(2015-08-24) Good Day
Good Day
Summary: Quinton reveals his surprise to Piper
Date: 8.24.2015
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Dining Hall

The dining hall is a dome shaped building fully capable of holding upwards of 500 people. Tables and chairs surround a large round fireplace that takes up the center of the main room. The walls are mostly windows that let tons of light through so additional lighting isn't need until after the sun is down. In the back a set of double doors, flanked by bookshelves, leads to the kitchen. On each side of the bookshelves is a door to bathrooms, men left, women right. The bookshelves themselves are full of books and boardgames. There is an upright piano partially blocking the view out one set of windows.

A new addition has been recently added to the room. The lower half of several windows have been covered over with corkboard covered plywood. Already they are starting to be covered with lists of things people want/need and things people want to trade for, like goods or lessons.

It's a very nice day outside, to nice to be stuck in the First-Aid Building, so Piper has escaped…or maybe the doctor took pity on her and released her. Either way she is making her way into the dining hall, one of the children holding the door for her before they go run off to continue to play. She isn't as stealthy with the crutches she has to use, so her arrival can actually be noticed.

Quinton's been waiting. One of the kids let him know, so he's already in the building, sitting with what appears to be some antique junk. No, wait…that's a gramophone. And it's cranked. As soon as Piper steps in, he let's it go, playing some old forgotten jazz song. It's strange, after such a bad day yesterday, and such a strangely good night, the poet is rather with it, even if his fingers are still throbbing some from the guitar strings. At leafs his head isn't throbbing from the whiskey (thank you college days!). He has a backpack at his feet, full of something. "Hey." He's grinning, clearly happy with the find.

The sound of the jazz music filling the room causes the woman to freeze. Piper is stunned for a few moments as she stares from Quinton to the gramophone and back. For once it isn't her brokenness that is leaving her speechless. She can't get across the room fast enough to examine the, what is to her, miraculous find. She's never really had that expectant mother glow, but she is glowing now, as if she wasn't stunning enough.

Quinton can't help it, he laughs. "It was a good haul." He steps away to give Piper more room, looking to see if any of the other kids are close enough to wave over. If not, he can give them the dolls later. His scruff is about 2 days away from becoming an actual beard. The poet is all smiles though, glad to make the pregnant woman happy. He rubs the bak of his neck, "It's all…older music. But now we have reason to find records…" And they make records of newer stuff, right? Do they need to break into DJ's house or something now?

Tears are blinked away, these are good ones and Piper gently touches the horn part where she sound comes from "You found one." she whispers. The children are watching through the windows, they are nosey kids, but that goes unoticed by the woman. She's surprised that one was found in such excellent condition, and that he got records with it too. She can't help herself, the crutches clatter to the floor as she hugs him, arms around his waist, since she is short and his bruises may still hurt. "Thank you." the words are muffled, but understandable.

"Told you I would." There's a teasing note to his voice, like he had no doubt. Quin's turned partially, motioning for the kids to come in when Piper hugs him. It's completely unexpected, he freezes. "Oh…hey…It's ok…" But then almost immediately an arm goes around her to steady her, and he laughs, rubbing her back softly with the other hand, "It's a good thing…It's gonna be ok, Kristyn."

Piper nods against his chest before pulling enough away to give him breathing room. She certainly needs the steadying. With her crutches on the floor, only one useable leg and front heavy she is likely to topple over. Of course it's a good thing, she's practically projecting her joy at being able to listen to music without having to sneak out to the truck. Kansas and Queen were getting stale. Though it was a lot better than nothing. "When?" When they are waved in the children begin to trickle in, the only one missing is the infant, probably with Bea.

Quinton keeps ahold of Piper, motioning for the kids to grab her crutches, "On the run…mansion had it…" He smiles, her smile contagious. "Sit down.." he'll help her to sit, next to the music, so she can turn the crank, if it stops and she wants to keep it going. Once the kids are all in, he grabs the backpack, "ok…so…I found some stuff…can you help?"Bending down, the bag is unzipped and dolls and arms and legs and hair can be seen.

