(2015-08-25) Daily Findings
Daily Findings
Summary: Terry and Quinton return from scavenging and share their findings.
Date: 8.25.2015
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A few hours have passed since breakfast and the rain is still coming down outside. Rain means no playing outdoors so the five children that call their camp home with the rest of the refugees are stuck playing indoors. All under the watchful eye of their guardian Piper. The girls, all but one are playing with the dolls that were found at the Mansion, the boy and other girl are building things with legos, from the looks of it a city that they can race matchbox cars through. The sixth child, in infant, naps in his stroller near Piper who sits at a table writing or doing something of the sort. The gramophone is playing, so classical music fills the large dining hall with bouncy music.

Terry walks into the dining hall, and begins emptying his backpack. Aside from the meager provisions and other things he usually carries with him, he seems to have had *some* luck, not necessarily great luck, but some luck, finding things today. He sets out four oil filters, three fuses, a crochet hook, and a pack of diapers. Maybe Piper's interested in the latter. He casts a look to the woman, holding out the pack of diapers, a peace offering of sorts for any offenses he may have committed in her presence, as it seems he is wont to do in general.

The woman is well aware that she is no longer alone with the children and her head lifts, first to check on the children who continue to play, though the boy playing legos greets the marine with a "Yo!" and a upraised fist. With so many girls around the boy probably likes it when there is a masculine influence near. To balance things better. Piper watches as things are brought out, she hasn't tensed up yet so that's good. The offering has her blinking in surprise, her eyes lifting from the objects to the man, she doesn't need words, her face is expressive enough that the Why question is clear. She reaches out to take them though. Diapers are always welcome.

Terry offers a half-shrug, a little hand-wave, and a smile. A sort of "it's a gift, you're welcome." To the little boy, he grins, and offers a fistbump. A firm one, not a limp-wristed one; but careful enough not to hurt the boy. "Yo. How's it?" He responds.

Her head cants, clearly not used to people she hardly knows just giving her things. Piper nods though, leaning over to tuck the pack underneath the stroller. As she does the young boy fistbumps the older man, including exploding his fist out and making the sound effect to go with it "Rollin'" her answers though gets distracted a moment by the girl placing a lego building in the wrong place "Not there Kira." he goes to move it to where he wants it.

There is a clearing of throat and Piper is holding a piece of paper that says "Thank you. Do you need anything?"

Terry grins and nods at the kid. To Piper, he shakes his head, and makes a little brush-off motion, while replying non-vocally, "Thanks, but no thanks. I appreciate the gesture, though." His attention returns to the children, whom he watches with amusement.

She nods to him, not arguing that everyone needs something around here. That would be a lot to write. Piper shuffles the paper in front of her, staff paper, for music, not writing paper, homemade though from writing paper. Her gaze follows his to the children. It's a little piece of normal, kids being kids and playing with toys. It's clear none of them are hers. The oldest looking one of the group wanders over to lean against Piper's chair and eyes the man "Aren't you the one who chased a squirrel into the first aid building?" the girl asks. Stories like that travel in a camp this small.

"Yeah, you could say that squirrel was driving me nuts. I was hungry, and that guy was going to be lunch." Terry responds, nodding.

The reply has the kids in their vicinity giggling and even Piper looks amused but doesn't come right out and laugh. "Driving squirrels!" Jack says loudly as he vrooms his little car around the lego city. As the music begins to slow the girl, Caro, moves across the room to go wind the gramophone back up. Something else is written down on the back of her staff paper and she slides it across the table toward him so Terry can read "You need a real bow."

Terry smirks at the response, and then nods to Piper. "Yeah, I know I need a real bow. I've been looking for stuff to make one, y'know? I'm just kinda poking around, seeing what looks good, what fits.. maybe I can find a good-quality ready-made bow, if I can't find the parts to make one myself." He shrugs.

A dubious look is cast his way at the mention of making one, that sounds complicated to her, but she just knows how to use them and isn't really knowledgeable about how they are made. Piper taps her chest and holds up two fingers. Indicating something, she has two maybe?

Terry raises an eyebrow. "Oh, really? I'd love to see them some time." He sounds genuinely interested. "Tell me about them? Anything specific?"

It's early afternoon and with it still raining Piper and the kids are sheltering indoors. The latter are playing with the various toys, the baby sleeping, and Piper sits at a table with papers spread out in front of her. Another dubious look is given Terry, she will assume he means the checking out the bows. A nod though is given and she writes on the paper to tell him what he wants to know "One is a long bow, the other compound. Not sure of the material. The long is to tall for me to use." the woman is a shorty. The paper is slide down the table for him to read.

