numerous trees and within them wooden boxes that must the beehives.

"Yeah, there is," Harmony agrees quickly. "'S'Funny, though. Might be good to look at and all, but give me someone with a brain and a really gentle soul." She laughs soon after, however. "I'm not dead."

With the house coming into view, Harmony gets her feet back into her stirrups (she's actually wearing jeans and shoes! (Boots that were found some time ago.)) and she squeezes her legs, setting her horse into a bouncy trot. "We'll go and take a look."

There is no way that Nora is going faster on her horse than the steady walk it is already at. The horse sadly has other ideas and picks up its pace to trot after Harmony's horse. Quite unprepared for the sudden speed up, the girl lets out a squeal, which sets the horse sidestepping and off goes, ass over elbows and flailing as she lands on the hard ground with an oof. For the teen girl this will probably end up not only being her first horse ride, but also her last.

Terry rolls right along on his own horse, taking up the rear of the group, watching as Nora takes a dive. "Need a hand?" He stops his horse near Nora, hops off, and offers a hand up. Once Nora's up, with or without his help, he hops right back on his horse.

Harmony catches the squeal and reins in to a walk while she twists around in the saddle. "Nora!" She is trying really hard not to laugh. Falling off horses is funny if one isn't hurt. She'll breaks into a giggle the moment she catches that all is well and there aren't any bone broken. "Are you okay?" She is really trying! "I'll walk from now on. Swear." When Terry offers the hand, Harmony waits those few moments before, "Want mine? He's nice and calm. A real gentleman."

It takes a few moments for Nora to catch her breath. That kind of fall knocks it right out of you. "Thanks Buffy." she tells Terry as she takes the help up. Brushing herself off she eyes the horse "I'll remember that." she tells the creature and then looks to Harmony "Nothing broken but my dignity." she shakes her head then, "Ya know Hi-C. I think I'll just walk from here." the house with its adjacent orchard isn't that far

Terry nods to Nora. "You're welcome." Beat. "Are you sure? Plenty of room on my horse. I promise not to go too fast." He cocks his head to one side, awaiting an answer, and then glancing to the now-riderless horse, figuring he should rig it so that it doesn't run off or anything.

The giggle escapes, finally, and she offers an 'Aw, Nora' softly. "It's not his fault. He was just being a horse." Harmony swallows the rest of her laughter when she looks at Terry. "We're getting close. I forgot to ask before… you're not allergic to bee stings, are you?" She brought some salve, just in case. Dealing with bees, there is always the potential! "Shouldn't have any problem, but.."

Harmony halts her horse and turns him around to face the rest. "Plan is, we need to get the sugar water in to their hive, then close up ever exit and entrance. When we've done that, we load the hive onto the trailer and bring it home, probably put it in the cow pasture. They won't bother the cows any."

Just getting Nora on the horse in the first place was a comedy of errors, one she would rather not have to repeat. "That's okay." she waves a hand at Terry's offer. "I could use walking…and stretching." she listens to what Harmony has to say. "There are a few sheds we can search and we can pick some apples and peaches to take back as well."

"I'll tie up the horses, and catch up with you guys." Terry offers. "Holler if you run into trouble, and I'll come running like The Hoff from Baywatch."

When they get near the area, Harmony too swings a leg over and drops to the ground gracefully. She gives the horse's neck a pat or three and takes hold of the reins, pulling them over the top of his head. "Oh no," she looks at Terry. "You're coming with. I have no intention of 'hollering' only for you to clean up afterwards." By the time they holler, it could be too late. Considering they even get the chance to do so! "We need your back and arms." Arms! "We can just tie up the horses here."

Nora has no trouble keeping up with the horses as the walk "Hard to watch our backs from waaaayyyy over there." Nora points out to Terry as they approach the tree line. Thankfully it's still early morning and the bees haven't warmed up enough to start swarming around the beehives yet "You sure you know what you are doing Hi-C?" she asks of the hippie chick.

Terry keeps rolling right along with the group, then. "Oh, drat, you've foiled my escape attempt." Playful sarcasm! Is there nothing this Hottie McHotterson can't do? In any case, he keeps pace with Nora.

"If they do get more active…" Natasha says quietly, "Can't we just smoke them out a little and collect them?"

"Have I ever done this before?" Harmony shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head. "Nope," she chirps, full of good humor. "But the stuff that I read made it sound pretty easy. Feed 'em some sugar water so they don't have to go out and collect for a few days and then close up the exits. That way, you have everyone safe and sound inside. Then, take the hive and skedaddle. Bring it home, and keep it closed for another day or so. Open it up and the bees should reorient themselves soon enough."

Harmony shakes her head at Natasha. "There's a perfectly good hive there. You know, man made. Shouldn't have to smoke, check to see if we got the queen, smoke some more, and repeat. Not when this could be a quick nab." This, she doesn't feel badly about taking. "Everything is there that we need."

Nora chuckles at Terry "I don't think you can run that far, that fast." she is quite confident she can lap the older man, marine or not. The quiet one actually speaks though Nora has no answer for her question. She's always been on the other end of honey not this one. "Just tell me what to do and I'll do it.

Terry hops off of his horse, and gets to work tying up his horse. Once the others are tied up, he joins the group. "Okay, so, we're here. Let's roll."

Natasha nods and pats her horse, making sure the others are all set for food and drink while they're off.

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