His scruffy face is studied a moment as Piper is helped to a chair. She is tempted to touch his face, but either resists or the children rushing in distract her from it. Instead she drops her hands to her lap as she leans over slightly to see what else he has for the group.

The five children crowd around to look in the opened backpack "What do you got?" Caro asks with excitement, which is echoed in various ways by the other.

In his crouched state, He's eye level with most of the kids, "Well….the house we went to had….tons of dolls…I thought…" He doesn't finish, instead starts pulling out porcelain dolls. They were the least creepy he could find, although he didn't go through all the dolls. None of them are clowns at least. Most have baby blankets. The dolls are handed out, they can fight over who gets which one. Poor jack, Quin gives him an apologetic smile, he'll try to get him something next time.

The dolls are meet with squeals of delight from Abbie and Becca. Of all of the girls they are the two most girly of them. They aren't snatched but taken carefully and cradled like a doll should be. Jack rolls his eyes at the dolls, clearly not impressed by them, only pouting a little that there was nothing for him this time, "I still have my Iron Man." he says at the look from Quinton. Caro and Kira take their dolls as well, and thank him with the rest. "What else was in the place beside dolls?" Jack asks, while the girls go to play with their newly given toys.

During all this Piper has watched,humming along with the music that plays from the antique record player beside her. When the music starts to slow she is quick to carefully wind the machine back up.

Quinton smirks, nodding to Jack. He's made out better than the rest, actually, so he should be too upset. "There's a some food. Medicine. Some weapons." He's not going to tell them what, though he does shift to look at Jack better, "I found a lever…it moved a bookcase and there was a secret room. Almost like a spy would have." He can imagine now they'll all be playing spies. When the music starts to slow, he looks up, but Piper seems to have it. She gets a grin before looking back to all the kids. He likes making them happy.

Jack nods at the list, a frown on his face. He may be a boy but weapons aren't on his list of things he likes "Food is good." is all he will reply though at the news about the secret door he is grinning "What was behind it? Was it creepy stuff?" because that's what's behind all secret doors, that or the evil scientist stuff.

Quinton's cheeks puff out as he sighs, "I was worried about that too…Frankenstein or something, but…it was just more storage…i think maybe there might have been another passage I missed." No, he doesn't, but better to create some intrigue and let Jack have that. After me makes sure all the dolls are out of his bag, which is very empty now besides a water bottle and a lonely granola bar at the bottom he stands up, picking put he bag and zipping it. Can't lose that granola bar! That's his lunch at some point! Piper gets another smile, "Want to change records?"

"Zombies." Jack says knowingly, and then sticks his arms out and zombie shuffles towards where the girls are playing to terrorize them a few moments before going to find the legos to build things with.

She's still watching the exchange and a smile is offered in return. She glances at the record playing, then at her options for other music and then back at him and gives nod. Why waste words when a head motion will do. Leaning over she quickly flips through the records, picks one and hands it over to him, since he is already standing and in a better position to change the record.

Quinton chuckles, maybe they are zombies in the other hidden passageways, what does he know. A glance to the record she chose and then he's carefully changing it. "I figure…we keep it here…dry and safe….for meals…" His head tilts and he makes sure the needle lands right before he starts cranking the handle.

From jazz to classical. Piper was very tempted by the operatic records, but then she would be tempted to sing along, and who wants to hear that. "Maybe find a stand for it." there could be one stored away somewhere, or something that can be used in the Admin Building, "Feeling better." she doesn't seem to have much trouble with words today. Funny what having a happy moment can do for you.

Quinton agrees, nodding and always happy when she actually speaks. Means she feels comfortable and safe. And that's a good thing. "Or have someone make one.." Surely someone is good with that stuff around here, right? they have tools. His smile grows, he's not sure if that's a statement about herself, or a question for him, so he just nods, "Yes….today's good." It is! Pale eyes flicker over to the zombie and doll play before looking back to Piper, "Are you …needing anything else? Fund a few more baby clothes, and rice." The food would ahem been put int eh kitchen.