Somewhere along the way, Quinton acquired a poncho, so he's not //soaked, at least she he come snack from doing whatever it was he was asked to do. And along with that, he apparently went scavenging too. The man's back pack is clearly full underneath the poncho to keep it dry, making him look slightly hunch backed. And he has a large, flat something wrapped in plastic bags in his arms when he steps into the dining hall, passion the departing Terry. That man has the smallest bladder, always randomly leaving to use the rest room. Quin looks, distracted, not even greeting anyone when he enters, instead he goes to a corner to set the flat object down.

Piper can't say that she is unhappy to see Terry leave. The man doesn't sit well with her, maybe the poor first and second impression he made on her. Jack raises is fist "Later dude." which turns into another "Yo!" as the poet enters. Caro seems to be on gramophone duty, she plays dolls with Becca and Abbie as the classical music spins out of the record player above them. Curious eyes move from the departing Terry to the arriving Quinton. Another person with stuff, hopefully it is better than oil filters and fuses, though Piper got a pack of diapers out of it so no complaints from her there.

Quinton lets the hoodie of his poncho fall, his hair is wet, but at least it's not dripping. The call from Jack has him finally looking over and giving a brief smile. "Hello." As he stands up , he'll pull the plastic bags off, revealing an oil pointing of scenery. Which will look rather nice in the Dining Hall, he thinks. It's better than the other thing he found, which is weighing on his mind. The painting is set to the side, the little bit it got wet can drip dry and he'll turn to finally look to see who all is in the room. The gaggle of kids gets a nod, but he says to Piper, "Found more…for you." The poncho is hung up to dry before the poet steps over next to Piper.

Piper stays where she is sitting, watching the unveiling of the painting with curiosity. A thoughtful hmmmm comes from her as she takes in the subject matter, it kind of reminds her of places she has been, but only in a vague sense. From painting to poet her eyes go, studying him as she tends to do at the beginning of thier encounters with each other. Even though he frequently comes back with things for her or the kids she is still somewhat surprised. As if thinking the last time was the last time. Pen moves across the back of her makeshift staff paper "More of what?" writing today, no spoken words.

Quinton starts to shrug off the backpack, it's not stuffed, but is definitely //heavy. "Stuff."That's said with a small smirk. If there's room he'll set the backpack on the table, if not on the chair next to her. He pulls out a few baby shirts, with cute cartoon prints, and a bib that says "I ROCK" with a rocking horse on it. There's also a book that he pushes aside in the backpack before he pulls out a can of peaches. "I thought….there's 3. Do you want them for your tent?" He doesn't want to say late night cravings, but that's what he means. They have plenty of peaches in the kitchen currently.

The tone and the smirk has her making a noise of a amusement and she writes again "I <drawn heart> Stuff" silent but in a pleasant mood. The bib gets more of a laugh as she traces her fingers across the words printed there. The cans of peaches are met with wide eyes and she quickly nods. They have fresh ones sure, but traipsing about in the middle of the night isn't easy with all the kids. She thinks a moment looking at the three cans and suddenly slides one back to him and gives him a thankful smile. The stuff is gathered and she awkwardly leans over to put them under the stroller.

Quinton's not sure what she thinks he's going to do with the can, besides give it to her at a later date. But he nods, not going to argue. The bag is then set on the ground, so he can take it's seat instead and he leans over, to retrieve something out of the front pocket. It's small, and glowing a blue greenish color. The grin from earlier fades and he contemplates what's in his hand. This is what was bothering him when he came in. He'll bring it to Sonny in a few, he just had to drop the other stuff off first. Maybe he's just being dumb and it's a kids toy, but his gut is telling him no.

There is a gasp of surprise from Piper when the glowing object is brought out, followed by the screech of chairlegs on the concrete floor as she uses her good leg to put some distance between her and the object. "Where?!" she exclaims, now she has words. There seems to be no recognition of the object but she is wary of it. Her arms go protectively around her belly. Maybe she's worried that its leaking radiation and could affect the inutero infant.

Quinton immediately stands and takes a few steps away from Piper, putting himself between the object and her. "Outside a window…gas station…" He's frowning, looking from the small object back to piper…how does she recognize it? "What is it?" There's a touch of firmness to his voice, if she knows, she needs to tell.

Her eyes lock with his when he questions her about it, confusion comes out to play. Piper shakes her head, "Don't." is all she manages to get out. It does glow much like the power core that Lincoln recovered from the jeep though. Maybe that's what's got her worked up. Now days glowy things are suspect.

Quinton's lips press together, still frowning. His hand wraps around the object, like he's subconsciously trying to enclose it, in case it's dangerous. "I'll…go." If it's going to make her worry, better to get it to Sonny, and away from piper and the kids. He just through maybe it was a smaller power core…something they could use. His backpack is left, he can get it later, not wanting to step closer to the pregnant woman. Instead he takes a few steps backward, towards the door.

It may have been an overreaction on her part, at least from a human point of view, but not from hers. She knows far better what the aliens are capable of then anyone else in the camp. And the longer people don't know that the better. Piper nods to him, "Be careful." she manages to get out after a few failed attempts at talking.

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