And he probably still hasn't noticed that he is the only adult she talks to besides perhaps Mama Bea. The music seems to be enjoyed, Piper is subtly swaying to it, she probably doesn't even realize she is doing it. As always the question has her shaking her head, though clearly it's not true. "Do you like this music?" Wait. Is she actually trying to make conversation?

Nope! How would he? he nods, but the chuckles, "Well…it's not what was cued in my sound system at home, but…it's nice." Quin takes seat, rubbing the back of his neck again, "Any music is nice, really."

She contemplates a minute. Piper never knows when her ability to speak is going to suddenly vanish on her so she tries to be succinct, even if it means broken English "Same. Studied it." she nods in agreement…so much agreement, "What was?" she probably is asking what music was in is sound system.

Quinton knew that, but he nods. "I had a weird mix… Some rap, some rock…." He shrugs, probably not what she liked at all, "Spoken word, local bands." Ah, local bands and spoken word, that's much more hipster and beatnik. He sighs softly, a memory of something newyorky passing through his mind. He misses bagels. And pizza.

There is no judgment from her about his musical choices or indication whether she appreciates them or not. Piper did live in NY herself for three years and knows he lived there are as well so her head does cant quizzically when he calls out local bands, "Like <insert name of popular NY local band here>?"

Quinton's eyes widen, "I loved them. Had all their cds…" He laughs, small world, right? He bends forward, resting his elbow on his knees and looking out, "That feels like…forever ago.."

Piper smiles, liking the sound of the laughter. She doesn't hear it often enough. "They were good." she will agree with that much. She can appreciate talent whether she likes the music style or not, and she might she hasn't really said. "New York was…" she pauses or her words ran out, either way she doesn't finish the statement.

Quinton can only nods, "Yeah it was." He's smiling still, but it's a little sadder now. He's well aware it's got to be completely gone. He lets out a sigh, then tries to shake off the sad feelings, "So…more records…anything else you need?"

Piper was trying to /not/ to be a buzz kill but that didn't exactly work out for her. She gives a rueful smile to Quinton, wondering if maybe just keeping her mouth shut would have been a better option. This time she answers, but probably not in any way he meant "To talk."

That's…not what he was expecting. And the surprise is clear on his face, but he then smiles and chuckles, "Ok…we can do that." What to talk about? His allows are still on his knees, but he's turned slightly to look at her better, "What would you like to talk about? The weather, plans of saving the world, gossip about our fellow camper?" He's throwing ridiculous things out on purpose.

She has few opportunities to really talk, out loud, to another adult, writing at people just isn't the same. Maybe the doctor gave her some codeine this morning, the last time she was really chatty that was the cause. The suggestions make her laugh though then shakes her head, she would say music, but that would be one sided "Travels?" she suggests a nice safe topic.

Quinton inhales, "Oh….wow. Well…I went to France during college. That was pretty intense….traveld around quite a bit when there. Learned to love wine." He then laughs, "And begets." And then adds, "But no berets." That would be just silly. "I liked Rome…England was kinda boring, actually." He shrugs, realizing that's a silly thing to say. "You?"

Piper nods, he seemed like the type to her that would be well traveled, but she is still impressed by how much. "Mexico, England, Germany, Italy and Japan." she doesn't specify cities, just sticks to countries. The music slows to a stop, she's been talking and not cranking. "Italy was my fav…" she frowns she can't get the word out, suddenly to many syllables "best."

The music stopping is noticed immediately and Piper gently lifts the needle, cranks the arm and gently returns the needle to its place so the music can start again. She is starting to lose her words, but the music helps some. And so it goes, the talk of countries visited and what was liked best about them is exchanged. It's not that long of a conversation, but it helps and adult conversation is the one thing that only he can give her.

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